How to Make a Kaleidoscope

How to Make a Kaleidoscope. A kaleidoscope
is a fun toy, but you don’t have to buy one in the store. It’s easy to make one yourself.
You will need A sheet of clear, heavy, bendable plastic A ruler A pen Scissors Clear tape
A paper towel tube Black construction paper A square of plastic wrap Small shiny objects,
such as beads, sequins, and shiny confetti Wax paper A rubber band Stickers or wrapping
paper (optional) and a utility knife (optional). Step 1. Draw a rectangle, 8-by-4 inches, on
the plastic using your pen or permanent marker, and cut it out with your scissors or a utility
knife. Step 2. Draw three lines, parallel to each other, lengthwise along the rectangle.
The lines should be 1¼ inches apart, starting 1¼ inches from the top edge. The last line
will be ¼ inch from the bottom edge. Step 3. Fold your rectangle along the lines you
just drew, forming a three-dimensional triangle. The small 1/4-inch fold should be on the outside.
Using your clear tape, tape the triangle together along the thin ¼-inch flap of plastic. Step
4. Cut the paper towel tube to a length of 8 inches, the same length as your plastic
triangle. Slide your clear plastic triangle inside the paper towel tube. Step 5. Place
one end of the tube on the black construction paper and trace a circle around it. Cut out
the circle with your scissors and tape it to one end of the paper towel tube. Step 6.
Poke a small hole with the scissors or utility knife in the middle of the construction paper
circle you just taped to the paper towel tube. Step 7. Place a square of plastic wrap on
the uncovered end of the paper towel tube. Push the plastic wrap down into the tube by
about 1 inch to create a pocket. Fill the depression with your shiny sequins, beads,
and confetti. Step 8. Once the plastic wrap is filled with shiny objects, cover the open
end of the tube with wax paper. Wrap a rubber band around the edge of the tube so that the
wax paper and plastic wrap stay in place. Make sure the rubber band is tight so nothing
slips out! Step 9. With your scissors, trim off the excess plastic wrap and wax paper
so your kaleidoscope doesn’t look messy. If you have stickers or wrapping paper, you can
now use them to decorate the outside of your kaleidoscope. Don’t cover the eyehole or the
wax paper – that’s how the light gets in! Step 10. Look through your kaleidoscope, pointing
the other end at a lamp or indirect source of sunlight. Slowly turn it in your hand,
enjoying all the pretty colors. Did you know In 2000, Christie’s auction house sold an
antique kaleidoscope for $75,000.

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