How To Fold Underwear | Closet Organization for your Underwear Drawer

How To Fold Underwear | Closet Organization for your Underwear Drawer

Today I am going to be showing you a new method that I am using for folding underwear. Personally, I prefer it over the Konmari Method for folding underwear. You can judge for yourself whether it’s right for you. If you’re not the sort of person who folds their underwear then you should probably just skip this one. Let’s go. [music] So what you want to do is place your underwear face up. Start at the waistband and roll down. It doesn’t have to be a particularly tight roll. Roll it down ’til you’ve got about two inches left. Then you want to flip it over so the back is facing up and then you fold in the sides over the back into thirds, and then the gusset comes up which will create a little opening here and then you want to just push that. So your thumbs are here, two fingers are inside here. And then you want to, basically, like a flap, close it over. And then you continue to do that, continue to push it in, rolling it up, basically, until the waistband comes up like that. And there you have it. So I’ll just do that with something else just to show you that it does work on all types of underwear. So these are just some boy shorts. So, again, face up… roll down… until there is about two inches and flip them over then flip them over… fold into thirds across the back… fold this in… That creates this little hollow here. So two fingers in here and your thumbs here. So with your thumbs you push in and with the rest you pull out. And then you keep going until the waistband is rolled all the way over. And that’s that. It also works on things that are a little bit flimsier maybe or, you know, just have, like, strings. So a thong, things like that. Again, you want them to be face up. Same idea — roll down until you just have a small amount left at the bottom, flip it over, cross into thirds across the back, lift this up… That creates your little pouch and then you want to turn it basically inside out and keep doing that, keep pushing in the sides, rolling it until the waistband is here. And I’ll just show you one more time. Just, again, that it does work on all different types of underwear. Again, these are relatively flimsy. Face up, start with the waistband, roll down and then flip over, fold into third across the back. This over, that creates your little pocket here and then you just want to… I’ll show you from this side. So you’re pushing in, pushing in, rolling it up. And, again, the waistband just pops up. And that’s it. So then they all look like this. You take… What I do is take one of these SKUBB boxes. I’ve mentioned these in previous videos — in my KonMari folding video — and then I just stand them all up like so. And that is how I now fold my underwear. And there you have it. Think you’ll give it a go? Let me know in the comments below. And please do share this video with your organization-loving friends. I came across this method in another video but I did adapt it slightly so that the front of the underwear is on the outside which is why I’m showing you my version. Thank you to everyone who brought the other video to my attention. Give this video a big ol’ thumbs up if you would like to see more demos from me. Not necessarily folding but just other life hacks and organization tricks. Don’t forget to subscribe to this channel if you haven’t already because I upload new videos every Thursday to help you live a simpler, happier, more organized life. If you’re on YouTube, the button looks like this, and you will find it down there. And don’t forget to click the little bell beside it to turn on notifications. Until next time… happy folding! Go raibh míle maith agaibh agus feicfidh mé sibhse go luath. Slán. [music]


  • Erin Gigi says:

    Brilliant! I'm definitely going to change to this method. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • Sophie K says:

    Oh! I think this is gonna save me some space in my pantie drawer. Thanks!

  • Renaissance Gurl says:

    I like it. This is very similar to how I do my socks.

  • SivenMs says:

    It looks genius, BUT I don't think I can make my husband do that. He is the elf in this house.

  • unconventionalMi says:

    This looks really nice and neat, but I think I might have to quit my job to be able to do it..

  • TheStefif says:

    respect to you for doing this! I just throw mine in a drawer. lazy, I know!


    Super impressed with this method. I do fold my underwear but nothing like this. I gotta go and try this 😉

  • Julie Mix says:

    What a neat trick. Too time consuming for me on daily basis, but it looks genius for packing to travel. Thanks.

  • cakes says:

    personally think this would stretch out the wristband

  • thelazyparent says:

    i just fold mine in a square the size of that little skubb container and stack them. stacking is no problem in this case as all my undies are the very same type and shape and I just grab what ever is on top, no scrambling around for me (I discarded all the non-favourites already). BUT I will most definitely do this when I travel the next time, I travel by train and my toddler gets bored and plays with our backpack, last trip she pulled out one of my undies and wore it as a hat before I realised what was going on. this folding technique will bring some tidyness in our luggage. thank you so much for all your videos, bingewatching. you since last weekend and I can't stop 👌

  • Kristin Whiting says:

    I need new underwear 😌

  • Lauri Tropea says:

    I've always folded my underwear, but this method is going to be great for travel, and fitting more in my packing cubes!

  • myozbubble says:

    I started using the Konmari folding from watching your video on that. This one is neat however, I think I'll use this new way when travelling and space is of essence. However, I will practice on a few so I can remember how you have done this.

  • Gypsy Rose says:

    impressive but I think I will stick with the kon mari method. After reading about how socks dont like to be rolled or scrunched and that makes them unhappy (spark joy) I thought Marie Kondo was mad for sure but I now fold all of my socks and knickers and they have never looked happier. Now my husband thinks im mad :/

  • Stephanie Samuel says:

    It does make it look so pretty. Mine just go in a basket on a shelf in the closet. I'm a minimalist so I have underwear for each day and that's it (7 of daytime underwear, 7 of the boyshorts I sleep in) and Sunday is laundry day. Maybe if I had more I would do this but for now the basket works!

  • Laly Gómez says:

    Wow!!!!!! This is great!! Now I can keep all of my underwear, because it will all fit in a small bin. Love your hacks! Thank you!!

  • Mayumi Kakizaki says:

    I LOVE THIS!!!

  • Teresa Velazco says:

    That's awesome. I fold mine, but come apart easy. This is kind of similar to how I fold my socks. "Gracias, que Dios la bendiga".

  • Sarah says:

    I'll definitely try this for travelling. KonMari folding works great in a drawer, but as soon as I take them out to transfer them to a backpack, they collapse! This method makes such neat little packages.

  • Paula Ogi says:

    Brilliant! Thank you!

  • doodleschucky says:

    Although I wouldn't bother doing this on a daily basis, I think I might do this when we travel on holiday, seems it would save a bit of space in the suitcase? thanks x

  • Donna V says:

    I started folding my underwear when I watched your video on the konmari method. Still doing it and I've even got my husband on board with his. I will try this way too, especially for travel. Great video

  • Zoe Docherty says:

    I just tried this and I love it! 😂 thanks for the video! 💕

  • Erica Freeman says:

    MAGIC. I love it! Takes 3 secs and worth it to have them neat.

  • Murf's Mess says:

    Waaay too much effort, I can't be arsed. In fact, most of the time, I can't even be arsed to shove them in the drawer. But…it's a very nifty idea.

  • Patt T says:

    I think I'll stick to konmari method for drawers, however, I like the fold for travel. When I travel I roll up used socks and underpants together into a ball. Visually different from fresh…

  • Nancy Joyce says:

    I love this idea! So neat and they take up much less space. Thank you so much for sharing!!

  • Karen Howell says:

    Ok, you finally got me doing the Kon Marie method for my underwear , PJs, and socks. Baby steps for me, so I'll save this one to try sometime in the future. 😂 Looks like it would work very well!

  • Emma Boek says:

    hey can u do a closet cleaning video

  • Luke Funfar says:

    After a test run I decided to use a modified Konmari folding technique for storage at home, but for travel this will be my new method for packing underwear. In the past I've used a "ranger roll" technique with very good results. This technique results in a slightly longer but less thick roll in a fraction of the time of my old technique. Thanks for sharing!

  • werelemur1138 says:

    It's like socks!

    And (surprising for someone as generally disorganized as me) I do fold my underwear. Not in any particularly fancy way, just folding the granny panties in quarters. I think I'm going to give this method a go, though.

  • Judith Sullivan says:

    KM method works for me (I still smile every time I open a drawer) in my home, but next trip I'm going to try your method. I think you came up with a great space saving, stay folded method! Who knows, I might start smiling when i look in my suitcase😎

  • Anita Borozan says:

    I'm actually organizing my whole closet and this really helps 🙂

  • Trish Bekkers says:

    Love it! Hubby didn't though, "What have you done to my underwear!!!"

  • TheLoyal76 says:

    You have a great attitude thank you

  • grlegrl says:

    I like this sooooooo much better

  • 07ginger07 says:

    Way too much work….it's a no go for me.

  • Nikki Ene says:

    I just folded all my underwear because of this video, thanks Laura. 😂😝

  • Alejandra Aguilar says:

    Omg this is so helpful!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! 💕💕💕💕

  • Martha West says:

    Awesome!! Love it, my mother spent 4 years in Japan and the Japanese lady that was helped pack her and all would fold her panties something like this!

  • Nanii says:

    Thank you so much I have learned how to do it . I have watched many videos and struggled to do it but you have explained it in a simple way . Thank you.

  • Angelica Square says:

    Thank youuuuuu

  • Lisa Mann says:

    So much more space in my draw folding this way !! Thank you 😊

  • thaseen patel says:

    ohhhhhhh nice

  • Vaibhav Bhardwaj says:

    Good idea👍

  • Sandara Park is my Queen says:

    Was looking for this vid,someone taught me this method but i forgot & glad you made this vid..thanks!!

  • rowan orre says:

    this is so cute! (however, I hang my underwear on two metal rings on hooks in my closet – one ring for underwear, one for bras, and a hanging bag for socks and knit hats).

  • Story Brooke says:

    My bf folds my underwear…😩😩😩 …..I just toss them in thr drawer…..

  • Savhannah Blower says:

    That was actually amazing thank you

  • Angela Dyal says:

    Love it I'm trying it step by step as you demonstrate and it is simple and looks neat and tidy thanks for the tip do you have any sock tips would love to see if you do

  • Tayla White says:

    this really helped me.

  • fumemanv says:

    Nice method..also works for rolling blunts..

  • Lena Ross says:

    I have just mastered this thanks to this video. 😀

  • Lizzy Muchabveyo says:

    It makes folding underwear easier to do . I like it

  • Julie Eastwood says:

    Well this is just amazing. I’m so pleased I’ve found your channel. Im slowly getting my shit together still on the clothes section. I really can’t believe how all my drawers look now. They were rammed before with a lot of stuff that wouldn’t fit in. Next aim tomorrow evening is the airing cupboard. Vastly thinning it in fact dispensing with it. Going to be created into a wardrobe so we can fit a double bed in daughters room and we can get rid of sofa bed in dining room/study.

  • Ayşegül Dilara Peker says:

    Thank you so much, this worked very well, it helped a lot. Great method👍

  • Manoj Kumar says:

    This is best hacks for packing

  • Laura Thomas says:

    Does this stretch out pants? Thanks

  • Rob Rinaldi says:

    Omg! This is awesome!

  • Repy Kutata says:

    Wow thank you so much!, after so many attempts of trying I came to your channel and finally managed to get it correct..

  • neomannen says:

    Thank you for this video..Finally I know the trick myself …after 50 years how to fold myself 🙂

  • Vivian Bianca says:

    I'm I the problem ? Coz I can't do it😂😂

  • Camote Cute says:

    A drawer space saver! I have several undies and its difficult to just go deeper the folds when looking for a particular piece then it'll look like a thief ransacked it. Thanks!

  • Thomas Jones says:

    you have sexy panties

  • javier moreno moreno says:

    me gusto tu tanga me lo enseñas en pribado

  • A Chambers says:

    So cool! Thank you😉

  • Nana Céspedes says:

    You save my life! XD I try many thing to organize my underwear but yours are the best!

  • YJ Media says:

    Super idea Thanks

  • Guy Friendo says:

    Very easy to do and looks great. Thanks for the video!

  • Trish Ollivierre says:

    It works yay

  • Too Much Snow says:

    My mind is blown!!! I had no fulfilled life until I saw your video, which was an accidental click!! I know what I'll be doing with the rest of my day now 🙂

  • Icecueen says:

    Ahhh finally. I’ve watch 3 other videos using this same method, but could never get it right. This one explained it well enough finally. Now let’s see if I can do it consistently.

  • Seven of Nine says:

    Takes more time rolling than taking them off LOL

  • CastleOfButterflies says:

    Ha ha this is great!! Saves a lot of space, and you can see what you have. Helpful for traveling, too. The little bow after rolling sparked "joy" for me lol

  • Alicia Zazirski says:

    This is genius. I just started organizing. I'm trying the Konmari method. However my drawers are deep (I mean like 12in. deep) and not wide. Folding thongs (which are most of my panties) was challenging and took up a lot of side by side space which I ran out of quickly. This just saved me!

  • Claudia nawenberg says:

    Great but what do you do to all the padded bras?

  • snouzers says:

    I cant fold it, oh gosh…cant figure out

  • Lynn Welburn says:

    Perfect for packing a suitcase!

  • DzyMsLizzy says:

    Neat packages, but I just fold in half vertically, then in half the other way, and stack them flat in the drawer. I have 2 stacks, and I just take from the top, and bring the 2nd stack forward when the 1st one has been used. I wouldn't spend the extra time to roll up panties into those packets. I want quick and done when it comes to laundry and folding/putting away clothes; it's my most hated chore.

  • Kell Brigan says:

    Your "answer" applies to less than half of women and personally I'm sick to death of the tiny people being treated as the only people who exist. Will you be doing a video on how to fold medium & large-size underwear, including the stinger chord BRIEFS? #ProbablyGoingToUnsubBecauseThereIsNothingInThisSkinnyBlackBagForMeSoWhyWasteMyTime

  • Lyla Ait Lahsen says:

    Show me how to fold my bras and or store them

  • Mermaid Rhonda says:

    I'm always amazed at how the Goddess guides me right to what I need to see when I need it! I recently switched from thongs to boyshorts (OMG they're SO comfy..what was I thinking wearing thongs all these years?) but they take up way more room in my drawer. So today I will try this and see how much more room it gives me! Thanks! 😀

  • A Upshaw says:

    Do you have a method for mens underwear?

  • zare says:

    Thank you so soo SOOOOO much

  • Angelica Parker says:


  • DzyMsLizzy says:

    Too much bother for me. I don't do the KonMari method, either. I just fold in half vertically, frontside in, then fold in half again from top to bottom. Done. Nice neat, flat stacks. The trouble with some of the KonMari folds is they make a fat, bulky package. My drawers aren't that deep, and actually, the FEWER times you fold something, the less space it takes up. So I flat-fold my undies. The only thing I roll is my socks, and I just roll them up together from the open end to the toe, until its all stuffed into one bundle.
    See, I don't worry about "which one I'm wearing today." I just take from the top of the stack and work my way down until the stack is low and it's laundry day again. 😉

  • Blue Skeleton says:

    Cute panties GF… Love the video of how to and show off what kind you Thanks for sharing and showing. Good job!

  • Oofrobloxkermitmemes :3 says:

    I just started watching your vids and IM ALREADY IN LOVE WITH YOUR CHANNEL!!!

  • Lisa Chamberlain says:

    I saw a similar method on another channel, but I think you're way looks much better, less complicated I think.

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