How to Create 3D Acrylic Grapes – 3D Nail Art

Yes so Blah, dee blah dee blaahhhh we’re getting fruityyyyyyyy so for this nail i’m just using the nail
that we’ve already got on so JJ is wearing something what we did for the
bridal shoot and a few days ago so i’m just going to use this nail as a
platform for our design i’ve cleaned the nail I’ve also buffed it so it’s not
completely shiny it’s ready for gel applications so we’re gonna do some gel
polish where we got seduction and Schlurple the purple, So these are too deep
purple’s slightly different colors i’m going to start with the darker one at
the bottom here we’re going to do a couple coats of this and I’m going to
use the slightly paler one, it’s a bit more red in color getting it nice and neat
a cuticle, i’m going to bang that into the lamp and cure that second coat seduction here, gonna cap that edge
making sure you get right to the sides as well and then Schlurple the Purple, we don’t
have to do two different ones I’m just greedy and i like to use lots of
different colors we’re just going to sweep over that bottom section just to
even that polish I wanted to be nice and even and then i’m going to pop up into
the lamp and cure that i’m going to add some of the fel paint
and literally can take a little bit and that’s all I’m going to use don’t need
to get any more and random randomness, pop that on and i’m gonna clean that brush and I’m going to put the lid on my gels don’t want to cure any artificial Ilight, ok
so i’m just going to blend a little bit just so it’s mottled we’ve got a bit
more interest in the background of these color, these color that we’re going to use
this just makes it a little bit more interesting, having a little bit of
busyness going on, these job paints are awesome for just laying something down really simple nice and thin, they blend really nicely as while you can create shadowing
with them and highlighting as well, so i’m just gonna clean my brush and I’m just going to go
over some of this dark purple just to clean it up so you can see that color so
you can see in the background is not massive difference between those two
colors but I wanted to show you them if you can see here on these color pops you
know you seem a little bit better so you’ve got this one is Schlurple the Purple and
this one is seduction you can see here the difference we’re going to cure that into the lamp
now I’m going to seal this in with some mega
gloss you can either use mega glass or you can use the top and base from the
urban graffiti range completely your choice I don’t want this to have a sticky layer
so this is just easier for me so obviously mega gloss has no sticky layer
where as the top and base from the urban graffiti range does. just checking that because i am so fussy, gorgeous and a cure that for one minute on the
LED two minutes for UV so that has no sticky layer and that’s
ready for the 3d to be applied and what we’re going to do I’m going to mix a
little bit there so I’ve got some damping dishes and in the damping dishes
i’m going to take some pure purple if we use a clean cuticle pusher clean metal
cuticle pusher I’m going to pop four scoops and then i’m going to use
dramatic pink which is a transparent pink powder and i’m going to put three
scoops of that in there, give it a wizz around and I’m going to test it,
obviously, yes you doing scoops with this but it’s never going to be completely
accurate so you want to just test that and I want that a little bit more transparent than that, so I’m going to pop a couple more scoops in, Perfect, the reason I
wanted to look a little bit transparent is because we are doing grapes so I’m
going to do the same now with the green so again a clean metal cuticle pusher
and then we’re going to use clear powder for this i’m going to put three scoops in mix mix
mix mix, Then i will test it a little bit more, ideally what you want
to mix these into a pot you can save as well so you can always use them again so
now we’ve got the transparency alright i’m just going to add a little bit of porecline to purple that we’ve mixed and this is just going to lighten the
shade, awesome i’m happy with those powders now, we’re going to do some leaves
like we did for the apples i’m going to use soft pastel yellow and the palm
leaves color into the lighter color first and then into the green double dipping
that teardrop shape we are using high-speed liquid if you find this sets
up too quick for you can always use medium set or max adhesion. and just going
through the center pressing out and the nice thing with using a dark
background is when you start pressing thin in the center it adds shading to 3d
with lots of shading and highlighting their so we’re going to do two bunches
of grapes on this one nail so they need to be tiny tiny tiny beads for the
individual little grapes ok let’s start with the purple grapes
and i’m going to start the end this bunch is going to come here high speed is perfect for this
high-speed liquid is awesome so make sure you be doesn’t completely
round it needs to be slightly longer you butt them up against each other so we
working from the end of the bunch up so they can layer on top, make sure they sit
next to each other nice and close really Random, start to layer them on top of each
other a little bit now if you do your bead too wet it’s just gonna go ugghhh, and settle
right in the creases and everything of those little grapes that we’ve gone so
you make sure it’s nice and dry but the high-speed liquid well force it to dry quite
quickly you can bleed the back of your brush out and as that acrylic start to
polymerize they actually stick together as well so you know you’re not going to
lose a grape if you made them all individually and stuck them on you’d
run the risk of losing a few grapes i suppose like, when you do rhinestones and
things like that, but acrylic sticks to acrylic so well, and then we’re going to do the
green grapes here and again we’re going to start from the tip of the bunch of
grapes and work our way up to the top make sure you brought she’s nice and dry
after will feed liquid back into that bead we don’t want to do that you want
to set really quickly so you can then move on to the next grape, so now we’ve
got all the grape on we’re going to add a little bit more detail with a little
bit of white paint using the short brush we’re gonna do
some dry brushing and do some dry brushing around the leaves just add more
highlight and i’ll just pick up the high points of
the leaf you can see there it just skips across and picks off the little parts
sticking up higher and that and now i’m going to use a smaller brush detailing
brush little bit of water i’m just gonna add a tiny bit of high life to the
grapes on one side only that means the light is catching those
grapes just on the outside it will make make it a lot more realistic rather than
highlighting all of the groups and we’re going to do is get a little bit of mega gloss, i’m not going to use the brush for this because i wanted to use it really
controlled, pick up some of the mega gloss and just touch on to the
grapes just to get them shine you literally just starting the top if I
flood this and just wipe over the whole thing what happen is the gel will sit in all
the recesses and they will no longer Look like grapes I’ll just like a blob all i’m doing is adding shine and that , pop that into the lamp and and cure it so now that’s cured I need to seal the
little bits of paint that we’ve done on the leaves I’m not going to use mega gloss for that
all i’m going to use is the brush on glue now if we didn’t seal in just
those little bit of paint when JJ washes her hands it would just come off,
literally just touching it you need to let that dry and once that’s
dry you can finish the nail off with cuticle oil don’t forget you need to make sure that
brush on glue is completely dry because if you put oil straight onto that glue
it’s going to turn white and will ruin your design So thats your grapes finished oh the good enough to eat

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