Hedgehog Hollow October Box with New & Exclusive Interactive Double Dial Die

Hedgehog Hollow October Box with New & Exclusive Interactive Double Dial Die

hi everyone welcome to Hedgehog
Hollow happy Saturday I hope you’re having a great weekend so I know we
haven’t been around much great hasn’t turned here sound off um we just can’t
get the staff these days to be honest with you so lots of you commented last
night hi Georgie Roy Brenda Cynthia lots of you tuning in and so yeah we haven’t
been around much it’s kind of been a little bit of a crazy month I guess
we’ve kind of been lived’ out by September and I had some
pre-existing travel commitments and Maddie hasn’t been very well and as you
all know I had my bariatric surgery and it definitely was not as easy as they
sell it to you has pretty rough going I think it we’ve had to say don’t you
think Greg yeah I think I might have done some damage as well so we’ve been
pretty lifet out kind of sorting out Maddie’s specialist and my specialists
and all of those kinds of things so thank you everyone for bearing with us
and all those kinds of things but I do have your October box here to share with
us for us even from TLC so I’ve got that to share with you and I have a sample of
how it works and there’ll be a tutorial on how to use it and coming on the
channel and of course the design team will have tutorials too and we also have
our crafts challenge everything you haven’t seen that is that the the8 craft
challenge don’t come I did put a link in the description and for those of you
that ordered the August box already there will be a newsletter coming out
over the weekend I’ve had to write it on the sofa this evening and send it out
how you can join the challenge using your August box that you already have
and but if you love alcohol markers and you want to learn how to use them and
that challenge is for you it’s 14 days everyday there’ll be a 5 to 10 minute
video of a little practice a little tit bit that you can practice in that 24
hours or over those few days and you can then become an alcohol coloring expert
over 14 days and there’s about thousand dollars worth of value in there
over that I should say you’ve got free trial to makers gonna learn with Tanner
Bell you’ve got a subscription box in there you’ve got all sorts of amazing
fun things included and for $49.99 so really really cool things in there and
Sandy’s just joined us as well Darren is here Brenda is here Carmen Jayden is
here lots and lots of things lots of you joining us as well and as well so
welcome welcome welcome and Melissa is here at Lisa
Elizabeth Dorothy trying to catch up vanessa is here I’m trying to scroll up
quick enough as well so welcome everyone as well Greg is here too which is quite
unusual too he’s quite excited to be behind the camera too so let’s dive in
to arc ty what so say if you’re interested in that alcohol marker
coloring trainer and a lot so you’ve asked me when it was coming all those
things he’ll be a newsletter coming out for existing subscription box
subscribers and nonsubscribers too but if you want to find out more you can go
to the crotch challenge comm and if you have a subscription box don’t sign up
under that link there’ll be a special link coming out for you but if you don’t
have a subscription box you can sign up there get the box that goes with the
challenge and it starts on October 8th I think off the top of my head and lots of
fun things going on there but this is our October box which has a super cool
dye in it too this will ship out the first week of October and we are gonna
be making a couple of changes to the shipping in the subscription box but
they’ll be coming out separately Gregg support hi – hi hi Jayden as well
Cynthia says good to have you both together and live as well hi Carol
Nanette is here Traci dr. Greg lot the doctor rocks at the camera according to
current which I love – okay so if you don’t know about the Hedgehog color
subscription box comes out every month and includes anywhere between like 80 90
100 dollars worth of supplies it’s $39.99 or less if you subscribe to
multiple months there’s links in the video description below
to the Hedgehog hallo domme slash shop or slash subscription – box and you can
see Greg’s amazing new website that you put together for us it’s all about the
subscription box there as well and you can have that on there and we
ship it worldwide so it doesn’t matter where you are we will ship it anywhere
and they do get shipped out of California even though we’re based in
Cleveland because otherwise we had probably Greg the girls me neighbors the
neighbors kids we were all shipping them out of this room right here and it was
just unmanageable so we did find a company to help us ship them out lots of
you accounting like oh they’re a massive company they must be having all these
discounts on TV no we’re not it’s just Greg and I and there’s one guy
who comes in and helps us every day we’re not very big so hedgehog Hollow is
not a big company but we do have a lot of fun here and we put together a
subscription so every month is a different illustrator or a different
company we’ve done Inc Road Elizabeth craft designs I’m looking behind Greg
la-la-land pretty pink posh we’ve had lawn fawn we’ve had some amazing amazing
companies and this month is a TLC bucks so let’s dive in and show you what
you’re gonna get in at this box it’s super super cool we haven’t done a die
in a while so it’s been really good fun and I guess a little bit of a challenge
to get a dive back up and running now you’ll get a postcard in your box
this one’s postcard a little bit different because normally it’s a
limited edition print by the illustrator but this month we’ve actually done like
a coloring type page slash prints so it’s kind of a little bit different so
this was the July one that Sophia Caldwell did but this month’s one is a
little bit different I’m super excited to see what you think of it
you will get some candy it is Christmas themed candy so you can imagine on that
what you will lose some candy to enjoy whilst you are coloring and crafting and
you also get a bonus if you are a regular subscriber and this month’s
bonus is this really super cute stencil so this is the stencil here you’ve got
snowflakes in here and then on this side you’ve got some layering options so
you’ve got two parts of a present so you’ve got the outline in the present
and the detail that you can layer together
you’ve got some of the extra little kind of dots that are between here to go with
you’ve got the tree in here and then you also have the leaping deer so that’s
your bonus this month okay and then you also are going to have a couple of
things that are slightly different to normal because normally we always
include lots of card bases you’re going to have two card bases that you can use
as card fronts so you’ll have two of those you’ll also have some really super
cute colored card stock pieces now I don’t have the ones you’re gonna get
because you’ve got reds and metallics and Christmas colored pieces but I don’t
have those here they’ve been shipped directly to the shipping people but they
are really really pretty I selected them I had the samples here and I was going
through and Greg and I were selecting them out we get to sit together and
choose all of these fun pretty colored card stocks and I’m like Greg what do
you think he’s like yes they’re very nice I think it’s really good fun great
sight okay just whatever yeah yeah I think it’s a really fun process then
we’ve got some really fun Christmas metallics going into this box so that’s
gonna be in there and then this time rather than having separate card bases
and card stops I found some really pretty scalloped card bases and
envelopes together so you’ll actually have a pack of card bases and envelopes
so I’m just going to catch up on on comments as well and so somebody asked
him us is the challenge 49 months late now its $49.99 it’s a one-off cost the
challenge currently is just happening once and it’s all about turning you into
an alcohol marker coloring expert so it’s just a one-off thing and so just
not a recurring charge Jennifer said I finally caught you live Cynthia says you
do an amazing job with your boxes thank you and if you are looking for the
discounts if you’re looking for your YouTube perks Dorothy you can find them
either on the community wall or you can find them in the
perks Facebook page and if unique can’t find either of those then you can just
send us an email to support at the Hedgehog holo command we can send you
direct links to them so you can do that as well so we’ll happily it send you
those links so what else is in here so I’m super excited because we have this
dice so this is what I’m going to take this off this backing because it’s not
very pretty this back in here this was just like the prototype backing you’re
actually gonna have it in a really nice okay I’m not doing a very good job of
this here there we go you’re actually gonna have it in really nice packaging
so this is what the die looks like when you get it yours is actually going to be
reversed because when they made the prototype they did it the wrong way
round which is why we have prototypes made and so your angle will actually be
on this side and but this is what it cuts out like and these two pieces here
are separate and they are not tabs this is just the sticky on the back that’s
holding them in so there’s no tabbing there’s no cutting everything is cut
apart for you and none of that to do but what it does is when it all cuts apart
as if by magic I have one already pre-cut ready to go for you and this is
what it’s going to cut so when you cut everything apart you assemble it with
Brad’s and we are including a pack of Brad’s in your baggie and Maddie Greg
and I have been assembling packs of Brad’s furiously for you haven’t we Greg and I’ve done quite a few but Greg will
be doing them so this is what it assembles and the idea is you turn your
little dial and you can see your two pieces move and it’s super easy to
assemble because it cuts everything all at once so it cuts if I can pick this up
so it cuts your wheel that has all three pieces already cut out and it cuts your
I don’t know oblong piece here all at once so everything gets cut out together
like this so you can see this is what you get
and you literally just popped your Brad’s through super soup and the idea
is we then have stumps that go with it so here we have you’ve got your chimney
with your snow and you’ve got your centerr so along here the idea is and
this all fits perfectly because we measured of course beforehand or Tammy
did when she designed them so Tammy designed this die so you’ve got
your chimney so Santa can pop out of your chimney and a cross can fly his
gift into his arms and you’ve got his arms here or you can have a row of gifts
or Rudolph can fly into his arms or you can have a row I can’t I can’t so you’ve got the chimney so Santa can
fly out Rudolph can fly out the gifts can fly across into his arms the
reindeer can fly across to him a row of gifts can fly across so you can see the
idea being you’d have your chimney down here
Santa would fly up and the gifts would fly into his arms like this or Rudolph
would fly across or the reindeers would fly across so you can have like really
really cool things that would fly up and across and it’s like super super simple
I got it quanta nice there we go so really really easy or you have your
snowman so you kind of have your snowman comes up and so you can have your
snowman flying up you can have your baby coming kind of like flying over his hat
can fly up and down off of his head and like the trees fly over his friend flies
over to come and see him or you could have like some gifts flying over to come
and see him and you can put the trees in the background you’ve got like this kind
of flourish of snow like so many different things you can put these two
sets together this size so that the two sets can go together perfectly so it’s
super simple to have I can hold them up
together so you can have the two of them come together really really easily and
they all work together so he can fly out the chimney or Center can come up the
chimney and the Snowman can come towards him or his hat can come on you know all
of those kind of really cool things can happen together and then we also have a
sentiment set as well so white so these are all of your sentiments so I’m gonna
have to turn them out so you’ve got wrapped for you from my family to yours
you’ll never be alone in this season’s night because you’re the gift that
carries the joy and light and handmade with care remember all that matters more
than even an ounce for this special occasion is the thought that counts
we’ve got happy Christmas or happy Chanukah so you can put it together
accordingly and love the giver more than the gift it’s about opening our minds
that then our that our hearts may shift my gift to you
joyfully seasonally yours be full of light be full of joy and from my family
to yours so lots and lots of sentiments in there as well ones that fit inside
your cards ones that fit outside your cards you know all of those options as
well so lots of you are saying on here so
someone says I have to help Greg and so a card day’s work which is our design
ting I think it’s just so so cool so excited to try this out as well this is
the first time I’m done interactive cards and it’s a long time since we’ve
done a die so I think the last time I did a die that I desire that we design
and had manufactured was the Waffle flower kit which I think was actually
like our second or third box so it’s over a year since we’ve done one as well
how would you use this in a scrapbook page so you could put this just flat on
a scrapbook page and this and then I’m what I would do is I’d mount this on
foam I just put the foam on this side and down here and you could still just
put like a little tab that says you know turn here so these are independent
pieces so you definitely could mount this flat on something really really
simple as well Tasha she’s loving watching you she’s
going watching you so happy thank you Jayden Jennifer says so cute can’t wait
to make this Darlene so she needs to get this box practicing coloring images look
great as well lots of people loving this as well
loving it for Christmas cards and the thing is you can use this outside of
Christmas as well this is just an interactive card so you can just put you
know your images on here whether you have Easter bunnies that jump up and
down if you have maybe love love bunnies that come together for Valentine’s Day
you have things some Mother’s Day flowers that move around you don’t have
to just use this for Christmas that’s why I love this because and I had
different options of what I wanted around the edge and one of them was
bowels and I’m like okay bells are really cute but we’re kind of tied to
weddings and Christmas and things like that whereas if I just kind of have
these bubbles around the edge and you well know I love my polka dots and then
of course I can have this for any time of year you can put any stamps on here
you want and you can use this for birthdays in any occasions as well so
lots and lots of things on there as well so that’s on there as well somebody
asked if they do the alcohol marker challenge how many markers do they get I
think it’s nine because you get the three depth and shadows the three greens
and the three corals but it’s a three depth and shadows the three greens and
the three Carl so I’m pretty sure it’s 9 markers well yeah but it’s the depth and
shadow it’s the blender so it’s but it’s still 9 markers so I’m pretty sure ok so
yeah so it’s a really easy interactive card too because I know I mean I love
interactive cards I love my reveal wheels and all of those things I just
did a video for scrapbook home on the Revere wheel but you have to cut out
tons of things whereas this die comes all in one and so as I say this is just
the tape holding it together but you just pop all of this out like so
excellent so when it comes you take off the tape there’s no trimming so
everything is pre trimmed because I hate trimming so I was not going to have dyes
that required any trimming because I hate that so everything comes ready to
go just like this duper simple your holes are also cut ready in your die so
everything is ready to go so it’s all simple super easy ready done like you
don’t have to do anything you just cut this you cut this could you cut this so
all really really simple so you cut all of those things and then that’s all you
have to do you just assemble everything has its channels cut it has its channel
cut in here and then you just assemble super simple everything just goes in so
you can see we made this one here you just do all of your channels you’ve got
your dyes ready to go you do want to cut it out with a reasonably thick cardstock
which is why I’ve included good quality cardstock in there you’ve got the Neenah
110 in there and you’ve got some of those American crafts in there but
everything just goes in those channels so you can see you’ve got your big piece
the die the double die life he’s here your Brad
goes through you’ve got your other pieces here everything just goes
together really simply so you just cut everything your holes already in there
we’re giving you the Brad’s ready to go so just pop everything in off you go
you’re done so everything is super super simple included as well so hopefully
you’ll find it all really really simple as well Jayden says Greg you sound like
me when it comes to shopping I just wait and watch I think jane says hi hi Jane and Cynthia
loves the design yeah is a really really simple design super simple and Debbie
says my kind of dye as well and Rory also says love not trimming yeah so
everything in this box really really simple do you get the dye that’s
included of course with all of your extra pieces as well so I’m going to put
mine in the box so I don’t lose it and of course the sample because I need to
do a video on how you actually assemble it and show you all how that works and
then we have your stencil so I’ll take that out
because I know Greg said it was a little harder to see in the packaging but this
is your stencil let me find could you with a colored piece of cardstock for
this so you’ve got on this side it’s card front size or just a little bit
bigger you’ve got your snowflakes and then on
this side you have your trees your spots you’ve got your two parts of your gift
and then you’ve got your leaping deer so if you sign up for the one-month rolling
the three month or six months or the twelve months of the subscription box
that’s included and then you have your sentiments so everyone will get the
sentiments everyone will get the Snowman stamp set everyone will get our Santa
Claus stamp set and the center also has his arms separately so if you want to do
like the pull-string so his arms can do this you can do that you’ve also got the
gift the coordinates you’re gonna get a full pack of these super cute ATS card
bases and envelopes as well also two extra excuse me two extra card faces
Christmas candy the Brad’s the Christmas card stock not our florals but there’s
Christmas colors in there a really cute principle that’s for coloring in with a
message on and there’s much everything so there’s over I think it’s a hundred
dollars worth of value when I start and worked out in this month’s box so so
many different things in this box I’m super excited to see what you will make
with it always as always be sure to tag us all of those fun things in there as
well I’m just going to make sure I’ve caught up with everyone’s comments on
here too and amber says she loves the dye as well she can’t wait to see how it
works and play with hers so Darlene was asking what’s the thing I miss with
alcohol markers so if you and I want to learn how to use alcohol markers I do
mention this a while back we heard a challenge coming up it took me a while
because we had some wife things going on but we have a challenge it’s called the
craft challenge calm THG craft challenge and there is a link in the description
too and there’s a link to our subscription boxes you can go over there
you can sign up for the craft challenge it starts on the 8th from Toba there’s a
video every single day plus there’s a live check in the video halfway through
we’re going to teach you how to become alcohol marker coloring expert so it’s
about 5-10 minutes a day there’s a video it comes to your email so you can work
at your own pace and there is also a Facebook group in there as well and
there’ll be a couple of girls helping me kind of administrate that too and you
also get a box full of supplies it is our old August subscription box and
which was full of alcohol markets so if you sign up for our August subscription
box you don’t have to sign up for the craft challenge again you all get a
special invite over the weekend by email to sign up for that and so you don’t
have to buy the box again you can just sign up for the craft challenge element
and get all of those extra goodies as well including a free month to tanners
makers gonna learn website so lots of fun things he’s best be coming to see us
I need to check if he’s still coming he’s supposed to be coming in a couple
of weeks which would be a lots and lots of fun yeah there’s some sneaky
information that challenge due to be coming to join us as well so lots and
lots of fun things going on and as always don’t forget to hit subscribe
during the community all of those fun things give us a thumbs up and don’t
forget to order your subscription box because as always these aren’t limited
editions once this other side you can’t get them again and I think this die is
gonna be super popular because it doesn’t exist anywhere else and I think
we’re gonna have lots of fun with it I can’t wait to see the girls add on and
previous subscription boxes can you imagine those August had charcoal on top
of the double dialer and have them kind of like going around of course you can
build scenery in the background as well and that’s the great thing that this dye
works the whole year out you don’t just have to use it for your Christmas cards
so we really wanted to make it a fun interactive art it doesn’t exist
anywhere else there is no double dialer anywhere else this is a hedgehog holo
exclusive so tell all of your crafty friends share it over instant junkies
share it in all of those Facebook groups let them know there is a new interactive
dive it’s super simple to use there is one cut through your die-cutting machine
and you are done so I cannot wait to see what you create I
see you again tomorrow and of course October 1st is the start of inktober
fest if you didn’t join us for that last year I can’t wait for you to see this
year because it’s gonna be bigger and better and Greg is gonna be behind the
camera so I mean who knows what can happen it’s gonna be so much fun we’re
gonna have a good laugh and I will see you again really really soon and I think
we’ll be going live again tomorrow with the new Sizzix release as well and I
have some fun samples we’ll be cutting out vinyl with our dies we’ll be showing
you a new way to stretch them with that as well so I’ll see you again tomorrow


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