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hi everyone welcome to Hedgehog hollow
we’re dreaming of tropical paradise with palm trees and flamingos and it’s the
new release of trends from tonic studio so I have everything here have lots of
demos tips techniques and everything’s watched out ready to go so let’s get
started so I have to say this is probably my
most favorite trends when I was twitching this out this is totally my
color palette I love all the pinks that rich jade green you can see I’ve even
got my jade green ring onwards I’m rod but I just love this color palette it’s
absolutely gorgeous so let’s start off with the papers because they’re always a
firm firm favorite so there are two paper paths again each with 24 sheets in
them we have the mixed card pack and then we have the patterned paper so the
pattern paper is a six by six paper pad as is the other one and you get eight
designs six of each design in there so they’re double-sided pieces and you can
see here so you have yellow dots with like geometric on the back you have
green with stripes on the back pink in different patterns and then this one is
actually a palm leaf and then like a gridded pattern like a insect netting on
this reverse side so you’ve got some really pretty combinations in here so
you put double sided and then lots of different designs in that one
so that’s your regular paper pack and then in your mixed card pack again 24
sheets 6×6 and they are the papers I’m going to show you in a second that come
in large – if you just want a sampling you’ve got the handmade paper and this
is again it’s got like a palm leaf pressed into it then you’ve got the gold
holographic we have the green pearl eyes which is double sided so it’s not a
white core like the others and then you have two pink holographic in there too
and these are available enlarged with some other options as well so I have the
large sheets over here so this is your pink holographic mirror card
it’s called magnificent magenta and you get five sheets in a pack
eight-and-a-half by them but look how gorgeous that pink reflective paper is
is so so pretty and you can get it in the big or in the six by six this is
that same gold so again you can get it in a large pack eight-and-a-half by
eleven it’s called Inka gold I think it’s very holographic
look at that so so cool then you have that pearlized green which comes again
you know eight and a half by eleven it’s called palm tree gorgeous color there
too and then you have the embossed handmade paper that one is called jungle
fever it’s actually an a4 size so if you’re not familiar with a four it’s
slightly different if we’re currently eight and a half by eleven it’s slightly
narrower but slightly longer but it’s still perfect for card matting and
things like that and then there’s one specially allottee paper which was it in
the paper pack again it’s an a4 size but it’s called tropical nights it’s like
that burgundy kind of color with a
pearlescent shimmer and it’s black on at the back so you can add moose and pastes
and all sorts of fun things on the back if you want to change its different
colors or rub in different textures so they’re really versatile papers to use
and then of course we have the whole selection of a trend so I’m going to
start out with the ink cubes over here and the ink cubes come in the set of
three they call them diamonds and we have three gorgeous cuts so let’s try
them out and have some paper and things over clear ready to go so we have exotic
orchid oriental iris and parakeet gooey like fun color names and I’m going to
take a piece of paper on here and you’ll be able to see what they look like so
this is our exotic orchid look at that it’s not gorgeous gorgeous color so that
pinky purple color this is the oriental iris and this is our parakeet green look
at that absolutely gorgeous gorgeous colors and they’re all hybrid inks too
so that’s the great thing about them is you can use them with your alcohol
markers you can use them with your water-based products you can use them
with everything just because they are a hybrid base but also beautiful beautiful
colors in there too then we have the new sequin so down here
you have some samples that I’ve popped down these are actually the toppers out
the packet but I like to use them as my samples so I know what’s in there so I’m
gonna go through so that we’ve got jeweled Jade sequins we have fabulous
flamingo circles lagoon luster glitter and you can see the the shimmer that’s
in there you can see I get stuck to them too but and then we have dragonfly wings
and so glitter again lots and lots of sparkle and shimmer in there then we
have all of our favorite medium so we’re gonna start off this is the glitter
marker it’s called wild mulberry when you get it you’re gonna need to prime
the nib you just kind of pop it on a surface let it prime and then off we go
and this is what it looks like so I already have these switched out for you
this is on the black and then this is on white so you can see really really
pretty colors in there too and these pens you can check out the video on our
channel you can watercolor with these pens and I show you how in a video we
have a whole tonic playlist you can check it out we used to do weekly lives
and things with tonic so all those videos all the tips and techniques are
all still in there then we have two new a glacial pace so here we have this one
is pineapple delight in the yellow and Mambo melon in the pink so when you open
these they have a huge amount of silver mica in them you’re gonna see there’s
lots and lots you can even see like a little bit of a rim in here of the
silver so that’s what they look like I have already swatched them out for you
you can use them on black or white you can see I did one of each so this is the
pink on black and then this is the yellow on white but you could course
could do either either way and they still really pop nicely when you’ve done
them on either or so I love glacier pace they just have so much extra sparkle and
they’re smooth they’re not gritty like a glitter paste but you still have all of
that extra sparkle in there which I really really love so now you guys
should post you have a new expanding mousse called cactus green this is what
it looks like on black cardstock now one thing I will tell you about expanding
mousse I’m going to show you the magic of it in a second
is it’s great but it will not expand once it’s dry it still has to be wet so
to make it expand this is non expansion that I did on my sample just take a
piece of cardstock of course you can put it through a stencil you can do all
sorts of things but you do want some texture on this one so I advise you to
apply it with a spatula rather than with a dormer or something like that and I
also like to add some texture so I’ll have bits they’re thicker bits the
thinner you can see there how that kind of comes out and then just take your
heat gun we’re going to find it starts to expand
and crackle and these are some really really cool techniques there are crapple
pastes on the way this year too we’re going to put this down as it gets
hot a spatula to the side and then it’s going to pop up so anyway that has more dimension is
obviously going to expand more because there’s more product there but you can
also get some really cool techniques so I’m just going to expand this bit down
here so you can see so I’ve expanded this bottom piece here so it’s gone from
just having this kind of flat texture to having this very bubbly expanded texture
it’s super super cool I can check out the channel because we do have tutorial
videos on how to use all of these things as well and if you hit that subscribe
button below you’ll get daily tips tricks tutorials
all of those fun things and hit the bell too so that you get the notification and
you’ll get notifications of when we’re going alive and we do that fairly
regularly too and so that is expanding moose obviously expands but you can use
it just as a regular moose and keep it flat but it will not expand once it’s
fully dry this one’s been dry for about a week I try to expand it it’s not going
to expand we also have some new sprays so you have a Mike amidst it is called
pampas green and you have a sparkle spray which is amethyst shimmer now this
one the mica mist has a color and a little bit of sparkle you can see here
it’s like a pearlescent kind of finish to it and that is gonna be great on your
paper products mixed-media the sparkle spray is also it’s got my Cronus you’re
gonna see there’s far more shimmer in that as well as the color but it’s going
to work on non-porous surfaces it does dry on those non-porous surfaces okay if
you’ve ever had issues with by chemists or sparklers brace check out it’s one of
the top watch videos on the channel is how to store them how to clean them and
use them appropriately you do not want to spray shake them up and down go check
out all of those tips and your sparkle and my promise will last you forever so
there’s another one and there’s also a number of new nouveau drops and I have
swatched all of these out as well so you can see the difference and I’ve done
them on black and white cardstock so this is your new stone drops here it is
called berry burst so you can see again I put it on black and I’m white I’ve
spread it out like a paste because you can use Nuvo drops like a paste or you
know just as a drop then we have the new vintage drop if you’ve never used
vintage drops they’re great they’re map the
one is called Emerald Isle you have a new dream job now look at the difference
with the dream job between the black and the white this one is very creamy this
one is very pinky that is the amazing thing about dream jobs it’s called lemon
twist and then we have a new glitter drop called sugarplum again very
different whether you use it on black or white which is why I always like to
swatch them out on both so you can kind of get an idea of some of the different
things you can do and stretch those supplies even further
everything I’m using is making the description below along with some really
fun katana coupon codes so you can go check all of those out as well and then
we also have two new embossing powders again I have stamped these out so you
can see them this is the pink which is called a strawberry slush so it is a
glossy enamel style of embossing powder in that bright kind of fun color and
then we also have the green which is a glitter it’s called glimmering green you
can see there’s a little bit of sparkle in there as well so they’re the two new
embossing powders and the last one I have is the new shimmer powder and I
couldn’t I priest watched it last night I have to show them the magic Oshima
powders if you’ve watched the channel before you will know how much I love
shimmer powder so this seemed so simple to use but so effective so you do take a
piece of card stock now you can do this a couple of different ways again
tons of tutorials on the channel because you can paint with these you can spray
with them you can make your own sprays all sorts of things but all you need to
do is take some water I like to pre spritz my surface because it makes less
mess that way and then spring fit on like you would seasoning you’ll see it
starts to have some reaction but then depending on how much reaction you want
you can spray but look in here I have yellow and I have read and I have orange
and when this dries you might be able to just see a little bit it also has a
pearlescent finish in it I’m gonna just go outside of that so you can start to
see that pearlescent in there so you can add as much or as little as you want you
can keep adding to get more texture you can see that red really starting to
break out in there absolutely of it and the thing I really love about them is
that it will dry with a shimmer too so super super cool so that is the new one
it’s called Sun recross Sept again check out all the links in the
description don’t forget to hit subscribe ring the bell this coupon
codes down there as well and there’s even more coupon codes if you’re a
hedgehog hollows subscriber so check all those things out come join us tomorrow
for another tip trick tutorial or maybe something a little bit different and I
am gonna go and enjoy some tropical paradise during these cold cold months
here in Ohio so I will see you again very very soon happy crafting everyone
see you then bye

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