Guitar Gear Rundown 2019 – All My Guitars, Amplifiers, Pedals and More

Guitar Gear Rundown 2019 – All My Guitars, Amplifiers, Pedals and More

hi how’s it going my name is Landon this
is lando 27 music and this video I’ve never done one of these before this is a
gear rundown like all the stuff I have everything my amps my guitars all my
pedals so I’m not currently gigging with any of this stuff but as we go through
everything if it was something that I used to gig with I’ll mention that and
I’ll talk about that so I’ll have everything chopped up in chunks and have
the time marker in the description below so if you want to skip ahead to anything
or go back to stuff should make it a little bit easier so like I mentioned
this is going to include everything all my guitars all my amps all my pedals and
also a bunch of other stuff like my recording gear stuff I use for YouTube
stuff I use just personally for recording music and yeah you’re gonna
see everything in my room once in a while I get questions about
the stuff that’s behind me so hopefully this video will cover everything I’ll
also mention stuff that’s on its way out and the reasons that I’m selling some
things so let’s get right into it let’s start off with my guitars alright let’s
go ahead with my guitars the way we’re gonna go through this is I’m gonna go in
order of acquisition gear acquisition syndrome before I knew that was a thing
start with the first guitar I ever owned this is a Yamaha the numbers on the
inside an FJ 661 country jumbo and you can see it’s huge huge body it sounds
awesome a little bit big this was my first guitar I bought it in 2002 or 2003
I can’t remember the exact year I was traveling visiting some friends told him
I want to get a guitar the music store I went into is actually in a town called
North Bay Ontario the the store I wasn’t looking at spending too much on a guitar
like under 500 I think this was around 300 and it was the only one that had a
hardshell case and I was taking a bus so I needed a hardshell case so that’s how
I ended up with this one and it’s had a few mods to it stuff that I didn’t do I
wasn’t into modding guitars back then it’s had a nut replacement it’s also got
a fishman a transducer inside here and you can see
yeah connector on the bottom there so I’m able to plug it in I’ve written a
number of songs on this guitar actually most songs I’ve written on this guitar
it’s been played out live a ton some close-ups on the tuners here for years
if I kind of wanted a skinnier guitar for playing live because I mean it does
it does hang over a lot and it’s not the most comfortable guitar but it’s super
loud and just awesome has an awesome sound we’re not gonna be playing that
right now that’s my acoustic guitar that’s my Yamaha FJ 661 I believe it was
built in the 90s at some point alright guitar number 2 this is a 2004 made in
Mexico standard Telecaster that I bought in Ottawa at a store called Steve’s I
think I paid about $499 new that’s what they cost at the time and this thing has
been played gigged with for years and modded I’ve pretty much modded out
everything on this I’ve done other videos on this guitar about all the
stuff I’ve changed but I’ll go over it quickly here because I like talking
about it let’s start from the top tuners are gold tuners now pretty much
put gold on everything except for the frets and the ferrule is on the back ferrules
how do you say that so even the the tree string is gold coming down to pick
guard was originally a white I’ve kept that I just put on a black one recently
the screws are all gold the bridge and control plate knobs
everything’s been swapped out even the neck plate so what’s in this guitar it
was originally just that you know the standard Mexican pickups neck pickup and
bridge pickup they’ve been pulled out and routed for a dually red humbucker in
the bridge and a blue those are both lace sensor forgot to mention that
and the bridge is a completely new bridge also recently I added a kill
switch and if you’re familiar with a band called Radiohead you’ll notice this
is kind of emulating the Jonny Greenwood Telecaster and I’ve got the original
strap that’s pretty worn and seen better days but it’s held in and locking I had
strap locks on here I’ve gone to these strap blocks these rubber ones you can
stick these on without changing the the holder in here so so yeah that’s my 2004
tele custom I consider a custom down this is my number one I would never sell
this I would never I mean would anybody buy this now I don’t know it’s pretty
cool nice thick really thin D neck okay there we go so at this point I’d had two
guitars and I was interested in doing some modifications on my own
the Tele that I just mentioned earlier that my friend actually worked on that I
just watched him do it so this was something that came up on monoprice comm
for 71 bucks 69 bucks 71 bucks something like that I’ve done a video on it very
recently I think it’s called my 70 dollar guitar it’s uh completely a strat
ripoff obviously but a good one really nice job on it the headstock is almost
identical to a Fender I’m just looking here I do a side by side there’s hardly
any difference I think they had to stop making these everything’s been swapped
out on this that’s the thing a $71 guitar the point of it was I wanted to
practice modding soldering but I didn’t expect the parts to be that great so
I’ve kept a couple of things but everything else has been swapped out so
it’s got grover locking tuners tree strings are the same the nut is original
neck hasn’t been touched this has got an awesome neck with a satin finish that I
love coming down to the pickups pickups are all lace sensor again this is uh
what do they call it the USA value pack I think it’s a blue
a silver and a red and switched the switch inside it’s a five way Fender
switch the original one inside was one of those cheaper PCB switches that’s
very flimsy doesn’t feel that great pots have all been swapped out they were
those I want to say the minis I can’t remember exactly what they’re called
they’re they’re cheap Chinese pots that are little are they called alpha minis I
can’t remember it so they got standard pots no bridge is
the same bridge is fine the trim bar I kept that in there I didn’t lock the
trim on this one everything else is original got a fender strap on it the
the body is basswood and it’s really light but it looks
really great usually I don’t think that’s what bodies are known for having
a nice grain well this one is really nice rosewood fretboard didn’t mention
that and yeah the neck is just really nice
and something to mention this pretty funny I think they’ve done a stamp on
the back can we see that come on looks like a serial number right it’s just the
model number which I hadn’t noticed somebody pointed out to me right so
that’s my cheap strat clone that was guitar number three this is my I call it
my 72 fat line it’s a parts caster it’s basically going
for like 72 thin line just doesn’t have the F hole there’s two things I don’t
really like in a guitar stop just cosmetically an F hole I just don’t I
don’t like the look of those and double neck guitars that’s two things but
anyways we’re going off track so let’s go over the parts on this one it’s got a
mighty Mite licensed Telecaster neck which is great they do they make really
nice necks for about half the price of a official Fender neck really nice satiny
finish they do two models you can do a satin you finish our glossy glossy
finish glassy it’s got some fender vintage
tuners on down looks like these are medium jumbo frets
got a perloid pickguard these are two fender wide-range humbuckers got a
fender switch in their cts pots i think they’re five hundreds
I got a fender bridge maybe that’s not a fender bridge that might be an
aftermarket some other company I can’t remember now the body is an interesting
story Oh on the back here fender ferules and
thinner neck plate the body is from a company called that went
under a few years ago they were selling bodies and necks they’re an American
company I think they’re importing stuff they had the cheapest prices and from
what I can understand they couldn’t keep up with their orders and they just went
under but this body is awesome the only drawback to it it’s ash which
is not the drawback it’s heavy heavy ash this whole guitar weighs about 10 pounds
it’s maybe over 10 pounds I’ve waited it’s like a Les Paul weight but the
double binding it’s a candy apple red I just love the sparkle it’s like that
shows up nicely there it’s like a car paint Sparkle awesome so of all my
guitars this one gets played the least because of the weight you use it to
workout with so heavy right let’s move along I had to look up which guitar came
first I’ve got these two right here quick story about this for a long time I
wanted a Gibson standard Les Paul and the price for a new model I wanted a new
one was always around 3,000 or more in Canada anyways
so ended up getting these two guitars too kind of for less than the price of a
new standard Les Paul I got both these guitars and I’ll go over what these are
this is yeah it’s a 2016 so light 2016 Telecaster professional deluxe with Shaw
buckers as part of the tele professional line I love this guitar it’s so light I
believe it’s under 7 pounds it’s had one upgrade to it then I’ll mention got the
locking tuners I’ve done a video on the locking tuners any videos that I’ve done
about these guitars I’ll try to remember to put them in the cards
and you can click on it it’s got the locking tuners staggered well they’re
staggered you can see that tree string it’s got a very glossy a glossy
maple neck but the back is satiny which is awesome and really nice rolled edges
love the neck on this and then you get into it’s like a 72 style guitar right
Les Paul is got three way swhitch two tone knobs two volume knobs and the
great thing on this guitar is these pickups these shawbucker humbuckers and
the interesting thing with them is they’re unpadded which a lot of people
would freak out about I guess if you’re you know this would not be for metal
definitely if you’re doing a lot of high gain it will squeal so that’s one
drawback but I’m not into that so that’s not a problem for me it’s got a nice
bridge there as well tell me cut on the back Corona neck plate and I’ve done the
strap blocks on there with a fender strap super light guitar love it this
one’s a lot heavier this about eight pounds this is an Epiphone it’s a
standard Pro Plus top plus top pro-trans blue and look how that shows up in the
light and outdoors it’s beautiful one of these in Canada at the time go
went for I bought it for about $600 I think and this one was about $1800 so you
add those two together about the price of a Les Paul Standard or less um let’s
go over I haven’t done any modifications to this guitar it’s been great it’s got
Grover tuners that are standard rosewood fingerboard he’s got I believe these are
pro buckers if I’m wrong I will correct myself and I’ll put a thing up in front
of my face to embarrass myself one interesting feature on this it’s got the
pull little pots so you can split or you can tap what am i doing it’s making like
a single coil sound I always get those two those two terms confused I should
know better by now right hey you’re fronting a YouTube guitar
channel no your specs I get that government all the time I’m
just a person I know I don’t have a photographic memory if I got that wrong
good for me shows that I’m human all right there we go beautiful I love
this guitar that cured my gas for Les Paul Standard and look at that headstock
all you gibson lovers hating Epiphone headstocks that’s fine I don’t care
headstock doesn’t matter to me let’s move on it’s a little bit bigger this is
a vintage modified 77 jazz bass beautiful made in Indonesia I got this
for doing some music tracks when I didn’t I do I’ve done a few of my own
music tracks on videos I just plug in direct change it out with the the tuners
swapped out the pickups and now has some noiseless fender jazz bass pickups
control plate was changed it’s got an obsidian wire jazz bass kit the bridge
has been changed as well I think that’s it I’ll put that video up in the cards
so you can check that out I’ve done some stop-motion animation on the actual mod
which is pretty cool nice and light I believe it’s an agathis body really
nice necks on these it’s got a a binding on the neck maple like I said it’s made
well crafted in Indonesia I’m really impressed with the Indonesian Fender
guitars they’re just great I’m not a bass player myself so do what I can in
the videos but I think this is a great guitar it was about $450 bucks new maybe
a little bit more I can’t remember that’s my bass this is a 2017 standard
made in Mexico Stratocaster this is before the player series came out so
this is Lake Placid blue look at the finish on that that’s some gas inducing
blue right there if you like blue guitars that’s one of the nicest guitars
I’ve seen I’ve got to say and Shane said this too on in the blues these made in
Mexico guitar our highly underrated I think the
Mexican name being attached to it for some reason people just don’t give it
the respect that deserves the finish on the fret board the neck it’s an amazing
neck tuners are great nothing’s been modded on this this thing is a hundred
percent stocked I like my humbucker in the bridge
some people don’t they’re pure single coils I already lied said I hadn’t
modded anything I’ve added two Springs to the it was a floating bridge it’s now
clamped down pretty good it’s not blocked but it’s locked down enough this
is my strat my go-to strat what else can you say about it let’s just look at it
alright on to my last guitar of this video this one’s got a long history and
I’ll go through it but there’s videos on it that you can watch as well I’ll put
them in the cards this I call my MIMAIC made in Mexico assembled in Canada it’s
all made in Mexico parts that I bought separately I’ve got a video on that I’ll
put it up in there it’s a three part video about this guitar and how I built
it I won’t go into the history but what it used to be but basically we’ve got a
50s made in Mexico neck it’s a huge C shape
high gloss thick like you know a fifties style baseball bat kind of neck the the
tuners are our vintage tuners and going down into the guitar this is a made in
Mexico body official fender made in Mexico neck pickup is pulled from a
squire classic what do they call that guitar 50’s classic vibe tele found
one online on eBay for 50 bucks name is 30 bucks I can’t remember bridge pickup
is a Fender Custom Shop Texas special it used to be part of it two pickup set
I broke the neck pickup during my first parts caster attempt somehow broke one
of the wires one of the leads going into it and yeah that didn’t work out that
never made it into a video some background embarrassment I shall share
another embarrassing story about this guitar while we’re out on it
the rest of the stuff here this is a fender parchment pickguard official
pickguard the bridge is from my tele my black tele
that was in the video originally the knobs and the control plate and the
switch no not the switch control plate the knobs are from that black tele as
well the control plate not the control plate the guts inside it are an obsidian
wire four-way switch and I’m lying on the neck plate saying it’s a made in
Corona California it’s not actually now here’s the embarrassing story let’s see
if that’s gonna show where are ya why not show blemishes that shows up
that little hole right there it’s from me drilling through the front you’ve
only got about that much body on the bottom I was drilling something in don’t
number exactly what it was maybe it was uh was it i ground cable or something
went right through the body one of my finer moments so what did I use on the
bottom there car paint I found some Olympic white I think it’s for Ford
automobiles this is what I used scratch fix all in one it did okay yeah it’s got
like a primer and then a sealant pretty cool I think it did alright alright so
that’s all my guitars if you have any questions about any of them leave me a
comment below and let’s go on to my amps we’re starting outside my jam room right
now this is an ampeg b108 practice base
ant it’s currently on the chopping block is that even the right term it’s up for
sale basically I’m not using it for my bass guitar stuff I just go direct in
now so that’s up for sale let’s move along here you’re seeing a squier bullet
strat in the back that’s not mine that’s my son’s so it’s not part of this video
this is an AC 4c 1-12 it’s also up for sale and just not using it anymore I
find it a little bit boxy and I’ll explain I’ve got another Vox amp that’s
kind of replaced its purpose so this you know in the Blues you’ll recognize
this amp this is a fender oh my god Wow I’m not even cutting that out this is a
Peavey red stripe made in America Bandit 112 why did I have that big pause
between must be a Canadian thing like like Captain Kirk anyways this is not up
for sale this is just out here right now it’s just not in my jam room right now
that’s an amp stand maybe I’ll show that off later Vox Pathfinder heavily modded
done a video on that fender front man 10 G this is probably a lot of people’s
first practice amp I think they include this with a lot of
affinity bundle packages so I’ve had those in a number of videos that
Pathfinder is pretty cool frontman not so much this is my favorite end up right
now and people know that if you watch my channel you know I’m obsessed with this
and the Vox mini Super Beetle that I got in August so I didn’t have this even a
year ago it does everything I need here’s the one complaint that people
have about it is that light hey you can’t see but I’m not seeing that light
because I’m standing back from it but I can see what they’re talking about stop
rattling behind there okay see what it’s got it’s got a main volume a reverb
tremolo bass treble and a main or I gain sorry a separate gain and that little
head can detach you can go out to different cabinets it’s just awesome
what else can I say if you like Vox I don’t think there’s any way you won’t
like this amp you might be hesitant because of the the size of it and maybe
you think it’s not gonna have great low-end but everybody that I know that
tried one has been surprised pleasantly surprised in a good way right so that
that’s the Vox mini Super Beetle moving down this is the DSL20HR Marshall they
released it last year get some shine there so it’s hard to show I’ve done a
number of videos on this as well get some awesome gain it’s also got a
really great clean-ish they call it classic gain
channel right you can get some nice cleans on it it’s 20 Watts can dial down
I usually play it at 10 watts in the room here I’ve got it going out
currently to a custom cabinet here that’s loaded with Celestion v12
speaker maybe I’ll show that on screen so you know what I’m talking about it’s
awesome so yeah that covers my high gain needs no pedals except for why do you
say except for I got a DD7 going through the effects loop comes with a
foot pedal footswitch pedal sorry turn off the effects loop change the channels
it’s awesome and it’s not super expensive it goes for about I think
they’re roughly $ 600 something so I mean it’s a fair price and never gigged with
it haven’t had it out of this room so I can’t speak for it in a band situation
but hey there’s he-man I don’t know what he’s doing there oh I forgot about that
guitar we’re not gonna talk about that let’s move on to the mini amps I’ve got
a number of mini amps here one of them isn’t mine the Vox Mini 3 mini 3 G2 – what
a confusing name so this is my son’s amp this is a great I think if I would have
had this as a first amp would have been great it’s more than just a little model
or amp it’s got a mic input you can you can busk with this like and for those
who don’t know what busking means like Street playing you see guys on the
street you could use it for that it’s got all these different amp types mainly
Vox amp types but it also does really high gain stuff built-in effects
compressor chorus flanger trem it’s got a delay echo spring and a room reverb
it’s got a tuner built in it’s got a tap tempo aux-in headphones out goes off
batteries I think this was my number one rated mini amp and one of my videos just
because the number of features and it’s big enough that it’s got a really good
low in pretty cool green amp so like I said not mine but it’s seen here squeaky
squeaky okay move on to fly 3 this is the second one I’ve owned because I sold
the other one I just wasn’t using it but I really like this vintage
creamy style nothing different versus the the original other than the
cosmetics also a really cool lamp it’s got really good high gain two channels
it’s got a built-in delay also runs off batteries and you can do a line in and
headphone out really cool these guys set the bar I think and then came along this
one behind it just this year that I discovered a NUX mighty lite bt bt
standing for bluetooth let’s put you back there cosmetically it looks like it
was built in the same factory as the fly 3 probably was this thing just adds so
many features it adds a built-in reverb and delay it’s got built-in drums you
can also use a phone app to get a bunch of different effects built into it it’s
got built-in Bluetooth so you can have your phone play music through it it’s
three channels it’s got a clean overdrive and Distortion
it’s just awesome I love it I think the other thing I mentioned about it before
the tone knob the highs are a lot better than the black star that’s that’s my one
complain about the black star it’s just a little bit muddy
alright this was sent to me by Donner it’s it’s pretty cool it’s it’s kind of
not as easy to figure out and use that’s got two little speakers in it I believe
is it stereo yeah it does have two you can see them in there one and two
there you go catch it in the light it’s a 3 watt runs off no batteries it uses
an internal charging I guess I probably uh I’m not sure what kind of battery is
in it but do you charge with USB and it’s got two channels the controls on
are a little bit confusing I’ve done a video on it I’ll put it either in the
description or in the cards or somewhere maybe I’ll just forget about it I don’t
know cool little amp the smallest one next up this one’s great too
and I’m gonna say it here a couple ways this is the boss
Katana mini or is it boss katana mini I don’t know people flame me for saying
katana tomato tomahto Super Mario Super Mario it’s just
who cares whatever I guess I care cuz I noticed people saying that but other
people noticed I didn’t notice yeah this was this is pretty much direct
competition for the fly 3 it’s 3 channel though they’ve added a brown channel so
you got your clean crunch brown it’s got a built-in reverb the handle kind of
makes it take up more space than it maybe needs to maybe I’ll take that off
maybe that’s a mod project also runs on batteries or can run an external power
awesome sounding I’ve done at least 2 or 3 videos on this amp so why do I have
all these little mini amps because I have them I don’t really want to get rid
of any of them when I travel I like to take them at least one of them or a
couple of them fit them in a backpack it’s awesome alright let’s move along
we’re gonna move into this side of the room through the Star Wars these are
original Kenner this has nothing to do with the video these are some original
Kenner Star Wars Return of the Jedi figures that I kept since I was a kid
okay moving on got these little headphone amps these are awesome
so the Vox classic rock right done videos on these plug it into your guitar
headphone out silent playing it’s got built-in effects it’s got built-in
multiple effects on each one this one’s higher gain this one’s modeling an AC 30
very cool those are cool little little toys TV
classic 20 mini head this one is up for sale why is it up for sale there’s
nothing wrong with it it’s a great little mini head the marshall has kind
of taken over my need for i don’t really need too many heads it’s a great app
it’s all tube to channel built-in reverb digital reverb let’s turn it around and
unplug it actually somebody’s interested in buying it so it probably won’t be in
any more shots the number of features on it it’s just loaded it’s got a 20 watt
mode 5 watt mode 1 watt you’ve got the 16 ohm 8 ohm
you can do a speaker out disabled you can do headphones and then disable the
speaker out so you can safely play it with headphones it’s got an XLR out it’s
got effects loop it’s got a channel on/off and reverb on/off and it’s got
USB oh this thing is a perfect package I just don’t play it so it’s going away
the cabinet underneath it is uh it’s not made for that amp but it’s for can’t
member their high gain amp what it was called it’s a blue Marvel in there so 1
by 12 so matches up Waldo it’s pretty good yeah that guy’s going away next
this might be last actually my last amp this is a Fender Deluxe 85 from sometime
in the 90s I don’t know exactly when it was built it was my gigging amp for at
least four or five years and super light its solid state takes pedal as well it’s
got a built-in reverb tank it’s got a couple of cool things the clean channel
is pretty basic it’s volume treble bass it’s got two channels in here and the
neat thing is if you plug into channel one you can switch from clean to dirty
if you plug into channel two here you can do parallel mode which means you can
blend your clean channel with your dirty I find that really cool and I’ve managed
to get some good tones overall the game channel on this is not
something that I really like but that’s just me but if I blend in the clean with
the game have the game down pretty low and get some good tones out of it
footswitch effects loop and headphone out and if it’s plugged in let’s hear it
this is the classic solid-state sound not plugged in fail if it would have
been plugged in and I’d done that you would have heard a loud pop which is
something that used to freak me out but apparently that’s what it’s all the
state have to do alright that is my amp collection let’s move on
to pedals alright we’re now looking at my pedal collection this would be my
section of pedals that hardly get used and kind of would be classified as I had
really bad gas and these pedals were super cheap so you can see I’ve got a
ton of Joyo pedals and then a good chunk of monoprice pedals I don’t think
one pedal here individually cost over $40 so and some even less I believe I
think these two monoprice pedals are like 10 bucks or something like that
nothing wrong with them I just don’t play them and these guys
are standing over here that that big muff is broken something’s wrong with
the pots in it and that Hall of Fame Mini has like a high-pitched whining
sound so they’re standing up because they’re actually you know what let’s
turn them around the corner they should probably face the corner there you go
you guys you’re in trouble so you stay over there so that’s one section of my
pedals these are pedals now we’re coming back down through the Star Wars world
these are pedals that I actively use in videos before again to the pedals let’s
talk about the power source that I use it’s a voodoo lab 2 plus gives you clean
power I had this on a pedal board on a pedal train and I used to gig with that
for a long time solid never been a problem gives you
eight outputs some are variable some can do 9 volts some can do the other as an
18 I forget you can do sag as well which emulates like a dead battery so let’s go
through it over here getting out of focus
this is a cheap delay pedal call the time/space some reason a lot of delay
pedals are blue okay let’s go an order here bake them up I don’t really need to
talk too much about each pedal it’s like a fuzz high Distortion
this is a looper pedal I used this for demoing amps when I want to have the
same riff being playback this is a TC electronic delay pedal this is a tube
screamer mini sounds really great through a Vox amp go back here crybaby
mini wah pedal Corona chorus also from TC electronic
this is a Donner delay not delay reverb pedal it’s got a bunch of different
reverbs on it to see the different reverbs on there cool I’ve got my boss
collection in the back here I’ve got a ds1 40th anniversary people don’t
recognize this pedal very often because it’s not orange right I’ve got a Tera
echo te2 which is like a it’s like space sounds basically echo delay all mixed up
together line selector LS – I had that on my pedal board when I used to have a
lot of pedals running through maybe I’ll throw up a picture throw up not funny
picture my pedal board from years ago to see all this stuff together tu – you can
see this got some use had this on my pedal board solid tuner you can also run
power out of it if you have it like a daisy-chain power source awesome
it’s all it no problems right never worried about it metal zone got that
cheap on eBay I keep it there because it’s fun I don’t know if that means
super overdrive sd1 similar to a tube screamer just a classic pedal that’s my
pedals you can say maybe I have too many pedals maybe that’s not too crazy I
think I cover all the bases kind of all the different sounds that I want and so
yeah that’s my pedal collection now let’s move on to miscellaneous stuff
this is my interface this is a scarlett 2i2 it’s got two XLR inputs so that’s
great I can do a guitar I can do when I’ve done videos where I sing I usually
have one mic for my voice and then one for the guitar so that’s my interface
into a Mac Mini and I go right into GarageBand and then I pulled the raw
files out of GarageBand all right so this next section how are we doing here
for time I don’t know it’s been like 6 hours I think next section here will be
about the microphones I have that I used to record my my YouTube stuff to record
my songs this is an AT2035 from audio Technica and I use this for vocals
primarily for vocals that’s about it I’ve tried I think I’ve tried it with
guitar it’s not necessarily in that great with guitar what do I use to mic
my hips I’m in a soundproofed room so I’m really fortunate I can actually have
loud amps going and I mic them up my to go to MICS an sm57 from Shure this is
pretty standard and something new recently is an ST 170 ribbon mic from
Sterling and this is a powered microphone so it’s active
needs phantom power this one can get like a room sound and this one’s for
really close micing so I’ve been kind of playing around with both to see what you
want to like more right now I’m getting some really great tones from this so I
haven’t been using this one as much it’s pretty well priced low priced I have a
video on that too you can check that out so those are my two recording mics so
yeah my recording setup is pretty basic I got two mic inputs
oh I mention this whenever I want to do a matching recording I have a matched
pair of audio technica at2020 one and what I mean what I mean by match
recording is if I want to mic two amps with the same same microphone to get the
exact same fair recording right when I’m doing a an amp comparison I’ve done that
a couple times usually I just end up swapping between the two with one of the
other mics but if I don’t feel like doing that I want to do a real-time
switch with the line selector or something I’ll use these so yeah so
that’s pretty much my recording setup so let’s move on just a couple
miscellaneous things that I’ve used for for live for gigging things that I like
that I thought were worth showing off this is called a Hercules I actually
know what the model is called it does it say on here it’s a guitar stand though
so I would stick this in the back of my amp in the defender blocks 85 because
it’s got room in the back there basically you just pop it open like that
click click it’s really good for this one is really good for how to use it
acoustic guitar so I have it look at that very nice cool amp stand not a amp
stand well maybe put an amp on that into smaller lamp
guitar Stan right speaking of amp stands because that’s what I had in my mind
these are called the ultimate support I’ve done a video on these before it’s
you I used to use these I don’t use them
anymore I’ve kind of changed my opinion on certain things but these are cool
lamp stands you click it pop it like that lock it and there you go and they
support like 70 pounds or something like that I can’t remember also the cool
thing on the top here you can have a mic leaning over the front amp so these are
pretty cool amp stands they just take up a lot less space so if you want to have
your amp the speaker aiming at your face right rather than at your feet I’ve kind
of gone back to the aiming at my feet style so I don’t know it really depends
on your situation so those are two two stands that I really like that were that
we’re worth mentioning and that’s gonna wrap it up that’s gonna do it for this
video so I went through all my guitars I went through all my amps all my pedals
and a couple miscellaneous things my mics and some amp stands that I like so
if you have any questions or comments or any feedback if I missed anything like I
didn’t mention something on a guitar or an amp settings are curious about please
give me a comment or leave me a comment below and I’ll get back to you right
away I like answering all these kinds of
questions like I said I don’t get great now I do want to get back into it so I
do have gigging experience I know what it’s like to be in a bar with with
certain gear I know what I like I know it works for me everybody’s different
right everybody has different opinions on stuff that they like so anyways if
you haven’t already subscribed to the channel this is lando27music so like
the video check out all the other videos that I’ll link in the bottom also I’ll
put links to my amazon affiliate site it’s basically if you go through Amazon
and you buy any of the things that are linked through my account I get a little
perk I get a little percentage of that and it’s just a nice little thing
anyways it helps support the channel right now is the part of the video where
I ramble on and don’t make any sense all right before I start talking about
more nonsense let’s just in this get out of here and yeah all right again
I’m Landon this is Lando27music have fun with all your gear enjoy what you have
remember you don’t need tons of stuff I’ve got way too much stuff I think I
got way too much stuff some of its going as you can see until the next video play
guitar and have fun and I’ll see you later bye


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