Gel Polish One Stroke Flower – Super Quick and Salon Friendly Nail Art

Hi everybody, I’m Kristy Meakin from Naio Nails. In this video, I’m gonna show you how to do some really simple, yet cool as *beep* Gel Polish Nail Art. This is easy but looks difficult. It’s not though, I promise. So, I’ve applied two coats of Pitch Purple, I haven’t topcoated it. What I’m gonna do now is put a little bit of Pitch Purple onto my palette, you do not need a lot. I mean, like the tiniest amount. Then you’re gonna take a gel brush and this is what I want you to do – you see that amount there? just that, that’s what you’re gonna put on to this nail and you know that it’s a thin amount because if you go across on the white paper, you know it’s not a lot. This is what I mean. You don’t need a lot because when you apply on here, you won’t actually be able to see how much you’re putting on. Does that make sense? So, if you check it on the backing paper first, I’ll show you again. So put your brush in it and then just check it, yeah. And what it’ll do, it’ll drag on top. JJ: Oh, even Adam’s confused. I love it when Adam doesn’t know what you’re gonna do. Adam: What you’re on about? That’s most videos. Kirsty: So, you’re dragging. All you’re doing is dragging a little bit of the gel polish on there. So, you can pretty much see the lines and everything that I’ve created as you do this. JJ: I’m waiting for Adam to click. Adam: No. Never seen her do this before. Kirsty: Do not cure. Very important. Now, we’re gonna use, I’m using two contrasting colours because I really want you to see how this works. You can really play around with this and use lots of different colours. I’m gonna use a brush, it’s not super small. So, It’s got a decent amount of hairs on and I’m gonna go into the white, about half way up the brush and I’m gonna press down, come out and across, see how it starts to fade? Same again, reload your brush. I’m gonna go across. Keep moving across and you’ll see it fades. You’re gonna do this until you’ve got the look that you’re after. So, until you’re sort of happy with how that blends, if you’re not happy because it’s gel polish, you can go back in. But the more you move across, the less paint is on the brush and it also slightly mixes with the colour that we’ve put on. So, this is more like a sort of calla lily petal. You can go back into it because it’s wet still, you’ve not cured it. You can add more definition. Cure that for me. Now, for the centre, I’m gonna come around and I’m gonna wipe off my brush, push that gel out to the edges, so there’s not as much gel in the middle and I’m just gonna gently circle that into the middle, then I’m gonna go around the edge and slightly on to purple this side to create some detail. Pop that in the lamp. Right! Now, we’re gonna topcoat. Now, if you’re worried about it not being smooth before, your topcoat is gonna smooth everything out. So, this is a simple salon-friendly gel polish flower. Now, when I say salon-friendly, I mean you can do it in salon time. It doesn’t take too much time and it’s a service that’s worth doing. Some people like me do services that take a very long time and I have to charge a lot of money for it. Whereas a normal salon, you know, a normal salon that you see on the high street…pop that in… needs to do quick designs that are effective, so this is a cool way to do a quick design. Right! So, I’m gonna finish off with some Cuticle Oil. And you can really play around with this technique. You can do lots of different things and I think that is something that I will do. So, there you are, guys! I hope you’ve enjoyed that salon-friendly nail design. Don’t forget to check us out on Facebook and Instagram. Everything that I’ve used today will be listed below as always. And if you want to follow me on Facebook, I am ”Kirsty Meakin – Naio Nails” and ”Kirsty Meakin – Nail Artist. ” Come and find me. I’ll see you there. Bye bye! Then we’re gonna use some of that gorgeous purple colour. Oh, my tummy’s gonna go berserk.

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