GCU Chapel with Beth Guckenberger of Back2Back Ministries September 9, 2019

(audience clapping and cheering) – Happy Monday morning GCU. Welcome to Chapel. Did you have a good weekend
last weekend, three day? (audience cheers) All right, got a few things
I want to remind you of. There is a ministry connection opportunity in the College of Theology
on September the 18th. So for those of you that are looking for a full time ministry
opportunity after you graduate that would be a place
to make a connection. That’s Wednesday September 18th. Now, for those of you that are wondering about how Chapel check-in works– (audience cheers) (laughs) Get a cheer for Chapel check-in. (audience cheers) The only ones that need to check in are those that are either student leaders (audience cheers) or those that are– That deserves a round of
applause, student leaders, yeah. (audience cheers) If you’re a student leader, you check in or if you’re taking Chapel
for a class, you check in. You need to do it by 10:45. If that’s not you, you just
need to come in the doors and find a seat. No need to stand in line. Secondly, if you’ve been to The
Gathering on Tuesday nights, you know the last two weeks
it has been absolutely jammed. So, tonight we’re going to two services. (audience cheers) How many heard me say, The Gathering is gonna have two services. (audience cheers) Yeah, there you go. 7 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. So get there early, we’re only
gonna let in a certain number for that first service, the
others are gonna have to go to the second service. Lastly, tonight, right here in the Arena, is the Global Missions Fair. There are gonna be 40
different opportunities for you to select from and it will be a wonderful opportunity for some of you maybe to
take and international trip for the very first time. So, back here at 7 p.m. tonight for the Global Missions Fair. Anybody here ready to worship? (audience cheers) All right, get on your
feet, join the band. (band plays “This is Amazing Grace”) – Hey. Come on, put your hands
together this morning. Come on, we sing who breaks the power. ♪ Who breaks the power
of sin and darkness ♪ ♪ Whose love is mighty
and so much stronger ♪ ♪ The King of Glory, the
King above all kings ♪ Hey. ♪ Who shakes the whole
earth with holy thunder ♪ ♪ And leaves us breathless
in awe and wonder ♪ ♪ The King of Glory, the
King above all kings ♪ Come on, let me hear
you sing and they say. ♪ This is amazing grace ♪ ♪ This is unfailing love, oh ♪ ♪ That You would take my place ♪ ♪ That You would bear my cross ♪ Come on, you lay. ♪ You lay down Your life ♪ ♪ That I would be set free ♪ ♪ Oh, Jesus, I sing for ♪ ♪ All that You’ve done for me ♪ Yes we will. Hey. ♪ Who brings our chaos back into order ♪ ♪ Who makes the orphan
a son and daughter ♪ ♪ The King of Glory, the King of Glory ♪ ♪ Who rules the nations
with truth and justice ♪ ♪ Shines like the sun in
all of its brilliance ♪ ♪ The King of Glory, the
King above all kings ♪ Come on, you lift it up this morning. ♪ This is amazing grace ♪ ♪ This is unfailing love, oh ♪ ♪ That You would take my place ♪ ♪ That You would bear my cross ♪ Come on, He lays His life ♪ You lay down Your life ♪ Yes, You would, ♪ That I would be set free ♪ ♪ Oh, Jesus, I sing for ♪ ♪ All that You’ve done for me ♪ Come on, He’s worthy of our
praise this morning, we sing. ♪ And worthy is the Lamb who was slain ♪ Would you lift it up? ♪ And worthy is the King ♪ ♪ – [Audience] who conquered the grave ♪ – Come on, with all you got. ♪ Worthy is the Lamb who ♪
– [Audience] was slain – He’s worthy of the praise this morning. – [Audience] ♪ Worthy is the
King who conquered the grave ♪ – Yes He is. ♪ And worthy is the
Lamb who was slain, oh ♪ ♪ And worthy is the King
who conquered the grave ♪ ♪ And worthy is the Lamb who was slain ♪ ♪ Worthy, worthy, worthy ♪ ♪ This is amazing grace ♪ Hey. ♪ This is unfailing love, oh ♪ ♪ That You would take my place ♪ ♪ That You would bear my cross ♪ Sing Your worth. ♪ You lay down Your life ♪ ♪ That I would be set free ♪ ♪ Oh, Jesus, I sing for ♪ ♪ All that You’ve done for me ♪ Yes we will. ♪ Oh ♪ ♪ Jesus ♪ ♪ Oh ♪ Come on, would you lift
up a shout this morning? (audience cheers)
Come on, He’s worthy. (band plays “Be Enthroned) – ♪ Oh we praise You Jesus ♪ ♪ Oh, You are worthy ♪ ♪ Oh ♪ Once from the top. ♪ We’ve come to join the song ♪ ♪ Sung long before our lives ♪ ♪ To raise our voice along ♪ ♪ Heaven and Earth alike ♪ Sing Your faithful hand. ♪ We’ve seen Your faithful hand ♪ ♪ Your mercy, God ♪ ♪ Your mercy without end ♪ ♪ The King who bled and died ♪ ♪ A God who sacrificed ♪ Let’s sing this out with one voice. ♪ So be enthroned upon the praises of ♪ ♪ A thousand generations ♪ ♪ You are worthy, Lord of all ♪ ♪ Unto You the slain and risen King ♪ ♪ We lift our voice with Heaven ♪ ♪ Singing worthy, Lord of all ♪ ♪ You’re worthy ♪ ♪ All through this life we lead ♪ Come on. ♪ And on to eternity ♪ ♪ Our endless praise, we’ll cry ♪ ♪ Jesus be glorified ♪ – [Male Voice] Hey! – All through this life. ♪ All through this life we lead ♪ ♪ And on to eternity ♪ ♪ Our endless praise, we’ll cry ♪ ♪ Jesus be glorified ♪ ♪ Jesus be glorified ♪ ♪ So be enthroned upon the praises of ♪ ♪ A thousand generations ♪ ♪ You are worthy, Lord of all ♪ ♪ And unto You the slain and risen King ♪ ♪ We lift our voice with Heaven ♪ ♪ Singing worthy, Lord of all ♪ ♪ Jesus you are worthy ♪ ♪ You are worthy ♪ Come on, sing highest praises. ♪ And highest praises ♪ ♪ Lord of all ♪ ♪ Highest praises ♪ ♪ Lord of all ♪ Come on, lift up your praise this morning. ♪ Highest praises ♪ ♪ Lord of all ♪ ♪ Sung for you Jesus ♪ ♪ Oh, highest praises ♪ ♪ Lord of all ♪ ♪ Be enthroned upon the praises of ♪ ♪ A thousand generations ♪ ♪ You are worthy, Lord of all ♪ ♪ And unto You the slain and risen King ♪ ♪ We lift our voice with Heaven ♪ ♪ Singing worthy, Lord of all ♪ ♪ Be enthroned upon the praises of ♪ – [Audience] ♪ A thousand generations ♪ ♪ You are worthy, ♪
– [Audience] Lord of all – Unto You. ♪ Unto You the slain and risen King ♪ ♪ We lift our voice with Heaven ♪ ♪ Singing worthy, Lord of all ♪ (audience claps) ♪ You are so worthy Lord. ♪ – Come on, let’s all sing together. ♪ You are worthy of it all ♪ ♪ You are worthy of it all ♪ ♪ For from You are all things ♪ ♪ And to You are all things ♪ ♪ You deserve the glory ♪ Yes. ♪ Oh, you are worthy of it all ♪ ♪ You are worthy of it all ♪ ♪ For from You are all things ♪ ♪ And to You are all things ♪ ♪ You deserve the glory ♪ ♪ Oh yes You do, Lord. ♪ ♪ Cause You’re worthy of it all ♪ ♪ You are worthy of it all ♪ ♪ You are worthy of it all ♪ ♪ Give Him praise ♪ ♪ For from You are all things ♪ ♪ And to You are all things ♪ ♪ You deserve the glory. ♪ Come on, let’s lift up a
shout of praise this morning. That’s it
(audience cheers). ♪ You are worthy of it all. ♪ ♪ Oh yes You are Lord ♪ ♪ You are worthy of it all ♪ ♪ For from You are all things ♪ ♪ And to You are all things ♪ ♪ You deserve the glory ♪ Come on and lift up a shout
of praise to Him this morning. (audience cheers) God, You are worthy. (audience claps) Well, it is a good day to be a GCU student cause today we released our
4th album with Canyon Worship. (audience cheers)
It’s out today. And we have the privilege
of singing one of the songs this morning, here in Chapel. It’s called Isaiah 55, and it’s about God’s goodness, His
faithfulness, His greatness, and we just hope that
you’re blessed by it. (band plays “Isaiah 55”) ♪ Oh ♪ ♪ You say come ♪ ♪ All who are thirsty ♪ ♪ I will satisfy ♪ ♪ You say come ♪ ♪ All who are burdened ♪ ♪ And I will lighten the load ♪ ♪ As the heavens are
higher than the earth ♪ ♪ So Your ways are so much ♪ ♪ Greater than my own ♪ ♪ As the rain falls from
Heaven to the Earth ♪ ♪ So Your word will ever ♪ ♪ Overwhelm my soul ♪ ♪ You are greater than it all ♪ ♪ You are greater than it all ♪ ♪ So I trust You with it all ♪ ♪ And You say go ♪ ♪ Forth in peace ♪ ♪ And I will lease My strength ♪ ♪ You say go ♪ ♪ Live enjoy ♪ ♪ And I will carry you ♪ ♪ Oh as the heavens are
higher than the earth ♪ ♪ So Your ways are so much ♪ ♪ Greater than my own ♪ ♪ As the rain fall from
Heaven to the Earth ♪ ♪ So Your word will ever ♪ ♪ Overwhelm my soul ♪ ♪ You are greater than it all ♪ ♪ Yes You are ♪ ♪ You are greater than it all ♪ ♪ So I trust You with it all ♪ ♪ God I trust You with it all ♪ ♪ The mountains, the trees ♪ ♪ The sunset, the breeze ♪ ♪ Declare Your majesty ♪ ♪ The flowers, the leaves ♪ ♪ The desert, the sea ♪ ♪ Declare Your majesty ♪ ♪ You are so much greater ♪ ♪ The mountains, the trees ♪ ♪ The sunset, the breeze ♪ ♪ Declare Your majesty ♪ ♪ You are so much greater ♪ ♪ The flowers, the leaves ♪ ♪ The desert, the sea ♪ ♪ Declare Your majesty ♪ ♪ You are greater than it all ♪ ♪ You are greater than it all ♪ ♪ So I trust You with it all ♪ ♪ God I trust You with it all ♪ Come. ♪ You are greater than it all ♪ ♪ You are greater than it all ♪ ♪ So I trust You with it all ♪ ♪ God I trust You with it all ♪ ♪ God I trust You with it all ♪ ♪ So worthy ♪ (audience claps and cheers) God, You are greater than it all. Lord, we declare that this morning, along with all creation, Lord, that You are seated above
anything that we could think. God, we trust You with our lives. Lord, we submit to Your will this morning. We surrender our plans, God, our thoughts, our schoolwork to You, Lord. Lord, we trust You. Your ways are so much
higher than our ways, Lord. Thank You for who You
are, we love You so much. In Jesus name we all said amen. (audience claps and cheers) – Thank you, you may be seated. It is my privilege to introduce to you our speaker for this morning. Her name is Beth Guckenberger
and yes, some of you know her. Beth and her husband
Todd worked for 15 years in orphan care and still do
that a great deal to this day. But they raised 10 children together, some of those were born
to their family naturally, others were grafted in by God’s spirit through adoption, through foster care. She has a wonderful heart for children and for college students in particular. So would you welcome Beth this morning as she comes to the stage to speak to us? (audience cheers and claps) – Thank you. Hi GCU. Oh my gosh, I’m so excited to be here. That is honestly the best college worship I have ever heard anywhere
across this whole country. Y’all are so blessed. (audience cheers and claps) When I was getting ready to come here I was just praying, you
know, to the Lord down there and I was kinda giggling to
myself cause I was remembering this time I was getting ready
to get on a stage in Atlanta and I was asking Jesus, I was
just in the front row begging, I’m like, “Oh God, just come and show up. “And would You come and be, like come,” you know, something like that. And I promise you, I
heard the Lord say to me, “Mm, I don’t really need
to come and show up, “I’ve actually been in Atlanta
for a really long time. “Like, what if you come and show up?” And so now, right before I get on a stage, this is exactly what I pray to the Lord. “I’m gonna come and show up. “I’m gonna come and bring my
heart, my mind, my pink bible, “my stories, I’m gonna
come and I’m gonna show up. “And whatever you wanna say to me, Lord, “I’m listening for it.” And that’s my challenge for
you in the next 20 minutes I think I got here. Like, come and show up, because the loudest voice in this room is not coming through a microphone. The loudest voice in
this room has a message specifically tailor-made for you. Today we’re gonna talk a
little about missional living, and my mission took me across a border and into another country, but your mission might take you across the
street or across the hall or across the sports field,
or across a classroom, or across into a neighborhood,
or across in your own family. Like I have no idea where
God’s mission for you is, but that’s what we’re
gonna talk about today. My missional story began after my husband and I
graduated from college. We went to our home town
of Cincinnati, Ohio, and we used to take the summers
and take high school kids on mission trips. And on one of those mission trips, it was kind of a bad
mission trip, I don’t know. I’m sure at the Mission Fair tonight you’re only gonna get invited to high quality mission experiences, but we were at a bad mission trip. We were painting this wall around a church from blue to green, but I’m pretty sure the year before we painted
it from green to blue. And the students that we brought weren’t feeling very inspired by what we had invited them to do, and so one day, the second
to last day on our trip, I was complaining to my husband like, “You cannot tell me we’re
gonna paint for two more days “and then go back home.” And he’s like, “Beth I
don’t know what to tell you. “I mean, do you think there
are any orphans in this city?” Because in college we had
gone on a mission trip to the country of Albania
and had met an orphan there and it had left an impression on us. And I was like, “I have no
idea if they have orphans “in Queretaro, Mexico,
but here’s what I know, “it’s way better than painting.” So don’t miss this detail,
we left the students in the hands of very responsible adults. And then we jumped into a taxi cab, and I don’t speak any Spanish at the time, so I just started to say orphan
with like a Spanish accent, like el orphano, el
orphanitorio, el orphanitorio. The cab driver figured out
what it is that we wanted. He took us to an orphanage,
and then he left us there cause that’s what cab
drivers do, you know, they leave you behind. And I looked over at my husband like, “Do you even know the name of
that street that church is on? “And do we have enough pesos “to pay somebody to take us back? “And if these people answer the door, “what are we gonna say to them?” And I didn’t know it at
the time, but I now know, that when you find yourself in a storyline where you have more questions
than you have answers and you’re in way over your head, you’re probably right in
the center of God’s will. So, in this gift the Bible tells us called the gift that passes
understanding fell on us. I knocked on the door, pushed
my husband in front of me, cause he’d had some high school Spanish. We told the guy we had
three things in our hands. We had $200 US dollars, we had
one complete day on our trip, and we had about 25 able
bodied high school kids. And we just said, if
you had access to that, what would you do? That’s how missional living begins. You figure out what you have in your hand and who you wanna reach out
to, and how to bridge them. The guy told us the kids hadn’t had meat in over a year, and the windows were all broken in the front. The next day we came
back with lots of meat and some new windows. I was serving meat to the kids, this little girl kept coming up for more and more hamburgers. My husband pointed her out to me like, “Do you see that little girl?” And I said, “I can’t keep my off her. “She’s literally the cutest
thing I’ve ever seen.” He’s like, “Well, pretty
sure you took your eyes “off of her a few times, “because she’s been in line like 5 times. “And I don’t really know any preschoolers “that can eat 5 hamburgers.” And so I followed her the next time she came up for a burger, and we went eventually
then into her dorm room. And I could see from where I was standing that she and her buddies,
her little preschool buddies, they were all helping each
other lift up their mattresses and they were sticking their
burgers underneath them. And I kept thinking about all
the people I knew in my life who would buy a hamburger for
an orphan if they only knew how to get it to them. The next day we came back
to our home town in Ohio and everything about my
life looked the same, but nothing felt really
the same ever again. We were in this little season where we had double income, no kids, so we made more money than we needed. We decided that next
year we would just live on one of our salaries,
save the other one, so that we would be in
a position of readiness if God would ask us to do something. So we got all ready. At the end of that year we thought we were sitting on a treasure. It was one year of a
teaching salary, so like, you know about how big my treasure was, but we decided we were
gonna take that treasure and move to Mexico. And this is like the dawn of the internet, so I was reading a book about how to move to another country, and I went, it said like, you gotta take, (laughs) it says you should take cash with you. So, because I didn’t have the ability to do international wire transfers. So I went to my local
bank and I just said, “Hey, I’d like all my money
in my account, in cash.” And when you do that,
you alert a bank manager, and he came out, and he’s like, “What are you doing with all your money?” I said, “Well, I’m moving to Mexico.” And he’s like, “Why don’t you come back
in my office for a minute.” And he eventually talked me into something we don’t even use anymore today, but it was called traveler’s checks. We exchanged that whole
account into traveler’s checks. I put them in my backpack,
and it takes three days to drive from Ohio, where we were living, to Monterrey, Mexico,
where we would spend, really, the next 15 years, but at that point we
thought just the next year, and with a backpack full
of traveler’s checks. Eight days in we went to a bank to turn those things into pesos, and I queued up at a bank in
Monterrey called del Norte, and when it was my turn
in front of the line there’s like glass
between you and a teller, and a little squawk box, you
know, like you talk into, and there was like a little divot at the bottom of the window. And I was just pulling
out the traveler’s checks from my backpack, and I was
slipping them under the divot, cause the guy in Ohio
told me if I could turn, I could give these things to anyone, anywhere around the world and they would give me back the currency. So I’m thinking, I need pesos. So I’m shoving them all under the window. The lady on the other side starts to try to give me some instructions. I have no idea what she was saying to me, so she’s starting to
shove them back to me, and I’m thinking that’s not gonna work. Like I need these in pesos. I just kind of irrationally returned them and she starts to give me instructions, really at the top of her lungs, and real slow, the way people do when they think you don’t understand them. And she’s yelling at me really loud. (speaks in foreign language) And she’s returning them to me. Like, I said to Todd,
I’m thinking she wants like our IDs or something,
let’s show her our passports. So I put our passports
on top of our checks, and I returned them to her. That’s not what she wanted,
she did it louder and slower, until really, she was kind of hysterical, and she was yelling. (speaks in foreign language) And then she points to this
line at the bottom of the check, and I said to Todd, “I
know what she’s saying. “I think I’ve heard that
word before this week.” So I get out a piece of paper and I write what I hear her say, nombre, and I show it to her through the glass. And she’s like, mm-hmm. And then I pick up my
pen, and on that line at the bottom of those
checks, every one of them, I wrote the word nombre, nombre. (laughs) Of course, she was inviting
me to sign those checks. One of my favorite verses
in this whole of this Bible comes from the book of
Zachariah, chapter 4, verse 10. It says, “Do not despise
these small beginnings “because the Lord rejoices
to see the work begin.” He did not look at me that
day and think to Himself, “She is gonna be a terrible missionary. “Like, literally, she can’t
even cash a traveler’s check. “I sent the wrong person.” He was looking at my whole
life all at one time. He saw all the stories and
experiences that led up to that step we were in at that moment, and He’s seen all the
stories and experiences that have led since today, 22 years later. This year our organization will transfer more than $10 million around the world in rupee and lira and peso. But if I just tell you this
little sliver of the story, you might be tempted to give
credit to the wrong person, but no way on Earth could
you give credit to a girl who couldn’t even cash a traveler’s check. But here’s the deal, we stand
in a long line of people throughout Biblical history
who were ill-equipped and immature and not ready
for the missional life that God has called us. And we get in over our head,
and God has promises for us in that moment. He has promises, there’s
this word I’ve learned a couple years ago. I was telling everybody
when I first heard it, it’s this word in Hebrew called hineni, and we translate it in
our Bibles as here I am. You find it like eight
times in the Old Testament, like think Moses in front
of the burning bush, God calls his name and he
responds with the word hineni, or here I am. Abraham on his way up the
mountain with his son, Isaac thinking he’s
about to sacrifice him, the Lord calls his name, he
responds in Hebrew hineni, or here I am. But the word hineni really
means a little bit more than here I am, it means whatever it is you’re about to ask of me, I’m
already in agreement of it. And when I first learned hineni, I was running around
telling everybody I know, like hineni, hineni, like
whatever God has for me, I’m in agreement of it. Like, if He wants to ask
me to cross the street or cross the border, if He wants to ask me to give up my time or give up my money, or give up my whatever, like hineni. I’m gonna just tell Him this year at all costs, whatever it
is You’re asking of me, I’m already in agreement of it. And I was telling people that for about six months of last year and then half way through
the year I went to Israel, and I was talking to
this Hebrew guy there, and I like, hey, just checking with you about something I’ve been
telling a lot of people about this word hineni, and
I’m just wanting to make sure I’m like saying it right. And like, am I teaching it right? Is really what the, is that what it means? He goes, yeah, that’s it, that’s right. And he goes, but do you know
there’s one time in your Bible when the Lord says hineni to you? I’m like, there’s some time
in my life where Jesus says whatever it is I’m asking of Him, He’s already in agreement of it? Would you show me where that is? He said, open up to Isaiah chapter 58. Isaiah 58 says, “Is this
not the kind of fasting “I have chosen to loose
the chains of injustice, “untie the cord of the yoke? “To share your food with the hungry “and provide the poor
wanderer with shelter.” To literally make room at your table for people who have no where else to sit. To feed, to clothe people that are naked, to not turn away from
your flesh and blood, to be about God’s business. This is what God’s asking of us, to have eyes to see those who are not exactly in our
story with our privilege, but to see those who are outside, missing from God’s family,
marginalized by society. If we have eyes for them and
if we move on their behalf, if we make room for them and
feed them and clothe them and invite them and
love them and serve them and encourage them, that it says, “Your light will bring
forth like the dawn, “and your healing will quickly appear. “Your righteousness will go before you, and the glory of the Lord
will be your rear guard.” He’ll be in front of you
and He’ll be behind you. “Then you will call on the
Lord, and He will answer.” You will cry for help,
and He will say hineni. Here I am, whatever it
is you’re asking of Me, I’m already in agreement of it. And I thought to myself when he said that, that’s the story of my
whole missionary life. Do you know how many times
I am in over my head? Like, every day. I am not enough for the things
that God has asked of me. Not ever, not to raise 10 kids. I’m always saying there’s
not enough Diet Coke in the world to make me
a good mom all day long. There is, I am, like that’s the mark of being right there on
the edge of God’s will for your life. You’re not enough. You’re not smart enough, wise
enough, discerning enough, patient enough, good enough,
self-controlled enough, loving enough, joyful
enough, you’re not enough. But here’s what happens when
you get into God’s business and you get in over your
head and you cry out to Him, He’ll say, “Hey, whatever
it is you’re asking of Me, “I’m already in agreement of it.” We just sang it in those songs. When we need strength, He gives it. When we need help, He gives it. When we need wisdom, He gives it. Because this is way of living,
this missional way of living, it’s an opposed life. We have an enemy that’s
constantly fighting against us. Last year my husband was getting ready to go to our India site, and
we have a site now in India, and I love going there, I
totally invite you all to come. But that week that he
was getting ready to go, it was a really hard week. I don’t know if you’ve
ever had a week like that, where it just feels like
everything’s coming at you, in every direction. And it felt like more than
just the regular life, it felt like there was
some spiritual warfare that was coming against us. And the night before he was leaving, I was pouting a little
bit, and I was like, “Oh, I don’t want you to go. “Cause it’s more fun to
fart right next to you “than it is for us to be, like you know, “other sides of the
planet from each other.” And we were honestly having a conversation about whether or not he should go. And then finally I’m like, “No, go. “Serve the orphan, what a great idea. “I’ll be fine here by myself.” So, he left the next
day to travel to India. It takes 24 hours to get there. And the next day I was
trying to remember a verse I had heard somebody say before, about how the enemy has
no authority over you. And I was thinking, I
really wanna get my head around that verse cause I’m
gonna use it all day today. I don’t want that enemy to think he has authority over me in any place. I eventually found that verse
in Luke chapter 10, verse 19. It says this, “I have given you authority “to trample on snakes and scorpions, “and to overcome all
the power of the enemy. “Nothing will harm you.” And so I wrote that like
on a little note card, and I pretty much told everybody
that I ran into that day, listen to this verse I found in Luke 19. It says that nothing can harm us. The enemy has no authority over us. Well, I woke up the next morning, and I hadn’t talked to Todd that whole 24 hours he was traveling. Like, he was just, he’s on an airplane. So he had no idea what
verse I had been chewing on. The next morning he woke
up and he sent me a video, and just, and I brought
the video to show you, but in his defense, he
did not know I’d show it to like, you know, an
entire collegiate community. He thought he was sending
a video to his wife. So, just giving you
that little disclaimer. And I also don’t want you to be afraid when you watch this
video not to go to India, cause I’ve been a bunch of times, and I’ve never seen anything like this. But that morning, on our campus,
they caught a king cobra. And he showed me what it was
like when the snake catcher actually got the cobra to go into a bag. And this is like a little
Animal Planet for you, king cobras are afraid of the cartilage from their own head. Like little piece of snake
cartilage, they’re afraid of it. I don’t really understand
the science, but they are. I personally think why
don’t we just all carry that in our pockets if that’s true, but the snake catcher
uses this tiny little rock to frighten snake into submission. And Todd was sending it
to me because he’s like, “Hey, I was just watching
this snake catcher “catch this great big scary snake, “and I was thinking to myself, “his rock doesn’t look that big. “You have a tool in your tool belt, Beth, “don’t ever forget to use it. “It’s called the name of Jesus. “And if you use the name of Jesus, “the snake that’s coming around our garden “has to go back in the bag, right?” Okay, let’s watch my little video. (foreign language) So cool, right, you wanna see it again? I’ve never shown it to
one person who’s like, that was enough. I’d like to just see it once. (foreign language) Luke chapter 10:19. I have been given authority to trample over snakes and scorpions. There you go, right? Mmm! You put that snake back in the bag. Because when you decide
you’re gonna live missionally and you’re gonna cross the hallway and reach out to someone
in your dorm today. Or you’re gonna have eyes
to see what else is going on around in the community
outside this campus. Or you’re gonna go tonight
and you’re gonna ask Jesus if He has a story for you on
the other side of some border. When you say yes, and you’re
gonna get overwhelmed, because you aren’t enough
and you have more questions than you have answers, you remember the tools you
have in your tool belt. That this enemy has no
authority to harm you. That he has to go back in the bag. These are not characters of the same size. In fact if, read Exodus 8 later, talks about how there is more
power in the finger of God than in all of evil combined. I’m gonna finish with this story. So, sometimes, though, like,
okay, you’re missional living. You got questions, you got answers, you’re in over your head,
you’re asking Jesus for help, but you still have things that you spend emotional energy on. Right, like emotional,
like you get stressed out. About Chemistry and boyfriends
and, I mean, whatever. All kinds of things, right? There are things that we
spend emotional energy on that literally take energy from that which God might have for us. Well when I was living
as a missionary in Mexico we would go up to Texas
every couple of months to buy what we call border goodies, like the kinds of things
that we thought we needed to live as missionaries,
like cheddar cheese and, I don’t know, things like
that, dark chocolate chips. And I was shopping at a Texas outlet, and I noticed a purse in a window that was outside of my budget. At this point, I had
nine kids at the time, and I was carrying budgets,
I was carrying purses that had contingency plans
for all nine of my kids, if something happened, right. So they’re kinda like military bags. So, this little tiny
lilac suede Coach purse was calling my name in
this Texas outlet window. And I was like, it looks pretty, I think I’m just gonna go in
and see what it smells like. Three visits in to smell it
later, I came out with it. And I just splurged,
bought this little purse, carried it around the squatters
villages and orphanages that I served in for the next few weeks, kinda looked ridiculous. And I loved it until it
got stolen out of my car. And I can remember when it
got stolen out of my car, just to give you insight
into my broken theology, I was thinking to myself,
awe, I got what I deserved. I wasn’t a very good steward. I shouldn’t have done
that in the first place. And to further punish myself, I started to carry the purse
of my 8 year old daughter. And I did that for a few
weeks until I was coming to the United States to speak somewhere, and then I thought that was so cliche, the missionary shows up with
this terrible looking purse. I’m gonna, en route from
the airport to the church, I’m gonna stop some
somewhere and buy something. And I pulled into this strip mall, I was not familiar with at all, and I looked around at all the stores, and I saw one store that I thought maybe they would sell purses, and it was like a luggage store. So I buzzed in, they had
this leather backpack that was very useful and utilitarian, but also kind of attractive. I was like, perfect hybrid. I grab it, I go up to
the door to pay for it, and the lady tells me how
much it’s going to cost and its the same price as the purse I had stolen a few weeks before, and I was like, oh no, I have
learned my lesson before, I’m not buying that purse. No thank you. I’m sure she was thinking
there was a price tag on it. But I left, I went and
spoke, and later that night I drove to Ohio where I was
staying with my mom that night. She was our US mailing address, and I was gonna spend the night with her before the next day going back to Mexico. And I had had a birthday
since I had last been home. So, in my childhood bedroom
was some cards and stuff there, and a package from my college roommate. And I was like, that’s
so sweet, she remembered. And I sat down on the edge of my bed to open up this package,
and I opened up the package. The first thing I said
when I saw what was inside, I said it out loud to the Lord, I said, “You are always
reintroducing Yourself to me, “because I was certain You
didn’t care about purses.” Inside of that package
was the leather backpack I had just held a couple
hours before then. And I call her, like first of all, when did we start
exchanging gifts so nicely, but then I call her and I said, I found out that she had
actually purchased that purse for me before my other one got stolen, which means that God put
into motion a solution to a problem I hadn’t even had yet. That night I laid in bed, I
didn’t even know how to pray. I was thinking about all
the wasted emotional energy I had spent beating myself
up, being mad at that thief. Meanwhile, God had all things under His control the whole time. The only word I could
think of to say was amen. Like, amen. Which literally means so be it. And every time I said amen, it felt like I just
kinda opened up the room. Like amen, like amen. Finally my heart kinda settled down, and I said all the normal things
we normally say in prayer. Right, like I asked for stuff
and I confessed my sins. Then at the end of that, I
just closed off by talking, by admitting and acknowledging
who I was talking to. So I was like, oh dear Jesus. And I realized I had inverted my prayers. I had started with amen, and
I had ended with dear Jesus. And that’s been over 10 years, and I pray that way now everyday. I start with amen. At the start of this school
year, start with amen. Have a sense of confidence
that God is sovereign. That He knew what He was doing
when He brought you here. That He has great purpose
and a plan for you here. That He not only wants to
use you in this community, and from this community,
into a much larger community, but He wants to love you
deeply while you’re here. Amen. Amen, that word realigns me. I can whisper it to myself when
my thoughts are going crazy. When fear and anxiety threaten to steal the moment that I’m in. I can, the word amen,
I’m gonna loan it to you. I’m gonna give it to you. Use it to remind yourself of who He is, of what He’s called you
to, of how He wants to come when you call for Him. And that no matter how
small your first steps look like to you, He delights
to see this work begin. Let’s pray. Amen. You are good and You are sovereign. And You are to be trusted. And You are on the move. And You are stirring and calling and equipping and protecting. You are so good. Teach us Jesus to understand that You are not a character
of the same size of our enemy. That we can call on You,
and You will say here I am. Whatever it is you’re asking
of me, I’m in agreement of it. I’ll put that snake back in the bag. He has no business in your garden. He can’t take from you
not one more minute. He can’t take your thinking,
he can’t take your time, he can’t take your relationships, he can’t take the will I have for you. He can’t take your dreams, he can’t. He has no authority in this place. So Jesus, I pray with the
authority that You give us as coheirs with Your son, Jesus Christ, You would release an
anointing in this campus. That they would feel it
in their residence halls, that they would feel
it in their classrooms, that they would feel it
tonight at The Gathering, that they would feel
it at the Mission Fair, that they would feel it
on their athletic fields, they would feel it everywhere they go. You are here in the midst of us. And You are using this time
for extraordinary purpose. Teach us what it looks like. And I say all that,
acknowledging who You are, the resurrected and
powerful son of God, Jesus. Amen, if you didn’t know that. Amen. Thanks. (audience claps) – [Speaker] You can go.

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