Flosstube #3.5 Annie & TinaLouise Team up! What ya think about Dat?

Flosstube #3.5 Annie & TinaLouise Team up! What ya think about Dat?

hey flosstube hello this is Annie hi I’m
Annie and this is Tina Louise stitches channel but today it is the broke ass
bitch’s retreat yes so welcome to our retreat we’re at Annie’s house and
Alaska Alexis my husband is playing on our Nintendo switch because the legend
zelda breath of the wild dlc number two came out a couple days ago and he’s
trying to get the master cycle so wish him luck as he completely ignores what
we’re doing which is probably a good it’s probably the best thing yeah okay
so i have notes down here on the floor so if i keep looking down that’s why cuz
the tree shouldn’t be the only thing getting licked exactly ok so annie you can start with
your whips ok i need to pull out my whips huh getting freaky up in here good
so I think her nan and I got started in a cross-stitching was it like two and a
half years ago we got to Kentucky if that was the truth it was it was a
random spur-of-the-moment road trip to go to a fiber festival in Kentucky and
we went to this one yard store and their bathroom was covered in cross-stitch
stuff from like this is to Google we were it was hilarious are no selfies in
the bathroom we were taking selfies across them no no no no booty no booty
pictures in the bathroom please but and so we decided to find like a
needle workshop in the area and actually I think the place was called stitch
niche which we also have a store in town called stitch niche so this was the
kentucky stitch niche and i had talked about stitcher i think that’s the one
that you go to when you’re home a noise like she’s in lexington she her her
family isn’t someone she goes home for their holidays holidays and stuff to his
or her mom mm-hmm she goes there well they were very nice to me they didn’t
treat me like an idiot when I asked them what color cat shell
linen was because it’s it’s not actually it just meets its 28 count linen I had
no idea I bought this I don’t know there’s cash shell Belfast but they told
me they’re like that really just refers to the counter the type of linen it is
it doesn’t refer to the color because I had bought this chart online it was a
Victoria sampler thing and I’ll have to pull that out next time I don’t have it
with me but it was asking for this linen I’m like I have no idea because I was
just used to you know good old chain craft store cross-stitch stuff and
that’s unfortunately what I thought well the cross stitch was for this for a long
time and I have discovered more since then that’s way more fun so they didn’t
laugh at me when I asked what cash omen it was and then that’s where we
discovered Prairie schooler yes yes and I love Prairie School and of course it
had to be the same year that they went out of business because that’s our love
all over Halloween we love Halloween mm-hmm Halloween 365 that’s us exactly
if I could somehow manage to have a Halloween tree
I only just stopped decorating for Halloween right at Thanksgiving this one
I put all my stuff away finally pulled out the Christmas tree and stuff so I
started looking at Prairie Schouler stuff and I love moons so this is a very
old Prairie schooler pattern and it’s supposed to say clear moon Frost soon
and it’s gonna have like the little alphabet and some pumpkins pumpkins is
eventually isn’t that theme it’s just the fall I think that I think the
pattern book is called like autumn samplers I think yes
because I just know this is the middle one this is the one that caught my eye
because it has the different moon phases and it has the Farmers Almanac one no
the Farmers Almanac I think is the one that has the little rhyme about the
months which I have that pattern somewhere but yes so this is like one of
my first attempts at working on linen which definitely way different than
working on your craft store Aida and stuff like that but
of the way it’s turning out this has been a whip for a little while now I
have to say but eventually I will finish it because it’s cool it’s pretty and she
does really good work on living I however me and slubs I know what to do
within a knitting in this Sabha I have to say it to me and I guess it’s because
I’m looking at it under magnification I don’t know what to do with it
so I know you you don’t split this slug or you know do many that you just stitch
and ignore it like it’s not therapy for me it’s just it looks weird even and
then I’m kind of the opinion with most of my crafts I fake it till I make it
and so when you zoom in on linen yeah it looks like you know cuz one’s one thread
is too big one is too small I just kind of okay I’m just counting two by two and
it may look wonky but when it’s done and I take the magnifiers off it looks
awesome and so I’m gonna go with that whatever works for you is what you
should totally do it’s ultimately what it is you know fake it till you make it
I’m mostly self-taught on just about all of my crafts I think with knitting I
think I did take a class for trial and weeding one time and for actual weaving
on a loom but everything else you took a triangle class yeah from leaf
from week yes and it went really in-depth too so it was pretty cool I I
learned to try to try loom weave from Barney at a gathering of people it was
like one of our locals he just stood there and taught me how to do it right
there and I think with most of my crafts its weaving like the basic weaving is
easy enough to learn but anything else like weaving on a loom or the trial in
weaving I had to have somebody really show me which is where cuz everything
else I just read out of a book or fake it till I make it it looks right i sat
on together I spent a whole day with Barney just it
was it was fun he’s a really nice old guy yes and he makes the try looms but
very lazy for yes she bought one she blamed it so this is another whip I’m
working on this is the sweetest pie stitch along from frosted pumpkin
stitchery I have to say that very slowly and I’ve got a lot of my threads just
hanging out here but there it is and you see my little pumpkin spice latte needle
minder I love it yeah we’re on like the fifth or six
month of this and I’ve only done like one in night one pie 90% of metal
chocolate pie chocolate pie um no it’s got a fill in the what topic a little
bit topic the cream is very important she’s got the chocolate sprinkles yes
let me see I’m gonna try and get closer it’s like you can barely tell that the
whipped cream is not there if you just look at it from afar but yes this is fun
I love frosted pumpkin stitchery stuff and this is the kit I got from Bama
how’s it doing oh good there’s no back there’s no I mean you can see you can
see my Christmas tree lights it’s festive as all hell but if you guys can
see it right right so festive sparkly well in the linen is
sparkly – I don’t know if you can tell but now that it is an opalescent it’s a
really pretty opalescent it’s just like the the picture this plus crystal I
think they call this color sand or something like that
it’s whatever came with the kit and I’m enjoying it because everybody should
enjoy pie I have a month dedicated to pie I call it pie Tober and this pie
Tober I made about five different pies I’m waiting to have at least a four but
kitchens in order to do that my kitchen is probably a three but and she has a
kitchen but she can set up a workstation if she needs to but some of the but
there’s gonna be extra butts that squeeze in but those are usually dog
buds trying to catch things that fall on the floor Cheryl’s not a half kitchen
it’s kind of a 1 in half but because it’s the galley style and one person
can’t stand on one side and the other person like their butts
will touch you know I’m gonna be saying it’s a Harris
I’m so excited she has a multi but kitchen she has a multi but kitchen she
has she has a drannit countertops I am going to do some baking cuz I gotta get
the stuff ready for our pajama party can you get baked and I can’t get Baker got
my grandson I’m going to do this too for our Christmas party mm-hmm and then I
also have like I’m in you prepared for like the whole time yes mommy’s coming
this is going to cook because yes while Christmas may be a Christian holiday
food is for everybody and I always say you know women belong in the kitchen men
belong in the kitchen everyone belong in the kitchen kitchen
has food kitchens for everybody see so try to find some of my other whips but I
think I’ve got those are my two major Oh my black hat Society one which is right
here dirt could fit me and this is my black hat society it looks really cool
with the tree behind there we go and I’ll zoom in a little bit so I’ve got my
girls all stitched up and it says black hat so I worked on that last weekend and
yes if you notice I take forever to work on stuff and finish stuff because I do a
lot it should I I work a lot I am I’m trying to finish up my third degree I
wish it was like a black belt in something but no it’s it’s nerdery but
um so I do that and I’m also also um I’m an officer in our ham local ham radio
Club she’s an enemy I’m an amateur radio operator and
is my husband I’m supposed she needs to finish her she needs to study for it and
everything so I have a lot on my plate so I I’m a little behind but I think the
most important thing is I enjoy it and it looks cool we’re trying to decide
which of the misfits these all are I think Nora said she was she wanted to
be the purple haired which is a purple and I think I’m with the green and I
guess I’m the ginger over there with no eyes because I have no soul so I like
this I’m stitching on dark fabric was a bit difficult but usually what happens I
stare at it and then I have to wait to my eyes adjust I’m like okay I see what
what hole I need to go down now and I just keep going so yeah so this one I
think once I get this all filled in the rest of it I think I’ll stitch up pretty
quickly and I want to try and finish this before starting one of my Prairie
squirrel or Halloween ones because I really want to be one of those and this
is one I found a little kit at I was at Michael’s yesterday looking for some
missing floss that I needed for four different colors and they had two so
apparently these two mystery colors that I’ll have to figure out the nest to find
the numbers again but that I couldn’t find I couldn’t find them at Joanne’s or
Michaels so these are really popular colors I guess I don’t know but of
course I couldn’t just go to Michael’s and buy two things a floss that’s weird
so I went looked in their kids because you know sometimes you’ll find treasure
sometimes you’ll just find baby samplers and that just gets annoying if you’re me
so they have all these like a little learn to learn to cross stitch kits or
something for really cheap and I found a poop and I’m in the process of making a
poo not not me personally that she arrived at hoop we had to play a game at
the State Fair No yes last year so this so this of course is gonna go in the
bathroom because where else should go in the bathroom
their toilet goes here you have all your blips that is all my WIPs that i have
currently found so your turn right that’s my turn for wit booboo with it
and as all of you know I’ve been working on the tiny Christmas style and I am up
to date and waiting for tonight’s and please excuse my fingers they’re a
little purple because I opened I opened a pomegranate for my daughter today and
that’s crap – your fingers so terrible they’re not dirty it’s just I guess they
are but it’s pomegranate juice wasn’t that the fruit responsible for
trapping Persephone in the other world I believe so see that fruit well it’s
supposed to be the fruit of the fruit of heaven and if it is I hope that it’s
easier to open when you get there because like maybe people will open it
for you I think that if anything I think you should just be able to go open or I
want pomegranate and you get all the little seeds in your hand but really if
they just give me tacos I’ll be happy with that there are other floss tubers
who like doughnuts and tacos bendy hi chef it’s in Eugene working mm-hmm where
the original food do tacos is she’s going boo new doughnuts you mean who do
doughnuts there should be I’ve actually been to the voodoo doughnuts in Portland
and I almost got accosted by a homeless guy there and I almost tasered him but
that’s another story she lives in Eugene which is not too far
from there like 20 or she should take that yoga doughnut and go yo yo yo nut
you don’t think Oh haven’t I actually think we have Arnage doughnuts we’ll do
that here too they’ve done some Star Wars doughnuts
and they’ve done sushi doughnuts which sounds good Michelle stay tuned we may
be going way to may be taken by my ATC and going there can you make this so you
go to voodoo we’ll go to my second Ernest Ernest Onan sort of Ernest and
we’ll see who has the best open okay so and then I haven’t I did stitched
yesterday since yesterday was Friday I worked on my calligraphy I did not
bring it with me in Annie’s house because I don’t know how people who live
in two different places bring everything for foster video because if I did it
would be what you know truck movers if your boys ya know so there’s that so
that’s the this is what I brought because I’m hoping that she puts that
before and then I brought snowbound which I haven’t put any stitches in you
guys have seen that but my anger Arabic calligraphy I will show it in my next
lost tape I did I did get a few like I got about this much more done which is
you know as you guys know it’s quite a lot so because I’m doing it to over 100
which you know whoo yeah it’s fine I’m determined this is cute it’s cute
this is I love working on this it’s so much fun it’s like a instant
gratification type thing it’s really cute
okay ffos fully finished objects I actually do have a couple of these if
you can believe it shit this is one of these like little
kit type things too I got from like Hobby Lobby or Joanne’s
little quickie show all your echoes my um whoopsie me know your fos
oh no I didn’t I can come back to that it’s cool with your schedule okay supposed to be
I can’t read she put an extra effing F&F and O’s so these are my things that I
had a finish stitching it’s that grapefruit – that shit’s crazy it’s
great so these are one don’t know why my great protein scrubber that pomegranate
grapefruit the ones that finish stitching but haven’t of course fully
finished even finished so this is one I saw it on Pinterest but I couldn’t find
a chart but come on I can use Excel I’m an accountant after all so I just
charted it out next-gen and it’s have a nice poop so between both in the poop
emoji a fully decorated bathroom so I’ll just you know frame this and put it in
the put in the potty place and let’s see who gets enjoyed his life right he just
giggles he thinks it’s so funny and they went to Austin you know Austin has the
graffiti park yeah okay Yousef and who – did a Moroccan with Arabic
mm-hmm work a teapot they redid it up well Sahara and Jacob did one and she
wrote and they took a picture next to it is hilarious I think when Seth and I
went to go see the the Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo this past summer there’s a lot
of questionable graffiti there and I think there were there were a few poops
there when we went to LA Sufian he was he kept boring and he was doing it every
time he pooped and I said Jacob did you poop and he
went poop was like his official like first word like seriously it’s in the
port Mortimer oh there’s some service where we have to
spend bullion in the background cuz we like really bad old horror and
sci-fi movies he’s walking with a limp but his other leg is perfect like I
think if you’re a mummy you’d be a lot more busted up maybe I think you’d be a
little more fragile she looks pretty sturdy sturdy sturdy mummy there except
for his one busted leg fragile so anyway here’s another one which I saw a
unicorn this little downloadable chart on yeah
gotcha so it’s a unicorn and it says this very inspirational thing I eat
hopes and shit dreams are you inspired I’m inspired so I didn’t leave a lot I
think I just use this on some scrap ADA that a head so I didn’t leave a lot of
room to work on it to you know finish it but I think I’ll probably just make a
little wall hanging you know so some little border fabric and stuff and hang
that up probably where guests may not be able to see it if they come to my house
because I’m not sure from what my mother-in-law coming over and realizing
that I eat hopes and shit dreams she might be but she’d be like yep that’s
why that’s the weird not anymore at least so this is another one of those
little kits I got from Joanne’s it is candy is dandy but liquor is quicker you
gotta explain the K and I spelled it with a K because we have a friend named
candy and she is dandy but liquor is much quicker see she spells her name
with the case she spells the name of the case so I had to put it that way and
this is a simple I cross stitch so I don’t kill people
candy stitches makes t-shirts like with this on it yes very cool
I’m only an acute I’ve only actually watched one other floss tuber besides an
own so I’m kind of new to this and I believe it was East Coast East Coast
crafters the aterna crafter stitcher yes cuz I found her on Instagram I was just
looking through just you know random stuff Instagram recommended to me and I
saw her Nintendo Sall which looked amazing so my dad learning yes so if
you’re watching good job East Coast crafter stitcher I don’t remember but
it’s you if you’re watching if you’re watching if you will be watching this
you did a great job in her oh yeah that’s what cuz he wanted he
wanted more blocks on the Tetris and he went to more blocks in one hole one
whole block is something that he grafted itself because it was a game that was
not included in the salad he wanted that game because the other game that was
there that he didn’t play I think it was like the NFL one or something because
there’s a lot of green I remember it was something football sports ball related
sports ball I mean I’m a geek so I don’t get sports but anyway here’s another
thing I made this is a chart and I want to say it’s like nerdy little stitcher
on Etsy I need I review were stitching that at the rat yes so many years ago I
still have not finished Kentucky was it
yeah pretty quick after we came back from Kentucky I probably was cuz we were
really inspired to cross stitch then I think yeah we were well you know life
happens sometimes so ultimately I want to have like a lot of coffee themed
stuff in my kitchen I already have a lot of coffee stuff but be able to stitch a
lot of coffee and tea stuff so little little bubble tea here really fits in
and then I have not stitch a broom AHA but I did get all the floss for it oh
yeah you did get this so yeah I’m writing whatever to low dimension let’s
let’s talk about that Joanne’s really we’re gonna have to have anyways if
you’re watching us don’t ever do that again
you played with us man I don’t like it when people play games with me with my
heart this is my rant it sound a part of Friday I went and
asked one of the associate to I used to work with and I said when can you tell
me how much it’s gonna be tomorrow because it’s had two lows mention and
and she told me 33 said it’s not like really I mean maybe you just know when
you’re getting old because that’s the price it used to be for DMC floss back
in the day well that’s a regular for fertile our selves asically right like
at least for $5.25 what I could understand and so when I heard too low
to mention I’m thinking maybe it’s twenty four cents or something less than
25 because they will mention four for a dollar or twenty five cents No
$0.33 we still went so what am i complaining about I can still complain
that’s my right so this is another I’m trying to remember kee perky the
percolator um let’s say this is Andy wabi-sabi she’s another essence of
wabi-sabi is she’s another little um yet little downloadable cross stitch
designer on Etsy if I remember I will link it below you know I hate when
people do that doing that and my last thing I’m rather proud of because this
is when we went to the sniff stitch stitch niche in Kentucky and they didn’t
make fun of me for not knowing the what cat shell women was they were nice
enough to cut me a little piece they cut me a piece of linen to do with you to do
one of the little prairie school or small Halloween ones and then they had
subscribe left they’re like take this and you can do this little this little
card they gave me like one of the mini cards for free
and so I stitched this guy up and it’s like a little haunted house with a
pumpkin in a moon which is pretty much my life right there okay she says she
made a mistake if you can spot the mistake comment below maybe I’ll get a
little closer just to see if they can tell yeah but yeah there was a little
mistake I was like a little couple stitches off somewhere and but it turned
out okay I can fake it till you make it but I love moons of moon phases and
stuff sometimes I like the really creepy ones but yes so this is that is a little
too weird for me it’s uncanny valley where as it is kiss me I thought it was
kiss me it’s kissing I thought it was but yeah cuz I like the man in the moon
the woman in the moon I don’t know is Sheila weird I don’t trust her but this
is the first time I stitched with linen and according the first full Linda top
completed stitching and stuff but I started this without my little metal
headlamp in my zoo mieze but I think I still did ok on it I
think you different and it will make a great ornament your Halloween tree yes
eventually when we do this Halloween tree I’m doing it yeah well I bought the
fabric to do several of the ones from I’m taking the 2017 with me to search
waiver tree and I’m going to do I’m going to work over this while I’m there
they’re small and I got the call for fabrics yeah I’m just gonna do the call
for I know no I know I know no more called no call for colors and stuff but
I don’t feel like trying to figure it out right now stuff stuff okay ffos now you can bring
out that one I didn’t say okay don’t you want to do your echoes now I don’t have
any of them you don’t have any sad okay it’s this thing you totally didn’t see
before in my little teacup with a little wisp wisp of steam this is against I
mentioned I like to do coffee and tea themed stuff for my kitchen this little
guys hanging up in my kitchen that was one of those little kids that came with
this fabric flossin frame like a dollar you know little instant gratification
time these are the kind of stitches that were hanging in that bathroom at rebel
rebel rebel rebel it was our EBE lle so to rebell yeah rebellion now supposed to
be rebel but with bells that you’re in the story in Lexington looks like a cute
little house is where we saw that that thing that’s hit a few account after to
the right and there’s chemicals couch just get much no money they just
graffiti really the size huge repeating the whole length of his box cost f yo
catch and as I look up and I know this is probably not funny you could I found
it completely hysterical because we had not slept and it was like 2 o’clock in
the afternoon by this time we were waiting to check into our hotel we drove
through the night well we drove until I almost ran off the
road when we stopped and slept outside a motel see not in it because we’re like
that kid then we got up and we drove some more
through the hills of Kentucky but we did we did find out what those quilts were
on the side buildings but anyway I digress but the whole thing we looked
over I looked over out the passenger window and there was a broken-down like
don’t deserve couch sitting there in this box cars rollin buyer that says
reset there’s a whole time the train was going laughing apparently that couch
elicited a lot of emotions on the part of whoever did that graffiti so that was
awesome that train that was coming from God don’t sweater hoody that that couch
was gonna be sitting there yeah if that couch it was just awesome hilarious and
I actually googled that apparently to rap to hip hop it’s as there are other
boxcars out there so if you see one it’s it’s just hilarious so mmm-hmm it was
for us but again we were not sleep hi Chloe
my old lady dog is visiting us right now move she might try and lick my toes
we’ll see no anyway so my next little ffo is suck it up buttercup again one of
those little kits you know got from Joanne’s and you use a coupon so you get
it for like really cheap and this is in my bathroom so when I’m feeling pretty
crappy in the morning and I go in there and that’s my inspiration to just suck
it up and get to work cuz that’s what you need to hear sometimes I don’t think
I ever I don’t think I showed my bathroom ffs when I did like I don’t
think you have either I guess my first video I should totally
do that I’ve got a bunch of little ones in my bathroom look too you know
McKenna’s you know cross the bathroom why not why not it’s
cross-stitch everywhere restitch ever your house everything everything
everything okay so those are your photos I have one yeah this comes from the just
cross stitch February edition that just came out and I only have it digitally
right now I did not get my paper copy yet so it is this little thingy here
called the log carrier the log carrier I thought it was adorable
that’s cute and so I stitched it and it cute it is all finished little cinnamon
sticks they are that’s cute there stop spinning its spinning sorry you didn’t
take a pride whoo and this is for you for your truth oh thank you look festive in here we can tilt it or something oh
well all right but it’s there trust me soon the ornament for her she does not
have her bisque on you on the trigger of showing us she made me some bisque or
news and I was gonna use them for appointments but and they are somewhere
I need to find them I need they need to be in the Christmas tub do Christmas pit
so that’s all my ffos I did fully finish it it’s a new cinnamon sticks some jute
twine that I got at Julian’s mothership coupon we don’t pay full price for
anything only coffee oh my god and sometimes we get that for free tutoring
boobs okay Hall in Europe okay let’s just show you my Hall so I’ll
show you the hall trying to go big oh I forgot
if fo not fo so me and my sister Shirley we are noodle fanatics
we love Asian food I pretty much live in like little Korea here in the Dallas
area she says this is that’s from 85 C which
is like 85 see some people call the Taiwanese Starbucks but I think that’s
an insult because it’s so much better than start so much better but anyway um
so yes we are big you know noodle fans and I saw the Korean barbecue anything
but I saw this online and unfortunately I don’t remember the shop I got it from
I have to look it up but it is I’m not gonna cover that up because the sparkly
coming through makes it look like makes it look room it makes it actually look
like a light-up sign in a CD area so I’m gonna just put this in a little
little circle little circle hoop and probably give this to my sister Holly I
might make one for myself too you should make one for yourself anything it’ll
bring her microwave or something yes cuz okay over the room mmm you know so I’m
supposed to show you my hull let me see I got quite a bit of stuff here because
that’s okay everybody does and we all I can see the hall through now apologize
this is my first flux tube ever and it’s like a borrowed floss tube because it’s okay so one more thing I got this from
country no cottage Cottage needle on Etsy I think that’s her name the cottage
needle remember I think her favorite little shop on Etsy northern Tulsa yes
cottage cheese cottage needle I saw this there’s an oh it’s by the by the front door yeah or
Chloe was over here so she probably tracked some in as she licked my feet
just now female female reading the female so this is some linen I got 28
counts cache shell from Pitt it’s a picture that’s Plus called Monster Mash
yes that’s pretty and I thought this would be cute to do some of my Halloween
like little frosted pumpkins to tree ornaments on I have like a Frankie and
his bride like a little witch on a broom that should be enough to do Larry couple
yes so I think that would be cute look I dropped it haha bothered there got in my
ear so these are some little kits when I went to Michael’s I said you know
earlier this week and couldn’t just walk out with two skeins applause yeah yeah I
do so these were like little cheapies this
is you know I’m not cross stitch but embroidery it’s a little little trailer
is really cute just this travel I might change it to yeah I think so I think it
is let’s see what does this thread hoop printed fabric needle and instructions
are included it was just a couple bucks I mean I would keep on gonna be a cute
little thing to put up cuz besides moons and Halloween I like
little little trailers to anything road trip it’s alright it’s our dream to do
get one be trailer trash travel country the stream track my house is pretty tiny
but we’re talking tiny tiny we were looking at the State Fair remember we’re
making plans we were making plans to have a whole like get some lands I have
the middle of nowhere where they ain’t no people’s because we’re pretty much
all we live we like something else – it’s okay we’re
not being exclusive here but I hope you understand sometimes you just can’t
people so this would be a retreat where we get across it this is I can’t people
today I have this I could just recharge that when the ones that says I can’t
adult today yeah it’s just I can’t people today there you
go there were so many crosses anyway so here’s my other one home sweet home and
yes we’re in Texas so as a little Texas thing on it but if you read right there
it says it includes the charts for all 50 states so if you want to do Maryland
on this I’m gonna figure out how to flip this when we’re recording here because
we can if that’s not backwards to us is it or – if there’s backwards but it’s
hopefully not backwards to them it’s not that if it’s backwards to us right now
I can read backwards see this is why I have problem with my last class – I
realized it was backwards to y’all and I don’t know how that happened because it
has never been that way before in any of my videos and so because I
double-checked like seriously double-check there’s like
held up a mirror for beforehand just to make sure but I can read backwards and
upside down and all that good stuff so sometimes I look at stuff I don’t know
and you don’t think about it you don’t think that it’s bad for Gina’s neuron
yeah well this is not a high-cost production people st. Hollywood I guess
it freaked I used to forget one of my students you know because he he’d be
taking a spelling test mm-hmm and one time he he wasn’t there and so during PE
I told him to stay and take his spelling test mm-hmm and he was writing a word
and I was like sitting back and I could tell by the movement of his pencil
mm-hmm that he had spelled the word wrong anyway and so he started like
taking his spelling test and he would want me to be like right by him when I
was taking taking this was a sixth grader mm-hmm is greater business it’s
rich and and every time we would shake my head he
would put a mark next to the word and when we cut his test back every single
one of those words that he mists was he actually spelled it wrong he goes how do
you know I go magic wizard so these are two charts I got from the cottage needle
again and this is this is a prairie school this was a reprint of one of
their old ones again it has a Sun in the moon which I loves and it says as a
winter’s day lengthens so the cold strengthens which really actually kind
of confuses me because if the days get longer doesn’t that mean it’s getting
warmer yes then watch the cold strengthening maybe it’s talking about
Australia I don’t know well good in in the dark gray days of winter frosty wind
made moan Earth Stood hard as iron water like a stone it’s a song it’s like a
Christmas song I don’t remember the name of it but I remember looking up the
looking this phrase up one time and it’s it’s some sort of Christmas song or
Christmas poem really yes but it’s pretty cool and then this one
tidings oh great joy so it has the verses from the anywhere from the TV
yeah and so and because these are in these are in plastic taken out here’s I
can take it out I can whip it out but yeah these are pretty pretty cool and
it’s one of those you may want religious stuff around your house but you don’t
necessarily want tacky or obnoxious stuff like another copy the footprints
foot bone sorry if anybody has that it’s it was a nice poem the first million
times I read it but after a while I’m tired of it yeah and I wanted you
actually saw a cross-stitch that said when I noticed only one set of
footprints in the stand it’s because the sand people travel in single file like
their numbers but this one this is a nice
you know nice Bethlehem story I wish I was money doll or somebody which heart I
love it mm-hmm and I would like to and every one that I’ve seen is like it’s
very 1980s yes like it’s it can be a good thing but
after all you’ve seen it so many times you’re like god grant me the serenity to
deal with another one of these serenity prayer faint right okay sorry to anybody
who has that in their home that’s just my opinion all that if somebody on here
it’s like you know hangs out with poet plum straight samplers Pollack mm-hmm
like it’s something classy Annie Paula has the 12 days of Christmas
it’s a freebie on Plum Street strand floors her blog she also has a merry
sampler it was the Sunday samplers it is beautiful I think you would love it okay
I’ll take a look at that that would be a fun one I think that is something that
you would it’s kind of kind of circular I mean and it’s really it’s really
really cute okay look that palm Street stampers that you guys do have some good
stuff and this is I’ve had fun I mean my husband had kind of a rough year but
through some family issues we ended up being Colorado this summer and Denver
Colorado Denver Colorado area and while I was there wasting time before we had
to catch our flight home by way of yeah long story but so I wonder waste I’m not
you to look up like a yarn shop cos you know I’m primarily a knitter I guess you
can that I guess I knit and cross stitch now but she weaves to I do everything my
choice of my string and I told somebody have more crafts than the Duggars have
children which is probably pretty accurate there’s they’re good people but
they got a lot kids that’s just the way it is and I have a lot of crafts do you
think it alone so it kind of works anyway so we found a
needle workshop called a stitching shop not the most inventive name but very
accurate we’re in SPS oh my god they are so nice and they have such a huge
selection it’s very well organized I got bigger I talked to both of them yes they
are very nice they were willing to look up a bunch of stuff for me one of the
charts I’ll show you later I saw they had the finished work on the wall and it
was one I saw on Pinterest a while back I’m like oh my gosh I got to have that
and I said I think we’re sold out but no they started looking through their
inventory and they found me one last one so good for them they didn’t just I mean
like and they went the extra mile so love crusted stores that do that yeah I
love any store that does that I pretty much I find with a lot of craft stores
and this is my experience in the Knitting world as well it’s if you go to
some of these specialty ones they can really vary so much some are super nice
and really customer service focus and everything some of them want you to get
out before they call the cops know if it’s just me because I guess I don’t
look like the typical crafter I guess they’re maybe expecting somebody that
older not wearing a Star Trek t-shirt or panda hats but or yeah it could be that
but you just knew you just never know and so I really appreciate the ones that
appreciate me then show me that they actually you know want my business
because I mean let’s face it you can get a lot of stuff online nowadays and you
know if I’m taking the time to go somewhere it means I’m really interested
in it because I’m short on time a lot so I really appreciate it when they go the
extra mile for me kind of you know makes me pretty faithful to them in other
words and when their hours are as advertised
yes exactly long story there but these were um they had a lot of the old
Prairie Schouler ones and they had these little mini card sets and forgive me I
don’t remember which set this was but it has a lot of the Halloween ones which I
freaking love look at that which she’s cooking a pumpkin or a small child I
don’t know either way and then of course wool because again I’m a knitter
so I got your pumpkins huh our bags sister I think it’s supposed to be bags
of wool but they can be pumpkins it’s okay I just saw it and then like this
little red riding-hood one I like the red and black you know there’s a whole
Red Riding Hood like the big one yeah they have whoops
careful on this if you don’t want anyone you don’t want to pause this stuff there
we go sorry I minimized it yeah they actually have on here what book they
came from like this is book 186 from the Prairie schooler so these are like me
yeah Sam let’s have the same goal like all the Prairie schoolers the three the
three peaks it’s just three pigs wee wee all the way home
wee wee me and let’s see a little creepy rabbit that’s eye on you and then a
little squirrel it that’s cute and then Oh Santa’s asking where his
hoes are at they everywhere and then scared house he’s very scared house and
a moon and then somehow I ended up with two of these I guess they just
accidentally put two in here of the little boo um two stone no I guess she’s
taking one yeah I love these because again instant gratification there’s like
snowbound which I brought to work on if we ever get working on stuff yeah we
might just keep talking here as long as y’all put up with us until we upload it
and then let’s see what else did it get oh yes
here’s a my big toe sampler here and know this is going to be hard to tell
but it is the Apostles Creed it’s just on the back it is the Apostles Creed cuz
again religious work that’s not cheesy or tacky just very classy and it says
Catholic yes that that was a big thing he’s a big thing I didn’t say it
Christian yes because he says because the traditional translation is the
Catholic Church but yes so that I saw that worked up at
a stitching shop and it really struck my eye it was real to cut my eye it was
really pretty that’s just my preference as I am Catholic
and that’s the how she grew up hearing it and that’s that’s you know that’s to
me that’s the Apostles Creed no other no other version but but no if you do like
the Christian instead of Catholic she does have a chart in there for so he can
put Christian on it oh and it started its charter both ways very good the lady
just explains that because she wanted to be faithful to the original version of
she she but you know it don’t really matter to me because she included both
so again if she’s catering to both sides of it so now my problem is the the fancy
version that they did of this one this is on what count linen is this it’s
going to I think it’s 40 pounds 40 count fabrics one over one
no I think it’s 2 over s using one strand over two threads on 40 so it’s
one over two on 40 40 count fabric that is the fancy one the needlepoint silk
she has a smaller version in the corner which is gonna be hard to tell that’s on
DMC and that’s um new and it’s one two three four five six colors of guest
general arts and birth Reds it’s okay those are cotton board she’s got the
needlepoint silks which is the black and white like it well that wouldn’t be too
bad to do yeah those gasp colors and I this gorgeous by the way
um they are gorgeous and I like how she she also explains in here she goes
she’ll she’ll give you a DMC equivalent and stuff that she says you’re not gonna
get the depth of color that you are with the gas so sometimes sometimes you want
to be cheap sometimes you’re like how much my gonna splurge on something that
I’m gonna be working on for a while let’s face it on XIV I don’t think I’m
using very much of it in a thing I have so I can pass one to you whenever I get
to that that’s gonna be that’s gonna be it’s just I’ve got a lot of other stuff
I want to do first you’re stitching words yeah it doesn’t it’s quicker yeah is
there a long border there’s no there’s a little bit of border and there’s the
lines between them okay that’s not too bad but in stitching letters isn’t that
yeah yeah I could it just depends I figure I’ll cross that bridge when I get
there because I have it’s one as I want to do it eventually I just have so many
other projects leave leave off the alphabet don’t do that top bring that
border down talk to the top border below the alphabet yeah that’s the needlepoint
silks so they’re both very gorgeous versions they’re gorgeous
yeah so that’s gonna be that’s gonna be an eventually project here so my other
one I had been looking at this chart cuz it’s a prairie school or Halloween one
of course I had to get it huh dramatic music we’re also once you spend ghuli
here Raghib raghead it’s what it looks like insane is romantic music but anyway
boom moon cuz again look it has a moon face it has all sorts of Halloween theme
e stuff oh yeah in the back I like this the little mini things I have it’s a
gaze that’s pretty cool that’s like that’s what you’re trying to say that’s
what you were thinking and then this is a I was never big into the Prairie
school or Santa’s but this one has knitting stuff so I kind of had to get
it I think I want to stitch him just because he’s got knitting stuff as I
don’t hitting stuff I don’t do Santa but he’s got you can do he’s got he can be ramadhan man I’ll need some festive
character like sit with I am petite treasure gold black this is
the one that they went and found for me the witches night outs I’ve seen I know
I it’s it’s I’ve seen it all over Pinterest here you take a look at it but
they actually they saw they saw the whole kid I just wasn’t ready to dive in
yet cuz the whole kit was like 80 some dollars and I’d already spent quite a
bit of money there our King the kid the fabric gotta pull the door pool yeah the
belt holding the pool is it’s cute it’s that it’s everything yeah that belt will
really pulls it together but I like how they give you samples of the stuff on
smaller pieces so if you want to do like an ornament that box topper like you can
split it up and it’s just really cool is it a drum down the bottom I’m looking at
this way now I think I don’t have to turn it around yeah I think it’s like a
little can ot can no can’t but it’s like a wrapper event looking for that yeah
course it’s somewhere around here I’m sure does the Christmas court not the
same told you it was they made saying that
it’s not and lawyers brought liars and then I went to UM I did the Hill
Country Yarn Crawl here in Texas so it’s like southern and central areas of Texas
I went to like several different yarn shops and one of the yarn shops is the
tinsmiths wife out in comfort Texas really cute shop that they also have a
whole big room dedicated to needlework including cross stitch so I went there
and instead of buying dalaran stench wife as in the $30 kitten for me
yes so tense tinsmith wife so I will tell ya intense messes making bank there
but we want your dollars okay we went to this tiny ridiculous $30 it was a like a
fiber festival went to kidding you and the tinsmiths wife had booth there
didn’t you a barbecue huh kidding you in poverty kidding you and you Lamas – yeah
so in their booth they had these cute tiny little crusted kids and they kind
of look like the primitive style and stuff so they were kind of cute but they
were also like $30 and I’m thinking $30 for something this big it’s I’m just
like wasn’t feeling it so we made a joke that what Everett in Smith does is he’s
making a lot of Bank for his wife to be able to afford $30 tiny cross stitch
kits so but I did go there and I spent most the time in there there needlework
room and it was right before Halloween so of course they had all the fall and
Halloween stuff out and I found her this little Raven with the hat in the alpha
alphabet in she cute yes they have a lot of remember that crazy lady that licked
my wall of my walls what was that chick in you
they she lifts your wall she look at my book I went but this braid of rawa
because spend image Lincoln I haven’t that was
like you can’t miss – storage anyway I took it over and she looked at it she’s
like all this kid and she looked it I hope she’s had her shots recently or
something that’s I mean we’re all like like our flaws but that’s our flaws
that’s gonna go in my work if I want to lick my Bowl that’s fine I can do that
but she looks my freakin role I don’t like you forget Beckett I’m using it
okay looked it but yes I mean that right
there about it’s cute I probably won’t do it on a little sewing box although I
might I don’t know but sure they don’t really wheels shaker
books Michelle bindis to cheat did stitches up really cute I think um stuff
McKenna did you stitch this – I have somebody it’s really cute yeah it
doesn’t it’s really cute it was very and I will have to see actually watch other
people’s floss tubes and say you need to watch stitching in sequence she’s
freaking hilarious you need to watch Michelle bhindi stitch II love her she’s
so sweet oh she’s doing a brunch there is there are three stitch with me things
now well there’s others then yells de turista I told you about her last week
mm-hmm she’s she’s okay then there was off the grid
the whole day she called off the grid Friday off them in any way she does a
stitch with me on Fridays Gerald the ginger stitcher does the after party
mm-hmm on Saturday and now there’s going to be a Sunday brunch with Michelle
bindi stitch eat tomorrow she said what time she was gonna go
alive she did it on her Instagram I’ll have to go back in watch it again she’s
gonna do a Sunday brunch dish with me and I’m not really a big fan of stitch
with Me’s because I know how to cross stitch so I don’t really need to watch
people cross stitching but I do like Canada stare at you while you cross
stitch is that count sure across today sir
um I did teach you something last week yes we teach each other that’s art
that’s one of our things that’s what I make it till we make it that’s one
anything like Seth her husband and he’s waving he’s taught us things he’s he’s a
wonderful craft or two he crochets he spins for this is ft um all sorts of
random geeky things let’s just say his crafts are primarily spinning and he’s
taught spinning before cuz he has two others spinning on wheel and spindle and
then crochet have actually got a the big mushroom Afghan over there that we’ll
have to show off sometime what I saw some of our other crafts because there
are there are some lost chambers who do show off their other crafts and we’ll
definitely have to do that sometimes Molly crash tools they’ve seen on
they’ve seen anybody who follows me a lot of them follow me on Instagram to
have state you seen the Hat that I noted for a job speaking of had two rib it’s
over in my box I saw the half that I knit knitted for my grandson Jacob and
so we do other stuff so we might have to show some of that sometime and we can do
that because okay this is her Nance so going back to coffee related things I
got these three though it’s it’s a whole collection of little cool beans from
who’s this hands-on designs mm-hmm so we got cuppa cuppa it’s 7:00 a.m. somewhere
and a whole latte love so these are the ones I found at the tinsmith wife so I
had to grab those drew is the one you did on your drip he did this fantastic
fabric and even loved it he copied I’d a piece of was it ADA ain’t like a teen
Kalpana he dripped coffee on it mm-hmm and it
made these like coffee rings oh that’s cool and he did one that I believe was
diving from that collection is it from this collection true the one you
you didn’t do your own colors let me know drew because yeah these are some
other what you might like drew in Vellore big coffee lovers oh yeah if
it’s coffee moons Halloween what else what other things do we go for I’m like
inter Prince the Prince stuff is awesome I think I did like a huge order from
little stitcher earlier this year so she does have some haul but is digital yeah
she got some gorgeous stuff from the whole stitcher little stitcher yeah
eventually I’ll do primitive hair too but I like the digital ones because I
found out years ago after collecting tons of inner weave knits and all these
knitting magazines I’m running out of space whereas I can just keep buying big
terabyte hard drives and stuff and backing it up multiple places ok I told
if the cargo you and Seth need to get together sit down and figure
out a way for me and Annie to store all our shit between the two of you
you two can figure it out they’re gonna have some yeah the wizardry RIT staff
here we definitely have an IT staff that is that our beck and call me Dad this is
the one that actually figured out a way for me to plug in the computer so we
didn’t died on this while we are by the Christmas tree I think I did across just
that was like follow my I think I totally forgot one of the ones I got
from Colorado too I bought a lot from a stitching shop they were awesome but
guess what it’s another coffee famed it’s a Lizzie Kate we have but first
coffee dear coffee I love you that is all and look at that other one say
today’s good mood sponsored by coffee so what is a Kate yes Liz a Kate
so a lot of coffee themed stuff a lot of Halloween a couple couple religious
stuffs you guys see we have enough room in either of our kitchens for all the
coffee shake well there’s any dissolution for that my house is only
like the under 1,200 square feet we go with we
like the smaller houses but I’ll probably switch them out or just you
know you know there’s there’s all sorts of there’s walls around here I dare tell
our being I love you that’s all yeah I like the little they put it on a bag the
but first coffee I think that would be cute and line it with like a coffee
themed fabric a coffee thing or put like like something way it’s not like
wipeable we’re not talking about like a plastic like a bucket type thing put our
emptiness first Oh pods deposit oh that would be cute on the counter that would
be cute if you had counter you know eventually I’m gonna redo that kitchen
and I will have counter space and when I do I think I’ll do that
where they’ll probably have to steal this pattern back from anon because
she’ll probably steal it from me aha that is all I need to show my
praiseworthy so this was another cool legal workshop we went to like oh how
many years like to view years ago now stitches from the heart in San Antonio
they are so sweet they were awesome speaking of dogs where’s Minnie Minnie
sleeping on our bed over there lazy dog when I went to the kitchen to get your
ffo anyway these are the this is definitely like an Everest type scale
the mountain type project or even with these praiseworthy stitches ones of
course Halloween themed as only we can have seen yet those freaking oh they’re
the freakin the freaking carriages like that the scrollwork kind of on the
fences – but there’s so many like tiny hidden things in this and it this
combines like everything I love Halloween the carrots are the pumpkins
this one it has it has like a little cart right there there’s the carrots
right there yeah Oh carrots right there and that there’s your tree that you’re
gonna get your Halloween tree my Halloween yes yet the little sticky
trees and a moon so this has like tons of stuff we like pumpkins Halloween
moons houses I love how like Victorian style house
just a childhood ago this is definitely a you know I’m gonna get there
eventually type thing and I have a couple other ones here there we go
you know lost to videos things do that cut very yeah you know especially in my
house but I have I also got bump in denied farm again that’s a carriage but there’s also carry and of course the moon and I like the
barn too you see the barn with the ghosties the
bar in this queue so okay we like barns that’s cool too you should do that would
be cute that would equal one I need to know what I’ve talked about doing the
Kentucky Bourbon trail and there’s a Kentucky quilt trail but doing them at
the same time see what happens we don’t know if we’re here for bourbon more for
quilting but please don’t hurt me if this is the quilting one so bump in the
night we are there on the same trail a lot of a lot of them crossed so oh
here’s dart wingman or two because guess what it has moons and ghosties and more
carriages and your and your trees and your trees so they do like think
praiseworthy I think they come out with a new one every year
so is gonna collectible I’m gonna try and collect them all gotta catch him Oh
Pokemon if you pay so I think that’s all yes down the river now my hull yes I
have gotten tall since I did a video on Wednesday you’ve gotten stuff since then intervention I need an intervention
okay so oh I brought this read okay you guys all know that I got this the
cross-stitch Michael Powell crosses Christmas just recently I miss Merry
Christmas nerd as Mike Tyson would say for God’s
sake that’s a needle mugger Shh it’s a magnet is it not technical difficulties
okay no I’ve lost the back because do you see thanks – okay so um those of you
who haven’t gotten yours or if you’ve gotten yours and or you don’t know or
whatever this is the down sunshine lane I need a minder of the month avert your
eyes if you don’t want spoilers spoiler alert I like that one that’s or the
Hansel and Gretel house yep bleeding little children to their doom I I open
this and I absolutely loved it it’s metal and I thought that her I thought
the choices were like what’s it called polymer and rhinestone were the choices
but apparently she’s doing Matata metal as well this is maybe that’s the
Rhinestone one there’s no stone or maybe it was an animal an animal sounds this
is enameling and I absolutely have to say absolutely love this and I was
confused because I kept getting this thing that should complete your purchase
apparently down sunshine lane does not store your credit card information which
is okay I mean all mine hitting complete your purchase but I was very very
confused like I didn’t order anything from town sunshine like why is it
telling me to complete my purchase and then I got to thinking well she did
offer you know discounted shipping if you put extra needle minders in your
thing but I finally just sent her an email ago hey Hal
honey we don’t store the the your personal information she said I can if
you want no I know I don’t mind hitting complete
your orders I guess you have to do that every month every single month okay so I
mean pain in the butt I don’t mean I don’t mind but if that’s the way she’s
like that’s the way that’s the way they do it then that’s the way that’s a cute
one I like doing that nice cute she’s gonna read on the door it’s just
freaking adorable yeah I did sign up for the coloring cotton the linen and the
floss but I did every two months because again I don’t finish stuff as quickly
yeah you know like every every crackhead has to start somewhere
I got my crack I figure I’m not doing any knitting clubs this upcoming year in
a yarn and you got your makeup wonder if see because I wasn’t going through it
fast enough your machine I think I’m still doing a machine she gets pushing
with the machine box there’s everything and then she’s got pusheen whites bumpy
that she looks like he’s trying to escape
like other sheets are lower in the man so I run out their lights and so yeah
what she said that one looks like it’s being they’re being lowered down one
escaped okay so eBay the babe evil is Pam and Steph call it
I love Amish stuff too and so I got almost bakeries at one place this one
Amish bakery they kept advertisers if we were in Oklahoma several years ago and
every time we went by like the lights were on the open sign was on music there
was a lane but they were never open we passed by them like two or three times
or something and so her nan found the number and she
calls him she’s like stupid you’re stupid you say you’re on you left your
lights on how Amish is that nice just have lights on them you’re
wasting electricity you’re open signs on you got music playing I was mad she
still likes your needlework Amish people y’all shouldn’t be watching actually
this is YouTube yes okay so I got this one it’s called
Christmas Eve I don’t know why it’s called Christmas it just could be
getting all the buggies up look at that look at all the little buggies I just
absolutely adore it I thought it was like full coverage like stitching all
the white it’s not it’s ditching the blue what yeah see these little strips
of blue through there baby it’s on white and then you stitch the below these tips
and there’s a star like they’re following this dark and Jesus shit I
love it it’s very necessary it’s very wintery it’s very me and I
okay you know I’m slipping out over the carriages okay so this is Diana
Graber great Reisner grabbing her – Dinah Graebner design and it was – it
was a lot of – of hers and I got this one it’s called spring has sprung and
they’re twitterpated yeah it’s good it’s deuces and kitties and what birds
through Twitter through Twitter created I don’t know whether I’ll stitch that it
was if this was really aimed with it came with I wanted the Christmas Eve I
wanted to take care I wanted the buggies and winter theme with a winter scene
because I’m definitely going to stitch it and I could bail pool to hang in my
house during winter that’s so bad it’s just different different than we usually
go through it and rpms I just don’t know that I would stitch it there Robin’s
those are Robins I just noticed it’s even a little red Brad
Ravinder Cardinals Robbins hemorrhoid breaths Cardinals are already okay Nancy
I think those are two ponies there’s nothing points and almost the
red-breasted Robin girls are I don’t know they’re getting we’re trying not to
judge it’s okay it’s okay whatever birds decide to do it is we don’t know
even among bird finds I have a bucket okay
plum street samplers oh I think we mentioned her by an appellate Stuart
he’s the one that needs to do me a serenity prayer I’m telling you this is
a sweeter love it is a sampler and I’m kind of into samplers now too
what is sampling I’m sampling the stitches maybe some grape juice red
juice you need some at this grapefruit juice grapefruit and grapefruit mmm it
was great for tea you said grape juice anyway if I climb the highest mountain
and cross all or cross only I’m guessing I can never find a sweeter love then
thou has given me and I can’t ever go oh oh uh sweetheart look it’s it’s sweet
it’s like they forgot to put the ER and the ER stitched up there it was probably
some little girl who stitched it you know on the Prairie back a million years
ago I haven’t opened it and read on any of
the information on the inside oh oh she put this all back here
this one is beloved I have my Beloved’s and my beloved is mine I am My Beloved’s
and he is mine that’s a cute one that’s it that’s a good slightly religious one
without being tacky overtly web overtly religious and of all the Psalms are the
ones that I think are I like I like songs you know and mine a Python the
Holy Grail God’s it’s all just depressing Monty Python and the Holy Grail remember
when God speaks to them and he’s like those miserable songs are so depressing that’s the butt shooting
that’s about shooting I was I was going to go to Staples and make a working copy
in that and totally didn’t do it I went in to say hey we made a copy of the
stuff I needed to make a copy of and firt left eating circles in the world oh
well I won’t be started I’ll just send its work that’s been happening okay so I
was watching um crap was her name I forget her name and I don’t know where
they’re at stitching on the home front or and I can’t her name was just right
there what it wasn’t it it’s a nice name I don’t know anyway name capital net if
you’re watching reading they say half the day half a day
and she always starts her costume videos by saying half a day plus two and so I’m
saying half a day limit if that’s your name
if not no sorry I’m sorry and but she showed these on her costume
and I went to her stores and they were still on sale and because she did a flip
through of both books I’ll give it to you yeah okay but I got the this one is
the 2000 this is the 2014 which has a barber Anna
Mae days be merry and I am telling you it’s pretty they’re still on sale there
are some great stitches in here whether you do Christmas or you don’t
Wow there’s like several things in each book
and for $4.99 it’s not a bad it I mean come on
we know I’ll know how much charge it in a charger yeah and like I said there’s
at least three or four maybe five twenty and here’s nuts did so well with it yeah
and I have a discount for free shipping I don’t know I went to check out and I
didn’t have to pay shipping so sounds legit to me like that and then I got
this is the 2015 so it has joy 2015 has joint on the
front and it is a crossed it’s Christmas handcrafted moments if you’re looking
for it joy on the front and 2014 in doing a lot lately um a cross-stitch
Christmas was a safe fun a heartwarming holiday a heartwarming holiday and has
the Barbara Anna I like that one that’s cute in that cute but there are some
really really cute ones in here that I would like totally stitch so oh it’s you
not gonna see it complete flip through go watch something on the home front
stitching on the home front All Quiet on the Western Conference do
you think that would be East I don’t know I was just using my World War one
movie knowledge there so if you want to see it flip through these go watch her
video it’s the last no I just her latest one as she did so look sorry
was there and bindhi stretchy because you you know how I told you that I had a
Tuesday you posted regular update weekly update you were
talking about English paper piecing Friday I had asked my husband to make me
some copies of some hexagons and bringing them home Hex’s yes I wanted to
start that again I can’t find like you know the remember this damn this example
god yes yeah I can’t find it it must be in storage and I totally do that one
time as a because the Dallas quilt shows usually in March and every year like
there’ll be one year where it’s where is like there’s crappy stuff and one year
where we have good stuff it’s here should be good because last year was
last year to get that Mario quilt fabric is pretty legit
that was pretty legit so I I really didn’t find like the patterns I remember
I got the stitch I’m actually giving up one of them nice one of these the quilts
one of the cool I’m actually cutting up one for hexyz to do awesome I want to do
what may be a table runners we could do a quilting special edition well there’s
been a lot of fluff super slightly anyway what I was saying Michelle is
that you sent me to watch somebody she’s in Australia I don’t remember who down
under doom was she upside down you know I’m she wasn’t but it was in the future we have rehab and we have other flaws to
friends or in the future whenever they post I know that the world didn’t end
tomorrow because if it ends it’s gonna hit you guys anyway you Santa’s you sent
us and you said you know go watch her I so I did and she had this book and she’s
like this is one of the books you have to get oh one of the books she has hexa
Go Go it’s hexa hell no look it up look it up on Amazon that book is out of
print and it’s seven hundred and fifty nine dollars
oh oh no no but yes we’re down Russia has it downloaded online for free I’m
just saying this one quilting quilting on the go that one was this was on
Amazon it was cheap I mean where you said to watch it on Tuesday and I do
what I’m told by my floss two friends do something I did it
I watched it as she was as she was talking about said book I was like it
was the Amazon and I looked on the Amazon and hit me and she got that and I
got it she told that trigger I did hold the trigger and I got it yesterday and the crappy joke and spin Julie no anyway
so on page 60 there is a little sewing kit because you know reasons that’s
sixty to sixty there’s this little sewing kit on here absolutely I think
you get the gist of it there’s that one so I stopped at Staples today and made
copies of the little tiny hexyz that it calls for and you okay you remember that
timer if I got like maybe three years ago it was kind of it was mostly like
one solid color like on one end it was just like his long strip and it was like
being wide and I got it specifically to do hexyz with one thing here I got the
print what’s the print on it no probably kind
of confetti II jumped towards the bottom I got a brown I already got that that’s
awesome I know another book okay oh okay
I started watching hands samplers across the sea hands
across the sea samplers I can’t remember I started watching them and she did the
oof until release of the oof and oh um pattern I got that as a 63 freaking
dollar pattern I got it because I wanted it I love the story there’s history and
there’s history within that book I’ll show it to you my ex foster because I
don’t think I’ve shown you guys that farm girl stitcher hi Michelle farm
girls titular there’s a lot of Michelle’s better she was and show you
mine but they’re lazy no guess I shouldn’t eat if we were sitting on the
floor they would have been over here in our lap yeah one of them you know Chloe
came and licked my toes but she’s an old dog so she wants to go sleep by where I
normally stitch yeah just like get your butt back over here
but anyway so farm girl stitcher has showed the Ethan doll pattern and then I
contacted what is her name I contacted her by email and said hey will you be
doing any more of these kinds Justin no it was a limited edition where are you
and I will tell you where you can possibly get some so she sent me like
four places one was in I believe in Kentucky are our little favorite place
in Kentucky and then there was the attic in Mesa and a stitching stitching shop I
said she gave her Denver and then one other place don’t remember where it was
it was like four choices and I called the place in Kentucky because hey I know
yeah I’ve been there and so I called them and they I guess they were closed
that day and but I got no answer when I called and then I called a a stitching
shop that was my second store oh no no I called Mesa I called the attic and I got
a rapid busy signal I don’t know why every time I said try it I kept getting
the rapid like error busy signal and I ended up calling a
stitching shop in Denver Colorado and I asked them if they have it they said yes
we did when I go to new shit and she said yes I said to Texas and she goes
yes we even shipped to Texas and I all the country great and so I go what do I
need to do and she says well we have an online store just go there and look and
so I did and I ordered it and it came but
so the maker of this pattern has a floss too and I can’t not remember what it’s
called for the life of me but she is so sweet
and she’s very nice and I watched her videos and she did this video with she’s
in England and the person she was doing the video with is her she’s a researcher
or something I don’t recall in Australia and they were talking about this book
and I was like and when they talked about this book she was saying that it
was like a hundred pounds British and another one said in Australia it was
like 175 Aussie dollars and I’m like thinking what the hell’s his book gonna
cost ya and then the one in England the creator
of the patterns said that she’d recently looked and it’s it’s it is out of print
but to sell the the person who is the author what’s her name
Joanna Martin look Hawker yes Kassem and she was selling them independently on
Amazon for like $30 legit and I’m like yeah so and it was prime prime nice free
shipping for free shipping so I was I saw I got on I ordered it and I got a
message saying yes I realize you ordered this on prime however I don’t have any
here they’re in storage and my partner don’t know she means business partner
husband’s life partner my partner or whatever she said her partner could not
get a kiss traveling or whatever and it would be delayed and I said I’m in no
hurry yeah as long as I get one as long as I
get one for $30 because the other prices that were mentioned we’re going to
Gilles medal because when I translated all that to US dollars you’re about to
$150 so it is called the imitation and
improvement to the North Fort Norfolk sampler tradition nice
this book is amazeballs the things that are in here
if you guy they did kind of a flip through and I do believe they have some
of the stories behind the scenes yesterday the histories in here and I
think God what is her name I love her to Mary Rose I can’t remember
the name of first velocity channel Mary Rose is the one that answers like all
the questions and does like a lot of history so she’s done Tudor stuff and
she’s done sampler stuff and she’s done saison and she’s done Michael Angelo she
is absolutely amazing she’s a retired I believe she was a teacher mm-hmm
and she loves history and she loves cross stitching and she answers
questions and I know some of my favorite philosophers have asked her a question
and she’s answered them and the research that she puts in behind each and every
one of her floss chips is absolutely amazing awesome and I love her she’s an
older lady her name is Mary Rose so if you have not seen her stop right now go
watch her go find her but I think she had talked about this
boat too much she did a sampler thing but it wasn’t until I saw but I’ll link
her below to but she has a costume and she where she talks about historical
samplers and business of the book and if you guys want to flip through I might
just do a video that’s a flip through of this because there are some absolutely
stone in there or big stuff and the history in it I mean look this was
stitched by this person limits I mean that’s like the history of her
they have she’s gone to the trouble of like looking up not only the girls who
did these samplers but they’re like lineage as in their lineage and stitcher
so like who were their teachers what guild did they go to what schools did
they go to and amazing and that she does this for she
does this for all her samplers and I know that there is another flaw Stuber
out there who is doing and loves reproduction samplers – and but yeah I
got this after I saw that episode of her flaws – the one that did the offend dial
the girls samplers so this is one of the things that has just kind of been
sitting in my room and I haven’t ever I haven’t shown it on floss team and I was
I went in to grab my my little bag that had my lips in it and I was like you
know what I should take that and show it tonight it’s just amazing and that’s it
for me I’m done she’s done we’re done we’re done
that’s what are we gonna do now we’re gonna stitch I’m gonna work on black
hats oh but the Hat so I’m gonna see if our modern designs has put up there day
9 is it that I guess I need a tent to tent this tomorrow
yeah I’m gonna see if they she’s put up day 10 if not I’m going to work on snow
bands Michelle I sent you a message dear I know you want that pattern so you need
to message me back with your address so that I can send it to you I am stitching
it I have a working copy we’re good I will send it to you it’s fine mm-hmm Oh
Heather Thomas is in timeout but I’m going to go ahead and send you the copy
being the pattern because I have I have the working copy and fine
that’s all highlighted and marked you know my highlighting and marking I still
muster because it happens because tail feathers are just don’t do them and say
you were getting ready for Thanksgiving thought I plucked aboard let them
already yeah
I had to catch him you know so good I was chasing him with the accent my
turkey and pumpkin pie anyway no I’m gonna finish him I just I have my
working copy it’s fun and I want to get that sent to you because you asked for
it and I’m gonna go ahead pass this – so – so I’m going to do that and so I have
your address Michelle you need to send me yours and
that’s it for tonight I think I’m gonna do this again I’ll do
it again if they’ll put up with me and if not a problem still do it again
okay you guys like Annie and you want to see her again on our floss Tube channel
we I might just rename it again who knows
so the stitching misfits the stitching misfits oh that’s good
stitching misfits the stitching misfits even classy stitchers how about and I’ll
just ditching misfits or the effing classy stitchers but I do need to keep
it PG or pg-13 just don’t know mmm hey stitching and sequins it’s always got
the cleavage in the somebody’s showing the lady lady berries
McKenna the chesticles we don’t you know live nude ma my rack is nice I showed
off – it was just full of cold here she lives in Arizona Arizona I think yeah
you get sweaty in Arizona I think she looks in Arizona so you know Michelle I
mean McKenna is definitely pg-13 so we can either be the stitching miss Vince
or okay effing classy stitchers so vote below let us know what you think
bye guys peace out


  • Craft n' Korea says:

    YAY!! I miss hanging out with my Stitchin'Misfits! I loved the video and it was great to see you and Annie hanging out with some floss!

  • TopKnot Stitcher says:

    You two are amazing! I'm from Louisville, so I haven't been to Stitch Niche, but I'll check it out next time I'm in Lexington.  Annie, I love how much you love the moon! It's my favorite to stitch and admire. Looking forward to more from both of you!

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    I’ll have to watch in sections so I apologize for all the comments! I’m self taught in everything except for drop spindle. I took a class for that at a yarn store in Virginia and I loved it.

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    Stitching and listening to you two was hilarious! Duggars? Holy Grail? Tin Smith? Thanks for posting, I'm loving it!

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