Explore variations of white. | Odili Donald Odita | The Art Assignment

Explore variations of white. | Odili Donald Odita | The Art Assignment


  • Halosty says:

    Gah! Nothing is white anymore >_>

  • lorenabpv says:

    while I'm bittersweet this is the last assignment, I'm glad it's such a great one. going out with a bang 🙂

  • SciJoy says:

    Is this our extra credit?

  • LonerRavenclaw says:

    This is interesting, I liked what Odita said about color names being abstracted or generalized. There's a lot of snow where I am, and looking at the landscape is a less interactive way of seeing the different shades and tones that white can take on.

  • Josh Shpayher says:

    This might be my favorite assignment.

  • Hamidreza says:

    As a web dev, this is quite easy! RGBA all the way! That is an #FFFFFE.

  • radicalbacon says:

    I'm terrible and want to cross arms with my also very pale brother.

  • Maxine McCurdy says:

    this reminds me of when I was at art school and had to paint a white Egg against white cloth… that project was soooo frustrating…

  • pretty-little-birdie says:

    I loved the background of this video while the artist was talking. So many different shades of "white."

  • pretty-little-birdie says:

    You know it's a good assignment when you immediately get up to do it! 😀

  • Smorgasborddd says:

    I got to hear Odita speak back in 2015 at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, when his art was featured in an exhibition. His ideas about color are really interesting! Thanks for interviewing him!

  • Margaret Moon says:

    Again, just mesmerizing. His work reminds me of a kaleidoscope with a graphic novel pallette.

  • Stephen Persing says:

    Great stuff! I love his work.

  • S'cream-y White says:

    so much fun!

  • Isabella Solis says:

    The animation reminded me of how Hank is seen as the blonde one when he's with john even though his hair is brown. I can't wait to to this for extra credit btw!

  • Guest Informant says:

    Professor Beau Lotto – if you want to know about colour perception he's one of the leading authorities.

    Is the red you see, the same as the red I see? He's designed an experiment to test this and the answer seems to be a loud and clear No.

    Your perception of colour is determined by physical context, socialization, and even language – from his experiments it seems that if you don't have a word for a colour then you can't see that colour.

    Here are some optical illusions with colour. If you've not seen them before you probably won't believe them

  • Oliver Bollmann says:

    Very cool, one of the clearest and most succinct explanations of why colour is downright scary to deal with. That sneaky mutability! What's the light source, the time of day, the materials touching it, near it, the light that bounces off other materials onto it… even if you cast a bit of shade onto the object it can really change up, and the slightest tweaks can render something from lovely to unsettling…. ok, apparently I never realized just how much anxiety I had around colour. 😉 Needless to say, I love this assignment, very insightful, really opens up awareness, and thought provoking. Sad this is the last one (for now…), but a great one to end on. I'd say GOLD STAR! but now I'm wondering just what gold looks like to me and versus how it looks to others… 🙂

  • Kari Ha says:

    Will the official Art Assignment Responses Tumblr go on reposting the responses from everyone, now that the Art Assignments are over? I didn't see a new Response – Repost for months now.

  • Andre Myers says:

    This is a great assignment. The contingency of color has long been a fascination of mine in music, so it's great to see that performed by Odili Donald Odita. Thanks for introducing me to the work and thought of this insightful artist!

  • Laura Willems says:

    No mention of texture or sheen.

  • Jess Wagstrom says:

    This one is really intense. I love it!

  • TheCowgirlgem says:

    I wish I had Odili Donald Odita as my teacher! He explains things so well!

  • ells says:

    The start of the animation reminded me of the start of the song Quiet from Matilda the Musical! It's a concept that always blows my mind so I love that this assignment realises that. Will be posting in AA:EC soon! (Also I think this is a great assignment to start with – to me it doesn't seem as intimidating to attempt as some of the others. Not that I don't think they're all amazing, it's just that I wouldn't know where to start with some! I think this will get me into it nicely!!)

  • Ren Newman says:

    Loved this. Honestly it's something that we take for granted – our perception of color and it's shades and hues. We assume because it has the name "blue" that it then is ONLY blue but when you compare generic "blue" things you find that things aren't as they appear. This whole video brought to mind Kazimir Malevich and his Black Square or the White on White. Needless to say, I loved this video and hope its discourse will help to broaden perspectives.

  • ruby says:

    That's an interesting way to look at color, as time periods. In som way then the painting has a totally different meaning to Odita than it would to say someone like me who sees color as a way to express feelings. I guess it can be seen from both viewpoints. When I use to take AP art I'd always find some weird delight in looking at my teachers confused face when I showed up to class with a new painting where I had no boundary as to what colors I was using.

  • PoseidonXIII says:

    I love videos like this that enable me to think more complexly about the world around me. This channel is amazing, thanks for helping me learn and understand better!

  • Miles Mamigonian says:

    As a devoted Vlogbrothers etc viewer, I only just subscribed to the Art Assignment. If this is what the assignments are like, boy have I been missing out.
    This is so cool!

  • Autumn D Wallace says:

    He's my teacher and he's great!

  • Christo Boshoff says:

    Wow! Mind blown!

  • Brenda Singer says:

    A Study In White…

  • rollership says:

    Hey this applies to dressing outfits-mix matching clothes and cooking. Salads and tomatoes on burgers. Pancake stacks! Yum

  • empty sky says:

    I wish he made animations of his work, it’s so dynamic

  • Mark Radionov says:

    You know what the problem is for me? His explanation sounds more like a collection of smart sounding words and phrases which don't make any sense together. I'm confused. Like if he himself didn't know why but was asked and had to explain.

  • ethan thompson says:

    Why is this the best Shit I've ever seen on YouTube rum

  • Haninder Sharma says:

    love it

  • Jennifer Taylor says:


  • Cere says:

    Wish my computer screen had enough colors to make out his color demo.

  • schocoman3000 says:

    6:15 using color and form to think about complex social and political issues…? I don't get that xD
    I mean… how? Could you please elaborate on that? I'd be happy 🙂

  • Emerson Jakes says:

    Watching this to avoid doing homework and one of my assignments I am avoiding is to read an excerpt of Coates. Is this coincidence a sign?

  • Hope Josiah says:

    I had to pause to clean my screen and start again

  • Iam Joergen says:

    My eyes and brain is lied to me

  • Chante Moody says:

    Wow, his art is breathtaking! His art reminds me of things I've envisioned in my mind, but haven't yet made. But, he didn't just envision such things, but made them! His art is vivid, larger than life, and beautiful! I LOVE it! <3

  • Miche Runnett says:

    White eggs in a white bowl on a white table cloth… a study I had to do… humbling…I'll do it again using this and see if I'm still in awe of it

  • ProfoundPlasticBag says:

    8:22 My mom on laundry day

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