Etoiles de Noël avec des bouteilles en plastique,  Etoiles de Noël DIY, Décoration Noël, Recycler

Etoiles de Noël avec des bouteilles en plastique, Etoiles de Noël DIY, Décoration Noël, Recycler

Hello, you will definitely decorate
Your home or your fir. I will show you how to make your Christmas stars with plastic bottles Here’s how to make
Christmas decorations for free with recycled materials. Use a drawing or print of the pattern you want to make a star by example. On a wooden board lay the tops of your drawing and cut off the heads of the nails then add a central nail. We will use wire plastic bottles like this one. I am shown in this video how to realize it
I will put the link in the description. We’ll take the end of the wire
and make a double knot. On the central nail Then cut from the end of the wire. Then go around the star without
The wires are not twisted. The longer you go, the thicker the wall thickness will be. There are different colors of bottles, so you can get several colors, without using paint. If you’ve already made string art
it’s pretty much the same thing. But here the template you are going to use will resupply you several times. You can use a knife or a screwdriver.
Layers must be stacked. Nail the other end of the wire or make a knot on another nail. And cut the remaining end. Check that all layers are superimposed and plated. I will use a thermal stripper
but you can use a hair dryer. The plastic of our thermoformable bottles,
it will take shape that you wanted to achieve. The thread will stretch and take on the final shape. Finally we will use the glue
and add on all the lines. All that remains is to cut the fasteners. You can now remove your star or object. Using a knife or a screwdriver. All that remains is to cut off the rest of the fixings at the level of the roundings and Use a little glue if necessary. To hang it I use a small piece of thread
that I stick round. It will only remain to hang your star. Feel free to leave me a message and put a thumb. It will please me ! I hope you enjoyed
Watch this video, if you want to See more you can visit my
Youtube channel Or click on the links on the screen Subscribe ! I wish you happy holidays. See you !


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