Episode 31 Steely Dan Aja 40th Anniversary

Episode 31 Steely Dan Aja 40th Anniversary

welcome to the Terence Reardon and
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so without further ado here he is, your host Terrence Reardon hello ladies and gentlemen boys and girls good
evening good morning good afternoon wherever you are
this is Terrence Reardon the rock sponge with another exciting episode of the
Terrence Reardon and Friends audio-visual podcast this week
listen you know I’m going to talk about Steely Dan yes named after a dildo of
all things yes a sex toy the bit the band named after a sex toy Steely Dan
and I’ll talk about their 1977 masterpiece Aja which turns 40 years
old this week Wow I’m doing so many anniversary episodes I
can’t even keep fucking track I mean occasionally I’ll put out two episodes
simultaneously it depends on how I feel and if there’s a weather storm
coming my way I have to be ahead of the game so if I’m out of electricity I’ll
have a backlog of shit to put out and speaking of putting out I just got news
of Iron Maiden putting out a brand spankin new live album for those who did
not see the Book of Souls Tour like myself myself Iron Maiden’s taking care of us
fans who fail to see them on this past tour and they’re releasing a new live
album entitled book of souls live chapter I mean good thing I’m getting
I’m uh I’m we’re getting the live album from this because looking at this live
album it’s gonna be better than what do you call it
much better than invivo I mean En Vivo yeah looking back a final
frontier I think is their worst album a Bruce
Dickinson in the band I mean when I first heard I enjoy yes
but when you remove yourself a few years and they go back to like god there’s
more songs in that fucking album that I hate then again I didn’t like Judas
Priest last album Redeemers of Souls either but I’ll still check out the next
up but looking at this this is gonna be light performances from different areas
everywhere from Argentina to Canada to Brazil to Australia so get songs like if
Eternity should fail speed of light death or glory the red and the black the
great unknown and the title track the book of souls all from the current album
on this new live album Rothschild children of the Damned
the trooper power sleeve fear the dark number the Beast
Iron Maiden all repeats Blood Brothers repeat as well wasted years thankfully
is not a repeat but good heaven current live version won’t ever top the one that
appears on made in England but then again nothing will taught me tuning
because it’s still my favorite live official Iron Maiden album
but that’s beside the point so that’s one batch of great news coming for new
release this week of course the new David Gilmour
live album and blu-ray called the Live in Pompeii will be released
of course I’m buying that shit and I might do a review Tala know if I should
do a review of it but who knows excuse me but he’s still gonna get my
money I was gonna see Roger Waters this week but his lip-syncing is what turned
me away from seeing him and I hate to say this Rog but it’s not your politics that
pisses me off I could care less if you saying about poaching mouth but
lip-syncing resorting to a fucking Britney Spears Katy Perry tactic
lip-syncing what the fuck lip synching is for fucking pop-tarts
not rock stars who you think you are fucking Britney Spears fucking Katy
Perry come the fuck on Raj I’m a fan of your music but my god this lip syncing
it’s fucking utter bullshit if you’re gonna sing sing fucking live for fuck’s
sake no fucking pre-recorded vocal shit you know I mean and then you telling
people who don’t like what you do and go see Katy Perry it’s like going she
fucking supported uh Hillary Clinton and guess what happened
her career went down the fucking toilet ding ding ding ding yes her new album
tanked her singles all tanked and her tours not doing so long either
well bitch you’re reap what you sow don’t get political you know Roger you
should have said don’t like what I’m doing go see Kiss maybe people would
rather see Paul Stanley with a shot voice singing these days rather than a
74 year old man miming a la Milli Vanilli I love you Rog but lip-syncing
that’s that’s that’s despicable I mean David Gilmour’s what three years younger
than you he still sings live he has to modify some of his vocal deliveries but
hey he’s trying at least and he knows not to get political life
he even just said that in a recent interview to promote this new live album
he goes getting political in concerts for performing is not my thing I tend to
take the fans away from all that to give them a few hours of music and just play
the music that’s how it should be I mean getting political and things you know
there’s some artists who don’t I mean KISS don’t I mean kiss have KISS have
always been in a political band getting political do not work wonders with kiss
although Gene Simmons endorsed Donald Trump last election although he denies
it he’s buddies with Trump we know he voted for Trump who’s he
kidding and Ted AC/DC they’ve never been a
political band either they just played the music and just rocked out in the end
their shows or rock-and-roll parties just like hiss except now
well at least AC/DC still sound fucking competent life unlike kiss you know even
Rush knew when to retire they there came a time where the guys in Rush said hey we
you know we cannot play like we did once we once did were older Neil Peart got
tendinitis Alex Lifeson got arthritis only Geddy Lee is still in good shape
they knew when to quit Plus Geddy Lee’s voice it’s shot to hell they knew when
to quit but other news of the new live releases
of new releases coming soon I’m using a ultimate classic rock dot-com as my
source here Whitesnake 30th anniversary edition of
the self-titled will be released on October 6th I’m looking at some of these let’s see Montrose’s albums were getting
reissued yes the two albums with that piece-of-shit singer I will not mention
because I get any of that fucker the time of day Robert Plant’s new solo
album carry fire will be released October 13th in the who was releasing
live taught me live at the Royal Albert Hall they do not ever perform the full
album back in the day and when Noir in 1989 this time they did so to hear these
new live recordings I will help buy it
I love the hoop and then October 27th the who will release maximum A’s and B’s
that collects every b-side in a side that they released between 1964 and 2014
as one killer 5 CD box set in November and Beyond Metallica’s
master of puppets’ is being rereleased as a box set Queens news the world is
being released as a box set so many releases you to Sonics of experience but
who gives a flying fuck about you to the best band I’ve ever come out of Ireland
was thin fucking Lizzie I dunno 2018 will have new albums from the priest
Mark Canha Fleur yes I’m a fan of Mark Knopfler he
fucking rules I don’t give a show anyone says the
least mark a novel is not a fucking Heritage Act and he doesn’t play the
hits of yesteryear he moves forward and he does not live in the past and artists
who like to play new material live that’s the type of artist you want to
have still in the in the music world as of today but enough of my yapping about
music news new releases and veering off my soapbox but let’s switch gears and
talk about something a little different the 1977 Steely Dan album excuse me
entitled Asia which celebrates oops its 40th anniversary I hope you enjoyed
today man on the terrans Riordan and Friends audio-visual podcast man we’re
gonna get very mellow dates with Steely Dan and we’re gonna talk about the sixth
studio album of theirs Asia which was released 40 September’s ago September
1977 originally on the record label known as excuse me ABC records and a
unique history about the band before I talk about the album like I said it was
their sixth studio album in as many years because they were putting out
albums a year between 72 and 77 originally the band was a six-piece on
their first album which was released five years earlier can’t buy a thrill
and the original lineup consisted of singer songwriter keyboard player Donald
Fagen and bass player guitarist songwriter Walter Becker the two were
the main guys that appeared on every Steely Dan album after this and the
original lineup also featured Jeff skunk Baxter who would later join the Doobie
Brothers on guitars Denny da salsalin guitars original drummer Jim hauteur and
vocalist David Palmer and Elliott Randall and I’ll talk about camp by a
thrill on a later episode because you know that’s another important album in
the history of rock and getting into Steely Dan I mean I’m not jumping on the
bandwagon I’ve had stuff I’ll talk about my backstory with them but yeah
many of their songs were rock radio staples over the years and the original
four-man lineup five-man lineup lasted for a grand total of three albums I
believe as I look here at this thing I was a three-album thing with the
original lineup and by 1975 Katy lied the band was just a duo and
guest guitarists appearing on later albums like Rick Derringer who had also
gained fame playing with Edgar Winter and his own namesake art rock and roll
hoochie COO and also future total keyboard player David pshh
Jeff Porcaro who was also a member of toto and held blamin things so they
changed their sound over the over the and they changed personnel over the next
a few years and their preceding album Dasia entitled the Royal scam had signs
like kid Charlemagne here at the Western world in a grade tune called as I
remember this tune everything you did which had a jab at the Eagles turn up
the turn of the Eagles the neighbors are listening so the Eagles got back at
Steely Dan by writing the infamous lyric on Hotel California they stab it with
their steely knives but they just can’t kill the Beast end quote
playful jabs towards each other thankfully there was no major animosity
because both bands shared the same management irving azoff
strange beth halls but looking through the years of Steely Dan’s music over the
years the band then got to work on the next album Asia at the beginning of 1977
and like the preceding four five studio albums produced by Gary Katz and
engineered by as I read this thing Roger Nichols was some additional work by Bill
Schnee Al Schmitt and Elliot shiner and this album was recorded like I said
between January and July 1977 I of the show biz kids to CD set in my hands
which is which features most of this album and I you know helping me with the
the review of this album plus the fact they took some notes from watching a few
radios watching the classic albums on the making of Asia plus the in the
studio with red beard episode which helped me with this review as well so on
on this album the band had quite a few different guests on this album
again it was mostly Fagen and Becker joined by a hodgepodge of musicians
including Paul Humphrey Steve Gadd yeah I’m looking at this Bernard Purdie Jim
Keltner and Rick Marauder all on the drums on this album Donald Fagen doing
all the singing and the synthesizers on this album and police whistle Walter
Becker are doing some of the bass he was doing mostly guitars in this album but
uh Chuck Rainey was the main bass player on this album and quite a few other
musicians play in this album wiry Carlton Dean parks Timothy B Schmidt who
would replace Randy Meisner later in 1977 as bass player in the Eagles sings
backing vocals in this album as does Clyde eqing Vanetta Fields Shirley
Matthews Rebecca Lewis and Michael McDonald who had just joined who was
with Steely Dan for a brief stretch in the before he joined the Doobie Brothers
in 1975 along with Jeff skunk Baxter they would leave the safety net of
Steely Dan and go to the Doobie Brothers true story and as I read this all this
liner notes shit like I said they spend seven months recording this album they
didn’t tour back in those days they would just make albums and each album
would sell better than the one before it it’s very interesting because the first
album did well the second album didn’t do so well but then the third one did
better the second one was countdown to ecstasy that didn’t do as well as can’t
buy a thrill but they rebounded with threats of logic rebounded more with
Katy lied and more the Royal scam the only place they could
go was down but with this album they went further up and when this album was
released in September of 1977 it stuck out from the Fleetwood Mac rumours stuff
the punk rock thing that was going on heavy metal rock and roll is all over
the place progressive rock was big in 77 all here in the United States
progressive rock was still big in the mainstream but in the underground punk
was the rage and would kill the dinosaurs of prog except for a few broad
bands which I’ve already discussed quite my three favorite prog bands on this
episode spoilers Pink Floyd Russian Genesis yes those
three were spared the wrath of Punk unlike say ELP or yes but anyway Steely
din release releasing Asia a jazz rock opus at the time of Punk that took a lot
of balls and this album was so successful that I can’t even count how
many copies is sold I’ll talk about how well it did I’m done with a review and
there was eight songs recorded for the album one of which was not finished
until release several months after the Asia album I’ll talk about that
particular track which surfaced is the theme to a movie which very few people
saw but you know how that goes when they get when I talk about that track I’ll
discuss it but my backstory was Steely Dan was over the years I heard things
like reeling in the ears do it again dirty work the Boston rag you know Black
Friday Ricky don’t lose that number hearing that stuff on the radio FM hey
19 in recently WOD Zilla played here at the Western world on one of his radio
and he’s a huge Steely Dan fan so this episode is dedicated to my buddy Ian
this proves that I am NOT just jumping on the bandwagon because for years I was
kind of dismissive of some Steely Dan music but then one day I was while I was
helping out of that sounds good music in Port st. Lucie Florida the guy that
worked there into royo shout at the end he played me this album and I just stood
open mouth like what the hell is this wow did this slip off my radar this was
just in this heavy hard rock I was like whoa now this is heavy deep fuckin
musicianship some of the best jazz plays I thought jazz was for rock the pits but
then I did play in high school marching band and you know I didn’t make jazz BAM
because I was too much of a rock drummer schooled in the training of Cozy Powell
and Keith Moon and John Bonham that they said Terrence you’re good but you’re not
your Styles now we’re looking for so uh I did appreciate some jazz but not
heavily as I’m getting older now appreciating this music is becoming like
here discovering like discovering another realm of music and October 2012
I bought my first two Steely Dan and Steely Dan related albums at the tender
age of 36 I bought Asia for five bucks brand-new
the 1999 remastered CD which sounded amazing
the remastering they did on that CD is awesome
and they also bought a few days later the first solo album from Donald Fagen
the night fly now that album is a great album a lot of people who don’t like
Donald Fagen you need to have your head slapped that guy can write some great
tunes in fact they did enjoy the slang new frontier from that album MTV used to
show that fucking video back in the day and I did enjoy true companion I’ll talk
about my overview of the pan after I’m done so I bought Asia
simultaneously with the two CD remaster Queens the miracle consist of heard the
miracle so many times I played Asia and I kept playing that album and playing
that album to the point where now I’m like this is a no wonder it’s a fucking
masterpiece and what do I think of the songs in this album well I’ll talk about
the signs excuse me right now and we begin the proceedings
with a song entitled black cow and this ditty was named after a chocolate soda
drink her suppose oh he was a chocolate soda drink but it was actually according
to Walter Becker a drink made up of ice vanilla ice cream and root beer that’s
what they call black cow god bless Fagan and the late Becker and
the sign featured on Tom Scott on tenor saxophone who does that brilliant sax
solo at the end it also features um let’s see cuz I read
the record here Chuck Rainey on bass guitar he plays
bass on all that one track the drums by Paul Humphrey a brilliant electric piano
solo by Victor Feldman employs those brilliant Fender Rhodes on that track
Larry Carlton playing that jazzy guitar on this track playing those high notes
in the mounting that was a crying shame get outta here you see if I didn’t like
the fucking – and I wouldn’t be singing the goddamn thing pardon me O Lord but
this song is just so fuckin hard to put in the words I can see why people adore
this album because Steely Dan may have been a duo by this point in time but
they were becoming more and more sophisticated with their work drink your
big black cow and get out of here that’s what the where it’s a here sorry dear
down to a place I can’t cry anymore while you run around break away just
when it seems so clear that’s it over now drink your big
cow and get out of here and the lyrics to this sign were about a man at odds
with his drug-addicted promiscuous girlfriend who he may or may not have
been clandestinely stalking that’s what I get out of what people get out of the
lyrics and the song features brilliant backing vocals by Clyde eqing Vanetta
field Shirley Matthews and Rebecca Lewis and Donald Fagen of course on lead vocal
+ synthesizer and this song is just has such a great groove and I can see why he
would pick this as the opening song on this brilliant album and what an opener
this song is and the song by the way was sampled for the rap song uptown baby
by Lord Lord tarries and Peter Gunz what the fuck rappers if I can uptown baby if
I can they sampled the fuckin beginning that’s a typical rap shit they just
sample one part of the song and then just incorporate into because they’re
too unoriginal I’ll come up with real pieces of music I mean the guys in steel
edn didn’t seem to mind them their music being sampled but to me it just made me
sick to my stomach to see these rapper thugs you know do this particular track
but what can you do but the opening track black how great signing one of my
favorites in the album and was rightfully picked on the showbiz kids to
CD compilation released in 2000 so you get five out of the seven tracks in this
album in this track sorry if I’m dealing with throat clearing here and the song that follows is the title track
which accordant a red beard on in the studio for the making of Asia was done in one take and the band had
various different songs you know various different songs that um they had been
working on decided to make it one eight-minute piece rather than do
several three or four minutes songs and this sign features a myriad of musicians
including drummer Steve Gadd guitars by Larry Carlton Walter Becker and Denny
Dyess Denny dies of course was the original guitarist and the first few
Steely Dan albums this would be his last appearance on a Steely Dan album grand
piano by Michael American who became a producer in his own right
namely produce in the first Christopher Cross album electric piano by Joe Sample
percussion by victor Feldman vocals synthesizer and police whistle by Donald
Fagen the tenor saxophone soul by Wayne Shorter and backing vocals by Donald
Fagen and Timothy B Schmidt who had just joined the Eagles at the time this track
was being done and he would join the Eagles actually after this album was
released because Randy Meisner quit the band and as I read this the lyrics hear
the lyrics of course up on the hill people never steer they just don’t care
Chinese music under the banyan tree here at the dude ranch above the sea Asia
went all my dad I’m dancing this through I run to you and that’s the course it’s
just you know just it’s hard to put into words this uh how great this this piece
of music is especially the way this song is structured and the solos by Dyess
and then he dies as the first guitar solo the second guitar solo was Walter
Becker excuse me in Donald Fagen even said to Redbeard that he always loved
Walter Becker’s guitar point and his guitar souls were always his favorites
very interesting cuz you know he was one of the finest guitarists he was not ever
given his just due because especially if he had people like Elliot Randall or
Dean parks or Rick Derringer or Elliott Randall Jeff skunk Baxter he tended to
be overlooked compared to those guys but my god the song is just this song is the
tour de force of jazz rock at its best especially and then the especially
that’s tenor sax solo by Wayne Shorter the drum solos by Steve Gadd my god I
can see why they decided to use Steve Gadd on this track look at his work on
paul simon’s 50 ways to leave your letter the letter and he’s you know
played with paul simon he’s also he also played the new legendary Simon &
Garfunkel reunion concert in 1981 at Central Park he also played on he’s
recently played with Eric Clapton in recent years so yes Steve Gadd has been
the go-to drummer for everybody I mean everyone’s had Steve Gadd appear on an
album of theirs that’s in the pop world of music and his drumming on this track
steals the show for me personally and this song doesn’t sound 40 years old I
mean may have been recorded in 1977 but it’s held up much better than a lot of
shit that came out better and I can name a bunch of bullshit that’s aged pretty
badly that came out in 1977 but Asia great sign my favorite song on the
entire album and then we inside one with a very with the album’s second single
a song called Deacon blues and the this song is rifle was rightfully a big hit
single for the band that went top 20 in late spring 1978 and the lyrics having
to do with a kid in the in the suburbs who does not want to follow the in-crowd
he didn’t want to be the with the winners of the world the cool people he
wanted to be with the losers the outcasts and all that bullshit and the
lore and the course of course goes something like this I’ll learn to work
the saxophone I play just what I feel drink scotch whiskey all night long and
die behind the wheel they got a name for the winners in the world I want a name
when I lose think they call Alabama the Crimson Tide they call me Deacon blues
and this song is such a great groove and features Bernard Pirtle on drums Bernard
Purdie excuse me on drums walter becker plays bass guitar in this track features
Victor Feldman on grand piano Larry Carlton and Lee written our on guitars
Center saxophone solos by Pete crisp Talib and of course Donald Fagen on
vocals and synthesizers and backing vocals by Clyde II King Shirley Matthews
and Vanetta fields but this song is just so amazing I mean this line you can tell
the song is just one of the finest pieces of work ever to emerge from the
history of rock and roll you know I still enjoy the sign to this day and how
old this slide was released in as a single still remains a mystery and when
they did put out as a single they had to edit over a minute and three seconds of
the track so they could play it on AM radio does the song of seven and a half
minute on the asia album and this song like the
preceding two also appears on the two CD compilation showbiz kids that was
released back in 2000 in the year 2000 that’s still the most comprehensive
Steely Dan compilation if you like to get into them that’s a great compilation
and as I was reading all this all these tracks you know Deacon blues a
phenomenal song and the title of the song was influenced by the Wake Forest
University Demon Deacons whose football team went one in ten in 1974 strange as
it sounds and Fagen and Becker as many unreliable protagonists a delusional
suburbanite was decided to reinvent himself pardon me is a saxophone playing
creature of the night time dem Mon D or whatever you whatever you pronounce that
word but Deacon blues nevertheless a great song rightfully a top 20 hit back
in 1978 and there’s not much more to add but Deacon blues being a great tune and
that’s all I got to say about Deacon blues now you have flip the motherfucker
decide to the album you flip the record decide to and we have the first single
from the album entitled Pig this was released in advance of the Asia album in
1977 and it was this R&B track was according to this Variety magazine
article was about actor starlet pig in whistle who leapt to her death from a
Hollywood sign in 1932 it’s not outside the realm of possibility
but the unnamed actress of PEG but the sign has got such a great
on this tune both going thinking good yeah I’ve seen your picture your name in
lights above it this is your big debut it’s like a dream come true and of
course the course Berg it will come back to you big it will come back to you then
the shutter fault you see it all in 3d it’s your favorite foreign movie and the
drums on this track are played by Rick Marauder who did a brilliant job on the
drums Paul Griffin on grand piano clavinet by dawn grolnick to create that
soulful thing Steve Conn on rhythm guitar of course he at that time was
playing with Billy Joel on the stranger in 52nd Street albums lead guitar by Jay
Graydon who did the guitar souls in this track Viktor Feldman and Gary Coleman on
percussion lyric on by Tom Scott that’s right dealing with bronc on bulls nasal
drip here and the backing vocals are done pretty much by Michael McDonald who
does all those but backing vocals and Michael McDonald was asked about his
contribution to the Asia album and this classic hits and all these interview
that just came out just a few days ago he said he’s sang on many of their
albums and recalled the day he recorded the song Pig the backing vocals he said
quote my anxieties have working with those guys was that I was not going to
be able to cut it I mean I sing that I’m not one of those studio kind of singers
it has a three octave range and all kinds of breath control I smoked too
much and I drank too much I remember being terrified at that whole
session and he did all the harmonies on peg and he said if I heard the other
part it was just too close to what I was singing so I sang all the parts
completely solo and they brought them all
back together and they sounded great and Michael McDonald said about working with
the band quote I always enjoyed working for Donald and Walter but they could be
harsh taskmasters a lot of it was just their sense of humor their songs are a
kind of a study in irony and sarcasm and I always thought that was the best part
of their music amen that Michael and this song was you know rightfully a top
20 hit upon its release in 1977 and just missed the top 10 in early 1978 but the
sign has such a wonderful groove in it don’t don’t don’t
what a great you could be seeing that melody for days on end and that gets our
souls in this track brilliant and in fact according to the classic albums
documentary the band excuse me we’re trying you know Fagen and Becker we’re
trying to find a decent guitar soul for this track and Jay Graydon came in and
played those souls and he said about his guitar soul quote fortunately I had no
problem it’s on sessions as to nailing apart but know this every first call
call studio guitar says played Souls has been replaced by another guitar so nice
once it’s just part of being a studio musician end quote
but Pig my god if you don’t like the sign you’ve got serious issues because
this is a classic rock staple I mean classic rock radio doesn’t plate as much
these days I think it’s one of the reasons why it doesn’t suffer from
burnout unlike say you know Deacon blues but you know this sign you’re hardly
hearing on classic rock reading of these days you know here on soft rock stations
every now and am but not to the extent that you did back in the 70s and 80s and
90s pardon me but this song
excellent tune not much more to add next track is home at last
the song was named after Homer’s The Odyssey in the lyrics of the slang refer
to the band’s homesickness as such lyrics is I know this superhighway this
familiar bright familiar Sun I guess I’m the lucky one who wrote that tired
see-sawing set on this peaceful shore you think you’ve heard this one before
well the danger on the rocks is surely past still I remain tied to the mast
could it be that I have found my home at last
and again features Bernard Pirtle on Bernard Purdie on drums Larry Carlton on
rhythm guitar walter becker doing the leads piano and vibes by victor Feldman
and backing vocals by Timothy B Schmitz and this sign has such a wonderful
groove on it that not much more than you know this line is an excellent ditty
I dig it’s I can’t think of anything else to add to the song but how kitschy
and hooky this fucking track is but I fucking worship it home at last
great overlook gem on the album and o’clock sanity 5 minutes and 30 seconds
so it’s the longest song on side two of the Asia album and the next track on the
album is the song entitled I got the news and the sign was nothing more or
less than a description of an especially sweaty all night sex boat as some of
these lyrics attested here is a read the lyrics of this track you and your lark
your mark your screaming you know how to hustle daddy is a rare millionaire
I don’t care yeah you got the muscle I got the news oh my god
and this line features backing vocals by clydie king Vanetta field Shirley
Matthews Rebecca Lewis in Michael McDonald Edie green on the drums Dean
parks on rhythm guitar lead guitar solos by Larry Carlton and Walter Becker piano
vibes and percussion by Victor Feldman and Donald Fagen on everything else lead
vocal and synthesizers and this line was a b-side to another song in this album
as I look at this thing here yes it’s the b-sides of the slang that closes the
album but a great penultimate track that I got the newses and has a very melodic musical bed that you’d be singing for
days on end and I got the news another winner on this album and not much more
to add into it but a excellent tune and then we end the album with excuse me the
third and final single from Asia excuse me called Josie and this song is
such a wonderful grooving at the boom goodham dink-dink
Gang Gang Gang Gang he’d be saying the fuckin lyrics the fuckin music to this
song for days on end and it’s a cross between jazz fusion funk rock and soft
rock and the lyrics to Josie we’re gonna break out bats and Hooters when Josie
comes home and this sign basically talks about a girl whose desire who is the
desire of all the young men in a blue-collar neighborhood and causes a
stir every time she appears and what a great song this is and Jim Keltner plays
the drums on it Oh Victor Feldman on Fender Rhodes guy
guitars by Larry Carlton Dean parks and Walter Becker who does the lead souls on
it synthesizers by
Donald Fagen percussion by jim keltner and backing vocals by Timothy B Schmidt
and boy is this sawing sound from amazing after all these years such a
great groove in it some people might frown upon the Celina
string ensemble synthesizer that appears in parts of the sign but it was 1977 so
digital synthesizers were not invented for another few years but as I got as a
fly was climbing up on my arm what a great song Josie is not much more to add
to it but Josie is one of those lines that you’ll be seeing for days on end to
the point where you just keep on singing for days on end and it does appear on
the show biz kids compilation from 2000 and the song is just just a catchy hook
II fucking tune I couldn’t think and again get and ink pink oh my god and
this song like I said the song is just amazing and a great way to end the album
Asia which came in one of the more unique album sleeves it depicted on the
front cover of the album the front cover depicted a Japanese model who’s now
sadly passed away her name was yeah the front cover was
taking photos team by Hideki Fuji and the woman on the front cover the album
was the late Japanese model and actress Sayoko Yamaguchi and was designed by
Phil Hartman and there was a commercial for the album which I played on this
video here in slow-speed that depicted the voice was done the
narration was done by earth kits I was reading on eat on YouTube
when they were showing the commercial for this album so I got oh my god they
got away from join you know great album commercials and having to do bullshit
now with computers I mean computers have been a blessing but then they’ve also
been an extreme major curse major curse in the world so on that’s what I think
of computers and you know technology as it is today plus music today has just
gone straight to hell but before I talk about how well the album did there was
one more song that was recorded for the album that was not on Aja it was a song
that appeared on the soundtrack to the movie fm that’s FM no static at all and
this song was recorded during the Asia sessions but was not completed for the
album and was not released until spring 1978 on the soundtrack to the movie FM
and it’s a complex jazz rock piece and has such a the beginning of has that
dong gun gun gun gun gun gun and well has such a great riff that don’t don’t
don’t bunk and gun gun band don’t under what a great tune this is and the song
featured four musicians on it featured Donald Fagen on vocals and piano Walter
Becker on guitar and bass Jeff Porcaro on the drums Victor Feldman on
percussion Johnny Mandel do and the string arrangements Pete Chris Leben
tenor saxophone and backing vocals by some of the Eagles Timothy B Schmit Don
Henley and the late Glenn Frey and this song my god the sign fuckin is just an
amazing sawing him and
the sign was about the rise of FM radio and it combines lyrics that subvert the
film the songs that theme presume is sophisticated and the slang Steely Dan
wrote the lyrics to make the sign not too serious because the film and the
rest of the soundtrack we took it themselves too seriously the first verse
of the lyric celebrated partying beer foot with cheap grapefruit wine but the
narrator is dismayed by the music selection on the accompanying radio
station nothing but Blues in the office somebody else’s favorite songs instead
of the hungry reggae and funk top music he’d like to hear other listeners are
indifferent to the specifics of radio playlists the girls don’t seem to care
as long as the mood is right as long as they play till dawn the chorus is
overlapping their harmonies of no static at all suggested a station ID but it
seems less like a technical boasts an admission that nothing on the airwaves
was likely to surprise anyone and there’s also two endings to this this
sign and if the the slang that is appears on the FM soundtrack the ending
solo was Walter Becker’s guitar solo and the solo that ends the versions that
appeared on various compilation albums since then which has the ephemera
priests saxophone version as the new ending has appeared on the gold Greatest
Hits citizen Steely Dan box sent in the to CD showbiz kids collection and this
song was a top 30 hit in 1978 and the song would have been a bigger hit if the
movie had been more successful the song was a hit but we should have seen the
movie before we committed ourselves and the guys and Steely Dan called the movie
quote a rotten movie then again I have to agree because
the song the movie predated the much superior TV show WKRP and WKRP did use
some Steely Dan music on that show namely Herb Tarlek’s family used a
segment of pig and a lot of bands were used on WKRP the Rolling Stones Bob
Seger Jerry Lee Lewis Jerry Lee Lewis The Doors Styx Pink Floyd obviously oh
yeah the episode with dogs the Eagles Supertramp The Who the Beatles the
people and for the producers of the FN movie would not have been able to have
gotten Elvis tunes or the stones or you know all those bands I mentioned and
they got clients that were managed by Irving Azoff the Eagles Steely Dan
obviously and Joe Walsh and Jimmy Buffett but also Queen Bob Seger in the
movie Foghat so there was some things but the movie didn’t age well with a lot
of people but the slang half em on the other hand fucking rules and it was
nominated for best engineer recording in 79 and it actually won best engineered
recording for a sign it’s the only time in history that a song was rewarded best
engineered recording just like the album Asia was a year earlier which they did
win but before I come back and talk about how well the album did I’m going
to pull you a unique edit of the song FM combining the excuse me the the version
that everyone knows and loves would be guitar so landing with them blending
into the robberies to create a six minute six-and-a-half minute version of
FM no static at all I hope you enjoy it as long as they play as long as them as long as Aja upon its release in 1977 went all
the way to number three on the Billboard chart it went from the top 30 into the
top five and it’s early run on the on the Billboard chart and the album like I
said one all the way to number three and it was nominated for Best engineered
recording and one and the album was uh like I said one to number three and it’s
sold three million copies in just the US alone and it’s their best-selling album
ever and it features and the album oi has it featured twenty some on musicians
and this album was also supposed to be the band’s first album for Warner
Brothers but Warner Brothers said no no but ABC said hey wait a minute guys you
almost two more albums so that being Aja which was released on ABC but then
ABC went out of business in 1979 bottled by MCA who then released Gaucho in 1980
and then by the time that album was done Steely Dan was no more they would not
record another album for 20 years but um Donald Fagen would record his equally
brilliant 1982 solo album The Nightfly in 1982 and that album I still think is
a phenomenal record and I think I will talk about the knife fly and a
not-too-distant future for my god Asia is you know like I said one of the
greatest albums in rock history and this is one of the few times I’m going to be
with Rolling Stone magazine saying that the album is amazing they gave it a five
cute magazine gave it a five encyclopedia of music gave it a five and
allmusic.com gave the album a four point a four point
five out of five it’s very strange at the as they look at these at the albums
of Steely Dan I’m trying to see here their album pick I believe was either
Katy light or whatever they heave but Aja you know is a phenomenal album
doesn’t sound doesn’t sound like a 40 year old record and they would make
three more albums and then they had two more in the when they reunited two
against nature in 2000 which won a Grammy for album of the year
controversially against mmm and Radiohead and their
final album in 2003 was everything must go which sadly turned out to be their
swan song in the light of the recent passing of guitarist Walter Becker and
Walter Becker was a phenomenal musician him and Donald Fagen were the pillars of
Steely Dan and but when they did break up
Donald fit Walter Becker moved to Hawaii to get himself cleaned out and away from
drugs and alcohol and when they reunited from 1993 forward he felt he was playing
better seeing better than he had well playing better than he had in years
and getting sober helped him but a lengthy illness ended Walter Becker’s
life just a few short weeks ago ironically before the 40th anniversary
of Aja talked about a case of party pooping but those eight or those nine
studio albums is Steely Dan did over the 45 years those things will live
forever and excuse me and like I said it I’m still getting used to the band I’ve
heard much of Gaucho on the show biz kids compilation so I’ll be looking into
that alum the Royal scam has is not a bad album Katy Lied another was another
winner countdown to ecstasy overlooked pretzel
logic another winner can’t buy a thrill one of the more
unique debut albums in the history of rock and roll and you know Steely Dan
were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2001 simultaneously with
Queen and Aerosmith am I giving not given the props to the Rock n Roll Hall
of Fame but you had Alan steel EDM was passed over her for several years I mean
they were wrong stone darlings but passed over first for five years what
were they waiting for Armageddon 97 98 99 2000 yeah they were passed over but
was okay DeLaet you two went on the first year eligibility and The Clash
fuck him but Steely Dan great band a few people hadn’t give him a chance
I urge you to do so now especially with the passing of Walter Becker who I
dedicate this episode to and that’s my look at Aja by Steely Dan and my look
at Steely Dan on this episode but now let’s go to what Terrance is listening
to this week and what am i listening to this week – I got a couple of things I
want to recommend namely in the hard rock/metal world I’m
gonna go with the first and I’ll with the 1977 album by UFO lights-out which
features too hard to handle try me the title track trying to think of what
else is on the album I have had it for quite some time
oh yeah just another suet too hot to handle just another suicide try me the
title track getting ready alone again or which is a cover of a love tune electric
phase and love to love so UFO is one album I’m going to be recommending and
the other album Amanah recommend comes from a few short years later the year
1980 the album against the wind by Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band this
was the album that finally ended the reign of Pink Floyd’s the wall and
number one in 1980 and it features tracks like the horizontal Bob you’ll
accompany me her strut no man’s land long twin silver line the title track
good for me Betty Lou skin no tonight fire lake and shine and brightly so UFO
in the hard rock bracket and Bob Seger in the classic rock bracket now in
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there’s the importance to question his wisdom on hello hi hi again and welcome
to in the studio red beard here with destroy C on
history’s greatest rock and roll I hate to leave you now I’m sorry to say but
we’ve run out of time on this podcast so tune back on in next week at the same
bat-time same bat-channel where I’m going to talk about a band I haven’t
talked about yet on the show a band known as the Thunder from Down Under
that band beam at Kadapa for those who don’t know what the fuck I just said I
said ac/dc motherfuckers I’m gonna talk about an album that was seen as slipped
under the radar I’m not gonna go with a big blockbuster seller as my first ac/dc
topic but an album it’s extremely underrated and that album is
fly-on-the-wall yes I’m gonna talk about that album which spoiler is one of my
favorite ac/dc albums regardless of how much it’s sold or didn’t sell that again
dispels the myth that I reviewed nothing but big album sellers but this album had
a major in in my life and I’ll talk about how much
I love that fucking album on the episode but for now I have to pause and say
totally do for the time being on this episode this is Terrence Riordan saying
good night for now don’t take shit from assholes
don’t like politics bring you down either don’t the author the right tell
you to go with them because I think they both fucking suck donkey dick good night
people god bless you this edition of the Terence Riordan and Friends audio-visual
podcast is dedicated to the long enduring memory of Steely Dan the
co-founder guitarist songwriter Walter backer
god bless you and hope to see you on the other side and thank you for the years
of music although it took me ages to get into your music
thank you anyway Walter your will sadly and sorrell you’d be missed
god bless Walter Becker this is Terrance written saying goodbye good night god
bless you the terrans Reardon and Friends
audio-visual podcast was written and produced recorded mixed and everything
else by yours truly Terrence Reardon the rocks Bunch theme
music at the intro stiff competition by cheap trick the outro music the night
owls by the Little River Band copyright 2017 tjr rock sponge incorporated all
rights reserved once again thing you can queue all for
listening goodnight god bless you


  • tom parks says:

    Nice! Aja and Pink Floyd's Animals might be my top two favorite albums ever…. definitely two that I have to hear from start to finish and maybe Destroyer and Houses Of The Holy right behind 'em depending on the day. I totally enjoyed this thanks man!

  • Mattes Cog says:

    I first heard the song "Peg". Which lead me to buy the album. I still have it. I think the word "masterpiece" is a perfect description.

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