[ Eng sub ] Watercolor Tree Painting easy tutorial #4 Cherry blossom 水彩画の基本 〜桜の樹木を描くコツ

This time I will show you how to draw a cherry tree, in full bloom. Before starting, let’s review the previously posted “Watercolor Tree Painting easy tutorial”. First, draw a hemisphere and a tree trunk like this. The sun’s light is hitting from the upper diagonal position. This are, the light hits hard. Around here is slightly shaded. And, this is the darkest area. This time, I will draw a cherry tree with a little different approach. The structure is based on these branches coming from the tree in different directions. For example, as this branch stretches, a mass of flowers is formed around this area. Beyond this branch will be another mass of flowers. And the same happens around here. In “Watercolor Tree Painting easy tutorial”, there was only one big mass of leaf, but this time, there will be three different masses. Let’s see light and shade of each mass. Here is the darkest area. And, here, a bright and a slightly dark area are mixed. How about this area? The flowers come out toward in front, so the sun’s light also hits on this area. So, from our view, this area will be the brightest. We would hardly see the shade in this area. The sun’s light also hits here, but from our view, only a little sun’s light is visible. So there will be a weak shadow around here. If I number them in order of brightness, this area will be the 1, and this is the 2 and this is the 3. Based on this idea, I start off drawing a cherry tree. Please watch. Well, I drew a rough shape with a pencil. Let’s paint. Rose Madder, Jaune Brillant and Compose Blue. Rose Madder, Jaune Brillant, Compose Blue. I will make a color of cherry blossom mixing these three colors together. Make a lot of water and mix up with paint. Rose Madder, make it very light. Jaune Brillant, as well. More reduced amount of Compose Blue. This much. Position your brush parallel with the paper and paint using dry brush technique. This will be the basic color. Next, I make them a little darker. Rose Madder, Jaune Brillant and Compose Blue again. This mixed color goes to the lower part, a slightly shaded area. Actually, the brightest mass is here. This area. I paint only the area around them leaving this brightest mass. But with the same color, you can paint areas where a weak sunlight hit. Now, I use a little amount of yellow. Why yellow? It is to express more brightness of the area in the sun. Just a little. This is good. Next, adding more Rose madder and a little bit of Jaune Brillant, I am making a cold reddish color. Position your brush parallel with the shaded area and stroke rhythmically like this. Continue painting the shaded area with side to side brushstrokes in a zigzag shape. This is the darkest area. Continue painting in the same way. Now, it becomes very dimensional. Let’s add some red here. Red makes flowers look very gorgeous. Just be careful not to add too much. How is this? Let’s give it another push. With Compose blue and Crimson lake, I will paint the darkest area. Around here. The brush strokes are the same as before. Don’t paint this area. This area is with a lot of shadows. How is this? It looks more dimensional now. Add more bluish color to make more contrast. Move brush side to side in zigzag shape. Still leave this area. Now, the cherry tree becomes a big three-dimensional tree. As I mentioned earlier, this is the brightest area, followed by here and here. Let’s dry a little Now, let’s move on to paint the sky. Add some water and mix up with a blue color. You can add to the color of flowers, which will make the painting more harmonized. Now paint the sky. Very beautiful, isn’t it? When painting the sky, create jagged edges to express the flower petals, moving the brush from the sky area towards the petals like this. Now, you can imagine the flower petals here. Actually, flower petals of cherry blossoms point towards the sky. Do you see the whole picture of the cherry tree now? Put more water and mix up with Ultra Marine to make a darker blue. Paint the upper portion of the sky with this color. In a sense of space of the sky, the upper part appears darker. I will paint here. See? Now, you can get clear image of the cherry blossoms. As you paint downwards, the color should get lighter. Space appears here. The flower and sky parts are almost done, so let’s move on to paint the tree and branches. Use Burnt Umber and Ultra Marine to make the color of the tree. Using dark color on the tree and branches makes the flowers appear brighter. Based on the earlier sketch, paint the main branches. This one goes this way. O.K? Paint rest of the branches as you imagine. The main branch also comes here. You can paint the tree partly like this, which make the remaining places flowers. There are also branches out here. Maybe, this way. Go out this way and also here. Imagining branches hidden behind flowers, paint more branches. Here also branches go out. See? The tree and branches are almost done. Add more Ultra Marine and paint the shadow on the tree like this. The tree and branches become very dimensional, aren’t they? Add more branches now. Some of them are in the completely shaded place. It is O.K to paint many branches in these shaded areas. Actually, you can see many of them in these shaded areas. The tree looks much more beautiful now. Add some more here, and you can imagine the sun’s light hits around here. This area, too. You can also paint branches on this sky part seen between flowers. Let’s check this mass of flowers. This area has a bunch of flowers compared to other areas, so you can add a few branches like this. Yes, this much. Let’s paint the grass on the ground and the shaded area under the tree. Split the tip of the brush and paint thin grass. Finally, the cherry tree is completed. This time, I painted a cherry tree in full bloom. It is a kind of cherry trees called Somei Yoshino that you are very familiar with. The basic idea came from “Watercolor Tree Painting easy tutorial”. But, this time, we captured one big tree as a bundle of three different parts. We started off numbering those three parts from the most lighted to the darkest. The color of Sakura petals were combination of Rose Madder, Jaune Brillant and Compose Blue. You’re welcome to try it out. Until next time, happy painting!

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