EASY Autumn Tree with waterfall moon   Q Tip Acrylic Painting tutorial ๐ŸŽจ๐Ÿ’œ

EASY Autumn Tree with waterfall moon Q Tip Acrylic Painting tutorial ๐ŸŽจ๐Ÿ’œ

Hi Everybody I’m Cinnamon Cooney your Art Sherpa and I’m so excited to be showing you how you can easily paint this
gorgeous tree using Q-tips and just a simple fan brush this is gonna be a lot
of fun it’s very beginner friendly I totally know you can do it . Grab your
brushes come back and meet me easel right now. The materials list is
in the description below we’re gonna make this tree together. All lright let’s
look at our materials that we’re gonna be using on today’s project. I have a 9
by 12 canvas panel this is pre- gessoed ready to paint you don’t need to do
another thing to it. Yes you could use canvas and yes you could use paper for
acrylic painting. I have all my colors laid out here I have my quinacridone
magenta, titanium white, Ultramarine Blue this very dark color is actually Dioxazine purple I have more quinacridone I have naphthol red and then I have have
Cadmium Yellow Medium Hue, and then I have Mars black actually no this is carbon black
definitely check the description below all the details all the things that I’m
using today are there. I’m going to start out with my number 26 Bright t brush and I’m going to go
ahead and load it with some white you can see that I’m flipping it and that’s
gonna just really help it into this so that it’s got a lot of pain in the belly
and then I’m going to come over and get just a little bit just a little of this
ultramarine blue now all my brush strokes are going to be kind of coming
from the upper right down towards the lower left and I’m going to be just
brushing these that direction
just happily brushing that direction any more paint you’re gonna come you’re
gonna flip and load flip and load get a little more lift and load so the flip really helps put paint into
the brush and is going to help you guys get the most out of your brushstroke
we’re on here very loosely Mik which means I’m just letting it be on the
brush as it is ah beautiful color now as I come down
I’m going to rinse out and in this case I’ll get myself another exact same sized
brush you can easily rinse out at the sink clean it I’m gonna load up with
some of my pink and my white and I’m just on this way and blend these
two together like that’s brushing up a little too much water you just brush
it out along you go beautiful color
use a little more weight into this with my white
just brushing it and see where these two are both wet they blend into each other
very well you can always wipe off on a towel and the soften that right there now before your pain is dry
interestingly enough you can take a round pouncer sponge and you can come
and get just a little bit of your white paint that’s still out here right on to
the sponge if you need a little bit more weight you go right there
and you’re going to use this to help you create your round circle so it’s a lot
easier you can also just freehand your circle but I find these round pouncer
sponges are super helpful in making sure your circles around start laying in that
moon sure and rinse out that sponge right away so the acrylic paint isn’t
dry on it and let’s go ahead and dry our canvas when your canvas is completely
dry you can take a little bit of kids chalk to help you lay this in but keep
in mind even though I’m a shithead draw it in if they’re traceable that’s the
image you can transfer on your canvas is in the description below and it’s
absolutely not cheating to trace we have to be able to know how to do that as
artists I’m going to show you how you can draw it
so my camera here and I’m gonna want a floating island I’m gonna make a little
line goes straight across this is gonna be the basis of my floating island I
want to make sure that I’ve got room for a waterfall and I know that I’ve got a
tree that I want to circle or hug the man so I may go ahead and draw myself
out the little branch II kind of leafy finger shape come here and help remind
me that I am trying to circle mahmu with mantri
there we go now I’m not trying to be like a weird shape though you know
embrace the inner tree you can easily erase like with your fingers I’m going
to bring this up make sure that I remind myself that this
is really sick in my trunk now make my ground sort of uneven weird and remind
yourself if they hang that’s gonna give me something bro the waterfall awesome
once I have that sketched in I can take my q-tips and start laying in a really
fun cool tree I’m going to be starting with my purple and I’m going to take my
purple and my magenta and mix them together actually like the combo of
those I’m gonna get a little white in it so that their color really shows and I’m
gonna come to the back here and I’m gonna tap this color this is going to be
like this really fantastic purpley to re red tree magenta in Tibet a little bit
of the white so we can really see it I’m just taking this first running q-tips at
the back end of this tree just tapping them out letting them make
the leaf shape you tips don’t work for you
we’re cotton buds for ear buds whatever you call them where you are a little
more the purple on there and always I like up a little of the way I’m into it
so much pigment and it’s so dark sometimes it can be hard to see the
color you go when I have about this much of it done
in purple I’m gonna put this to the side I’m gonna get thank you tip and then
let’s start getting right into my magenta with just a little bit of my
white this is going to make a nice little bridge between colors so that as
I start to warm up the tree I’m not gonna have to worry about the
purple and the yellow making a gray you can do this in any colors that you
like me love that oh my
you you go just wander it around all right here we go we’re getting right
back into it now as you’re going you can go ahead and start picking up some of
this beautiful red and mixing it with the magenta and blending this in blend
this back everywhere that you want this really fabulous color and we’re going to
get into those bright fiery bits in a minute this is gonna be a lot of fun
just mixing this back here I like wander it through make sure that they’re
layering over each other now I’m going to put these q-tips down
I’m gonna pick up another bundle of three and I’m gonna be right in – I’m
still gonna get a little moment gent into there but now I’m gonna start
getting into the yellow I’m gonna start working this wonderful
warm through the feet all with the red and the yellow and that’s gonna just
really start warm it up take it into that small space that you know but like
a fantasy fall which i think is going to be really fun then I’m going to be going more into the
yellow as I’m coming out on the little branches I’m gonna do the same right here I’m
gonna go right into the magenta yellow working that back where I had the beam and as I’m coming out more yellow and if your get mushy that’s
how you blend to my side like just flip them over and then that gets me back
little dotting space as soon as you have every part of the
tree where you like it it’s a good time to allow it to dry or to dry it yourself
so you can layer the next part of the once your painting is dry you can layer
things in like the moon and the island as well as the tree trunk let’s start
with the man do the moon I’m going to go ahead and get a little of this blue
paint on my brush I have a number 4 Grand Prix here and I’m gonna put a
little black into it this is it do not get a little bit of white this is how
I’m gonna make my little moon escape I’m gonna come on
the right side of the moon just darken this over here stumble around on the
corner of the brush a little bit of my moon landscape lunar ass wiggling it
back I’m gonna wipe this off but not rinse it I’ll get a little more white
I’ll come over on the right-hand side no the left-hand side
on this side with my nice brighter weight make sure my lunar landscape has some shading
color here and add a little personality always look up pictures of the moon it’s
very very accurate this is just an artistic representation of one of our
very favorite celestial bodies I’m going to rinse out my brush and show you how
you can put in island in the truck so to do that I’m going to use a nice number
four round it’s just a nice round brush and I’m going to load up on my black
pain and then come here and just start eat
the bum Polly landscape it’s gonna be floating island
from here definitely definitely take the top of this landscape and pull it down
I’m gonna just paint about an inch of it all in in black hovering everything that’s like on these
two tapers I’m going to make sure that they taper out and how I get the bottom
effect is at first I’m gonna just stroke down with my brush and let the landscape
be very uneven and broken at the bottom of the floating island just using the
tip of the brush you can see that there’s little bits of land a little
bits of fruit different things hanging down you want to make sure that they’re
uneven it looks rough like a bit of land just floated free
there we go always add a little more hanging off
edge there it’s very long a little bit there I’m
not just sure making it very interesting uneven bottom you can also some little bits of grass
just creating personality to the table a landscape nice to work just the tip of
the brush make sure your grass sometimes 2 sometimes right and is very unruly
just grows where it was Billy nilly as grass the plane
Oh party fellows made a life loading rock I’m gonna roll
my brush out load up the tip I’m going to make the trunk of my tree my tree is
going to be thicker at the bottom and get an earth pop
so to do that I definitely lighten the pressure of my line if I need the branch
to get thinner okay to let your tree trunk be bumply an
unusual loading tree no one has the right hey what’s right or
wrong little lightning it every metal flying
so it’s like a big I’m gonna make the second big brand here and support the
hugging of the man that the tree is doing eight here little fan there we go pulling this off a little branch there do that by having
a very light line pressure make sure that the branches that are
breaking out growing smaller than the brain there you go yes breathe
ah bring little brand a little space from
My Little League that’s how I make maybe the effort that can be fun to put tiny little root
elements down here and to do that on edges if in the brush
little bits of strangeness things that have gotten loose there’s a
little rock there go ahead and give this a little
personality uniquely yours well dirt or land there yes routed up
when you have the roots and the landscape everything where you like it
it’s time once again go ahead if you’re painting add rice you can finish with
the waterfall using the easi fan brush technique once everything into the
painting is dry go ahead and grab your background brush again and load it up
with your ultramarine paint and a little bit like a scope of your purple almost
on a double load there see how I’m let got both the blue and the purple come to
the top of the painting underneath the tree and I’m going to stroke over and
I’m gonna pull some of this color down you won’t really see it until I get down
over the pink area but it’s there on the black and you want to be moving this
quickly enough so that if you come down with your fan brush there’s still a lot
of this way to be working with I might go ahead and
take this right off the canvas to imply that this beautiful magical healing pool
is falling down below now I’m going to take my number 4 fan and I’m going to
load it up with white it’s just a little fan brush find fan brushes all around
and I’m going to come here I’m going to just broke out what right just pull this
down through the pain allowing wet paint underneath the show
that was a lot of fun but now it’s time to sign the painting so everybody knows
that you made it it’s your signature brush which is just a small detail brush
I’m going to go ahead and get this a little bit wet and I think for this part
of the painting I get a little bit of my blue paint and my white paint make that
signature and I might turn the piece on the side so I can sign somewhere fun
like along the fall you can sign anywhere you want forever makes you feel good oh it’s so
beautiful I hope you had a really great time creating this whimsical tree
remember it’s good yourself be good to each other and I want to see you at the
easel really soon good bye


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