Easy art journal backgrounds – Upcycle recycle collage paper

Easy art journal backgrounds – Upcycle recycle collage paper

In this video you will see how to make
easy art journal backgrounds. Welcome to the Ayala art Ilove2paint
channel! This is your artsy friend Martha If you are art inclined, love painting,
drawing, art journaling, and mixed-media this is your channel! For the next
texture page I would like to talk about collaging. You don’t have to use only the
pretty paper especially made for collage. You can just get just a variety of leftover
papers, or little things around the house that you can put together in a page, and
it doesn’t even have to make sense, you can paint over it and just use it as
a texture. Here in left on marks when I was cleaning my brayer, same for some
stamps that I was cleaning, and scratches of my brush. A piece of page, a piece of a
tea bag, which is beautiful and it’s almost not there, but it gives you a bit
of wrinkles depending on how you glue it. I love it it’s very nice. Other
examples could be here, where I have a strip of jelly paper that I printed — mono
print paper. It’s just a jumble of colors and some texture paper, an old book paper,
another tea bag, open, which also provides a little bit of texture that is really
nice. Here I included a piece of the watercolor paper edge, so it’s really
bumpy when you touch it. For these kinds of more thicker, more textured and thicker
papers, I recommend a stronger glue. This one seems pretty good, “glue and seal,”
but for everything else, whether you like the gel medium, or matte medium
which is a fluid medium that you can glue things with. This is another piece
of leftover paper, just a little corner is is not even anything that will be in
an organized manner. Here’s another corner of a tea paper,
from a tea bag, another piece of mono- printed paper. This is a grocery bag, a
paper bag wrinkled up and glued. After I glued it, the wrinkles are still there,
and I passed over it with a dry brush, with yellow, and I believe with white, just
cleaning my brushes. Nothing really set in mind. This I was
cleaning another of the the templates I made of a goddess, if you can see the
shape. It’s going to be lost at the end when I finally find some inspiration to
come and paint a face on it, because what I like to do is faces. This was a
practice drawing I was making for a painting on a traveling painting project,
and as I was practicing what size to use, I ended up with this tissue paper that I
kept. I’m not sure if you can see the shape of it, probably you can, it’s about
1/4 of an inch bigger than the pencil line. …but it basically completely dissolves in
your paper, at least visually, it turns invisible. Unless that you really look for
it, like this little line. And after I collaged it into my page, I came back and
painted some skin color, just for fun. These are other pages that I made. This
is the project that we just finished. Here is more of the tea bags paper, which
I totally love how it is stained in different ways and depending on the tea,
it is reddish, or brown, or just barely beige. If you leave it in the bag
for a long time, kind of in a squeezed manner but still wet, it will leave damp
stains and is very pretty. Here’s another watercolor edge that I
trimmed. I have here more of the tea paper, you just have to open them
gently and even if they have holes like this one, it still will bring beautiful
texture to your page. And I did not get rid of the the little holders for the
bag, because I– well number one I love them, they are so cute, and number two I
can always paint on them and print something and have them be part of a
page. One here, one there, or all of them together… depends on whatever you want to
do. I think I’m going to leave this one, since it didn’t come off from the paper,
I’m going to leave it in there. Maybe this way so it’s not falling from the
page… This is just a little hint of pink from
the brayer, in some, what looks like, green or turquoise, I’m not really sure, I just
go open a page in clean whatever I’m using, and in this case this was one of
the faces for my 29 faces challenge. I had just gone around cleaning the very
watery paint from my brush, left it for later, came back with a bit of another
paint, and just traced the — you know, I drew the outline of a face, and later on
I came back and finished making a face. You can have color under for the collage
paper for texture, or just leave it like that: visual texture but flat to the
touch. And let me see if I have something else in
here. This was not a book for mixed-media, so it can be perfect for collaging, since
you’re going to have to put something in the paper if you’re not going to just be
sketching, or writing, you have to protect the paper, because it can get really thin
and in wobbly after you put some water on it so I recommend to go first with
the the matte medium or gesso, and let it dry, or add your texture as you’re
selecting, like in this case this tea paper, tea bags paper, just glue them.
Later on you can come back and have the rest of your painting actually done or
leave it ready for some other time whenever you want to come back, the the page
is going to be ready, the spread in this case that we’re going to be working on,
is going to be ready for you to paint. But let’s start our texture. I can
see some little granules of tea in here which is perfectly fine for me. I’m going
to be using matte medium because the the paper is so thin you don’t need
something stronger than that. Okay. I’m going to begin cleaning my
brush barely, it still has some red in it, and I don’t care. it’s going to be okay
to leave some stains of some other color If you liked this video, share it with
all your artsy friends! Don’t be afraid of leaving openings in the paper, because
part of the beauty is the little wrinkles that you can make, and although
this paper is kind of delicate, it can still withhold your brushings, even if
you’re not too delicate. And sometimes, a little rough brushwork will bring very nice wrinkles! I don’t recommend using your plastic
card, like a credit card or something, to flatten out the bubble side of this,
because you can just tear it, and you don’t want it completely torn. You just
want some wrinkles. See I’m pushing it a little bit. This brush is a very inexpensive kind,
and I use it for my mixed-media stuff, It says “Craft Smart by Royal, 9 7 0 0 3/4”
in case that you want to find one, but it doesn’t really matter what brush you use. Just know that whatever you use a lot of
medium with, you will need to clean it *very well* or it’ll get ruined
and you cannot use it for finer details in other paintings. So, make sure you
clean it. I’m pushing my paper a little bit so I
make a little bit of wrinkles. If you don’t want wrinkles, that’s fine,
you just don’t push it with your brush, because that’s what I’m doing to make my
wrinkles, and make sure that your thread, if you have a thread, is not totally
attached to the medium. Once you’re done with the
papers that you’re gluing, go around the edges of the page, just for it to be
protected against tears, since, like I said, my book in particular — oops I
went with a brush under the page! If you happen to come across something like
that, put something under that will not let it get glued to the page
behind it. Okay, so I have one more. I’m going to wait for that one. I’m going to
glue it here… Put enough, but not too much. You don’t
want it to be running all over the place. Wrinkles are fine, bubbles not so much. If
you have little granules of your tea, like I do, just glue them with this. We’re going to let this page dry, and
it’ll be ready for whenever next we feel like painting, we have already
something in here. If at this moment you want to add something, I happen to have
right here next to my book this violet dark from Golden. It’s high-flow, and
believe me, they flow highly! I have made a crazy amount of mess with this one, one
time that I tried it. I’m just going to go and splash a little color, almost
nothing and it’s just mostly so we don’t have a paper that is totally blank
kind of staring at you. Alright, this is as much as I’m going to be doing. Put
your brush in the water, make sure that if you had a
little brush of medium under the page, you put the pages separately, and you
just let it dry! If you’re new here, remember to click on
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I upload a new video! All you will see in the playlist here is acrylic painting, art
journaling, all kinds of fun, free paintings and activities!


  • horvath gaborne says:

    I smile inside myself when I read: "Easy art journal " ! Who is easy? Not for me! I'm clumsy . I enjoyed the presentation.

  • Elizabeth Naisbitt says:

    Really enjoyed your journal of backgrounds, I struggle with them in my journal, but am quite good with painty papers lol, no idea how that happens. I am happy however you do your videos they are always full of inspirational tricks and ideas. Tfs xo

  • Mona L creates says:

    Enjoyed watching in your art journal Martha!! 🙂 And to answer your question.. I like watching both!! Artsy hugs!!

  • Linda Adams says:

    Thanks for all the inspiration, I am working on making a mixed media journal with all sorts of paper and things, I love the tea bag idea so I'll have to have some tea time today.

  • Pam Duthie says:

    thank you, interesting ideas

  • Sue Heads says:

    Hi just found you.. sprinkling pixie dust right now😁

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