Easy 3D Paper Stars (Kirigami) – Christmas Crafts, New Year’s Crafts & Party Decor Idea

Hello welcome to Red Ted Art
First things first subscribe to the channel. We are going to make some paper stars today.
Out of a 15cm x 15cm piece of Origami Paper. You can use ordinary paper for this
but it works really well with Origami Paper. First thing is – you turn it around.
Fold this one to meet that line. It is actually Kirigami.
Because we are going to be doing a bit of cutting.
So we are folding first, cutting later. Now you have your fold here, we turn it around.
Take this corner – down. Now take this corner, and fold it up.
So you get this parallel line. Now that creates a cross.
And there is the centre. Now take this corner,
and meet the centre. Like so.
Here we go. So the closed side is up here.
The open side is here. Now you want to line this side up
with this side. Now you take this line,
and line it up with this one. Here we go.
So you got your open bits. Now you have to
Fold it back on itself, like so.
Now you have created this strange looking shape. To be honest, we are almost there. You have a corner up here.
And you have the flap here. Now you want to cut across it.
The deeper you cut the pointer your star. Ok? So I am going to cut about one centimeter
down! And then we open it up.
And there you have your basic shape. So now what you need to do is reinforce
your creases. So that the pointy bits go up.
And the middle bits go down. So I am going round and reinforcing the creases.
And there you have… a super simple paper star!
So, at the beginning I always think these look a bit tricky
but once you have the hang of them, they are actually really easy to make!
And also what is quite good about them, if you get two the same size,
You can stick them together like this, and you have a 3D shape.
Or you can use the same star and by cutting deeper or sharper into
your edge So instead of cutting like this, but you cut
a bit lower, you can make a slightly smaller star
And that is a really easy paper craft
for you to make this Christmas
or New Year’s Eve or for a party.
Anyway, don’t forget to subscribe to the Red Ted Art!
And we hope to see you here again soon! Bye Byyyyyyye! Subtitles by the Amara.org community

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