Hi Everyone, Last week I asked you what decals you would like to see me use in this weeks video A lot of you wanted to see different ways you can use your rhinestones. And some of you wanted to see easter themed tutorials so I combined the 2 and came up with this set of super easy decal only nail design. No drawing required. You just need to place everything on the nail and that’s all you have to do Last week’s giveaway winner and new giveaway will be announced at the end of the video. Entry conditions in the info box below As always apply base coat to protect your nails For this design, we’re going to apply the base color one nail at a time. after you paint each nail, place the decals while the base color is still wet For my Index finger, I did a cute little bunny rabbit. I used a mix of half pears and rhinestones to create this design. Utilising the different shapes it comes in to piece them into a picture Place 2 half peals to make the head and body Then I used a couple of tear drop rhinestones for the ears and a 2mm rhinestone for the button tail Since there were still some room left on the nail, I used another tear drop rhinestone to create a little carrot And some 1.5mm green rhinestone for the stems. Super Cute Right? Once everything Is done, you can either leave it as it is or dot in some eyes with a dotting tool or a nail pen For my Ring finger. I pieced together a chicken to go with the easter theme. Again use a couple of half pears for the head and body Then use a triangle rhinestone for the beak and 3 horse eye shaped rhinestones for the combs The body looks like an egg. How funny 🙂 For the remaining nails, I did a couple more bunny shapes with different colored ears And also made a little cabage using a horse eye rhinestone and 3 green heart shaped rhinestones When your done, apply top coat over all the decals to secure them in place and that’s it If you liked this video, please rate it, share it and add it to your favourite playlist Congradulations to last week’s winner. Please contact me within a week to claim your prizes mentioned in last week’s video This week I’m going to hold a giveaway on instagram. Entry Details in the info box below. Hashtag melineygiveaway of you creations using nail art decorations

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