Dudes Try Pinterest Nail Art

(upbeat instrumental pop music – Nail art is gorgeous but I
am terrified of this challenge. – I’m gonna kill this and I will become an internet
Pinterest sensation overnight. – Most of these designs
are way more complicated than anyone should have on their nails. – It looks so easy, it’s just painting your nails. – This base coat is so
important because if it’s not just really pretty then you can’t paint over it well. – (cough, cough) Oh, God. – Oh there’s a brush inside. – It’s a lot wetter then I was expecting. – I’m doing my best not
to get it on my fingers. My best isn’t good enough. – Makes a nice sound. – I am fingernail Picasso. – It’s like a horrible
wax museum right now. – This is something
that would be nice to do with a glass of wine and some music. – This I might be able to do
cuz it’s like a straight line. – I guess I’m just gonna glob
it on and see if it dries. – It’s hard to like get enough
but also not get too much. – Looks kinda like I put a blob
in the middle of my finger. – Dance for me. Woah it got
everywhere. Oh no, way too much. – There is zero margin for error here. – I really have no idea what I’m doing. – Oh, God, I’m just gonna let that dry. It’s gonna look like a huge bead. – Okay, not too bad, here’s the thing, like if I was actually doing this, I would be like think I
finished up this hand and looked over, I would have (beep sound) up my other hand completely. – Ya, I think all hopes of
getting this design right have gone out the window
like three layer ago. – Alright, I think that’s
as close as I can get. – Hey Will, what are
you doing after the gym? Some mother (beep sound) nail art. – I’m gonna try to do
the leaf marks with this. It’s just like blobbing. You know what at first this was like funny I was like ha ha I’m gonna paint my nails and now I really care and
this is kinda frustrating. – It doesn’t look deliberate. If someone came up to me
she would just be like “oh.” Not even like congratulations
for even trying. – It’s too easy. I’m doin it. – Now it looks like there’s
a butt cheek on my hand. – I’m far too fresh for black stripes I’m gonna go (beep
sound) neon pink stripes. – I knew I was gonna be crap at it I didn’t realize how crap I’d be. – Do I like em? I don’t know. And the stripes are
just like why did I go, why did I go bright pink? – I think I should probably go back and probably learn how to
draw within the lines again. – My other hand got some
nail art of its own. – And I feel like a was very careful. – I thought I was a creative person but I just don’t have the
dexterity in my hands to make something beautiful on the tiny canvass
that is your fingernail. – I tried. – I feel like I’m supposed
to be holding something but I’m painting my own hand.

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