DRAWING ON BLUE PAPER!? | Mystery Art Box | Paletteful Packs Unboxing

So here we have it! the October Paletteful Packs ‘premier’
box and I’m willing to bet some money there’s either some kind of brush pen
or ink in here because, you know, Inktober ♪ Let’s see if I’m right?! ♪ ♪ [♪ Laughs the Pokemon Evolution Theme ♪] look at that? this is some
Amsterdam acrylic ink what’s this color called? this is called
grayish blue keep away from Elsa is that what that means there’s another one in
here this one is more of a royal blue it’s a Phthalo blue you can see the colors – oh
that’s – there – *squishy sounds* so far, I’m seeing a lot of Blues I’ve got two blue inks, blue
maggots, oh look a brush pen was I double right? inks and a brush pen this
is actually the same brush pen that came in the Art Snacks box from last month there’s two tombow brush pens so one side is like I think a bullet nib and
then the other side is a brush again these are both blue colors – a light blue
and a bit of a mid-tone blue this feels funny it’s like a really weird texture It;s the Da Vinci universal synthetic brush made in
Germany ooh, thats a nice brush, I like the pointyness of the bristles very nice feels like
unfinished wood but it also feels really light like a balsa wood – also in here oh
this is cool – this is an acrylic marker in titanium white okay so here we have a
list of all the supplies naturally they’re doing an inktober-themed box so
everything is inky and – oh wait look I don’t even know I didn’t even notice
there was a sketchbook in here a toned blue mixed-media – 15 sheets – it’s pretty – oooh, that’s a nice that’s some nice paper that is – not too bendy you know wonderful I’ve only drawn on this color paper once before and that was when I
did the – was that a Strathmore as well? it was the sketchbook where you like design
your own cover and I have a video on that it’ll be fun to revisit that so there
is definitely a blue theme here blue maggots, blue paper, blue ink, blue brush pens, oh this is a black brush pen and a white marker but that’s still a lot of blue, come on! wow these are eight bucks each whoo when I
about that like big thing of rainbow ink for Inktober, that was like $33, that was a
pretty penny so yeah inks are not cheap anyway let’s
watch everything out definitely gonna use it on the paper that we plan on
drawing it on otherwise, it kind of defeats the point doesn’t it we need to know
what its gonna look like on the actual paper we’re using that’s why I always
recommend if you buy like new markers or something to make a swatch page that’s
on the paper that you plan to use the markers because colors can look very
different on different papers even when it comes to like two different sets of
white paper it can look very different and I think these are pretty popular in
the bullet journal community so there’s the brush so you can get some fine
points and some thick and you can even switch to the other side and write very
easily – Tombow – if you go over the same spot gets really dark we can barely see this
one – it is almost non-existent oh it starts like – the paper starts beading if you go over
it too much with this one Can you see? you can see that piece of paper that’s
just come off [talking to pen] any time you wanna [work] oh there we go – very pigmented and Opaque! I love it! this is the Amsterdam acrylic marker well that’s not gonna get darker because
it’s opaque, I’m liking that I wish it was a little bit more of a fine
point but I can work with that *dissapoint I’m so stupid Why did I? see this one’s having the same problem I kind of had with these the
last time I used them and that’s that they sort of dry out at the end of like
a stroke oh this one’s not oh it’s starting to pill, so I guess that’s just
probably the paper that doesn’t really enjoy having a lot of product on it that made me sound like a beauty guru “product” don’t want too much “product” on your face let’s do this greyish blue that one looks really pretty well oh that is really weird looking look at the little *squirt* oh I just squirted it!!!! *repeated in slow motion oh crap we’re all good, we’re all good, I don’t know why I squeezed it~ I didn’t mean to squeeze it, it just “pthht” i dunno… now we can get back to what we were doing which I was showing you the funny let me squeeze this all out funny end on this dropper – it’s probably so stupid of me but I think it’s silly it’s like curved anyway, I definitely had to show you because because of the trouble I went through let’s just
drop some on here – straight on there okay that’s bubbly, using the brush provided and see what that looks like – very
pretty I like this color and it’s pretty opaque like to a certain extent the
point where *inhale dramatically* oh my gosh what am i doing?! ew what is going on today? *moans it just occurred to me I probably could have just used some of that ink to draw with just go straight in and see what happens *hums okay so it’s drying darker than
when you put it down so as it soaks into the paper it gets darker which is another
good reason to do swatches cuz like I was putting this down and like yeah it’s
a perfect color and then when it dries it gets darker and youre like “wait that’s not what I wanted” alright brush is clean let’s do the next blue and not spill any of it see now that those two are dried it kind of the same color oooh that is gorgeous!
so thats what it looks like with its solid ink and then thats with some water and I’m sure you
can get even a lighter then that. Did I test everything? is that everything? It doesn’t feel like a whole lot but I know inks are expensive oh that’s handy they
posted the inktober prompts on the back of this – I’ve had to grab my phone every
time I want to start the inktober prompt so this is gonna be nice I’m gonna keep
this on my desk even though Inktober challenge is almost over but for the
rest of it – I’m a bit late to opening this box, so it kind of prompting us to do the
inktober challenge which I have been doing over on my Instagram if you
haven’t seen that um I’ll have a link i’ve been following all of these prompts
and drawing something sort of based on it or inspired by each of these prompts
and i’ve actually already done today’s because it’s kind of in my routine to do
it in the morning – but we could only do Saturday’s that’s the day this video
is going up Saturday is the 27th so the prompt is “thunder” and
again prompts aren’t super – um they don’t need to be literal so I’m thinking – have you
ever seen those pictures of like blue lightning like I know thunder and
lightning are the exact same thing but thunder makes me think of lightning and
I’m thinking of those blue like lightning it’s like so bright and hot
that it’s blue and we have all these blue supplies be kind of interesting to
try and draw gonna be some lightning or like a character their controls
lightning you know that’s sort of thing you know? brainstorming here – just got
really really itchy I don’t know if I’m reacting to this ink oh yeah see that’s
where I spilled a ton of it oh no, am I allergic that’d be terrible
I just start getting like hives or something I already look like I have a
disease “oooh” what’s in this stuff? now I’m concerned crap now it’s itchy in a
different spot okay so lightning you got like nice Harry Potter lightning
bolt cuz then if we like color the center of
that with this it’ll look really bright *lighting sound effects this is just the thumbnail so I
don’t really feel bad making a mess ♪ need to get as close to that as possible so you can
get some more colour lightning – light-inning it up a bit – hehe – what if we
transition from the Phthalo blue to the greyish blue – I’m not sure why I didn’t
test it earlier but I am getting a really fun blending like cloudiness to
it because what I’m looking with at pictures of lightning you have like that
harsh line of the lightning but then there’s like a lot of like glowing and
fade-y-ness around it and I’m thinking I can do that with the inks and then we
went in with acrylic like’a’this mm-hmm I think I’m seeing something I’m
liking I’m gonna have to look at some more pictures of lightning and figure out
what lightning looks like but I definitely want it to get darker like
this I like that darkness it looks like night but I like the way I could was
able to get it to sort of fog up around the Lightning – I think what would be cool is
like you know how Storm [from the Xmen] can control lightning so maybe a character who’s
just like floating like Storm from the x-men, that’s what I’m talking about, yes,
yes, “you know happens to a toad when it’s struck by lightning?” so maybe like a
floaty girl like this she’s glowing so she’ll be like solid white and like that
they’re so hot, they are just burning with intensity you could even use the – we
should probably be using the tone of the paper a bit too something like that
– like crack of thunder and then we could probably switch over to the darker color
which is really pretty oh but can’t really blend that very well, I really like that color, its really pretty to me. ♪ Cuz the darker that is, the brighter the whites are gonna look so some of that grayish blue already dried for Inktober I’m doing a much different
thing, Im focusing a lot on like line art this is a bit more of a painterly
technique so it’s kind of interesting using the same sort of supplies but in a
different way I love the way the inks are like interacting with each other and
creating these sort of organic watery shapes I think that really suits
lightning what we’re gonna do is take this little thumbnail, blow it up, and draw
it much bigger and more detailed I kind of like that
I like the thumbnail I like the contrast between the white acrylic marker in that
really dark blue so let’s try and lay this character on the page maybe – let me
look at lightening one more time okay so like it’s really ‘jiggity’ like that now let’s draw our character it’ll probably cut right across here and mess
it all up update on the itch situation I’m feeling itchy on the right hand
which I didn’t spill that much ink on so thinking it’s just a random freak
occurrence, that has nothing to do with the ink could be interesting but I also
really like that like head-on like powerful female character like staring
you straight down so I think I’m going to stick with that – the head’ll be up here –
body – the arms stretched out like this in total control
a little Storm mohawk since this character might end up being mostly
silhouette we want to try and get all the features to like show through in a
silhouette I mean like the face obviously you can’t because she’s
looking straight on the camera but like the hair I want to try and get like a
pretty fun shape that you’re like oh yeah
that’s hair that’s another reason that I’ve stretched her arms out away from
her body cuz you’ll see in like the thumbnail you can tell “oh those are
arms and these are legs” because of the way that I’ve separated them from like
the rest of the body and your eye immediately knows “oh those are arms” might have to move the character up I ran out of space
I also think I need to make the characters smaller so we can have more
of that dark blue color to make it look like night cuz if most of the pages end
up being the white we’re not gonna have a lot of space for that dark and you see
how like going away from the character is getting darker so we need space
that’s away from the character to get darker move the character up a little higher and hopefully I’ll draw it a little smaller you can really play around with
like the silhouette of this character and add something sharp lines maybe a
little bit more like lightning you know cuz the go *lighting sounds* right? Something that helps me when
I’m like having trouble in this region with like the hips to the legs cuz that
can be a little tricky for me sometimes you just draw like a little panty line, I
feel like it helps you realize “oh wow this leg like the sticks way off to
the left” it’s kind of like just guidelines it’s kind of like when you
draw like the guidelines on the head helps you like figure out whether the
eyes are lined up this really helps me figure out like “oh dang look at this hip
compared to like that hip” or if I really like that hip I also could have just
made this one represent that one you know now I think
it’s time to start adding in the ink so we need to start top left and move our way to
the bottom right side I’ll put my hand in it and I think I’m gonna use this
last so that’s when everything can I’ll probably start really pulling together
but I think I need to do the ink first could probably go around everything with
this just a little bit just so I have a better idea of the shape here we go all
right now start with the dark blue and I work our way in and then I liked when
that dried and then I went over it again with a little bit more water so it’s a
little bit more translucent and got closer to the edge I think I really
liked that look so we’re gonna stay pretty far away which is kind of what
this was probably should have been for – kind of like as a guideline like
don’t get any closer than this let’s go in with ink – eek! the scary part
right? like I’m just gonna grab someone dropped it towards this outer edges – drop
some of the greyish blue out here I’ve might have done a little too much, thats going to take forever to dry but you know “you live and you learn” I want that dark stuff to come way lower cuz see the character goes in so
so should the lightning you know see the swirlies happening I love it
kinda reminds me lightning to be honest switch back to the grayish blue yeah
here we go we’re getting somewhere I won’t know until that’s dry really if it
worked and then once we add like the acrylic marker on top of the character
that’ll really make everything pop I love the way once it like touches
it just latches on there pretty cool connect these two colors i think wee need more
water that seemed to help with that don’t know if I want to have a smoother
blend or if I like those crazy swirls let me zoom in see if you see do you see these swirls?
how cool that looks like part of me wants to just keep it
but part of me wants it to be like a smooth blend so I don’t really know but
it looks sort of Lightning-y, you know like let me know what you would do would
you smooth everything out or keep these crazy – like I feel like that makes more
sense to keep it because it’s like that’s what the ink is doing and I’m
using inks it’s like why not let it be itself you know okay I think that’s
another section done any up there that looks really kind of cool I’m going
pretty close to that blue line, blend with the blue more water, cuz its not blending quite right yeah the water seems to really
help with the swirlies ohh thats some really good ones right here, look! those crazy little things like if I tried to do that
like just with my hand it would not look anywhere near like that over here
I’m missing that like mid-tone that we had over here so see there’s like the
grayish blue and then there’s Phthalo blue and then there’s this extra color in the
middle not getting a lot of that over here I guess I could just like take a
palette and mix those two colors and get it but I kind of like the way it
naturally just created itself you know ♪ okay, I think i need that darker blue and some water on the brush there we have the base layer of the
background done so now I’m just gonna let that dry and then we’ll come back
start working on some of the other areas so it’s been about an hour it’s mostly
dry you can see there’s some shiny bits so now I think I’m gonna do is going
with the darker tombow and what I’ve noticed is it’s almost that color that
mid-tone color I was looking for so I’m just gonna fill in some areas that I
didn’t quite get the blend that I wanted maybe even pull it in a little closer to
the actual character I think I’ll be able to blend that out a bit better once
I go in and start getting closer to the character now the plan is to go in with
this but like very diluted water maybe some of that and then some water what color are we working with? maybe some more water using my spray bottle, I’m don’t feel like getting up, haha try to get as close to
the character as possible and if we go too close I’m gonna be using that opaque
acrylic marker so probably doesn’t even matter – blend out those lines a bit like
everything I’m doing I’m trying to get it to look sort of like it’s glowing there we go, there we go – keep working on this thats the one leg done – looks a lot slimmer now now the character’s silhouette it’s starting to
shine through a lot more now it’s the waiting game again I have to wait for
this to dry and see what it looks like tried my best – gonna do a thin stroke first
and then we will go over again I’m trying to be sort of organic with it not be too
planned out so it looks a little bit more like a lightning – it’s kind of cool
actually doesn’t it? now try to add some more like depths to it so it’s not
all one exactly-the-same-width-line so the next thing I need to do is fill
in the silhouette of the character probably turn this and start working on
it right like those hair to be very pointy
kind of like lightning I haven’t decided if I want to feel the eyes in
yet so I’m just gonna leave that as/is for now guess I’m pretty glad this wasn’t
a very fine tip brush now I’m filling in such a large area – looks kinda like a mummy
because it doesn’t have a very even coat but I think if I go over it again once
that’s dry I’ll be able to do a lot better should I try to make it look like toes? there we go, the character is outlined! it does kinda have a
glowing look doesn’t it, not too bad what if I made the hair more like lightening like it — that’s different
never drawn anything like that before went a little overboard there but try
and do another layer for the hair try to get a more even coat – so yeah I’m
probably not gonna bore you with watching that but I’m gonna go in and add a second
layer to this whole thing ♪ that looks cool looks like she’s wearing a little romper
or something one leg left that made a significant difference I
kind of like the eyes too but I might make the pupils bigger the thing we
haven’t used yet is this zebra pen ooh and it draws right on top of that
pretty good what if I fill that in with the black, and then I could add an
eyebrow I feel like it needs eyebrows but I think the eyebrow should be the
blue color because I don’t want to stray too far away from that color scheme
we’ve got going on here I just like drawing eyebrows so that’s the another reason…
okay that eyebrow ended up being too high add some lips add some nice shading under the chin, what if
we switch over to that light color can I get some shading ooh cool then we could
add something like maybe to the center so it looks more like she’s glowing
outwardly, does that make sense? like if the center has a bit of a blue tint to it
like the center of her body hey some lines that sort of hint at things – don’t really like
that line luckily it seems to just blend right out of there buh-bye! pretty happy with this except for maybe, that area over there but actually, wait! let me go over the lightening one more time brighten it up even more its a little
transparent currently there we go! we tested the supplies, made some thumbnails,
came up with an idea, translated it to a larger canvas, I guess you could say, and
there we have it there’s our finished illustration how fun is that? yeah thanks
for coming along with me on this drawing journey I had a lot of fun using these
supplies and I want to thank Paletteful for sending me this box to try out and share
with you if you’re interested in getting your own Palettefull packs subscription
I’ll have a link in the description or you can check out the three tiers that
they offer and see if one of them is right for you anyway thank you guys for
watching I’ll see you guys all next week and I hope you have a delcious evening full of waffles! ♪ Bye! ♪ ♪

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