Drawing Lines on a Bare Smooth Foam Ball

Drawing Lines on a Bare Smooth Foam Ball

Hey everyone Alyx here from Ornament Designs.com In this video I’m gonna show you how to
draw lines on a smooth foam ball that doesn’t have a
factor markings. So, it’s pretty easy, you’ll just need a few tools. The first thing that you’ll need is some graph paper. If you don’t have any
graph paper don’t worry about running to the store
and buying some. All you have to do is print some
out of the Internet. If you’re access to
computer and have access to a printer, just google printable graph paper and you can just print a sheet of graph paper out. And the reason why we need to graph
paper is because we’re going to cut some paper strips like
this. And the graph paper is nice because it
has those nice straight lines. You can get centimeter squares on the graph
paper and that should be sufficient. Of coarse we need to cut out our strips of paper so you can just use
scissors if you have a really steady hand or if you’re like me and can’t cut a
straight line to save her life I’ve then you can use a paper cutter like this. I’m a teacher, I use this for making worksheets. I’m also a
scrapbooker my spare time when I’m not making
Christmas ornaments which is like one month out of the whole year but uh… I use this for scrapbooking too. If you wanna go out and buy one of these they’re pretty cheap and they are very
useful and they are usually with all the
scrapbooking stuff at the craft store. You’ll need a marker like a Sharpie and this isn’t exactly a Sharpie it’s
the closest thing I could find here in Japan and it’s nice because has two ends on it has a thick end on it and it has a very fine tipped point on the other
end and that’s really nice for marking the foam ball. Make sure you get a pen
that is not gonna smear that dries fast. Okay let’s see what else
do we need. The next think you need are four straight pins. You’ll need some straight pins like this it doesn’t matter what they look like, any straight pins will do. just make sure there at least about an
inch long anything shorter might be too difficult to work with, so. Straight pins. And finally when you’re actually
drawing your lines you’ll need a tape measure and this is like
a soft plastic type tape measure that is the best kind of tape measure to use so I think that’s all the tools we need so let’s
get started Okay, first thing we’re gonna do is we need to cut a strip of paper about a centimeter wide. I’m just using some graph
paper here and my scrapbooking cutter so I can cut it nice and straight edges are a little bit rough but it’s not gonna matter. My phone ball has two
holes at the poles but I don’t like using the part with the hole as my North and South Pole because there’s nothing to anchor the pin inside
that hole so I wanna change where my north and south pole are and there are no other factory markings on this small ball that I have so I need to make my own markings. I need to make my own north
pole, south pole and my own equator. So the first thing I’m gonna do is
decide where I want my north pole to be, and I’m gonna put a pin and make a hole and then just draw a black dot around where I put my hole then I’ll take my strip of paper at the very edge of the paper pin it to the North Pole and then smooth the paper around so it’s
perfectly flat against the foam ball snip it at the end oops, let’s try this again smooth it over and snip it so now we’ve got a strip of paper that is the same measurement as
circumference of our ball check and make sure, yep that’s a good length alright, now go ahead and take that pin out and take
the paper off and fold the strip of paper in half like this, you wanna try to get as exact
as you can and then unfolded it and fold the ends in to the center like this okay and once you have folded both your ends in
you’ll have three creases now I’m, just for the sake of… so you can see them easier I’m just gonna draw some black lines on for you so you can see where those
creases are because otherwise it’ll be difficult
for you to see on on the video. You can do this if
you want if it’ll help you but it’s not necessary just as long as you can see where your three
creases are next take your pin and pin it back to the North Pole and smooth it around like you did before to where the paper strip is flat against the ball now where your creases are is where your points are going to be, for your
south pole and for your equator first I’m gonna do the south pole, stick my pin in and make a little hole draw over it with a black marker and now I have a north pole and a south pole okay next pin it back to the north pole, smooth it over pin it back to the south pole and then you can pin put a pin at the two leftover creases those are equator points once you’ve got all four pins in, you can start taking them out again and tracing over them with a black marker so they’re is the first equator point, take out the north
pole and then there’s your second equator
point, now I’ve left my south pole in and I’m just gonna turn it, turn my piece of
paper about ninety degrees and pin it back to the north pole and then using my other pins make a hole again where the creases like so, actually this
lines up but those holes that were originally in my ball so I’m just using those those
originals holes but you should actually make a hole with your pin I just don’t need to okay and then you take out all of your pins and all of your points, you’ve got 6 points drawn on your ball and now you can take your measuring tape
use it as a straight edge you can lineup line up all of those points and draw lines on your ball let me show you, this is from the north pole through an equator point down to the south pole and then you can turn it 180 degrees just to make sure that that line all the way around is nice and straight K so I’ve got my ball in half here and then turn it 90 degrees and divide it into fourths okay, so you can either leave it like that if that’s the kind of ball that you are making, or if you need to see your equator line you can draw on your
equator line just by matching up those points like that turn it over and do the other side It’s pretty easy, I’m using a very small
ball here this only about a five centimeter diameter ball For a large ball you’ll probably want to make more equator points, you’ll probably want to draw at least six or maybe eight equator points and you’ll want to try to buy a ball that’s as exact of a sphere as you can get. Sometimes cheaply made
balls aren’t a very good sphere and they’re kind of lopsided in that case this may not work. In that case there’s it’s really really hard to
get nice straight lines on a lopsided ball so good luck buying your balls try to you spend a little extra
money and get a better quality ball if you can anyways I hope that was helpful and thanks so much for watching bye


  • M K Martin says:

    I just started making kimekomi. Good tute; thanks for posting. I'm keeping this on a playlist to come back over and over, and will look forward to your other videos. One friendly constructive criticism, if I may: your instructions are good, your tone is even and nice to listen to…but the "uh's" and "um's" are very distracting. "Filler" words (including "like" and "y'know") make a speaker sound less confident, and less knowledgeable. But you actually know A LOT!!!
    Here's a free tip from a speech coach: (and fellow teacher): Count the total "uh's" and "um's", then divide by the minute length of your video/presentation/speech. If you set a goal of cutting that number in half the next time, you'll be an even BETTER tutorial diva than you already are! Keep up the great work, and happy ornament making! 🙂

  • Del Olmo Claudia says:

    l love your site, thank's for posting your designs, you are so creative, delicate !

  • Gina Bivens says:

    Very helpful–Great job

  • mzzzol says:

    Wow! Thank you very much.

  • May Gus says:

    Muchísimas graciasMe sirvió de mucho

  • Freda Wade says:

    ORRR you could take two rubber bands or elastic ponytail bands and stretch them around the foam ball to find your four quadrants and save yourself a whole lot of time.

  • Derek Dean says:

    Any suggestions on drawing a basketball?

  • Rajesh Thakur says:

    Where from we can by ball

  • Tracy Dunn says:

    I use the rough Styrofoam balls for my ornaments so you can't see the pin holes. I used your technique with the paper strip and just sniped a small hole at the fold lines. I was able to mark my poles and equator by sticking my sharpie in the holes of the paper strip. I did a whole bag of balls in about 20 minutes! Thanks for the idea!

  • Vivi con Letizia says:

    tutorial explained very well, congratulations and thanks!😘

  • Wade Tan says:

    How can I draw a line over a wooden ball?

  • rosslahive says:

    Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks a lot.

  • Sahil Lakhotra says:

    how u are speaking i think u are from london

  • Sahil Lakhotra says:

    how u are explaining its very disturbing 😠

  • JEAN I Vanbeick says:

    Thank you for substitles

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