Don’t Overplay (ft. Thank You Lord) | Worship Band Workshop

Don’t Overplay (ft. Thank You Lord) | Worship Band Workshop

we’re going to break down a song here thank you Lord since we’ve been working with that one we’ll break it down and and just uh you’ve heard how simply these guys are playing playing as a team and and just this is the way we approach by in the song now if we approach it differently let them go crazy it’s going to have a completely different feel but just let’s just start the song like we normally play it uh kick it off Timmy I come before you today when he playing Kegel there’s just one thing that I want to say what could you be playing thank you for all you give it to me all the bless seems that I kind of like that you okay yeah so it’s funny uh you know you probably like that I kind of did but if he gets if everybody gets that busy song’s gonna be crazy I Tommy what are you doing I come before you today it’s one thing that I it’s pretty simple is that all you got oh you kidding to me well the list seems that thank you yeah the grateful with a song of praise it’s actually not bad you know I feel 50 years younger it’s great but again is the guys are time to dial in into what works for don moen you know okay you got to be authentic about who the who’s you’re who the artist is and you know that they play to the style of my music but uh Timmy okay you know I know what you’re playing simple I come before just one thing that I now if you were being asked the first time you had a chance to play drums in the church young guy you could overplay I with a grateful heart with a song a prick with an outstretched arm yeah that’s a little over the edge but you know we we do this is kind of fun it’s kind of crazy but it is it actually happens and and you know it happens maybe it’s happened in your church but you pull a guitar player up or a drummer up for the first time and it’s like oh my gosh I got to play every lick I’ve ever learned in this one song and and the what you got to learn is is discipline you got to hold back there’ll be plenty of time to play those notes but you got to play to the song so less is more all right Jason I know you’re playing nothing on the verse right but me remember now you’re a first time bass player got a first shot at playing in church and you try to play every lick you ever know so I come before you to day just one thing yeah you’re given where you gonna go from here the grateful hearts unafraid let’s bet star my surname suddenly I had this feeling it’s all about Jason yeah you played more notes in that first little section that usually played the whole song but these guys can all fill and add a lot of notes but they’re disciplined enough to play to the song and like I said less is more and Lennie with your simple little you say it’s a nice light nice light touch on the guitar so if you were going to now I know you never would but if you’re going to overplay what would it sound like I come before just one thing that I thank you Oh why not join us all you’ve given to me everybody over play a little bit all the blessings that God here praise will announce red star I think I ought to do a new album like that so I can’t and not play it the right way the course thank you here yeah now the song kind of makes sense it kind of makes sense cuz it’s like okay that everybody’s there supporting the one thing but wow I felt like a a just a little tiny bystander in a band of soloists there for a moment and maybe you feel that way sometime as well as a worship leader so again if you’ve got these young guys in your band I’m say young but it could be any age but somebody wants to overplay all the time you need to be strong enough as a leader to just say alright mr. guitar player time out you have take six weeks and sit on the on the front row of the church well until you learn that this is not about you it’s about God that’s what this is about that’s why we do this so if anybody in your band kind of tries to hijack the service or the song and make it about them as a leader you and your pastor need to kind of pull the young lad or lassie over and just kind of say it’s I think we just need to have you sit out for a while it’s not about you you need to do this in love as well because young guys come in they just want to play there’s a loving way to do that just put your arm around them and just mentor them a bit just tell them show them an example of what to do and what not to do


  • Mvx Niederlande says:

    *jacob Collier left the group chat

  • Jesus Es El Señor says:

    True I see this happening at times

  • kiddo342005 says:

    The biggest thing about this video is don makes himself sound like an arrogant jerk.

  • Anthony Okon says:

    100% on point.

  • Seven says:

    Don Moen music is meditative , spiritual and christian. I feel the calmness and prayerful energy of it. Once you start to add those dissonant or blues feel riffs, etc., for me, the mood immediately shifted to rebellious party animal lol.

    I play a little music before and was in a band playing at bars.. i’m over that, christian music suits me more.. Thank you Don Moen

  • TheLychie says:

    I love how Timmy overplayed! hhahah I would listen to each solo any time

  • MrPlushair says:

    No need to remove somebody from service, until you explain, what is the goal, what doing wrong, and what have to do. Better to explain than punish instantly. We are not bad, but sometimes make mistakes… IMO

  • Shawn Hinzman says:

    Those drums sound awesome.

  • Ryno says:

    let the bass player free and he'll groove your face off

  • Abongeh Achondombom Nshom says:

    that electric guitar overplay was gold

  • Onesim Chinzah says:

    What a clear ullustration?!

  • joshuel david says:

    Seeing them over play at the same time is like watching golden state warriors losing with its 5 all star players.

  • Wicus Studios says:

    I love the overplay…

  • StephenDedalusGuitar says:


  • 1,000 subs with no videos says:

    Most of the overplay was awesome haha not gonna lie. God bless

  • MrStradia says:

    What's that bass Jason is playing? It's beautiful.

  • MrStradia says:

    Not sure you would need to sit them down right away, but each worship leader needs to figure out the best approach. For me, I would just try to work with them and coach them first to see how receptive they are and if they are willing to make the required adjustment. If that doesn't work, then they would need to take a break.

  • walterplyons says:

    MISTITLED…… with all respect, and honor, I love the LORD, and this sounded great… the title should be… The Difference Between Gospel and Christian

  • Always Real says:

    Overplayed, this is big bul1$hit… I would called the professional way "music arrangement" of the song during live performance. The song sounds very poor when its just that miserable vocal singing in front of the simple music.I'ts like its not supported. But with good music arrangement can be done much better work. Don't listen to this guy, he is the one who wants to overplay. Vocals, gonna tell me what i am gonna do, pff.

  • D. Timoth says:

    Praise God very nice explanation about music how to use for glorify God. Thank you God bless u.

  • Devonte Mitchell says:

    When one musician is doing it nothing sounds awful

  • darkcurlz says:

    Ok honest question though: wouldn't the sound guy balance it out? I try to learn what to play by listening to its recording and what I noticed is every instrument has some sort of line. Then they are layered at different volumes.

  • JamesParksandRecTV Ministries says:

    Yes please overplay

  • Gary Castillo says:

    Early 2000’s church band… I get the point of the video but this was a terrible example of the band sounds goo when they all overplayed.. sounds like they’d be playing at my grandmas old baptist church. Then at the end it sounded like something that people would enjoy more tbh lOl the “Right Way” is pretty lame.. sorry. Listen to Israel Houghton. Perfect of organized overplaying.

  • Khu Heong Keem says:

    Thank you lord love this song

  • Misael noh says:

    Que bello

  • Carlos Turcios Olivera says:

    I guess it depends…
    Mood , tempo , nuances and so on.
    I mean , there's nothing wrong to add more color to a song with a nice guitar or piano…not drums of course.

  • sean johnson says:

    Overplay on the guitar !! Sounded awesome

  • Martin Proctor says:

    Excellent band!

  • Dan C says:

    I Love this!

  • Facts Justice Truth says:

    I mean no harm but just curious..can YoU plAy tHe BoOgie woOgiE!?

  • billy duff says:

    Normally I'd say never overplay but y'all killed it! That was awesomely overplayed!!!

  • Worship With Steve says:

    The bass player sent chills down my spine on overplayed part. That's awesome. He should overplay entirely

  • Jerico Robles says:

    5:53 he's feelin it

  • Curtez Aldridge says:

    What’s than me fo those mixers they are using??

  • paulo alencris lima says:

    Muito de mais .Deus o abençoe..

  • Gab Gab says:

    don't overplay means supporting together of each instrument for the song or lyrics.

  • Roshelle says:

    I HAVE NOTICED THIS WITH OUT OWN LEADER!! I’ve (respectfully) called him out, because when we would be singing a worship song, and he would go all out with the guitar, oh boyyy, even if he is the leader, it doesn’t mean he can play all crazy and the sad thing is that he says that he gets emotional because he is feeling it.
    I dunno….

  • DeadKoby says:

    Best advice is "play the record"…. just emulate the recording you're asked to play.

  • Cory Adams says:

    These guys know how to fit riffs in very well… i didnt like the song till i heard them transform it

  • Jose Ledezma says:

    Guy – tommy is that all you got
    Tommy -hold my beer

  • Ricky Mañoza's Tutorial says:

    Haha. That's true. We must not overplay playing in the church. Simplicity is beauty! The center here is our God.

  • David Beasley says:

    Sounds better overplayed! Lol

  • Jherico Tibos says:

    Guitar tone is awesome😍🎸💕👍

  • Lam Lun says:


  • Aldeane jake Sanidad reyes says:


  • JY Idys Mendes TETKA says:

    Bass player waouhhhhhh great groove

  • Dave Miller says:

    The overplay part would be a great jam

  • Aguilera Productions says:

    I’m glad to see they’re not racist

  • Raymund Labs ra says:

    recently i accidentally listen to the thank you lord song and i feel something can't explain , and im here now just to say Thank you Lord for the life.

  • skubee23 says:

    The overplayed stuff sounds better way better than the watered downed playing. I mean don't do it all at once, but use it for dynamic purposes. At my church when I play guitar, it's a clean tone with some chorus. For the chorus i switch to some overdrive with a little delay and tasty licks between lyrics. The bridge it just depends. You don't want to be just like they were playing at the beginning. Let the musicians worship God with the their talents.

  • Yunior A says:

    Tommy, 02:02 im a bass player and you are alowed to overplay in my church yes you are brother!!!😎

  • RONALD RUBIA says:

    Wow… Include me please

  • realme rara says:

    Don is saying do not overplay because the focus is on God, not YOU.

  • realme rara says:

    We do have a drummer that overplays all the time and we need to put a stop to it.

  • apiece ofdirt says:

    How about “just be musical.”

  • Endrank luvs da 4 loko says:

    That busy bass line was on fire! I'm a christian but I don't really listen to christian music, and I think it's usually cause it's just all kinda boring and all sounds the same to me. Making it more interesting musically doesn't seem like the worst idea in the world to me lol

  • Sam Peñacerrada says:

    Can someone tell me the drummer's name please????

  • Unicorn Squad says:

    I like the "overplay" part😂

  • Jonathan Vidal says:

    What’s the drummers you tube channel so I can subscribe him he’s good

  • Jonathan Vidal says:

    Everyone’s YouTube channel they are all good

  • Duckson-Kelly Mfiengi says:

    Man That Guitar Bass! Wow! And The Whole Thing Man! Mr. Moen Please Release An Overplay Album! It Will Be Very Beautiful And Give Another Variety In The Worship Of Our King The Lord Jesus-Christ To Whom All Glory Shall Be!

  • Rodriguez Francis says:

    Shalom 🙏🏼😇
    J’ai beaucoup aimer l’état D’esprit dont vous conduisez la chorale . Vous êtes très talentueux pour ce service spirituel qui est très sérieux , que Dieu vous bénissent abondamment d’avantage pour sa gloire .
    Serait-il possible d’avoir quelque conseils svp ?

  • Samuel Colp says:

    This song sounds great overplayed well done. I wish more worship songs were like this.

  • dominic dela cruz says:

    simply true ☺️

  • Kahnnia Marie says:

    The overplay version sounded cool but remember we are worshipping not performing 😊

  • Eco Kanjukuoh says:

    So funny lesson. There are demonations, specially baptists in south are not so liberated they sing hymnal ang they sing or adopt new songs therefore or but when they sang new songs they don't overplayed it.
    The lesson is to praise the Lord and not to rock the world. When we sing praises song s in church or everywhere we dont have an audience to this world our audience is God. And He is just calm, so why to sing wildly or overplayed it if He is a calm God? 😂

    -pentecostal left the group.✌

  • RONALD RUBIA says:

    Wow.. I've learned a lot…

  • mikefredbass says:

    Less IS NOT MORE. Less is less. Thank ya he Lord no one told any of the Funk Brothers or Muscle Shoals guys that.
    What it takes is self producing and playing the right stuff and find what fits. And that’s NOT always the most basic or simple of parts.

  • theadore100 says:

    Bass steals the session

  • xenav Bello says:

    you guys overplayed but it sounds awesome. #Eargasm

  • Kevin Salazar says:

    He’s just jealous he can’t play like them. 😂 just kidding 😂😂😳

  • Harvey Cortes says:

    Don that is precisely correct. Such a very nice advice to some young musician playing for a church band.

  • Luis Rojas says:

    Main singer must pay them a lot of money to play with him..

  • 남철우 says:

    Thank you for your advice God bless you!

  • Joel Aby says:

    Good song

  • RageDaug says:

    I could not stop laughing! I enjoyed each "solo" part by itself, but when all the instruments solos played at the same time, I laughed out loud.

  • Joel Schirripa says:

    everyone: overplaying sounds dope

    acoustic guitarist: plays the exact same thing but louder

  • aaron mercado says:

    Everything is perfect except for the drum part 🤣

  • Benard Mwangi says:

    Great lesson

  • Joshua Thompson says:

    That accustic guitar was not over playing at all

  • John Fredrick David says:

    I came here often to hear them overplay.

  • Korban Pearson says:

    with some refining the overplayed version sounded better

  • Bethuel Govene says:


  • that guy with the ravioli says:

    Ok but are we all supposed to ignore the brother on the EP, he sounded great😂

  • Charlie Janto says:


  • Good guy here Man on a mission says:

    It’s just too plain for my taste. To be honest, even when the musicians were trying to “Over play”, it was still simple. The keyboard player played a few rhythmic things and looked at him like, “I’m done coach”!

  • Good guy here Man on a mission says:

    Honestly this is what I dislike about some CCM churches! Now he just said, “this is about God”! He said if Mr Guitar player “over plays” you need to sit him down basically until he gets with the program.

    1.) How do you determine his mind, heart, soul and/or his relationship with God based how he plays??? Did God have a heart judging machine delivered to you for accuracy purposes??!

    2.) No!!!! You are playing music that caters to your base/fans and that is white people who enjoy that type of sound! It sounds like the kind of music they would listen to even if they weren’t a Christian!

    3.) There are many many other forms of music! Country/CCM style is only one of many! But you would have all these people believe that you can accurately judge someone’s heart based on how they’re playing their instrument!

    4.) I feel like it’s a level of pride and false humility! If I don’t play any augmentations or rhythmic complications in my music than some how I know God better than you!

    5.) Look at all the CCM Pastors that have “fallen into sin”!!! Did they know God better than other preachers, “Brother”?? Nope!!!!

    6.) Look at all the CCM Pastors who are Trump supporters! But you know God better than this guy “over playing” the guitar 🎸!

    GET OUT OF HERE! Nooooo, you are playing to your base! That’s Ok! But what’s not ok is to tell people they should be sat down because they need to understand it’s about God and not them!

    Now, your music doesn’t require that type of guitar SOUND OR STYLE, that’s a whole different conversation!!!! He can be sat down simply because his style or sound just doesn’t fit what you are trying to play!

    That’s Ok! But that’s about the Music and not judging his heart because he is over playing!!

  • Big Mouth says:

    Yeah…dont need to overplay a solemn song😅

  • petram omotoso says:

    😂😂😂💐💐💐💐💐 Thank you for sharing 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿

  • Jay Maturin says:

    I would take the overplayed version over the original any day lol

  • Benjie Abbas says:

    Don's musicians didn't actually overplay. They just played the song in a different style. But it does happen when certain church musicians just want to play their heart out. Oftentimes they would play a very nicely but would overpower other instruments.

  • Potassium Chloride says:

    i kinda like the electric guitar

  • 池太桃 says:

    Their overplay sounds good is cause they play good.

  • Simon Samuel says:

    Overplays were too awesome. Loved it 😂😍

  • Benni H. says:

    I think you have to do a Instrumental in the song whith this kind of overplay. 🙂



  • renzronald pepino says:

    Josh ham and marc peric left the group

  • Wangoi Kamhoa says:

    I have learned soo many things from this song.. I was a kind of guy who overplays everytime.. Thanks alot..

  • FLUFFYo 0024 says:

    This video tells musician not to overplay but after watching this,It kinda inspire you to overplay.HAHAHAHA

    I'm a young musician in our church and I don't know how to overplay so I think I'm ok😁

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