Hi everyone, so I thought that I would take
today to teach you guys how to make string trees so, I guess I just wanted to tell you
how to make them because one day I showed you the one that I have now and I love it
and I want another one so I am going to make another one today and I wanted to teach you
how to make it so without further Ado let’s make string cheese, string trees. Let’s make
string trees. So what you are going to want to do is get in your car and start driving
to the nearest craft store but first you are going to see deer on the way it happens when
you make these trees guys. I am not kidding you it is just going to happen so get to your
nearest craft store and you are going to find the stuff that you need. You only need about
3 things for this maybe 4, or 5 depending on what stuff you have at home. You are going
to get really overwhelmed with how many things they have at the craft store and you are going
to want to stop filming. Then find your wood piece Find your string. And then walk around
aimlessly in the craft store until somebody tells you that they do not have the nails
that you need for the rest of this project and then go to a different store only to be
told at that different store that they do not hold the nails that you need there either.
And you are going to want to go to a hardware store probably should have gone to a hardware
store in the first place but I do not belong in hardware stores folks this is not my natural
place to go. But it does have many nails that you could possibly need for this. So when
you find the nails that you need you may want to get about 2 boxes and you see the prices.
Right there very cheap for a box of nails, guys so just get two boxes just in case and
then take a break you know, take a bagel go treat yourself but don’t treat yourself for
too long because we have got to get back to work. These are the things you are going to
need for it you have the hammer that I hope you have at home the nails the wood yes that
and you are also going to need a pencil to trace out your outlines while you are tracing
on your outline you are going to want to be very soft with your traces because you are
going to need to erase a couple of things here and there and you do not want that to
show through. Then you are going to want to clean up your table because your mother is
a clean freak then you are going to want to go outside because it is a nice day you know?
And this part, I am going to stress this. For the more intricate parts and the more curvy
parts that you want in your trees or whatever design you choose you are going to want to do
get the nails closer together because the further apart the nails are the more Jagged
and more straight edge that the things look at you kind of want things to look more rounded
off if you are doing this kind of design if you’re doing something like a star go ahead
go for a geometric shape. So, I think you get the point you are going to want to just
put them close together that is what it is going to look like okay. Stop it. Stop it.
Now you’re going to want to get other nails and you are going to want to put nails around
the entire border of it except for the bottom of the tree if that is what you decide to
do but first you’re going to get distracted by the ants that are outside. So you were
going to want to get your string at the end of this is probably the most important part
undo the string and you know, just get rid of all of the rapper good job. Something I
suggest you do is listening to some Disney music because that does definitely help you
pass the time alone and make sure you unravel a good amount of the yard just because it
is going to help you later. Now you’re going to tie a knot around the first nail so it
is securely fastened and then you are going to want to wrap a loop around each nail of
the design that you choose not going to be the entire thing just the designs that you
choose to do. And then at this point you should just have fun with and string it however
you want to it is not going to be that intricate after this. You can just do it however you
feel like it if you want to do it lighter only do one layer if you wanted to do it more
like I do it I do a couple of layers on each but it is very free rein, you know? Just tie it
through.This is what it looks like in the beginning stages yes, you are great.
So that is really about it is not that difficult to do this folks. This is what it looks like
in the end so just make sure you cut off any loose ends and you are good to go and you
have made yourself a string tree isn’t that nice? No one is complimenting
you and I when is complimenting you. If you wanted to hang this up on a wall, just put
nails here and here once we get the nails and you want to apply a liberal amount of
string on these nails because do not forget it has to hang on the string. Alright so there
you go guys I hope you enjoyed this little video of me making this for you no one asked
for me to do it but this is something that I wanted to do for a while and I showed you
my other one a while ago, see if that guy, so I felt like I wanted to make another one
and I felt like I wanted to show you how to do it it is very easy and there are some things
like this at Target for like 20 bucks and this was… Let me see everything was about
$12 for everything so I mean it is really very cheap and it is very fun and it takes
a while so if you are bored this is something that you can do but anyway that’s all I hope
that you enjoyed making… I hope you enjoyed me making that and I hope you
decide to make it later. This took me a long time and I should be studying for finals and
not doing this so I, I am and going to go study for finals now so I hope you guys have
a wonderful week happy finals week to anyone who is having finals this week and keep learning.

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  • Wendi Rivera says:

    Well done 🙂 And… what's wrong with being a clean freak?! Maybe the ants wanted a tutorial too.

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