DIY Gift Ideas & Kits that Inspire Creativity |  DIY Kits & Ideas for Holiday Gifts

DIY Gift Ideas & Kits that Inspire Creativity | DIY Kits & Ideas for Holiday Gifts

– [Narrator] Hey guys, one of the things I’m passionate about is
inspiring creativity in everyone. And a great way to do that
is by sharing DIY kits that you can give to your friends. Today’s video is brought
to you by Style Me Up and in this video, I will
show you different types of DIY sets that you can
buy or make yourself. The first kit is this i-loom
bracelet starter pack. I got the chance to try it
out and I found it so fun that I wanted to share it with you guys. This set helps you learning
how to make bracelets in different designs by
showing you step by step, animated or advanced bracelet instructions that you can replay as
often as you need to. The bracelet making kit
comes with this i-loom device that you can place your iPad in and to get started, simply
download the free app, set up a profile and then
unlock the free patterns and colors by scanning a
code that comes with the set. This pack also includes six string colors, five bracelet locks and 18 spool tags. The tags will help you to keep track of the strings and make
everything a lot less confusing while working with lots of
different colors and threads. What I also like is that
this device helps you to keep everything in place by securing the threads in this lid once you have started a bracelet. If you or your friends
are not familiar with making bracelets at all, don’t worry, they can learn everything they will need by watching the video tutorials that come with the app as well. And one of the things I like the most is that you can also create
you own unique patterns. You can use different letters, symbols and even colors and just
be creative with that. And once you’re done, the
app will show you how to make the bracelets you’ve just designed. And if you want to
unlock even more patterns that you can find in the boutique, you can buy them with money
or you can purchase them with Loomies that you can buy or earn after completing certain tasks
like finishing a bracelet. So if you like creating
friendship bracelets and want to share this
interest with your friends, this is the perfect gift. So be sure to check out
i-loom using the link below. And if your friends
rather have a sweet tooth and crave for something
sweet all the time, this DIY chocolate cake in a mug kit will be perfect as a gift. To create the mixture for the cake, we need to prepare the
dry ingredients first. For this step, you will need
four tablespoons of flour, one tablespoon of cocoa powder, one and a half tablespoons of sugar, one teaspoon of vanilla and one quarter to a half
teaspoon of baking powder. Add the dry ingredients into a bowl and mix everything very well. Now place everything
into a small plastic bag, close the bag with thread
and a cute tag if you like and you are done. And to make sure that your friend knows what to do with that, you will simply add the instructions to the outside of a white mug. First, be sure that the
mug is microwave safe and free of any oils. If your writing tends
to be all over the place as mine, draw a guideline onto
the mug with a pencil first. Once you’re done with that, start writing the headline of the recipe
by using a porcelain pen. And to make it all
cute, you can draw a mug and a microwave underneath to illustrate what things you will need
to create a delicious chocolate cake in a mug. Now write down all the ingredients that you will need as well. Since the cake mixture only
includes dry ingredients, you will also have to add five tablespoons of milk and two tablespoons
of oil to your list. Don’t forget to add how long the cake has to be microwaved as well. For this version, everything needs to be microwaved for about one minute. If you want, you can decorate and detail to the mug to make it cuter. Once everything is ready,
you can place the mixture into the mug and the gift is ready. Now all you will have to do is following the instructions
that are on the mug. Mix all the ingredients together and then microwave everything for about one minute. And since the mug has
all the instructions, you will be able to make
this cake again and again. This cake is so delicious, I could eat it all day, every day. So I hope you and your friends will enjoy this chocolate cake in a mug as well. Another fun gift idea
is a terrarium moss kit. It not only looks cute,
but you can learn about interesting natural processes as well. To create the terrarium kit, you will need a clean
glass container with a lid, some rock, organic soil and moss. I used living and dried moss. And you will also need
some decorative stones and things you could place inside the jar. Now, to make it rather self explanatory, you can place everything
into small plastic bags and number them. First you will need to create a rock layer to separate the water from
the soil and the roots, this way it will serve
as a drainage system. Second, I wanted to add
a layer of dried moss, but this is optional. The third thing you
want to add is the soil. The fourth layer is the
living moss I wanted to add. If you want to add more detail, you can add blue stones that
you can arrange as water. Pack all the decorative
things into a bag as well and once you have everything prepared, you can place everything inside the jar. You can also add a
small gift tag and write down what to do with this kit. Now your friend can arrange everything following the numbers and the
gift tag you might have added and then close the jar with the lid. I think it’s a simple but fun idea to create your own
terrarium for your home. And by adding small decorations, you can personalize it
and make it more unique. And if your friend is more into beauty, this DIY chocolate lip balm
kit is the perfect gift. To create the kit, you will need one tablespoon of cocoa butter, one tablespoon of shea butter, one tablespoon of coconut oil, and two tablespoons of beeswax. You will need small
containers for the lip balm that you can find online. And you will also need about one teaspoon or more of chocolate powder
and vitamin E capsules. But this is optional. And you will also need small plastic bags and a box where you can
place everything inside. First, put everything into small bags as we did with the previous kit. You can label each bag so if your friends are new to making lip balms. It will help them learning
about different powders, oils and it’s consistency as well. Now simply place everything inside the box and arrange it nicely. You can also add a cute
ribbon around as well. I also added some cute gift tags that I wrote down what’s inside this box and what to do with it. And the DIY chocolate
lip balm kit is ready. Now your friend just needs
to melt every ingredient you have prepared together and fill it into the containers. Once they are full, let them cool down and you get your own,
handmade chocolate lip balm. They look so cute and taste so amazing. I hope your friends will like it as well. And these were my gift
ideas for DIY lovers and everyone that wants to inspire creativity in their friends. Thank you again to Style Me Up for helping me creating this video. Please like this video if you enjoyed it and thought it helpful and
don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t already so you don’t miss any of my other fun videos in the future. Thank you for watching,
have a wonderful day and see you next week.


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