DIY Cute & Easy Drawstring Backpack {NO SEW} | ANN LE

– Hey everyone, how’s it going? So today’s DIY we are going to make some drawstring backpacks. Today I will be using a non-sew method which is perfect for those
of you guys who don’t have a sewing machine,
don’t know how to sew, or is a little sewing challenged. Or, you know, if you have a sewing machine you can take your sewing machine out too and make this project as well. So this is for everyone. I love these little backpacks
because I can take them to the gym with me, I
can take them for a hike, and it’s just lightweight and easy to use. So these are perfect to take with me to yoga class and hiking. So let’s go ahead and get into it. To make this you will need fabric. I’m using a heavy-duty canvas material that someone gave me
a long, long time ago, and now I can finally make use of it. You will need some cord, drawstring locks, and fabric glue. First step is to lay out your fabric with the wrong sides
out and fold it in half. Then draw an 18” x 18” square. Go ahead and cut it out. Now open up your fabric with
the wrong sides facing upward at you and press in about half an inch of the raw edge, just like
what I’m doing right here. This is a step we have to do so that way we can glue down the raw edges and prevent the fabric from
fraying or coming apart. Now fold the fabric back
in half with the wrong side facing outward at you, take some pins to hold the folds in place. Now for the opening, which
is parallel from your fold, you’re going to press down one inch. Just like so. And make sure to do the
same on the other side. Now with your fabric glue,
glue what you pressed down earlier on the sides. This will definitely prevent the material from fraying and coming apart. And make sure not to
glue the opening part, which is parallel from your fold. At the opening, it’s
time to place your cord in between the one inch
fold that we made earlier. Place the glue along
the edge and make sure the cord is close to that fold line, then press it down just like so. Make sure to repeat the
same step on the other side. We are down to the last few steps. All you have to do now is insert the locks to the strings on the sides. Just like how I have it right here. Because we are doing the non-sew method, with the loose ends tie
them together like so. This will also make it adjustable, just in case if you
find this to be too long or too short, you can always adjust this by loosening the knots. It is now time to close our bag together, so place some glue along the edges on each side of the bag. Carefully press the sides down and let this set for
a good couple of hours before using it. Okay, I’m going to draw a mandala and what a mandala stands for is the universe, so I just love mandala art. They’re so beautiful to look at, and the patterns are just so intricate. So I’m making my own little version. I looked at some pictures online, and it kind of inspired me to make my own little version of this. So this is what I’m doing today. I’m adding some glue and
some gold glitter to this. Another fun and easy artwork to do is to do a color splash on your canvas bag. After the paint dries,
with a pencil I just drew in some arrows, and
this is very simple to do. They’re so cute to look at. Then I added in some text, which says, “Follow your path.” I like to go hiking so I’m thinking about bringing this little drawstring
backpack with me, which goes with the theme “follow
your path,” but at the same time “follow your path” to me
is focusing on yourself, doing you only, and nobody else. Like, don’t focus on what
other people are doing, don’t compare yourself,
just believe in yourself and believe in your goals, and follow that path which belongs to you. (playful music) Alright everyone, that’s it for today. Thank you so much for watching! If you enjoyed this
video then don’t forget to give a thumb’s up. I would really, really appreciate it, and let me know which artwork you guys liked below, and if you will be sewing or if you not be sewing. This will really help
me in making more DIYs. Like if I know you guys want to sew more then I would do more sewing
DIYs, and if you guys, and if I know that most
of you guys don’t have a sewing machine then I will stick to no-sew methods and
things like that, because I want everybody to
enjoy, like, these DIYs. So make sure to comment
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