What’s up, I’m Rob, You’re watching Man VS Din! Now last week Corrine made black ice cream, and everybody lost their sh*t I- I don’t even want to talk about my sh*t but.. The whole, entire internet seems obsessed with turning everything black! So today on Man VS Din we’re doing all black everything! Din-o-Meter? *Rising pitch*……Huh. Now as always here on Man VS Din we are starting off with the alcoholic appetizer. This my friends is the Blackbeard cocktail. To make this I needed to mix the following: One ounce of spiced rum Now remember if you’re making a real drink here..You triple everything! So that’s three ounces…Of spiced rum Then we are adding one and a half ounces of Fernet-Branca I don’t even know what the- the f*ck is this? Four ounces of Crem de cacao Cacoa? Cowca? Coca? (It’s pronounced cocow) Hmm. Next you’re gonna need squid ink! I mixed a fourth of a tablespoon of squid ink ..Or Cuttlefish Ink into the mixture. Then, you top all THAT off with One and a half ounces of Chocolate Stout. You mix it. You shake it. You pour it. You drink the sh*t out of it. It’s kinda black… Let me think.. You want to taste it? Taste it. Oh yeah, good huh? Don’t tell your parents. Oh yeah sure. It’s alright. It’s not bad, it’s.. It’s black Eh, f*ck it. It’s alcoholic. *Gurgle noises from the depths of Hell* Elheha Alright! Alright! Now we are ready to move on, to the star of the show! The project I believe that is going to change the course of Threadbanger history as we know it. This is gonna f*cking take internet by goddamn storm The black grilled cheese, SANDWICH You thought that rainbow F*cking grilled cheese sandwich was something Well, you have not seen ANYTHING. Yet. Buzzfeed is going to be doing an article about it next week. Joey Graceffa is coming out with a video already. This is going to be legendary. I think… I hope… First you will need all the sh*t you need to make bread Don’t know how to make bread? I don’t either, but the f*cking internet does In a larger bowl, I dissolved a quarter ounce of active yeast and two and a quarter cups of warm water I added three tablespoons of sugar one tablespoon of salt two tablespoons of Canola oil six cups of flour and a f*cking partridge in a pear tree and I mixed all of that sh*t into some dough Just as you suspected …yes this is a f*cking mess sticky f*cking doughy, getting all over the f*cking place bullsh*t I put down some flour on the counter and continued rolling it out until I got this kinda stretchy, elastic, type dough Now, I’m also using squid ink to make this black. *rob coughing and slowly dying from the toxic squid fumes * Oh god…ugh…ugh… that f*cking smells terrible ugh…alright. I mixed that together uh…and I don’t know, it’s kind of gray …ish so I’m going to add some super black food coloring to it and I’m happy I did because that sh*t did the trick I think and uh….. now I gotta let that sh*t sit now for a hour and a half! To f*cking rise and do whatever f*cking scientific f*cking bread bullsh*t that it does. F*ck it, I’m going to make another drink and get started on dessert. Black Jello! mmm, black Jello. That’s crazy! Now and I went and picked out the darkest Jello color that I could find and uh, which in this case it happens to be raspberry I prepared the Jello by uh following the instructions on the back That’s how you do it. And once I did that, I added in my super black food coloring and yeah, that uh, looks pretty black I poured it into a cake mold ’cause uh, I thought that would be fancy and, uh, put it in the fridge then you just wait f*cking four more hours and make yourself another SIX cocktails cheers (Rob plz) Alright, back to the dough A hour and a half later uh, it’s looking pretty DOUGH PUH. Dope, Dough? (Rob..Just no….) f*ck I unwrapped it, I kneaded it for a minute and then put it into a greased bread pan I had to wait another 30-45 minutes for that sh*t to rise and then I popped it into the oven at 375 for 30 minutes. Holy F*cking Sh*t Baking bread is a f*cking process! Jesus! 30 minutes later I took them out Buttered them and sliced them up Oh! Look at that! This f*cking turned out perfect! I am a god d*mn baker now! Motherf*ckers! (whatever pleases you Rob) Alright. On to the cheese. Since there is no such thing as black cheese I’m just going to do it the old fashioned way. Taking some white cheddar, and mixing in some super black food dye To get the darkest possible color that I can get Now on top some of the slices of black bread I’m putting on my black cheese Look at that sh*t. (we are Rob, we are…) I fired up the pan melted some butter, and threw it in. I can’t even f*cking, can’t even see it where did it go?! There’s smoke here, but I don’t know if I’m burning it or not. I guess we’ll find out soon enough! I took it off, I cut it in half and, here we go! This is the F*cking money shot Let me present to you the first ever BLACK. GRILLED. CHEESE. SANDWICH. That is a thing of beauty right there Look at that f*cking blacky goodness! ha hah….what? Blacky goodness? uh god… You saw it first! Right F*cking here! We got to see how these things taste. MMM (you are making the viewers hungry) Ooh my god. WHAAAAAT? Look at that. That is f*cking delicous I gotta open up a goddamn restaurant called, Rob’s Black Food! *whispers* What No Corrine’s gonna try it Corrine: Hehehe! Rob: You’re all the way down there It looks terrifying. Smells just like a grilled cheese though. Crunchy, I don’t know if I can get over the fact that it’s a black grilled cheese, it’s kinda freakin me out. How much food coloring did you use in that? Rob: Yeeaah, a good ammount, a pretty good ammount. How the hell’s that Jello doing? Let’s bust that sh*t out. Huh… Just gotta give it a little shove here, *Bangs on table* Push, eeeeehh, oh. There it is. Umm.. Not too appetizing looking at all. Nothing really revolutionary about it. But it’s good! Leaves your tongue a little bit black, eh. Success on the black Jello, but this episode’s, really, this episodes all about the f*cking grilled cheese. Game changer f#ckin game changer Let us know what you want us to blackify next? Blackify… that sounds terrible Let us know what you want to make black next? None of this is gonna sound right but you know what the f*ck I mean And while were on the subject of black things lets talk bout the threadbanger box Boom solid f*king transition This is the halloween threadbanger box. Everything in it is super exclusive. Corrine and I are designing a t-shirt to put in here a poster, stickers We’re doing DIY supplies so that you can actually work alongside us during a live broadcast. We’ve never done a live show before. I don’t know what the f*ck is gonna happen. I don’t even know if I’m allowed to show this one yet but this is just a small thing that’s in it and it’s amazing.Yes that is the Finger McF*ckerton sticker kit. So be sure to head on over to and pick yourself up one TODAY. While supplies last. Operators aren’t standing by. It’s just a f*cking website On another note, we just reached 3 MILLION subscribers. Thanks to everybody that has made that possible We are f*cking freaking out over here If you’re not subscribed be sure that you hit up that button Like up this video and I’ll see you round here next Man Vs Din

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