Come Join Us! Unboxing New Watercolor Painting Art Supplies with Art Junkie Helen and Dietrich

Come Join Us! Unboxing New Watercolor Painting Art Supplies with Art Junkie Helen and Dietrich

hello this is Helen Schaefer bringing
out the artist in you well we’re back in Florida
and we’re ready to do our first video from Florida or is it the second one
already no it was the second one already
that’s right we did the gray beard one before this yeah and this is
an unboxing Helen received the present from Dena and she’s gonna unbox that
and that’s what we’re going to record this morning so here we go. Helen walk on
out there to the studio area and start unboxing. okay I can do that. all right so
get going already. I can’t wait. all right so here we go
we’ve all set up go ahead and sit down. well I didn’t
arrange your chairs for all did I all right here we go there’s a fire there’s a box-cutter over
there on your left hand on your right hand side all right go ahead and get
started you know how to open that to use that thing this is from Dina oh my
darling daughter when I’m happy with her then she’s my darling daughter if I’m
unhappy with her then I say she wants to drink
so anyway okay let’s just open it up looks like they have a bunch of packing
material but keep it from rattling around that’s a good idea yeah there’s
nothing in the box oh there’s something with tear stuff okay get that packing
material right away I have no idea what this all is watercolor cards oh yes
that’s like when she did the the cat though
what what was the name of that cat it was the creek not crazy cat it was the
it looked like she electrocuted it yeah that can’t yeah for the challenge for
the oh that’s nice I can use those that’d be wonderful because I love to
fiddle with cards and stuff masking tape and this she always talks about the
importance of having masking tape that is friendly I mean it’s acid-free this is
acid-free masking tape and you know I just use a regular painters tape but she
doesn’t like that it should be acid-free oh my gosh well what do we have here I’m
not very good at doing stuff like this cut straight down like that yeah
cut the tape off yeah keep going keep going to cut it yeah that works
you’re sure I would have Dietrich do this but I have become so dependent on
him to do everything for me I do love that life now see when they sure have
something protected in here I wonder what it is
it’s a bottle a glass bottle no isn’t that cool that’s different than the
bottles that I have that are four waters I got a dropper in it it does yeah okay
well very good now what is this that’s all wrapped up – I have no idea what
this whoops we’ll just put this over here man go check yourself I’ll try not
to I won’t cut myself I really want what this is crazy I mean usually I guess
what things are but I have no idea and that’s the truth do you believe me yes the mystery ah
Oh brushes special paintbrushes black the black
velvet silver black velvet oh yes and look at look I’m gonna take them out of
here this is silly because I love the brush and when I get really don’t say
I’m finding nerve duct which I do get sometimes I’ll stroke a brush and I’ll
show you exactly how the Stork a brush in case you don’t know how to stroke a
book right you know I’d be nicer to do sever scissors but I’ll just tear it by
north of me there we go oh yes and they has a cap side here I
use it whoops I’ll use this one oh these are good a
number 10 did you call it Dina before no a six and
A one force what this is the flat brush so this is how I stroke a brush
what’s so smooth and so nice and I’ll just sit and watch television and I’ll
just get a bunch of brushes and Stroke them and then everything is okay I love
them oh yeah I love a good brush wonderful okay hey some more blank cell
Oh looking I think they call that a kiss that’s called a calf dub a cat’s cat a
cat tongue can’t the tongue I think this is called a capped on black velvet let’s see if it is you know my problem
is I don’t know how to use this whole thing but I guess it’s working
all right very good can always use a new brush and then here it says the kind of
that it is that they are and I think that you pointed oval I believe that’s
right but I do think this is the cat tongue
and if you really look I don’t want throw that away if you really look at a
cat look how long those bristles are and if you really look at a cat’s tongue
that’s really what it looks like I’ll have to work that one and all this is so
wonderful just put this down there now I’m really excited oh my gosh oh that’s
my fan the fan shell I wouldn’t mind if that Jenna were over here but that’s ok
when since we’re in Florida I I really don’t like the heat in Florida but he
loves the heat and so we’ve got fans all over the house well what are we having
here no idea oh my goodness what does it say professional watercolor Windsor
Newton permanent series what color orange transparent orange transparent
okay transparency that’s a Windsor Newton is
beautiful it’s a beautiful I bet you they’re more in here this one I can
guess take yep yep yeah wow what a gift look look oh my gosh
she’s gonna get the water coloring isn’t she let’s see what colors we have raw
umber Prussian blue peacock blue can you see him over here yes and neutral kid
now I am completely unfamiliar with neutral get off the check that went out
all right alizarin crimson and Chinese white oh yes this said the Chinese white
is more rum it’s opaque so this is fantastic
don’t tell me there’s another box oh my gosh well I tell you that’s one thing
about my daughter she is very generous this woman is okay this is permanent
magenta and I remember when Dina was I think was with Chrissy Chrissy um what’s
a French ultramarine blue olive green transparent yellow Windsor red I think a
Queen’s right away here permanent violet absolutely unbelievable
now you know what I’m doing I’m looking around to see if there anymore but 13
different colors yes and what’s so beautiful about these the brand-new
tubes and I can’t wait to swatch him out and then Deena had a beautiful coloring
mix where you mix different colors and she I’m gonna use that I’m gonna watch
that again and then I can do a good job mixing the colors and I think what else
did you get okay oh you’re all excited aren’t you
yes yeah here five-round flagged well mixing tray oh the porcelain you know there is
nothing better than porcelain for mixing colors because you don’t have any
contamination from plastic and all this stuff this is the ultimate I’ll tell you
I am just chilling sure fuck then I put just cut the colors in here and go from
there this is just unbelievable oh and then we’ve got this oh yeah what is that
well this is for holding your colors so they don’t dry out okay this is like the
color wheel well that’s one thing that I’m I’m gonna have to get is she had on
her video she had a color wheel and I am going to get the color wheel looks like
you have 12 wells in that wheel yes so it’s a perfect for this okay what do we
have here can you believe this gift hold buying gold okay I got it open
oh I think it’s a beautiful brush made in India what kind is it it’s a whole
buying gold Holbein goal number 10 what is that now talk about smooth and nice
if you have any stray hairs like this there are two things you can do one you
can get them back where they’re supposed to go with a little bit of a – say it the water that comes out of your mouth
it’s called spit and you can start training it to go back see I’m already
training it or you can do the thing that I would
never do very seldom I would do it and that is to cut it off but this guy is a
little stubborn see he’s supposed to be in there but I’ll get him trained and so
it’ll be part of this all right so now let’s finish up unboxing what is left
yet it gets a little tight is this a nice container well this is wonderful
and you put your paints in here and there’s more there’s more I know I see
it so what do we have here okay this is the watercolor paper looks like
watercolor paper yep watercolor paper and then there’s a more
watercolor paper yes 300 this is a hundred forty pounds and a
hundred forty pounds is perfect for watercolor perfect and then there’s
another one here this is a what’s the size here can you see the size no I
can’t I can’t either oh that’s what I had it turned out the
wrong way all right here we go this is my 12 yes right and this is hey yeah yes
right there’s something else in there yet because it’s a hard board panel oh
yeah Richardson well this is for putting your paper on there yes okay you would
put you Junior so then I assumed mr. I’m assuming
there’s got to be another one because that’s an eleven by fourteen is there
something else I know yet I’m just gonna push these on the side there we go that’s the last item okay
yep 14 by 18 Jack Richardson so that’s for those two yes the paper now what you
I know what you want I know what you want you want me to paint and I think
you want me to paint in watercolor and I can do that I can do that just for you
for my darling daughter thank you so much and thanks to everybody out there
thank you so much for watching and to see what this is like oh it’s like a
miracle art supplies you know my other name is
art supply junkie and I’ve got a lot of them so Deena fed your habit by habit
that’s right that’s right I love to hold you I love to hoard art supplies and
this is wonderful my gosh so thank you Deena thank you out there
by wonderful youtubers I love you so much so we’ll talk to you later then
okay bye you


  • Madonna Friedman says:

    What a great gift and fun unboxing!! Thanks so much for sharing ❀️😊 πŸ€—

  • Gracie Shack says:

    Hello Helen Great video! And you got some wonderful watercolour supplies! πŸ™‚

  • Dena Tollefson says:

    Hi Mama and Daddy! Oh I love your unboxing! I felt like I was right there next to you as you were opening the gifts. I was flinching every time you used that box cutter- please be careful- it would be horrible if you cut yourself by accident. Fantastic video! I love listening to the two of you interact. I cannot wait to see your next video of you swatching out your new watercolor supplies and painting new watercolor paintings!! I love you both so much.

  • jackie amos says:

    Hi Helen & Dietrich,
    I loved watching you unboxing your awesome new watercolor supplies. What a wonderful gift from Dena.

  • Costel Andone says:

    Hi Helen! Congratulations on this wonderful gift! Your daughter Dena is a great artist, and a great woman, and I congratulate you on that! I liked your reaction to everything you unpacked, as if you were a kid when he unwrapped his Christmas gift! Congratulations also to your husband, make a wonderful team, and see a bright future with this channel! Happy New Year, and all thr best in 2020!

  • Mona L creates says:

    Oh what a wonderful gift! And I always love to see an unboxing video!! So thank you for sharing! Looking forward to see what you will create with your new art supplies! πŸ™‚

  • 1MightyR says:

    Great unboxing! I can feel and relate to how excited you are! Thats alotta great stuff.. Anxious to see the amazing art you make! You 2 are awesome! 😊

  • Eve Harvey Art says:

    I've only just found out dena is your daughter I never knew that haha This was a lovely video and great to see everything she sent Unboxings are so fun

  • The Painting Stoof says:

    nice supplies! can't wait to see what you create with these πŸ™‚

  • Elf Lords Journeys says:

    I'm so,jealous, that is all top notch stuff,have fun creating with it.πŸ˜€

  • Hot Mess Missy - Art N RVing says:

    WOW, what a wonderful unboxing. OMG I want some new brushes to stroke!! LOL πŸ˜„. Such a fabulous and generous gift from your daughter who I did not know was you daughter until I read your video description.

    I love that you are both artists. Is your husband one as well? Will you be participating in Dena's Red Rover Challenge? So happy to have met you earlier in her stream. πŸ€—

  • Luna Smith Art says:

    Beautiful art supplies, a lovely gift for lovely couple πŸ¦‹ great video πŸ¦‹ Big thumbs up πŸ‘

  • Lon Gobell says:

    What a fun video. Now you can start painting!!

  • DAVY. J.Y. Art with a pen. says:

    Ohh, that was great fun watching you unbox the art supplies Helen. Lots of nice goodies in that box , πŸ™‚

  • Hagru Draw says:

    Nice vlog. Very good. Thanks for sharing.

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