Classical Violinists React to Mainstream Violin Competitions

Hi, welcome to another episode of TwoSet Violin! So, as classical musicians, we’ve been through our fair share of classical competitions. Mhm. Either ourselves performing, or as an audience. But, today we decided to switch things up! And we’ll be going to this world of mainstream television. That’s right, we’re going to be reviewing musical performances on TV talent shows. And giving our own opinion. Even though we’re not supposed to give our own opinion. But that’s okay! That’s okay. And next up, to show America their talent, are two brothers from Queens. What’s going on? My name is Tourie. And my name is Damien. And we’re Nuttin’ But Stringz. Sorry, but it’s Nuttin’ But String… – Like, nuttin’?
– Oh no. Sorry. Anyway. It’s so nice to see such young good-looking guys that play the violin. Coz usually they’re like bald and old, and… you know, a bit greasy. Bald and old and a bit greasy!? Greasy? Are you mixing up with like… grease lightning or something? Dude, this is stereotyping to the max! Am I going bald? I don’t know. Maybe I’m going bald. Am I greasy? – Guys.
– Yeah, old and greasy. Bald- I mean I’m probably balding actually. Oh my god… I can’t believe they- – she got away with that on national television.
– I know, and they were like “WOAH!!!!” Ah, whatever. …played yet. Well, that doesn’t have anything to do with it. – They look rather fine to me.
– But they’re not- – They may not be able to play the violin.
– Sharon, you’re gorgeous yourself, baby. I love you. I love you. Is she hitting on him? I mean, is he hitting on her? – Gotta do what it takes to win the competition!
– I mean… Good job! Do you guys think you can win? I don’t think I can lose. Yeah. *Brett snickers* *Eddy bursts into laughter* Brett: It’s pretty funny.
Eddy: How did they even play like that!? Wait, we should play like that from now on. – I feel like that’s-
– I’m gonna hit the f- Yeah, it’s like injury-prone. Eddy: Dude! – That’s like a-
– That’s amazing! That’s like a full-on- It’s like a workout. Check it out! *laughs* Dude, his chin rest… is not even on the neck anymore. It’s like… It’s like up here! Good job. That’s respect. Oh… Did they just… throw their bows? That’s… That’s- That was a bit sacrilegious. *groans in pain* That kinda hurts. That force he went for, it was like “BAM!” Man… It’s probably some cheap bows. It has to be. No way… I think as classical musicians, it’s great to watch these videos to… – broaden our horizons.
– Yeah. But hey, if they’re making violin more accessible, more power to them. Next one. And now we have Asia’s Got Talent! Judge: Finally! Finally, David! What was that? Finally? Finally… What do you mean? What was it you’re waiting for? J Strings from Korea! How long have you guys been playing these instruments? How old are you guys right now? Oh okay. Good one. Hahahaha. Just don’t judge, BRETT! COME ON! Why are you judging!? UUGHHH!! Okay. Must not judge. That performance… I don’t know what to make of it. It’s kind of a little confusing. I actually enjoyed the very first part of the performance. Yeah. Your playing was okay, but it wasn’t great. And then I got confused when you all suddenly busted into dance. Oh… that guy just said it straight up! Wow, he didn’t hesitate! Wow… He just spilled the tea like… a gallon of it. I’ll admit, like… The dancing was a bit like… okay. I’d say… work on your playing, and incorporate your sexuality into your playing, but not separately. Whatever that means. Alright, next we have… my favourite salad violinist, Lettice. For those of you that haven’t already seen this, 71 million views! Wow! My name is Lettice Rose Rowbotham. When I was 4, my parents gave me a plastic violin, and I was furious. I really wanted a real violin. When they gave me a real one, I just took to it like a duck to water! Um… Is that 5 strings again that I see… on that electric thing? “Real violin.” Well, you said you wanted a real vio- Lettice, I’m just sorry to tell you, but if you want a real violin that badly… Here you go, guys. There’s 4 strings… 4-string. made out of wood. I’m definitely not prepared. I listened to the track this morning in the car on the way here. *sighs* I’m just thinking of all the competitions I’ve done in the past. – That hours and hours of practice for them.
– Yeah… And then… “I listened to the track on the way here.” I just learnt the orchestral score on the way here. It’s fine. Maybe she’s a genius. Yeah, maybe. I’m too hungover to be nervous. HaHAhAhAHaha! I mean, whatever helps, I guess. *audience cheers* I mean I think… It’s called tremolo, guys. I don’t get the audience’s reaction to it. I don’t know. Maybe it’s a classical music… musician thing, but it’s like… – The reactions are so dramatic!
– I know! For those of you that are not a classical musician, tremolo is literally just… a really fast… It’s the easiest thing to do. Not to mention the tremolo wasn’t even in tune. Oh yeah, it’s a bit flat. Like, if someone plays a scale in tune, I’ll be like “woah.” Well, her arpeggios was more impressive, but then the tremolo- For some reason everyone was like “Wow!” – Can someone turn that face into like a meme like…
– A meme? Yeah. A M A Z I N G !! – She’s doing the amazing face!
– She is! A M A Z I N G !! I mean, to be fair, she’s not playing classical music. It’s pop violin music, so it’s- It can’t get- There’s a different criteria. And I think she’s great at being entertaining on stage. Moving around, getting the crowd into it. Yeah. For the classical musicians watching, let this be a friendly reminder next time… you’ve practiced 7 hours on one passage, seeking perfection. – Just remember that judge’s face in the tremolo.
– Yeah. Did no one just realize she came in in the wrong key? I know… She actually came in on the wrong key. *laughs* Wow, she must be hungover. But hey, apparently she became a semifinalist, and got loaned a Guadagnini. Actually? Something that all the Ling Ling wannabes in the world cannot get. She got a Guadagnini. So FYI guys, Guadagninis are worth like 2 million dollars. Eddy: There you go. Alright! 1.6 billion population, China’s Got Talent. Let’s see what they got. Eddy: Oh! He’s going for actual classical music! Yes. – China, of course!
– Good one here. Of course! – The Chaconne by Bach.
– Dude, that’s like the hardest Bach piece ever. He skipped like… He skipped to the end. Yeah. And some questionable intonation. But that’s okay. – Let’s keep going.
– Classical music- – It’s mainstream television comp-
– Don’t judge! Even though he’s playing classical music right now, but- Just hold it in! HOLD IT IN!! Did he just gliss in Bach? Yeah, he did a… I’m sorry g- I’m sorry guys, we tried. Trying to hold it in. Michael Jackson! Sorry, I can’t make fun of that. I can’t, but… Michael Jackson! M I C H A E L J A C K S O N !! M i C h A e L j A c K s O N !! HaHAhAha! The greatest Bach piece in the world, no reaction. M I C H A E L J A C K S O N !! HaHAhAha! Eddy: Ohh… – Why are they conducting to the Michael Jackson!?
– You don’t conduct to Michael Jackson! Ohh! You should be conducting to the Bach! …makes- *sighs* It’s mainstream, guys. Mainstream TV. It’s fine. It’s fine! It’s fine, it’s fine. It’s fine. Just suck it up, buttercup! Oh look, there’s another clip from the same guy. Wow, he didn’t hold back, that guy. – He just did a double flinch!
– It was just one slip though. I think he’s like “Wah!” Woah… He just… He’s very dramatic. – That wasn’t even that bad. It was a slip.
– It wasn’t that bad like… Come to our show! Haha yeah! I love the metronome ticker. – He’s alright.
– That’s… yeah. It’s- – That’s a lot harder to do than the tremolo for sure.
– Yeah. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. 5 claps from one… Why is he picking on him already straight up? Yeah, he’s just like “There’s 2 notes before the backing track came in that was wrong.” “Are you nervous?” “It’s not a competition,” “but you’re on a talent show.” “We pick out winners.” Woah… Dude, but he played like so many more notes than Lettice. Yeah. To be honest, it’s probably better than that Chaconne. But he didn’t play M i C h A e L j A c K s O N ! *sighs* *sighs* *sighs* Yeah guys, it’s all about the violin. When you’re playing out of tune, just get a better instrument. No, no, you just get the Guadagnini from Lettice. – Then problem’s solved.
– Yeah. I came into this video being like we can’t roast him. We can’t roast him. It’s almost like they just TV scrap whatever little thing they can, and just make it really dramatic. Yeah! One last one. Just watch this. Just… See what you think. Those hip sways, man. Did she just… I can’t comment! AaaAAaAahhHhHHh!! TiMe To eNd tHiS vIdEOOooO!!! Alright, I think that’s enough, guys. Ugh… Alright, guys. Let us know what you thought! Please like and subscribe. Support.

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