Black and Pink Acrylic Cross-Over Nail Art Tutorial

Black and Pink Acrylic Cross-Over Nail Art Tutorial

We’re going to do a black and pink cross over
with a little bit of black detail. We’ve already put the tip on this nail and
we’ve already prepped, and dehydrated and primed it, so if you’re not sure take a look back at
those videos and do that first. So, were going to start by picking up the
hot pink and creating a corner of our smile line
with it. We’ve already got the non-blending tips there
so it’s easier to create your smile line, But then this line here needs to be nice and
straight and crisp. You’re then going to fill the rest of your
free edge in with black. Nice and careful when you button it up to
that pink so that you don’t go over it, and then use the belly of your brush to press
it all down and make it nice and even. We’re now going to cap this whole nail in
pink acrylic. And I’m wiping my brush quite a bit because
when we work with black it can bleed so then it can go into your other colours. So just keep wiping your brush to make sure
that doesn’t happen. Don’t forget when you’re doing zone three
to tilt your client’s finger down so it stops that acrylic
going back into the client’s cuticle. We’re going to let that nail set a little
bit and then we’re going to give it a pinch. This nail’s now ready to pinch we’re going to place your pinching tool on and then you can leave it. Okay, so that nail’s now been pinched and
we can take our pinching tool away. And we just need to file this nail. So we’re going to do a little bit of hand
painted work on this nail so we need to have a smooth surface, so we’re just going to white block over it. Get rid of your dust. We’re going to be using black paint. We’re just going to create some little swirls
onto the nail. Finishing off with some little dots. Let that paint dry and then we can add our
gel top coat. You can pop that finger into the lamp for
two minutes, We’re just going to apply a small amount of
cuticle oil and massage it in and that nail is finished.


  • Amadala says:

    Hello and good morning. I like your videos very well. I try always to elaborate. Now I have a question. What brush do you use for acrylic modeling? And how do you relate it. I'm from Germany and have not found a brush that I like. Many thanks.

  • Nikki Williams says:

    Why don't you make more videos

  • Persiano QT says:

    what kind of brush do you use ?

  • gacha_BOY says:

    What gel top coat do you use? 🙂

  • Lizz Roche says:

    I would like everything except the pinching… :/ One of the reasons I like/use acrilic nails its the shape, hate when my natural nail bends a lot on the edge.

  • Ashley Gleason says:

    I'm so glad you have captions!

  • Laura Nichols says:

    Please do a tutorial on the nails you are wearing in this video! They're amazing, looks like a galaxy! You're an amazing technician & artist!

  • Anastasia Shengyeng moua says:

    where can u get the products u use for doing acrylic nails I wanna know so I can buy them and is there a specific store to buy then or is it online or at a makeup beauty store or what Im really interested in acrylic nails n I wanna do it like doing my own nails n I really admire ur work n its sooo unique n u do acrylic nails soooo good its ur like an expert at doing acrylic nails I really admire u a lot BC I'm a girly girl n love doing my nails n if I go to the salon they don't really do it good so I wanna know where u get ur products so I can do my nails the way I'll like it so yea n once again I love ur tutorials n I admire ur work n how u do acrylic nails so yea

  • N Sin says:

    Your nails in this video are giving me life right now. so gorgeous.

  • Nella Bester says:

    how do you keep your brushes (acrylic) clean?PLEASE tell me its a struggle for me…..theres always acrylic on my brushes and then I cant use the brushes again Please help!!!!!BTW AWESOME NAILS❤

  • Caramella says:

    The sound from 4:50 to 5:8 is soooooo nice and satisfying for some reason who else agrees?

  • Girly Pasta says:

    am I the only one who wishes that they can copy and paste these nails on to my nails?

  • Claudia ovando says:

    Please put the videos in spanish!!!!

  • Elsie Gonzalez says:

    I think that other girl that has the same YouTube channel I don’t like the other girl I love these videos I just think the other girl should have a different channel name

  • W0AHJIN says:

    blackpink in your area!

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