Beginner Acrylic tutorial Tree Frog

Beginner Acrylic tutorial Tree Frog

(children shouting)
Six Five Four Three Two One ♪♪♪♫♪♫♫♫♪♫♪
(butterfly wings fluttering) ♪♫♪♪♪♫♫♪♫♪♫ (singing) ♪♪♪♪♫♪♫♫♪ hello my friends the time of
day is here ♪♫♫♫♫♪♪♪ Hi everybody. It’s Cinnamon Cooney your Art Sherpa. And today we’re getting froggy in the studio. On the mic is my husband John.
(John) Hi guys.
He’s going to hop hop hop with the new camera angles. (John) I’m going to try.
We’re going to throw some new camera angles at you guys. Uh… hopefully you will tell us that you love them. But, what we’re hoping is that it will make it easier to see elements of the painting. I’m going to be showing you how to paint this adorable cute red eyed tree frog in acrylic paint on a 16″ x 20″ canvas. More information is in the description. Uh, materials, colors, all kinds of things. The traceable, because drawing should not be the barrier to being creative. It’s just one art skill. (John) Yep.
Actually, I have a new thought on that John. (John) You do? Yeah. Art is not a one sizes fits all practice. Some things will work for you and some thing won’t, and that’s perfectly okay. That is not a reflection on the artist that you are. (John) Yeah. Right. (John) Yep.
Yeah. I was like, really like, bap, talking to mom today and that popped into my head. You know. Somethings are going to gel and some things aren’t. And that’s all good. So anyways. More information in the description including the full painting of the frog on Pinterest. You ca print that out. That will help you as we’re painting along. And a traceable. (John) Oh yeah?
Yeah. And I’m so into him. He’s so cute isn’t he.
(John) Yeah.
So if you… guess what else? (John) What else? Sippy sippy.
(John) Oh you match. Just…I feel so…. It’s like… we could do flowers for spring but I feel like frogs are spring. Froggy froggy froggy froggy froggy froggy froggy froggy (John) Where did you get the cup at? My mecca which is Crackle barrel. I don’t know about any of you but Crackle barrel is like my special resturant. (John) Yeah. Now this is uh… this is a special hat.
This is a special hat. This is a very special hat. (John) Why is this hat
(Cinnamon) This is the first hat. (John) This is the first hat.
(Cinnamon) This is the first hat. Ever.
(John) If there was a first, this was the first. This was the first. This was my defiance hat. Because we’d been trying to film a video for like. It’s not easy to do this. We’d been trying for about a month. (John) Yeah. And stuff wouldn’t sync, and we couldn’t get the edits, and I kept painting this one painting over and over again. (John) It was like trying to have a kid. (Cinnamon) Ahhhhh
(John) We just kept trying and trying and it was a lot of fun. We kept going to the studio and we’d have a lot of fun, but you know. Nothing. Nothing. That is such a good analogy right there. That is exactly what it’s like to starting a YouTube channel. Uhmmm. And anyways I was like, one day I was in here and I was like… just give me the camera. And he was like what are you doing? I was like I don’t know. And I grabbed my hat and I said I’m going to just do something and then we painted the littlest hoot. (John) That’s how it goes.
That’s how it started. (John) You just put a silly hat on and start recording and that’s how you… Yeah. That’s how you start. (John) That’s how you star a YouTube channel. So I’m going to definitely show you how to draw him in, but again you have the traceable. And we have some important wishes. We always like to add wishes to our canvas. (John) Absolutely.
(Cinnamon) Wishes wishes wishes. We have some important wishes too. (John) We do. (John) Let’s see here. Uh. So we have. The last one I have is from Caroline you shared to me. Is that right? Her cousin Ashley? (John) Yeah.
(Cinnamon) Yeah. (John) So let’s go ahead and do that. Caroline shared that her cousin Ashley ran away and wished she’d come home safe and sound. Comes home safe and sound. Now and important thing here you guys. I’m doing these wishes in watercolor pencil so they disappear into the paint. If you were to do this with graphite, it would just bleed through. And I know Reah is feeling under the weather. (John) We’re going to send some wishes for Reah to feel better. (John) And we’re uh for Islay. I’m not sure how to pronounce that. I – S – L – A – Y. For heart issues.
(Cinnamon) Oh for a happy healthy heart. KimSim would like to put a well wish out there for Belgium to be safe and sound. The entire county. Alright. Yeah. Belgium we love you be safe. Be safe Belgium. (John) Yeah. Sure. (John) I don’t watch the news.
(Cinnamon) Yeah. It’s upsetting. (John) Well it’s just all creator academy right now. (laughing) (John) This is a really good one for us. Lisa would like to wish for fertility for Tony and Leah. Oh good. (John) And for everyone else who’s wishing for fertility. (Cinnamon) Tony and Leah. Tony and Leah fertility. Good one with the frogs too. (John) Yeah. (John) Natalie suggests just putting on a silly hat.
(Cinnamon) Yeah. It totally works. And of course I would still like to wish that I get to be on the less than famous panel at vidcon. (John) Yes. (John) That’s a great one. I really want to be on that panel. So much. (John) And for. We’ll send a special wish out there for Jody. She needs help with her handicapped van. (Cinnamon) Oh yes. Definitely. (John) So. (John) Oh. Luna found something. Come here.
(Cinnamon) Oh excellent. You can use that. Alright. Go give daddy the cap. (John) She got past me. She got the chap stick. She’s been..we’ve been looking for the chap stick she likes. They like the Burt’s Bee one without the mint. Because they don’t like the mintiness on their lips. I don’t know if your kids are like that but that’s how my kids are. And in my house locating the chap stick is big news. (John) Sorry.
It’s okay. They got kids too. You guys get it. You have furry family. You got little family. You got friends that are noisy. You guys get it. (John) It’s eye-lah. That’s how you pronounce it. I – S – L – A – Y Good. I just love this mug. Is this not just the. I just really need to show you guys the cuteness that is this mug. Coffee in this cup is happier coffee. (John) Yeah.
I feel it in my belly. I have got my paint out here. So I’m gonna just tell you guys the pallet real quick. (John) Okay.
I’m doing the System 3 again. (John) Oh yeah. Because I did this in the System 3 and I was. You know I’m still testing it out. (John) Yeah.
So this is the process of testing it out. So I’ve got some cad red, i guess this is deep. (John) Uh-huh. That’s what they sent me is cad red deep. I’ve got some ultramarine. I think cad red medium guys would work just fine too. Ultramarine blue, phthalo green, burnt sienna, cad orange, yellow ocher, cad yellow, and titanium white. And then, of course, I’ve got my weird fluid black that I like to paint weird black things in with. (John) Makes sense.
Because that’s what I like. And I get to draw my frog in now. (John) Now real quick before you jump on I want to say thank you to all of our moderators and light keepers out there. And for all those wishes that we weren’t able to catch on our canvas, we really appreciate you guys putting those on your canvas. Uh-huh. And catching those wishes for us. It makes a real big difference. And we really appreciate it. And remember wishes can be very serious, but wishes can also be very lighthearted. All the wishes are valid. (John) All of them valid. All your wishes are valid. (John) Yeah. Just thank you guys so much for hanging out. Yeah. And like, comment, subscribe, and share. (John) My gosh.
(Cinnamon) We love it. And we love doing this with you guys live. And we’re kind of into it right now. So let’s ride that ride. (John) I always forget to do to ask and luckily my moderators are like John.
We have the best moderators on YouTube. (John) We do.
Best community on YouTube. Best moderators on YouTube. Bar none. I go to the other live events. I’m horrified. I feel so bad for the other people. I’m just like. I like. People I’m fans of. I go to their live event. It’s like crazy there. It’s just crazy. (John) Yeah.
(Cinnamon) I’m just so grateful for our good energy. (John) We love you guys so much.
Alright. I’m going to sketch this in and I guess you’re going to test the new camera. So nervous. (John) Swish. Over there.
(Cinnamon) So, if you find the middle point of your canvas. If you go up a couple of inches before that and make a mark. And if you were to find the middle point of your bottom of your canvas and come over to the right about 4 inches and make a mark. And you were to draw a curved line down. This is your forward leaf. (John) It was shaking just a little bit cause I lightened it up. Oh. Okay. Forward leaf. Now here’s the deal guys on this. Yes we’re going to put feet in, but we’re going to do them last. And this is a trick we have to like deal with the pigment on the paint. (John) Yeah.
That way we can get a nice smoothie streaks in on our leaves, but not have issues with the pigment in our paint. (John) Yeah. And, dead in the middle here, I’m going to put a little mark. And I’m going to do another little arc. And that, that is that leaf. How is that? Are they seeing it? (John) They do. I just have to have a belief. (John) They like the angle it’s just a little dimmer. So. And it’s camera quality. (Cinnamon) Oh and you know the lights behind me aren’t on, and that always makes a difference in the room. (John) A little bit. Let me try it. Alright. Okay. He has a plan. I don’t know why I even question the plan because I can’t turn on anything in the studio. And I don’t know why I’m like. I’m making a middle mark. Ahhhhh! That was less of them. Felt that. There they are. I don’t know if that helps. It makes it warmer that’s for sure. Okay. So we got get some new cameras. We know it. (John) New cameras. Somewhere between like growing, and that’s the good thing about the YouTube channel growing, is at some point it’s result in some new cameras because we think people will send some. (laughing) (laughing) Okay. So you got the middle of the canvas which kind of lines up with your little crease here. (John) Yeah. Right. And just above this little leaf line here, right. So over here in this right corner, I’m going to make a little circle. This is the first circle of his eye. This is about the size of the bottom of a Coke can. (John) Okay. Right. Not the jumbo Coke cans. And I’m going to come over on a level line. Eyes are level. Unless something has gone really wrong. Eyes are level. Knowing that though means that when you’re playing with the character or something, you can get some real quality by taking them off what’s expected. Now I’m going to make a nice kind of hill line. Can you guys see that hill line off the eye socket there? (John) Yes. It’s going to come to a little valley. And then I’m going to make another one right here. And that’s how we get the top of his cute little froggy face. And I’m going to do a little curve in, and then out. Kind of like and S here. (John) Yeah.
And then I’m going to come up up up up up right at the middle line of his face. And I’m going to go up and then I’m going to go down. And then he’s going to have his little froggy smile that goes that way. He’s a happy tree frog. (John) Happy frog. He’s as happy as Blendy is on the mixing board. (John) That’s true.
Oh my goodness, Blendy loves that mixing board. (John) Blendy just loves to come out and play.
He does. He likes to come out and do things. He’s the cutest thing ever. I have to tell you this chameleon has really won my heart over. Alright. So I’m coming down on my little lip. And I’m making a little jawline here. And then I’m just arcing this in, and joining the leaf. Now we’re going to have a little hand that’s peeking here. It’s going to cover some of this up. And a hand that’s peeking here that’s going to cover some of this up. But to get our nice…. Let’s com off this eye and make a nice little back. To get our nice little leaf lines we’re going to have to paint those in after the leaves are in. I experimented with both. (John) Where are you going. I don’t know. I don’t know where I’m going. (whispering) I don’t know where I’m going. (John) You can’t talk to the other camera angle. It’s too high. (Cinnamon) I know. I know. (John) It’s too high on you. (Cinnamon) It’s to high. (John) Look at it. I can’t even reach it. Here’s what’s funny, I can’t even. This is how completely unjust height is in our family. Mr. 6 foot 4 has put the camera at a height I can’t even do anything with. (John) Nope. Soon it will be a remote…. it’ll be a robot camera soon. A robot camera. Now, I’m painting Simply Simmons today. Big shocker. Because I like them. (John) Yeah. That’s what’s happened here. Yes I love that Rachel sends me boxes of stuff. I do, but I actually just like these brushes. So here is Goldilocks. My #10 bright. (John) Ahh yes. Uhmmmmm. You can definitely….. I haven’t seen the #10 on amazon, but we have some links down there [(John) Uh-huh.] to materials. And there is some….. there’s other sizes. There is other sizes.
(John) Other sizes?
You know what I forgot? You’re going to [(John) Water.] mock me. (John) Water. Yes. (John) Alright. (Cinnamon) I forgot my water. (John) Why don’t you talk to our friends for a minute. Okay. So one wonderful thing about acrylic paint. Is it’s water based. And so it would be good to have say a cup of water to moisten your brush. And art game. (laughing) Oh! Art game. Oh guess what we could do? We could start art game. Art game. Art game. So the rules for art game. I’m going to give you and John’s going to give you 5 words over the course of this video. And, you know, you can doodle on it during the video but try not to spend more than 30 minutes on the doodle because we don’t want you guys to get drilled down. To crazy about it. Because the whole purpose of the doodle in art game is to sort of relax in your creativity. And start getting those little imagination wires to percolate. There is a group on Facebook for art game. And you can also just post anywhere. John has been loving the pictures. I have seen some stuff that just, you’re amazing, I’m so sorry babe. I cannot believe I forgot water. So forgot art game. So for my first word on art game I’m going to say wineglass. (John) Wineglass. Wineglass. (John) Alright. Alright. So that’s what I’m doing to ya’ll. (John) You’re going to say wineglass. Wineglass. Huh. I’m going to get my brush moist but not soaking wet. I’ve got a towel over here in case it it. I just want a little moisture in the brush. (John) And and little brush Josh posted his creeper too. So.
You posted your creeper? (John) He did. Creeper creeper. (John) And shout out to another little brush, uh, Serena.
Hi Serena. Hi Josh. (John) And little brush Bonnie.
Hi Bonnie. Is that Bonnie M? (John) Yeah. Bonnie stalked him. Bonnie stalked him. (laughing) There’s we got some awesome Bonnies here. (John) We got lots of Bonnies. We got.
And there little brushes at heart for sure. (John) And Bonnie M’s there too. All the Bonnies are here. (John) All the Bonnies are there. So notice what I’m doing. I’m pulling a little paint out from my green and a little paint out from my brown. It creates this sort of little mix right here. I haven’t mixed them together even. Interestingly enough. And I’m going to do on a diagonal, start just putting this on the canvas. Maybe I’m going to get a little more of the green and more brown. So sometimes it will be more green. Sometimes it will be more brown. And it’s going to mix on the canvas. (John) Yeah.
And what I’m getting is I’m making sure I don’t have a really pure pigment. of either the brown or the green. Because that can be too much when you don”t want it. And this is sort of streaky. This is sort of like, if you’re thinking in photography, this is that faded background. (John) Oh yeah. (Cinnamon) Alright. That’s far away. On the stop gap. The stop. Alright. Coming around him though, you might want to take your brush on the edge and paint around him. I don’t know where to stand for the new camera angle. (John) You’re good. (Cinnamon) Am I good? (John) Yeah. It’s so tall, I don’t even have to think about it. (John) If I have to I could ….. Josh is waving back at you. Josh is waving back at you? (John) At you.
At me? (waving and laughing) I love live. (John) Well, no one’s waving at me. They can’t see me. We gotta get you on camera at some point. [(John) Noooo!] Everybody’s got to get to meet you. (John) So they were stunt hands. I think one of the funniest things that I wish I could share with you guys, is John and I watching YouTube. (laughing) (John) Yeah. (John) It’s like all mystery science theater 3000 up in here. (Cinnamon) It’s a little it’s a little bit is. Because we have that Chromecasty thing. (John) Yes we do. And we like to watch the YouTube and sometimes John catches stuff and he’ll be like you gotta see this. (John laughing) And we get into it. So I’m just trying to keep that brush directionality at an angle here. (John) Why you doing that?
(Cinnamon) Well… it creates some implied motion in the painting. Little drama. (John) Ahhhh. Remember we want no drama in our lives, but lots of drama in the art. (John) That’s true. (Cinnamon) Actually, I think that’s were artist have it down. It’s like we drop all the drama in our lives and we put all of our drama in the art. John is going to say that’s not actually true. (laughing) There is plenty of drama off the canvas. (John) I don’t need to say it. (laughing) You guys. I hope you enjoyed seeing that NAMTA tour, and the top ten picks that got put up. (John) Oh yeah. Yeah. If you haven’t seen it, yeah no. I did, I did another one of my fast forward walky through things. (John) So if…
(Cinnamon) Fly throughs. John’s fly throughs. (John) Yeah. (Cinnamon) It is definitely nausea cam, but it’s really cool and you get to see the show. And, you know. Even if you couldn’t be there we like to share that stuff with you. And we know we dropped a lot of videos on ya’ll yesterday. Hopefully, that’s okay. (John) Yeah. (Cinnamon) It’s like we’re throwing videos at them all day. They just got done with captain hook and the Disney collab and then we’re like, hey why don’t you take a tour around NAMLA and see all the new products I’m excited about. It’s like whoooo. So hopefully that was okay though. I have to say that Render pad really did blow my mind. There are some things I found that almost blew…. There were things I found that I am crazy about. (John) So did you have a chance to look at any of the art game pictures from yesterday? (Cinnamon) I have. I’ve got to. I’ve got to get. I’m having some trouble with my like and love button on Facebook. (John) Oh yeah. Actually Facebook is giving me a lot of trouble. Cannot scroll back to older messages. Can’t love things. It will like stick me in a like. I’m like, I don’t like I love. And now this person is going to think that I love this other person, but that I didn’t love them. But I do love them. But it won’t let me push the love button. No matter how many times I move the cursor over the thing it’s not giving me a love option. So I have some feelings about this. (John laughs) It has been very stressful. I like that Facebook has given me other options besides the ubiquitous like [(John) Uh-huh.] but it really needs to function because it applies new values to the comments. I feel like I’m under pressure now [(John) Yeah.] on Facebook to, you know. Once you start loving you just you’ve really just got to love. (John) Hmmmm. (John) We’ve got another little brush, Eli, with us today. Hi Eli! Hi Eli. What are you doing today Eli? Are you painting this frog with us? (John) Betty is just coming back to rejoin us today too. (Cinnamon) Betty! (John) So hi. Hi Betty. (John) I’m going over there and catching up on all of the uh paintings that are out there on art game. (John) The foxes are looking so cool. (Cinnamon) I know. This group can fox. (John) Alright. There were some cartoony foxes playing with yo-yos. And there were some like foxy foxes in caves. (Cinnamon) There’s a group…. (John) And anime foxes. (Cinnamon) Some of the people are writing stories or poems to go with the. They’re like creating a whole story poem. (John) I, I, I like, I like the, I like how there’s like a story happening in all of these. (Cinnamon) Yeah. Me too. I really do. It really makes me happy. (John) There is one that has a happy little girl tooth outside cave. (laughing) (John) That was really great. I’m collecting these up and I’m hoping you’ll make like a slide show of a bunch of them from different games. You know. Like you do. (John) Like you do. I do all sorts of stuff. So yeah. They’re saying they liked the walk through, the NAMLA walk through. (John) They thought that was pretty good.
That was pretty fun. And again, some of those things were amazing. Like totally, like I’m going out and getting them. [(John) Yeah] If I could’ve, there was a lot of people in the Karandash booth. If they’d been a little less manned, I’d a grabbed stuff and run. (John) They had a huge booth too. They had a lot of really cool stuff in there. Yeah. And there was like a whole embarrassing moment where I was like having a little trouble with Switzerland and Sweden. In my brain. (John) Well, they’re both S words and you’re …
I just own it. I was like it’s an American thing I’m sorry. I’m really sorry. (laughing) (John) You’ve been to one of them. I know. Uhhhhhh. (John) That’s alright. It’s you know. You do what you can do. You do what you can do. (John) Okay. They were so patient with me. (John) Oooo Little brush Lila is here too.
Hi Lila! (John) She’s home. She’s a little under the weather.
Ummmm feel better. (John) With mom painting I am assuming.
Well that’s kinda nice. [(John) Yeah. To get to sit there. ]My kids love it when they get to paint with me. (John) Yep.
They do. They would much rather be home painting with me than, you know, say at school. (laughing) Alright. So what I’m going to do here is I’m going to take my # 8 bright. It’s just a slightly smaller bright. You could use your 10. You could use whatever bright you did the background with. (John) Yeah. And I’m going to pull a little of my, uh, phthalo green. And a little, just a small amount of my cad yellow. I don’t want to do too much because guys he’s gotta be such a bright green to show. (John) Yeah. So it’s important that I also come over here and get a little ultramarine. This will be the hardest little work that you’ve got on the whole painting. Just because they’ll be so many different mixings. A little of the ultramarine and a little of the phthalo. (John) Ooooo Lisa from India. It’s her first time attending.
Hi Lisa from India. (John) That’s pretty cool. Hi. I’m going to come visit you. (laughing) (John) I wonder what kind of frogs they have in India. Uh. Cool ones I imagine. (John) Yeah. They’ve gotta have different kind of frogs than we have here. Well, yes because this would be North America. So we have some type of North American frog and… (John) All kids chase frogs right. Right. Like around the world. (John) Around the world. (Cinnamon) For sure. (John) So, I’m just, it just dawned on me. I wonder what kind of frogs kids in India chase? (John) Because I mean they obviously chase frogs, but what kind of frogs do they chase. I’m going to go look it up. (Cinnamon) Go look it up. (John) Not right now. Maybe later.
(both laughing) This when we need like uh, we need a, uh, uh, intern. (John) Quick I need to know what kind of frogs.
(Cinnamon) Intern! (both laughing) Tell us what frogs are in India. And let’s put a picture of them in. (John) India’s not small so there’s probably like a whole bunch of different geographically….. (Cinnamon) I love that. India’s not small. No it’s not. It’s a big giant continent right. (John) Or country.
(Cinnamon) Country. (John) You know. Yeah. It’s huge. (John) So that would be really cool. I’m going to have to check that out. John’s like no. You don’t know what you’re talking about. Let me help you. (John) I don’t. I don’t know what I’m talking about. Oh. That’s okay. But we’re talking and we’re painting. So. Some things I’m doing here. To notice is… So I’ll pick up a little of my ultramarine blue and a little of my phthalo. And you can see the load on the brush right here. (John) Yeah. Right. Maybe I can show here too. (John) Oh yeah you can. Alright. There’s the load. (John) It’s blue greeny.
Blue and green. And then is brush directionality too in which I’ve got kind of a curved line. Right. A little bit of a curved line. And I’m just. That one’s like I get a little more green. Definitely mix it up. Right. And it’s about the bend to it. It’s about the bend to it. Now you’ll notice I’m using a lot less water on these paints. One of my tips is that, uh, the, like this is a mid grade paint & then down to student paints. I use less water in these paints. Just…. to put’em out. And that’s just a little tip that you can do is use less water. (John) Okay. Cool. On pro paints you can use a little more. Whoops. It’s okay. I got a little white and that was fun. And you’ll then it. But on student paint and mid grade paint you’ll want to thin less. (John) So Donna says that, she just got off the phone with Justin on Facetime, and he’s feeling a little better. Oh! Yeah! We’ve been putting some wishes in for Justin. (John) So hopefully he’ll get some breakfast and we’ll all have a better morning. I grabbed a little of my yellow guys, and I’m just kind of doing some streaks through. Can you see that? Just a little bit. It’s a touch, but it’s there. You know it’s there. These things are there. Sorry babe. I get so weird. (laughing) Alright I’m going to grab maybe a little yellow ocher and my phthalo green. A little yellow ocher and my phthalo. (John) So. I look over into the chat, and there some frog talking going on. There’s frog talking. (John) Yeah there’s some, there’s apparently, their not sure where, there some frogs that are coated in poison. Some frogs that spit poison. And an agreement that all camels spit. (laughing)
(Cinnamon) Dude, you know what, all camels do spit. (John) You know what, I think
(Cinnamon) We’ve all been spit on my a camel. (John) Well, I think that everyone whose been near a camel has been spit on. (Cinnamon) Has been spit on. (John) So I think that’s where it comes from. (Cinnamon) Actually, you kind of just want to go, why did you even start riding those things they’re so obnoxious. (both laughing) I mean if something spit on me I’d be like done with it. Leave you alone. Spitter (John) I imagine they’re a lot like horses, only with ability to spit. Because I mean I knew some horses that if they, if a horse could spit it would’ve spat on me. (both laughing) (John) You know what I mean.
I do. (John) I imagine that camels just figured it out.
(Cinnamon) We’re going to spit on all these people. (John) It’s just, it’s probably they see it as being fair. They’re like, you put this on me and I’m going to spit. (Cinnamon) On you. I’m grabbing a little of this yellow ocher and this phthalo green. And you can kind of see how this leaf being a little bit brighter, it pulls it forward from that leaf being a little bit cooler. (John) Yeah. (Cinnamon) See how that’s nice. That’s nice. (John) Now this, this is a student grade paint right? (Cinnamon) No this is a mid grade. (John) Mid grade. Oh, okay. This is uh uh mid grade paint. Uhmmm So it’s, you know. And that’s how it’s rated, but I’m still kind of working that out. As I paint with it.
(John) There were some people asking here. Just how that uh, how it’s working for you. They weren’t sure they saw it covering quite as No but in this particular case. So here’s what’s nice about this, and it’s an interesting thing that I always like to get into. Which is that sometimes it’s not a fault it’s a feature. (John) Yeah. (John) Yeah.
So. It is a little thinner in the pigment, but right now I’m making that work for me with brush directionality and the way I’m layering the paint and the way I’m mixing it. Is giving me a particular effect that I really wanted for this painting. Which I wouldn’t have gotten as well believe it or not with pro paint. (John) Uh. (Cinnamon) You know, it’s not that one is like so, you know there’s definitely differences between the paint. but you can get great paintings, this being my point, this frog is a great painting. You can get a great painting with lots of different products. (John) Yeah. (John) That’s… paint with your budget.
(Cinnamon) Paint within your budget. (John) Okay.
(Cinnamon) I could probably pull this frog off in Tempera if I had to. (John) I’m going to say our second word, [(Cinnmaon) Our second word. ] is camel. Camel. Wineglass, camel. Ooooo this is going to be a day. (John) Islay suggested that so I figured we’d go with it. I’m going to just keep pulling a little of this. Just phthalo here. Just the phthalo now. Finishing out this nice leaf. (John) So Mona says that she did like the NAMTA video. Actually, there’s a lot that say they like that NAMTA video. I’m so glad. Because we really, it was a weird thing for us to go and we were hoping that you guys would like it shared. (John) Yeah. There is… We’re going to try to go to the one in Salt Lake next year but there is also this one called creative world in Frankfort, Germany. (John) Yes. And we’re thinking of going to that one. If we can swing it. (John) Go visit our friends and maybe run around the Nuremberg ring once or twice. (Cinnamon) Uhmmmm Oh yeah. Okay. (John) Yeah. (Cinnamon) Yeah. (John) See how I like those over there. (John) Rachel’s here from Daler and Rowney.
Rachel!!! (John) Hi Rachel.
Wave at everybody Rachel. That’s so cool. Rachel and answer your paint and urgent questions. Absolutely pounce on her. Right now. (laughing) No but she really can. (John) I’m sitting here scrolling through and I’m like where is she in the chat. And said, I don’t see Rachel I don’t see Rachel well there’s Daler and Rowney. Oh! There she is. (both laughing) Alright. Just tip this off here. I wonder if Rachel will be at Creative World in Frankfort next year. (John) Oooooooo That would be the question. (John) We can all get schnitzel together. (Cinnamon) We schnitzel up. Okay. I have to do this. Rachel look at my mug.
(both laughing) It’s so fun. (John) You guys were funny at the show. (Cinnamon) Yeah. Well, I feel like Rachel gets it. (John) Yeah. She herself is an artist, and she loves art materials. That’s again what we kept seeing over and over at the materials show. The people there love art materials and love art. (John) Yeah.
Across the board. Just across the board. So that was really, you know, heartening. You know. Nothing like, you know, corporate craziness. It was just really like people who had a real passion for what they do. I’m going to put out a little more of my burnt sienna. (John) So Mona suggested that a good word, it’s a little complex for today, so don’t take it as, as an inspiration. (John) And I’m going to say bells is our 3rd word.
Bells. Bells.
(John) Because jesters have bells on them. They do have bells. Can I ask for a favor. I’m sorry. (John) You want me to microwave your coffee. (John) Of course.
The cup pulls the heat out of the coffee. It’s cuteness is there but you know what I mean. This particular ceramic pulls the heat out of the coffee. I have some like really cool ceramic mugs made by, you know, ceramic artists. And that never does it, but Frog cuteness had to be, you know, acknowledged. Oh Rachel. This is, not that isn’t here. She’s right here. This is the official Goldilocks. Everybody else knows. I got to give her some TLC later today. It’s like, uh, a lot of fun. Oh everybody, my mom, Ginger, is going to be on later tonight. She’s got a live tonight. And I definitely recommend, she doesn’t always leave her lives up, so if you can catch those when she’s live, that’s really helpful. Because sometimes she leaves them up. I’m always like mom leave them up. But she doesn’t always leave them up. So if you can catch it you should catch it. I don’t know what she’s doing tonight. Probably something awesome. She was pretty energetic this morning. Just talking about mom’s live later tonight. She’s pretty hopped up and energetic this morning so it’s going to be a ride for you guys. (John) Alright Goldilocks. Goldilocks. What I got right now, I got a #8. (John) No I mean you.
Oh. I’m Goldilocks?
(John) I got the coffee warmed up. I’m going to pull out a little ultramarine blue into my burnt sienna. And this is going to give me a gorgeous fun gray. (John) Uh-huh.
That I really really like. And then I’m going to pull a little white into it. And you can see I get this great warm gray. And I’m going to paint all under here. His little, little frog belly. (John) Uh-huh
(Cinnamon) His little frog belly. He’s so cute. Come here you little cute frog. I’m going to kiss you all up. (John laughing in background) I like him. You know, it’s like, I can paint the tiger and be all snuggly with that tiger but in real life I can’t. (John) Huh-uh. (John) Nope. That’s like, I when doing the crocodile alligator search, I saw some people brushing teeth. No. [(John) No. ] That crocodile and those alligators need to clean their own teeth. We had a bunch of people who were like, it doesn’t really matter who’s eating you. Once their eating you. There’s a bunch of messages about that. So I’m just putting this down here. And I’m going to take this up the side. Right here. Up the side. It’s so fun. Up the side. Whoooo. Having a good time guys. Now we’re going to take, we’re going to do his bright bright green. (John) Oh yeah. It’s going to be this cad yellow and a smidge a smotch, you can see just a tiny amount. (John) Oh that really, cah-pows it. Yes. It’s cah-pows. And you’ll see he really jumps [(John) He does] from the background. (John) Wow. (John) That little cad yellow just cah-pows him.
(Cinnmaon) Cah-pow! He’s a little bit brighter than the world around him right. (John) Yeah. If I could sing it and we could play it we would be like playing all of my favorite Kermit songs. (John laughing)
I can’t. They won’t let us. But I would have done like uh Rainbow Connection [(John) Uh-huh.]and Not Easy Being Green. We would have had a whole playlist up in here. (John) Oh yeah. Whole playlist up in here. (John) Wow! (Cinnmaon) What? (John) I just look over and there’s 250 people painting froggies here along with us. You’re painting froggies. You get you’re frog on. (John) They’re here to get their froggie on too.
(Cinnamon) Get your froggie on too. Doesn’t it, isn’t it fun to get your froggie on. (John) It is. We have another little brush with us. Phoenix. (Cinnamon) Phoenix. Hi Phoenix. (John) Hi.
(Cinnamon) Hi Phoenix. And for parents at home, I really think, uh, this System 3 paint is a good, uhm, family paint. Like especially if you’re painting with kids. (John) Yeah. I think this is a very very good paint. Because you don’t have to worry about, like, any of the cadmium issues that you might in the pro lines. (John) Yeah. Right. And also in that learning curve of kids where maybe the little paint is coming out too much or you’re going through a little more, it won’t hit your budget as hard. But they’re still going to get a good non-frustrating result. (John) Yeah. I think that is really hard. Is to find a paint, uhm, to paint with with kids too. Like when you’re doing a whole family paint. That gives everybody a good non-frustrating result. (John) Yeah. (John) And you’re having a non-frustrating result.
(Cinnamon) I’m having no frustration. (John) Frustration free. (Cinnamon) Right. (John) And how, your pigment load been pretty descent? Yeah. Yeah. You know it’s it’s. Again I’m totally spoiled a lot of the times but. And this is the point which is that you know you can make everything work. You just got to settle into what your paint is and you’ve got to get the best paint your budget allows. (John) Yeah. You don’t want to be stressing your budget out. You know. (John) Yeah and predictable is another good thing. (Cinnamon) Predictable. But again it is always, like companies that have been in business for a while. That have websites. That have customer service. That care about your experience. (John) And that’s why you see us experimenting with this paint right here. [(Cinnamon) Yeah. ] And you see Rachel out here giving us a lot of support. And we’re really appreciative because we want to find paint that’s good for you guys. (Cinnamon) Yeah. (John) So. And this is available in other places. (John) Yeah. (Cinnamon) Yeah. Which I’m pretty excited about. (John) That really pop pop popped.
(Cinnamon) Didn’t it pop pop pop! (John) It Ruby Rhodded up in there. (Cinnamon) Ruby Rhod! And we’re not even done popping, and that’s crazy. We’re going to dry a little bit. (John) Okay. I’m going to tap this out some. And I’m going to put in a little base for his eye. I’m going to do something kind of crazy. (John) Oh yeah. I’m going to take a little ultramarine over to my cad red. Now shockingly normally I would get a gray but in this particular case I’m getting a purple. (John) Hmmm. Why is that?
(Cinnamon) I’m going to assume that the deep runs to the cool side of the…. medium is warm and the deep is cool. (John) Hmmmmm. You can pretty much always guess that. If it’s making a purple, it’s cool. (John) Gotcha. And I’m going to put this…. and see that’s definitely purple. (John) Right. Which is why I didn’t have to put any Dioxazine out. Because these two did this. If you have cad red medium and ultramarine go ahead and put your purple out. Because you’re never going to mix those two and get purple. Ever. (John laughing) But just know it’s not you. (John) Gotcha. I may have to come and uh put a little green around his eye. We have to sort of see. I hear my little daughter singing. (John) Yeah she is. (Cinnamon) Singing. She likes to sing. She is always like I have a song in my heart. Now I’m pulling a little more water than I normally would but that’s because my studio is so hot and the lights are so bright that I’m definitely definitely dealing with paint curing and drying on me in the studio. Because I usually paint way faster than my paint dries. (John) Yeah. Yeah. So I’ve got my nice deep base for what will be these fab…. oh! Too much water on my brush. Just grabbed it with a towel. That’s what you do. (John) Oh. Okay. (John) Now we’re getting to that place where we’re going to need to have another word. Another word. (John) Another word. Hmmmm. I think it’s my time. (John) Is it your turn. (Cinnamon) It’s my turn. (John) Oh. Okay. Hmm hmmm hmmmm. (John) What word would you pick. (Cinnamon) Net. (John) Net.
(John) Okay. Wait, no we’ve done that haven’t we? We have done net. [(John) Okay.] We can’t do net so I’m going to say ball. Have we done ball? (John) (laughing) I uh, I don’t think so. I can’t remember ball. (Cinnamon) Ball. Ball. (John) Okay. The ball is in play. The ball is in play. (John) Alright we’re going to let it go. (laughing) So why all this is drying. We now have the under painting in. Right. I’m going to come and I’m going to get a little of my yellow ocher and my phthalo and interestingly enough a little of my titanium white. Right. And I’m going to come on my leaf, very light pressure,. And make little streaks coming down. Just a little bit arching in. It should be skipping over the canvas. It should, uh, be allowing a lot of the paint underneath to show through. This is definitely a dry brush. So I don’t have water on my brush. And I’m just trying to create those leafy streaks. Do you see those? (John) I do. Makes them feel like those big banana leaves. Because he lives in a beautiful little tropical paradise. It’s completely protected and ecologically, you know, uh, cloistered away from everything. And so he’s just got his lovely banana leaves. And definitely watch your brush directionality here. Because you want it to curve. You want your brush strokes to follow the curve. I might even get a little cad yellow on this one. Into my phthalo and a little white. Just to pull some. Just a couple. Not a lot because we’re going to have to put this bright color here. But you’re just trying to create a couple of streaks. Banana leaf streaks. (John) I wanted to say thank you to Elizabeth for posting up specially so that I could see yesterday’s art game picture. Up on our art game page. Did she? (John) So I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you very much. (John) So Donna would also like to know [(Cinnamon) Donna. Hi Donna.] this elusive Goldilocks. Could you tell me more? What exactly is she. So, uh, Goldilocks has a… She’s a family story now. (laughing) My mom, as you guys know, came to paint with us over Thanksgiving, for a Thanksgiving paint in. And we were going to do nutcrackers and mom was definitely going to do her own thing. So she’s doing her own thing. And we get through the day. It was a long day. We painted, we glittered, and we black lighted. (John) All in the same day. All in the same day. And we painted. Mom had a blast. We all had a blast. And she cleans up and she goes. And somewhere in the next couple of days, I’m just painting, I think you can see the video. I’m painting, and I’m like just painting with this brush. And I’m like woooo wooooo what’s this. (John laughing in background) This is just working better than all the brushes. And I’m like it’s got stiff bristles, it’s pushing the paint into the canvas, I’m really loving it. And I look at it and I realize it’s not my brush. It’s one of mom’s brushes that she left behind. But then I’m like, well she did abandon it. (John) Yep.
And if you leave it behind. (John) It’s like…
You couldn’t love it that much.
(John) Clearly we use the same merit time law here. Totally. If I wash the brush, it’s my brush. So this is the #10 bright. [(John) Now this is uh….]
Extra firm filament #10 bright. from Simply Simmons. And it does have to be the extra firm. (John) Yeah. The regular ones don’t do it for me, but the extra firm totally make me so happy because they have enough stiffness, not too much stiffness, that’s why she’s Goldilocks. She’s just right. Enough stiffness to make sure the paint works into the, especially these economical canvases. Not as big a deal on a Fredricks, but on these economy packs of canvas from the craft stores, you need a good brush that’s going to put your paint into the canvas. Otherwise you’re be like I can’t get paint on this canvas. Because it fights back. So I call mom up and I’m like hey mom, uh, i need to, uh, get this brush that you probably didn’t leave at my house that I now have custody of. What brush is that? And she explains to me how the Daler and Rowney rep Michelle was at Jerrysartarama putting in the display and this was a brush that she gave my mom to test. And she didn’t think it was available for sale. Because she couldn’t find one like this in the display case. And I’m like. Wow. They need to just make this brush in mass and distribute it across the country. Right. (laughing) So there’s this whole thing and I was talking to you guys all the time about the brush. And I took people on a tour through Texas Art Supply, and we touched the brushes. And got a hold of Rachel, and Rachel sent me a bunch of brushes. (John) And now she’s here in chat with us. Now she’s here in chat with us. #10 Simply Simmons bright. And it’s just what I, it’s mine now. Mom accepts it. She’s completely relinquished ownership. You can ask her. On her live show tonight. (John) That and she hides it when she comes over. I do hid it when mom comes over. Just in case. (John) And just so you know we have, thanks to Rachel, two very beautiful brand new in the package. Goldilockses. Yes. (John) That have not been opened. And she’s still using the one that she….. And you can always send more because, and the number one thing Rachel can tell us is who currently has them in stock. Because that’s the thing we are… people are like it’s sold out here. It’s sold out here. It’s sold out here. I think the brushguys have it in stock a lot. (John) Yeah.
I hear good things about that. So. Not to put Rachel on the spot. (laughing) (John) Where are they we need to have one more. I’m going to take a little, I’m going to take my Goldilocks here, now that we’ve been talking about her. And I’m going to take a little of my phthalo green over to my cad yellow and mix quite a light green. Like new leaf spring green. (John) And the #8 and #12 are both good options.
(Cinnamon) Yeah. Yeah. If you can’t get the #10. I just really love the #10. Now I’m going to take this bright yellow that I mixed. So that was a little of the cad yellow and the uh phthalo green and a little titanium white making this very bright new leaf green. The trick about adding the white is it helps it pop. (John) Yeah. And I’m going to say there’s going to be a little nose here. We’re just creating a little, a little drama. For Mr. Froggy Pants. And see you can scrumble it in. (John) Uh-huh. I love that. (John) Scrumble. (Cinnamon) I can scrumble. (John) Is that uh… (Cinnamon) Rumble in the scrumbel. I’m going to make a nice little light patch that’s going to be the nose here. And then I’m going to come along the back here. I don’t want to take out all my deep green. I just want to add a little of this. (John) Gotcha. Alright. You want some deep green. So there that is. And that gives him some dimensionality. Does it not? I feel like it does. Back to my #8. So I’m going to take. Make sure that my #8 is uh damp but dry. So I wiped it off on my towel. I’m going to take some just pure white. And just on this lip. I’m going to follow along this little lip here. [(John) Uh-huh.] Making little downward brush strokes. Very light pressure. Right. This here. [(John) Yeah.] This little lip highlight. Just add a little lip highlight right there. And maybe a little here. We’re just creating this here. And maybe just a little bit on the outer right side. Just a little bit right there. (John) So Shelly is asking, [(Cinnamon) Hi Shelly.] is this paint more difficult to spread and blend compared to Liquitex or Golden? No. (John) It spreads and blends just abou the same. Uh. It’s different but it’s not difficult. I guess is what I’m saying. Okay. So, uh….. (John) Different. Maybe a different mixing…. mediums or…. You know the things is is paint is like a musical instrument, I think this is what I like, they all have kind of personalities don’t they. (John) Yeah. Yeah. Because they’re hand manufactured they’re hand made. Everybody’s got a formula. Everybody’s got a thing. So when I’m looking at a paint, what I’m looking for is I don’t want it to clump. I don’t want it to break down. I don’t want it to do this thing, when you’re pulling it out areas of pigment clump and then it goes completely thin. So what I’m looking for is a consistency and behavior. These are not exactly the same as Liquitex or Golden. They’re really not. But I’m not looking for them to be that. What I’m looking for them to be is reliable. [(John) Predictable.] Predictable. Right. So that you can get to know that paint, and it gives you a consistent result. Anything that gives you consistent result that isn’t breaking down on the canvas, and isn’t lifting up. I’m looking to see, does the layer I put on underneath lift up? (John) Right. That’s a problem in student paints. Uh, a brand I will not name does that regularly. (John) Yeah. It lifts up and you guys can’t have that. That makes the painting process impossible. Right. And again, we’re not concerned about archivalness. We don’t need this paint to last 500 years. (John) We just need to be consistent to work with. Yeah. Alright. I’m going to pull a little of my ultramarine, and I hope that answers the questions. [(John) Yeah.] and my burnt sienna. (John) And my moderators. I love them all so much. Thank you. They’re reminding me please comment, and like, and subscribe. We really do appreciate it. It does make a big difference. (John continues) to the YouTube analytic system. And it does let them know that you guys are out there and enjoying and watching the show. (John continues) And anything we can do, really, please make comments. We’re constantly trying to figure out how to make the show better for you. Let me know how you like that 3rd angle there. Uh-huh. (John continues) Where I moved the camera in. Tell me in the comments how that’s working out for you. We want another 5th one that goes up close, but we’re working these things out. (John) Yep. We’re working on getting another camera angle in here to now. So. See the other things is you guys are looking at paint companies, right, because, uh. Rachel correct me, but I believe Daler and Rowney goes all the way up to a pro paint. I think they actually have a line that’s considered professional. And then all the way. They have a line that’s in Walmart. (John) Yes. But here’s the thing about this, uh, and I’m not paid by them, I not their spokesman, I just am looking all the time for companies that are reliable. (John) Uh-huh. You know. And you guys know I have companies I like. If you’re in Australia, Dude, I love Matisse. (John) Yeah. Love them. It’s about their customer service, and it’s about their commitment to what they make. And it’s about their looking to stand behind a product. (John) Yeah. And we’ve had a lot of really great support from people at Daler and Rowney. Trying to make sure we can learn about these paints for you guys. (John) So we think that that’s, anybody who want to go through the trouble of helping us learn about the paint so we can tell you, we want to take the time to learn it. So. Exactly. And also will also answer your questions when you write them citing the Sherpa. I like that too. So I’m going to come along here and I’m going to make a little curve line. Tapered down. (John) I gotta give them another word. (Cinnamon) Oh. Okay. (John) Do you want to pick the last word?
(Cinnamon) No you pick the last word. I did one. (John) You can do the last one. (Cinnamon) I can do this last one then. (John) Yeah. (Cinnamon) Daisy. (John) Daisy. Oooo that’s a good word. (Cinnamon) Daisy. Alright, so we have this beautiful little on him shaded in. (John) Yes. Right. We like that. (John) And you’ve outlined him just a little bit? (Cinnamon) Yeah. Yeah. That’s what I was… (John) Yeah I saw that there. So I’ll do that again. Uhmmm So what it is is I pulled a little of my burnt sienna into my ultramarine. (John) Okay.
(Cinnamon) I’m on the edge here. I’m coming around the lip, and then I just taper, I release my pressure and lighten it. And then I just come down here. (John) Yeah. And that just gives him a little shadow. And I did a little line under his lip here. Just a little bit. Just gives me a little bit. Now I’ve got a teenie tiny little #2. #2 bright. And I think at some point I may make a video of my brush set-up. (John) Oh yeah. And how many brushes you need, and what their sizes are. I think we need that. (John) Yeah. We’ll do another….
(Cinnamon) So I’m going to come up here to the top of the little nose here. And I’m going to make a little C brushstroke. See that? (John) I do. And then a little shallower C brushstroke, and that’s his nose. This is almost a comma. This is a little C. It’s a slight difference, but that’s how you get a little perspective there. (John) Yeah. And you want that. (John) I do. You do. Now interestingly enough, I’m going to get a, this is a #6. Don’t show Rachel because I popped the coating. (laughing) Lord knows we do that. And I’m going to paint in the feet now. Now one thing I’m going to do, is I’m going to give myself a guide when I’m painting these in. And you guys can chalk these in if you’re not ready to paint them in. (John) Yeah.
(Cinnamon) Actually, I may just show you the chalking and then then the painting. (John) Okay. I’ve got some kids chalk here. I’m going to, right underneath this crease, I’m going to make one line that comes a little past the halfway mark on the leaf. Then, I want another shorter line that comes out to the left at an angle. And another shorter line that comes out to the right at an angle. And I’m going to make a little smile at the bottom of each toe. And then we’re going to curve those in kind of like a teardrop. Curve those in like a teardrop. So if you think about it, there’s a circle at the bottom of each of these. Isn’t there? And it curves in. And then you’re going to just make an arc at the top. And that’s going to bisect into his leaf. Into his chin. So that’s what we’re trying to paint or sketch in is this little foot shape. Right. Little foot shape. Thank you so much Luna. Luna is telling me I’m doing a good job. And I want to paint this in white. Just white. Now, even if you get golden paint, right, cadmium yellow is going to have a lot of transparency. Certain colors are going to have a lot of transparencies. You can check that on the jars. And whenever you’re fairly sure that your color is going to have a lot of transparency and your painting over a darker color, go ahead and put it back in white first. So in other words, say you went with your friend to a painting party place, [(John) Yep.], and they give you whatever that painting party paint is that they have at their establishment. (John) Uh-huh. Right. For sure what you know, is you’re going to have [(John) The color of your water?]. Huh?? [(John) Colored water.]. It’s colored water. So you’re dealing with colored water. Right. And so this is a trick. If you’re instructor doesn’t have you do something like this, that’s something you can do yourself. If you see that you’re going to be painting a much darker like, a light color over a darker color, you can do this if you wan to get that bright pop. (John) Yeah. (John) Hi Maricha.
(Cinnamon) Hi Maricha. Somebody’s here. [(John) Someone’s here.]
You going to let them in. Right. So there we go. That’s how we get that little frog foot in. That’s all it takes to get the little frog foot. Who’s here? That’s so exciting isn’t it? Hi Maricha. How are you doing? You going to ping me after. I don’t know who’s here. It’s like Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood. But probably not as delightful. It’d be really great if it was the AC guy. That’s what I’d really like to see right now. Or AC girl. No gender bias. I’ll take AC anyone that does AC. (laughing) (John) What was that? (laughing) I was going to say AC guy and then I realized that’s the gender bias. [(John) Oh.] It could be AC girl. (John) Oh yeah. So I’m going to make a little foot top here that I know I’m going to have. And I’m going to do a similar thing. I’m going to make my long toe right here. And then my short toe. And then this toe’s going to go off the canvas isn’t it. (John) Does appear. Make your little circle. Draw in you little lines. The nice thing about kids chalk is, if it isn’t working out, you can always erase it with a damp cloth. (John) Now is it important to make sure you’re not using grease chalk. (Cinnamon) It is so important to make sure you’re not using oil pastels. This has got to be like pastels, chalk pastels, or kids chalk. (John) Yeah. Powdery powdery. And one thing I can test here is, uhm, I’m just going to make sure that this is holding up. I’m going to get this, can you erase it and not have a problem. Alright. So right now I can promise you in a painting party scenario, you’d be pulling up a huge amount of the paint. (John) Yeah. And I didn’t pull up any of the paint. So it’s another reason why I saying, yeah the pigment load may not be as deep but it’s not lifting on me. (John) It has binders.
(Cinnamon) It’s binders are holding. The binders are held. What was it John? Was it mail? (John) Yeah. (laughing) Nice. (laughing) She’s going to get them. (John) She’s so being funny.
(Cinnamon) She is. She’s totally funny. So I’m just painting that in and making sure when I go to put the bright orange on there it’s going to feel bright orange. And the leaf isn’t going to show through it. And it’s going to be really nice. Isn’t that fun? (John) Yeah.
(Cinnamon) That’s all it takes. So also because it’s not lifting on me when I removed the chalk, you can probably get away with a brush varnish. Some of the really student paints, man you cannot even brush varnish those. It’s not even doable. (John) You have to spray varnish them. You have to spray varnish them or they won’t even play with you. (John) Yeah. Now I’m going to go around my eye, and I’m going to make sure my eye is all good. Right. I’m going to get my bright green. I’m just going to make sure that this line is clean. Because it got a little bit away from me. There. (John) I’ll recap today’s art game words.
(Cinnamon) You recap those for us.
(John) They are wineglass, camel, bells, ball, and daisy. (John) I want to say thank you to Lisa. She’s been making sure that those all get posted up in there. (John) Oh. So Donna said that she went out to the Daler & Rowney website. [(Cinnamon) Uh-huh.] Rachel suggested using the site to find an art store near her. (Cinnamon) Uh-huh.
(John) And she just found an art store near her.
(Cinnamon) Excellent. (John) That had the brushes.
See Website. With customer service in mind. (John) There you go.
I’m like just, where ever you live in the world, right, like maybe you can get this paint, maybe you can get Golden, maybe you can get Liquitex, but maybe you can get none of those. [(John) Or Matisse.] Or Matisse. (John) Because you maybe on another continent.
But look for paint companies that give you a website. (John) Yes. Support. With information. A lot of information about their paint. A lot of chemistry about their paint. Just tons and tons of information about their paint and how it works. Like how much water it takes. How color fast it is. How they manufacture it. What their history is. Try to make sure they’ve been in business a minute. (John) Yeah. Like it’s exciting to see new products coming up, but you don’t person who cuts your teeth on it. [(John) Yeah.] Right. Especially if you’ve got any concerns about budget. Because maybe you can’t afford to go out and buy, like get another pallet of paint. (John) Uh-huh.
If they have a Facebook page, Twitter, and Instagram, I feel better about them because their kind of having themselves out there. If they do something that you don’t like, you can go comment there. So they’re backing their product. (John) Yeah.
They’re not hiding out. They’re like right out there. And then see, like, how they’re answering people. Like what’s the engagement on those sites. These are all things that tell you a lot about how the company is. And what your experience is going to be. (John) Yeah.
(Cinnamon) And also remember manufacturers are not retailers. (John) That is absolutely true. So you can have a big problem with a distributor, a retailer, and their isn’t a big problem with that paint company. (John) Uh-huh. So sometimes, like say your at a company that isn’t treating you all that well, and something is up with the paint and you go to that company and they tell you oh yeah. Paint is supposed to like cottage cheese. That’s the one we almost commonly hear [(John) Yeah.] from the distributors. Paint is supposed to look like cottage cheese. A lot of times if you take pictures and you write the customer service department of the manufacturer they will take care of you where your distributor will not. (John) Uh-huh. And that is another thing that you want. Because your paint company is your partner. That is your real art studio partner. And you need them to care about how things work out for you. If that makes sense to everybody. (John) Absolutely guys. Rachel is out there doing a really nice job. Answering a lot of questions in the channel and helping a lot people out. So. I really appreciate her [(Cinnamon) That’s awesome!] showing up and helping out.
(Cinnamon) That is awesome. (John) Yeah. (John) Yeah. And I was just out here, I’m actually chatting with the community. I’m just so in awe, I’m in such awe of our community right now. (John) Because I was just chatting with some of our moms. We remember when we first started this out and we were having you know 20, 30, 40 people show up. (Cinnamon) Uh-huh. (John) And we’ve now got 250 people out here and it’s just…. thank you guys so much for coming and being part of what we’re doing. (John) We really really appreciate it. Uhm. Again, thank you guys. I do. I appreciate it as well. (John) We’re… it’s uh… I was just you know, I get to see the chat more than Cinnamon does. (Cinnamon) Yes. (John) And so uh… (Cinnamon) And sometimes I’m over here going what’s gonna happen. (John) What paint should I do next? And John is, he’s more tactic. So that’s… I like that this is an experience where he can be that and where I can be this and that way you guys get a really good experience out of it. I’m going to do a thing where I make just this little triangle, this like angular green sliver across the top of the foot. (John) Yeah.
This is important. (John) Why is that important?
I don’t know. Because I looked at a bunch of red-eyed tree frogs. Oh so like, if you’ll notice, I listed graphic stock. That’s where I got the reference images for these tree frogs. (John) Oh yeah. And, uhm, so like, I looked at a bunch there and a bunch online. And my final tree frog model was from graphic stock. But, uhm, I looked at a bunch of them and they all have this slivering. The leg has some blue which we wouldn’t see on the feet, but it has this sliver of green. So if you have a tree frog fanatic in your life, I’m absolutely positive having painted a long time and done a lot of commissions. Don’t miss the sliver. Because that will be the thing the tree frog fan notices. So. It’s a weird thing. It’s like when we did the Arcadian National Park thing with the fire. [(John) Oh yeah.] Johns like the stars need to be like this. Have you researched enough nebula information. I’m like oooooo! I don’t know. (laughing) I don’t know about all that. I’m going to take, uhm, my cad red and a little of my cad yellow. And I’m going to make a very, almost, it’s not burnt orange but it’s a very dark orange. And I’m going to start the feet off with this orange. We’re going to come back with the cadmium orange. But I want to start the feet off with this. So it really pops. What’s wonderful is the green and red and orange are all contrasts. (John) Yeah. So they’re going to naturally kind of pop from each other. If that makes sense. (John) It does. Oooooooo.
(John) So how is that…. it looks like it’s really a nice bright red. It’s a bright red. And it has absolutely no environment concerns that I know of. (John) That I know of today.
(Cinnamon) That I know of. Well no, I mean I love my true cadmium pigments, [(John) Yeah.] and in my fine art it’s super important. It makes a difference for me. Say like in an art show. But, uhm, for just regular life painting, there’d be no point to pay the extra money for it. (John) Yeah. You know. Unless you were super red sensitive in your eyes. Would you even notice it? I know definitely if you’re painting with kids, you have to paint hue. Just for safety sake. I mean, and don’t eat paint. Don’t test that safety for paint by eating it. But, you know, with kids absolutely. You want to paint hue. And if you’re prone to allergies, you will want to paint hue. (John) Hmmmm yeah. So I’m just painting carefully over that white giving this deep rich color. And then as I pop the oranges up and everything, then it’s going to be more and more. But that way, the green. Hair colorists right now totally know why I did this. That way the green doesn’t gray out my red. (John) Betty just sent some really nice words saying thank you for all of your time and effort. And all the work you put in for these shows. It’s my pleasure. It literally is. I love it. So many people are painting. I love it. It’s incredible. (John) So thank you Betty. Thank you very much Betty. And I’m so excited how into the tree frogs you were. Tree frogs were literally 20 votes behind elephant. (John) Yeah. And there were a lot of votes. Like the feelings were strong. [(John) Uh-huh.] Between elephant and tree frog. That’s when I knew I’d have to do both. Well, you know. Elephant by a nose…. (John laughing) but, tree frogs were just sticking on. Holding on. So. (John) Hanging on by a toe.
They were hanging on by a toe and I’m like I better do both. And I wanted a tree frog that uh everybody could paint. (John) Yeah. And I think that’s been, that’s been…. I really like how this is very….. this looks very approachable. It is. It’s very doable for everybody. So everybody can get into the fun. And painting is so fun. So we got the beginning of that. And guess what we get to do next? Eyes! So I’m going to come in around his eye and I’m going to leave the deep purple outside. And I’m going to be very light pulling in. See how I’m leaving like a quarter inch? (John) Yeah. (John) See now I feel bad because I can’t name some of our community members by name.
(Cinnamon) Why? (John) Because they’ve recruited other people at their office to watch. (laughing) So now we have mutual outings and I’m like hey Momma how’s it going and she’s like (John) shhh I’m at work and other people are watching. (both laughing) Jobs. Just wish you could be home and paint all day. Wait. I am. (laughing) Sorry. (laughing) I couldn’t help it. It’s too good. (John) So Linda actually asks a really good question.
(Cinnamon) Okay Linda. I love a really good question. (John) How long will an unopened tube of paint last on a shelf? Ahhhhhh. You know what? That is not something I know off hand. I will probably go to a website to look that up. I’d go…. I bet Rachel might know. (John) I’m sure that each paint manufacturer….
(Cinnamon) It’s probably by paint manufacturer. Like Golden is going to give you some answer like we shot a tube of paint into space. (John) Yep. And if you keep it. And in space it lasts this long, but on the Sahara it lasted this…. you know what I mean. [(John) Yeah.] Their going to take it someplace like that. Everybody has a different testing…. Do you remember the resin guys who were like we put our resin in the Arizona sun and everyone else resin for a year. Can you imagine hiking along and seeing a bunch of resin. What’s this about. (John) I think there’s just some paintings in somebody’s back yard. (laughing)
(John) You know. I’m just saying it gets weird up in there. It’s probably a paint by paint thing. Because again they all have formulas. They all have different chemists working for them. Getting these pigments is like on another level. Getting pigment is a big deal. (John) Yeah.
(Cinnamon) We learned that from the Chameleon Pen guy. Like how hard it is to get pigment….. (John) Yeah. for something. (John) They have pigment hunters. They do. (John) You think Indiana Jones was cool.
(Cinnamon) And it’s a small group of color chemists that work in the paint industry. And I think they hoard their people. (John) Yeah. I imagine their like….. I don’t know, I see them as trapped somewhere in a room unable to leave. (laughing) So I am layering those depths of red into the eye. And it’s going to give it that really deep eyeball look that everybody likes so much. It’s the layers that make the eyeball. (John) Hmmmm. Now I’m going to come in and get a little of my orange here. And I’m going to add a little yellow to it. And a little white. White will help the pigment pick up. (John) So I want to say goodnight to Isabella in Indonesia. (John) Because I’ve been watching our analytics reports and noticing we have viewers from all over the world that come in live and I wanted to say thank you. Hi Indonesia. Oh my gosh. Hi! (John) Good night Isabella.
(Cinnamon) Good night Isabella. (John) Thanks for coming. That’s so cool. (John) I think that’s pretty crazy. I’m going to come visit Isabella too. (John) Yeah. So I’m going to just pull a little bit of this paint but I want some of the deep red underneath to totally show through. Does that make sense? (John) Yeah. We don’t want to lose it. Don’t paint it entirely out. You want, you want layers. Like Ogres. This is such a Shrek based painting anyways. Another song I wish we were playing on this show. [(John) Hmmmm.] Because I love that movie Shrek. (John) So Ellen says that according to Liquitex their site says 5 to 7 years. [(Cinnamon) See.] That’s interesting. (John) That’s Liquitex. So we’ll have to go look into some more of them a little later. But I meant, it’s probably really a paint by paint company. [(John) Storage yeah.] Here’s the thing. If they don’t store right, if they let it get hot or they let it get cold. If the distributors let get some crazy temperature, then all bets are off anyways. (John) Yeah. (John) Yeah, so making sure you have good fresh paint that’s been stored in a cool dry place. (Cinnamon) Yeah. It’s not supposed to come out like cottage cheese. It’s supposed to be like warm butter. (John) Yeah. Like so far you’ll notice that all of these tubes are like warm butter. (John) Yep. (John) Actually that’s been really nice. I’ve been noticing that. (Cinnamon) Yeah. Now I did get them fresh off the presses from Rachel. (laughing) (John) Yes. (John) And that’s how you should expect your paint. It is how you should expect your paint. And, uhm…. (John) That’s the job of the distributors. That is the job. I feel that’s the job. I may be wrong. (John) And the retailers. (Cinnamon) Fresh quality, not frozen, not super heated. Acrylic paint does not like wide ranges of temperature. Not that any paint does. Like I’m not thinking like egg tempera or encaustic also wants a wide range in temperature. I have heard. (John) Yeah. So. You know. These aren’t glazes for pottery. So you can kind of see how that layering creates a brightness. Right. (John) Yeah. I’m going to get some of my red and orange. Red and orange. Because I want some brightness here. And I’m going to….. And this is on the edge of my brush. Start pulling some of this in. Here on the eye. Right. Again, get those layers. This is where the eye is really work. And this is something that you can totally work out no matter what level of painting you’re at. This extra little time in the eye is possible for everybody. On this, I’m curving the bright towards where I know the pupil is going to be, to create that implied shape. And you can already sort of see how there is some orbiness happening. (John) Oooooo. And we want orbiness. Now I’m going to put out my fluid paint. I do the Golden fluids, but listen, anybody’s fluid soft body paint will work. This is just what I have in my studio today, and I needed some. So. (John) And it works well. (Cinnamon) Huh? (John) And it works well. And it works well. And here’s my deal. That’s pretty much everybody’s art studio should have whole bunch of stuff. (John) Yeah.
(Cinnamon) Based on sales and things in your studio. Oh something people don’t know, is this acrylic paint would work with my Golden. These acrylics all mostly mix. It’s very rare you would ever have an interaction between paint companies. I wouldn’t do Golden Opens and everybody. (John) Yeah.
(Cinnamon) That’s the one that supposed to dry really slowly. But acrylic paints are interchangeable. (John) And you know, we do have a lot of, I wanted to make sure that if you have any questions make sure you email that customer service contact (Cinnamon) Yeah.
(John) at your paint manufacturer. Yeah.
(John) That’s the person to go to. They have a whole team there. (Cinnamon) And experts just total experts. And it’s fantastic. And listen, there’s a lot of good companies. I talked about Mod Podge being a good company. Because y’all made me get to know Mod Podge. Because you kept saying, can I varnish with Mod Podge. No. No. Don’t varnish with Mod Podge. That’s officially from Mod Podge. But they make a varnish. Talk to me for such a long time. [(John) Yeah.] Such a good customer line. They didn’t even know who I was they just talked to me. There are good companies out there. I’m going to make a line straight down the middle of the eye. But I’m going to leave about a half inch uh just under a uh, little under a half inch. You can kind of tell when you see the slit. Now this is funny, like right now you’ll have seen a frog with an eye slit down that much. That’s a mad frog. Our frog is happy. Let’s not paint a mad frog. That’s also a mad bird. If your bird makes a teenie tiny pupil at you, run. (John) Oh yeah. (laughing) Run. He’s going to get you. He’s smarter than you and he’s going to get you. Especially if it’s like an amazon anything. If it’s a parrot from the amazon, and his pupils are small you have messed up. (John laughing in the background) Apologize, give him a treat. Something. (John) Yep. So this is sort of like a leaf shape. A squishy pointed football shape. You’re just trying to make this little pupil shape here. This is also the basis for a good dragon eye, if you guys every want to work on dragon eyes. (John) Yeah. This applies as well. Now I’m going to come over here and I’m going to make the little slit. Which again, right, think about it. [(John) Uh-huh.] You’ve seen a from with like that slit. He’s narrowing his perspective. He’s checking you out. But we’re going to say right now that he’s just a super relaxed frog. I’m going to say, I’m on my leaf. Things are good. I’m not that worried about it. Says Mr. Frog. We’re almost done guys. I’m not that worried about it he says. I’m good. This is a happy leaf. You can relax. I can relax. We can all relax. This is a safe forest. (John) Here’s a, here’s a, an interesting anecdote about proper safe paint storage. So Tara purchased her first acrylics which were Daler & Rowney paints 7 years ago at a yard sale. (Cinnamon) Okay. (John) And she’s only had one of the eight tubes go bad. She’s painting with them today. [(John) You know.] Did you hear that Rachel? That is really cool. (John) That’s kind of cool. There ya go. Snap shot that. (laughing) Wow Tara. Thank you. See that to me, that means a lot. (John) Yeah. That’s good to know. Right. When you can open up an dart material like at 7 years, that you purchased at a yard sale. That is a good sign. (John) Yeah.
(Cinnamon) That is a good sign. I’m kind of blown away. (John) Huh. Aright. I’m going to keep working this little eye here. So now I’m going to get some just red. And I’m going to pull some just red across this. Just red. Pulling it around. I want that to just pop. Just some red. Just red. Just the red. We like it. Because this is a red eyed frog. Not a green eyed or a blue eyed frog this is red eyed frog. He needs red eyes. (John) Yeah. He needs red red eyes. And I’m just pulling just the redness. I’m using my brush stroke here. Curving it. To imply this round shape. Because, you know, you got to get kind of out of your head that you’re painting an eye. What you are, is painting a really complicated ball. (John) Hmmm. Really what you’re doing. Pull some just orange. Just your orange. Just start pulling that in there. Just some orange. Just some orange. Maybe you can even get a little white on your orange. White. Just some orange. See how that just. Just a little bit. Not a lot. He needs to be red eyed. You’re creating some dimensionality. (John) That looks really neat.
(Cinnamon) Into the eye. And that’s what you want. (John) For some reason, I’m thinking of invaders Zen. You know what, because he totally looks like that. My tallest [(John) He’s totally got some Zen.] You would be the ruler of the planet my tallest. (laughing) Both kids are like hahahahahah Actually some of just watched it. I didn’t even have kids when we watched it. So let’s just own that right now. I didn’t even have kids when I was watching the Zen. Gerr was like the best character ever. (John) He really was. I’m going to take a little yellow and a little white and I’m loading it up. This is a #2, I really like this little #2. And just around the pupil here, I’m going to just dust a little of this out. Comes out just a smidge. You see that. Just a little bit. Brush pressure is light. You’ll notice I’m making a bridge with my hand. My painting is dry so I can do that. And the draw is pretty tight. So the chances I’m going to damage it are slim. And I like to stabilize my hand. You can buy a fancy bridge. Like that. Look at that pop. (John) Uh-huh. We’re going to kind of come around here with this just a little bit dusting of the light color here. This yellow. And then we’re going to pull that right here. What are you playing? (John) Audrea was like, where is my dance music. And I was like alright. I’ll put some one. Hello Audi. Hopefully you guys all like the hook thing. That was crazy how weird that got with that water color pad. Now it’s on. Like I’m going to figure out how to solve that pad. (John) Yeah. And I’m going to get the watercolors of my dreams out of that paper. That’s happening. It’s started it with me. (John) Oh yeah. Yeah. It’s a challenge and I have said challenge accepted. So I have a nice little [(John) Those are nice.] little eyeball happening here. Right. (John) So I’m going to make sure I got my little red sort of circled around. Weeeee. Make sure that that’s good. (John) Is this hat making you feel very reminiscent. How many hoots is this painting? This painting is really a hoot. (John) It’s just a little hoot. It’s just a little hoot. This is just really….. This is no harder than the Van Gough sunflowers at all. No harder than the Van Gough sunflowers. No harder than any of the owls. This is right on par with that. (John) Gotcha. I’m going to pull a little of my orange and white. And I’m going to come and make a little highlight right there. And then up the, what would be the foot. And around right here. A little highlight at the toe again. Look at that. Isn’t that cool? (John) It is. It’s so cool. And honestly all we have left is the reflection. (John) Really? Oh. And a shadow under a foot. (John) Nice. We definitely want to put the shadow. One of the things that happens a lot of times is you guys are like it doesn’t quite work and I don’t know why. It’s usually the shadow. Under the object. That you’ve forgotten. Other than that the painting is just perfect. So see I’ve gotten the highlights on the little feet. I’m looking for my highlight little space, and I’m going to put a little more right there. See. (John) Yeah. Now what you can do is you can take a little of your burnt sienna over to your ultramarine. It will still be blue but it will be a blueish gray. And then just under your foot here. Glaze a little shadow. And in this particular case, the fact that it’s a little translucent is awesome for us. Because it creates a perfect shadow. And then come here and do the same thing. A little shadow. It just….It does make a difference. [(John) Yeah.] That little anchor will make it feel like those feet are really on that leaf. (John) It really does. You want your anchor. You want your anchor, and you want, you want that space. Right. So this is just totally doable. You could do this with your friends and family and your kids. (John) So today’s art words are Wineglass, Camel, Bells, Ball, and Daisy. (laughing) How could that possibly go wrong? (laughing) (John) I don’t know. Just make sure you got your little shadow there. Right. Now, the last bit that makes him feel totally real. Totally awesome are the last highlights. I want you to take just a little, just a little of your yellow and white. But mostly white. It’s hard to get sometimes. I’m trying to get a very almost white but not quite white. And then I’m going to just top here of his nose. And maybe a little bit. I’m going to say he’s a little bit white on the top of there. And then, see how it’s just a little. (John) Yeah.
(Cinnamon) Just the little highlights. Thing that you can do. If you don’t want to do it, you don’t have to. Just want a little bit of shine. It’s like kind of a glaze. A curve at the top of the nose. Just the top. There’s a little shine. I’m going to pull out some just white on my brush. (John) Okay.
(Cinnamon) And then I’m going to a little over…. dry brush that reflection on. (John) Oh yeah. Guess what we’re almost done with? Tree frog. [(John) Tree frog.] Uh-huh. (John) Oh wow. I’m really happy that you did the frog. (Cinnamon) I am too. Literally, there’s two reflections on his beautiful gorgeous eyes. He’s a little shiny. He’s got his little leaves. He’s happy. Hopefully you guys are super happy at home and kind of blown away by how well you did. That’s my goal. (John) They are happy. Everyone is loving it. Can’t wait to see what tree frogs. People are going to come to your houses, because I know how many of you do so many of the paintings, and there will be like elephants, chickens, and tree frogs. And they will be like, do you like some animals around here. Little crazy abstract pugs. (John) Yeah. Yep. Sherpa dancing (John) Gosh I…. enjoying the dance? I can hear the jams too. Can you hear the jams? (John) I can hear the jams. (John) Everybody can hear the jams. It’s your morning time you can dance if you want to. No one’s home to see. If you’re in your cubicle at work. Just quietly pop it a little bit and nobody will notice. (John) I can do the robot back here. (John) Button pushing robot.
(Cinnamon) He actually is. (John) Alright. So we’re all dancing today. Thank you guys for joining us today. We love you guys so much. And appreciate you coming. (John) And I have to say thank you to the moderators and the entire community. We appreciate you liking, commenting, and subscribing. (John) Sharing is the awesomest thing in the world to do because it helps to get the word out. So we thank you thank you thank you. Thank you for your time and I’m so glad you chose to optimistic about your potential today. I know you can do this tree frog. All the little brushes. Thank you for painting along. All the people at work, quietly watching along. Everybody. Thank you so much for coming. We’ll see you at the easel pretty soon. Like tomorrow. (John) Tomorrow. (John) Bye bye. ♪♪♪♫♫♪♫♪♫♫♫♪


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    my sherpa
    could you please explain to me and your following brushes( how you decide when and how to put a under layer as we have done in this wouderful frog. and how we pick what colors to use.
    than you for all you do for us.

    Joe McVeigh

    ( YOUR Student)

    ps ( you are adding so much to planet )

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