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Hello, everybody welcome back to kids cooking crafts. I’m Ava and today I have some awesome DIY headbands for you that will go with all of your new school outfits this year and Before we start don’t forget to hit that notification bell So you know when we upload a new video and don’t forget to like, subscribe, and comment down below which one you would wear Alright, let’s get started This is from Elly and Andy and they are fashion headbands and clips Lets open it up and see whats inside Whoa look at all this let’s open the bag These headbands are like silky smooth Look at all these different colors. This is so Rad Because all these rhinestones Feathers there’s feathers Oh! I am in love Alright, let’s start with an easy one I’m gonna make a headband that matches my shirt So I’m gonna Grab a white the white headband with this pink and white Flower, and then like there’s this rubber Band thing that you can just slide right onto this so you just lift it up and slide it on Let’s add two more flowers So I’m gonna pick this flower. It kind of looks like a rose So we’re gonna do like three shades of pink All right Slide it on up there. Look at how pretty it is. It’s like a mini bouquet. All right. Let’s try it on What you guys think? I really like this, but if for some reason you don’t feel like a headband we can put the flowers onto a clip There there Tada. all right we worked with the flowers now. Now let’s work with the feathers Excuse me, so the kit came with extra attachments. So we’re just gonna Peel it off and stick our feathers on it So I’m gonna stick these pink feathers in the back, and then a blue one right in the front The kit also came with glue. So we’re gonna put a little dab of glue so that the blue will stick Wow little Dab So the kit also came with glue dots. I’m gonna use the glue dots for the Rhinestone right yeah Now I’m just gonna put out the base of my feathers Tada! All right lets put it on How does it look? Pretty Fancy and the cool thing about this is that if I want to wear something else with this pink headband then I can just Slide it up and off and then I Can put it on to a clip Alright, we worked with the flowers, we worked with the feathers, now it’s time to work with the ribbons So we are going to tie a bow with this Ribbon, so you’re Gonna want a smaller piece of Ribbon laying straight down the middle. Lay the thicker Ribbon across the thinner Ribbon and then fold the arms Over like that And then do it same with the other side here comes the fun part, so take the thinner Ribbon and wrap It around like that Pick the Ribbon up and wrap the thinner Ribbon around right in the middle of the bow Now I’m going to tie a knot in the back and then cut the ends cut the ends on a slant Now let’s fit a rhinestone right in the middle of the bow So I’m gonna use another one of these stickies. Oh my gosh, they’re so sticky Now I’ll put it on there Just like that All right, and since the bow is a little smaller than the attachable I’m just gonna cut it Let’s put it on a headband. What color should we put it on guys. There’s so many to choose from Hmm. Yeah, this one will do Do you guys like it comment down below? Now I’m going to do a rhinestone headband I’m just working out my pattern here, and then I’m Gonna start gluing the hardest part on this craft is deciding what to put on like there’s so many things to choose from This Headband will go great with one of my school outfits check it out see I told you so It matches perfectly Here are three more diy headbands that I made for my school outfits. What do you guys think? Look it Matches my shirt. For this one I just doubled it up and put some rhinestones on it next one So for this one, I put a purple bow with a poka-dotted ribbon on it and weaving on it and on this side I put purple Rhinestones Hmm perfect combination So for this one I wrapped yellow polka dotted ribbon around it, and I added some flowers Alright guys. Thanks so much for joining me today, and these headbands were amazing now I have hair accessories to match all my outfits if you guys want to make these headbands Yourself then we’ll leave a link in the description box below You can create your own But before you do all of this don’t forget to like subscribe and comment down below Which headband that you would make? Bye Notification It’s almost back-to-school time and I’m here to get all of my fun and decorative stuff for my locker I’m so excited. Come on let’s go Which one do you think is cuter the donut or the watermelon? I can’t decide. This one would be a great pencil case this one is also really cute I love it when school supplies looks like food Look at these Glitter pens They’re ice cream erasers. Look at all these amazing tapes There’s purpley glitter ones, whoo. There’s ice cream melted tape Guys look. It’s A for Ava This might just go in my locker It’s a fuzzy The mommy sticky notes, and the baby sticky notes Do you think I could fit these in my locker? Shopping was a blast. Now It’s time to check out what I bought Look at all this stuff we got First thing we’re gonna do is wallpaper my locker, so this is what I got. I got some contact paper that is Removable make sure you get the removable one. I thought this was cute because it pretty much goes with everything. It’s a cute Chevron pattern Okay, so I’m just gonna measure the height and the width Now I know where to cut it Tada, let’s put it in. Start at the top and peel it off. I’m just sticking it on trying to make it really straight You can also do the back in the sides of your locker But I’m just gonna do the door every cozy space needs a cozy carpet, so I’m gonna make a locker carpet So I found this fake fur at the craft store. It’s so soft. It’s like a polar bear So see how this rug kind of moves back and Forth well, we don’t want that So I’m gonna put a strip of hot glue on the bottom of the rug Now we got these bumpy glue strips on our rug so that it won’t move around see Next up is your dry erase board So I found this and guess what it already has magnets on it But if yours doesn’t, I’ll teach you how to put the magnets on you Just buy these mini magnets that have a peel and stick back So you can make your own at home You’re gonna fit it, right There now to make a holder for my dry erase markers and pencils, so I found this amazing Toothbrush holder It like sucks out all of your toothbrushes But I thought it would do Great for a pencil holder so I got this extra strength magnet that I’m just gonna glue right or center Let’s fill it up and stick it in my locker Sometimes at school I kind of look like a wreck, so I need a mirror to fix all of it. Again We’re Gonna put an extra strong magnet on the back there hurry and stick it on To bling up my mirror a little bit. I’m Gonna put some adhesive Rhinestones right there, Tada Next up, we’re Gonna put a letter in our locker A for Ava And I definitely want A’s in school again We are going to use an extra-strength magnet put a blob of glue And stick it at the top of the letter I’m gonna put this in the very back my locker time for some fun details So I got this chapstick container. I’m just gonna put a sticky magnet right on the bottom It’s a peel and stick so you just peel it off and you Stick it on now I won’t lose my chapstick Okay, guys look what I found I found this amazing Pen it looks like an ice cream cone And I found these amazing new eracers that look like animals and food which are my favorite? I don’t want to lose these and I want to put them in my locker and so again We are going to use the peel and stick magnets, so I’m gonna use two peel and stick magnets right here With the ice cream Pen I’m gonna hot glue the magnet onto the ice cream No locker decor is complete without a disco ball This disco ball is actually a Christmas ornament And this is a magnet that you can like stick right here for coats or you can stick above for a Disco ball So I think it would be cool if we put lights in my locker. They’re kind of like Christmas lights, but It’s a battery-Powered, and it’s a lot shorter To stick this in my locker. I got some Adhesive hooks just stick in there that are removable. I’m just gonna put my hooks in and Now it’s time to hang my lights And then the battery for the lights you can just hide it under the rug Thank you so much for joining me today in helping me decorate my locker for back-to-school Hope you guys all have a great school year and make sure to get those A+’s Don’t forget to like, subscribe, and comment down below what you would put in your locker. Bye Hello, everybody welcome back to kids cooking and crafts. Today I’ll be showing you how to make homemade Edible school supplies, but Before we get started we are almost at 200,000 subscribers To celebrate we’ll be doing a giveaway in our next video help us get there subscribe if you haven’t already Alright, let’s get started. We will be making a edible notebook first For the Edible notebook you will need sugar sheets and an Edible marker This one is called food writers. Sugar sheets are basically paper than you can eat except they’re sweeter This package came with three sheets. To make a simple notebook I’m just gonna peel off the back Don’t worry. It’s not sticky on this side. alright so you’re just gonna stack them and then put a paper clip on them Nobody will even know that this is actually edible. Okay lets write on it so I’m gonna take a piece of paper out of my notebook and I’m gonna write a note to my friend. Let’s cut it out like a heart Whoa this cuts really easy BFF forever Do you get in trouble for passing notes at school? If the teacher comes you can just shove it in your mouth before she sees it. Ava are you passing notes in my classroom? No! It’s edible but I’m gonna recommend that on my cupcake or on a cake It doesn’t really taste good by itself. Onto school supply number two the pink eraser Don’t eat erasers It’s bad for your tum-tum. this is a real one Let’s make an Edible one. So I got this amazing taffy here, so I’m gonna Grab all of the pink ones Let’s unwrap them So I’m just gonna take these three taffy and just like mush them together. Squash them together till they make one big huge lump I love playing with taffy I don’t know why it’s just like it’s so stretchy like you can mold it into anything you want like edible lipstick You guys should go watch that video after this one That one was amazing Try to make the shape of it like it’s more flat than tall so Okay, once you have about the same size as the eraser you’re gonna Grab your edible marker? There we go our pink eraser is finished boom which one is which Should I eat this one or this one? Not that one Whoopsies, I need to erase this time for edible school supplies number three So I got a container of Sprinkles the Sprinkles are almost gone I don’t want them I want the container, so I’m just gonna dump the rest of these Sprinkles out in a Bowl Do you see how the glue stick and the Sprinkles container is kind of the same shape. I printed off this picture It’s technically three glue sticks smushed together and I sizes it so it’s the same size as my Sprinkle jar. Let’s cut it out and glue it on Now we need to cut the top portion to fit this lid I’m actually gonna use a real glue stick to glue it on Tada, now for the bottom part Okay, I’m just gonna line it up with the bottle and then Stick it on there Tada fill this up with your favorite candy. I’m gonna fill it up with skittles We should have got a funnel Time to put the lid on voila and there you have it. It’s my giant glue stick Edible school supply number four. Pencil. using pretzels whoa These are the biggest pretzels. I have ever seen. They’re like the exact same size as a pencil first thing I’m gonna do is make a point at the end of the pretzel so I’m Gonna Whittle it. Just like a stick okay, I think I’m done so for this you will need powdered sugar and Gray fondant and yellow fondant, we’re Gonna roll them all out. We need a little powdered sugar Onto the table so that it won’t stick I’m just gonna roll it out till its the length of my pencil Now that it’s all flat. I’m gonna cut it so it will fit So now you’re gonna roll your pretzel into the fondant wait, but first you need a paintbrush and get it wet and kind of paint one side, okay that way it will stick really good So you’re just gonna dip it in? And then paint it Now roll it like a burrito So we got our color onto our pencil now. It’s time for the pink eraser at the top I’m just mushing it on there So it’s nice and tight now that we got our color and our eraser now All we need is a little metal piece. We are going to use our gray fondant for this Get it wet wrap it around So I have the teeniest tiniest bit of black fondant that I’m gonna put on the end of the pencil The bug bond it will be our lead there we go What do you think does it look like a real pencil? Probably not but it will taste better This isn’t working, Oh thats why Thank you guys so much for joining me today and helping me make these edible school supplies These would be a great prank for your classmates And don’t forget to like subscribe and comment down below which one of these you think would taste better I like the eraser. That was really good Thanks for hanging out guys. Bye

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