Autumn Paper Leaf Wreath | Paper Craft DIY | Country Hill Cottage

Add autumn style to your home with a gorgeous
red and gold autumn paper leaf wreath! The leaves are applied to a Styrofoam wreath
base, and we used different shades of red cardstock, matt gold paper and glitter paper. Let us know in the comments what other colour
combinations you think would like great. To cut the leaves, we created a printable
template that includes eight different shapes and numerous sizes of leaves. The template also comes as SVG file to use
with a Cricut or another die-cutting machine. The links for the template and written instructions
are below the video. Please subscribe for more tutorials, and turn
on notifications so you don’t miss our latest videos. To mask the white Styrofoam base, cut red
tissue paper into strips. Then brush the wreath base with white glue
and stick on the paper strips letting them to overlap. It’s a good idea to work in sections, so
the glue doesn’t dry out too quickly. Once the entire base is covered and no more
white is showing, allow the glue to dry completely. If cutting the leaves by hand, fold a strip
of card board a few times so that a leaf template will fit. Then cut along the outline of the template. This method is an efficient way to cut multiple
leaves at a time and works best with thinner papers and cardstock. On thicker paper or cardstock, trace the template
with a pencil and then cut out the shape. To give the leaves a little more dimension,
fold them lengthwise in half and add more folds to create veins. You can, of course, also skip this step and
use the leaves flat. Add a small dot of hot glue to the bottom of a leaf
and press the leaf firmly down on the wreath base. When working with hot glue, be mindful not
to burn yourself. It’s easiest to start attaching leaves close
to the bottom of the wreath base first and then work your way up. Allow the leaves to overlap to cover up as
much of the base as possible and mix the different types of paper to create an interesting and
varied look. Once you come to full circle, lift the leaves
you already have attached and snuggle the last row of leaves underneath the first. Use ribbon to hang the wreath or place it
as a tabletop centrepiece. Many thanks for watching! Click on our logo to subscribe for more and
check out our other videos!

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