Art Tutorial 7: Drawing Hand Basics with Project-X Champion Analia. Includes Bonus Coloring Footage!

Art Tutorial 7: Drawing Hand Basics with Project-X Champion Analia. Includes Bonus Coloring Footage!

Alright! Here I am again! A quick announcement: We’ve installed some new sound system at this studio here… … so there should be an improvement in quality. Today we’re going to be going over… … drawing hand basics using Project-X Analia as our model. Please, leave us feedback right here at… … also please do subscribe to stay updated on our latest videos. Now onto the tutorial. Ready? Here we go!


  • Tenko says:

    To add to what the comment below is saying, you forgot to mention the color bonus. That speaks volumes again this is suppose to be just hand basics but we got more than that.

  • three roses says:

    Oh my god. That is one strong lady. I find it hard drawing hands holding something but now I will practice with the steps that you have shown. I will definitely share this with my friends as this so cool and you have explained in a very easy and understandable way. Looking forward to more tutorials. Thanks.

  • Yukihirasoma says:

    Even hands need a bit of effort particularly for someone like me who never draws. I mean stick figures perhaps but nothing beyond that.

  • Tadokoro Megumi says:

    Analia the sniper lol. Anyway, I never imagine that a hand will have many layers as shown by you redrawing it a few times until you get it right.

  • Alice Nakiri says:

    As a follower of this franchise since the first introduction. I cannot help but notice how far SE has come since then. It is just sad a bit that this project is very slow pacing wise.

  • Erina Nakiri says:

    Analia? To be honest It has been so long that I forget who she actually is. To add insult to injury the story has been going back and fort against the two camps that we hardly had the time to know them. The frequency of chapters is a problem too.

  • Inoue Orihime says:

    Do you have a coloring basics video? I think that part of the process is overlooked.

  • Rukia Kuchiki says:

    This is more than I thought it would be. That color bonus I did not see that coming he he.

  • Zaraki Kenpachi says:

    Was there an audio problem to start with? I have been watching these videos a lot but I hardly notice at all. Anyway, I am glad to stumble to videos like these.

  • Kuchiki Byakuya says:

    Is that a six packs I see? That is weird but good art none the less.

  • Lee Ka Chong says:

    Thanks again for the great tutorial! I always do not know how to draw the hand properly, and your tutorial shows that it is not too hard to do so. I will grab a pencil and practice that.

  • Sosuke Aizen says:

    Does Analia get an upgrade? I mean if Briiana and Suzie did then why not her? I would love to see it.

  • Renji Abarai says:

    Are you referring to the 3D models? Yes I Think all of them will come to that we just have to wait Aizen? I will get back at you ha ha.

  • Shintaro Midorima says:

    Hopefully with the 3D change it will happen pal. Them getting more push that is.

  • Tobio Kageyama says:

    They should redo this tutorial in 3D. I wonder which version will be better?

  • kunal raj says:

    yes, I can see the medium color tone on the layer. Well Analia looks pleasantly gruesome man!

  • Reibi -X- says:

    You made it seem easy. Thanks for this tutorial! This is one of the things I want to learn too.

  • Levi says:

    Thanks foe this awesome footage! Now I know how you draw them!

  • R. Amanda Simatupang says:

    Great tutorial. You make me think that drawing s easy.

  • Ravemaster Haru says:

    That is a great idea Sam. If this was a book I will buy it in a heartbeat. I really would.

  • Tobirama Senju says:

    Analia and Travour seems to have a thing going on. I wonder if she can take him on though.

  • rose aquino says:

    This video gave me something to ponder more how I draw. I love the way the hands are made because I often do badly on it.

  • lucky chopra says:

    Another great video by Saljack Enterprises..Hand drawing is pivotal to any character. Greatly illustrated video this. Thanks

  • Alma May Bacarrisas says:

    This video is so interesting. I enjoyed watching the drawing tutorial of the characters. I was having fun!

  • Bea Mayers says:

    A friend of mine recommended this channel to me. I'm glad I check this out. I will definitely binge watch your drawing tutorials.

  • Velonita Chen says:

    I like the coloring and shading technique plus the hair. They look great! It is easy for tablet users, but i wonder if a mouse user could make it that easy :/
    But it's nice project anyway 🙂

  • MIB T says:

    Cool! This could work for my daughter's passion – anime. Thanks for the insightful post!

  • Jose Juan Gutierrez says:

    Great tutorial. I have always liked drawing. I have used a couple of drawing programs; tryig this and the techniques will allow me to grow as an art creator

  • Joan IoSolar says:

    I liked how the drafting was built up from scratch. The rendering of the contour is awesome esp of the abs.

  • A. Lao says:

    This is a great tutorial. Will recommend this channel to my friends who want to learn drawing basics. 🙂

  • Monica B. Anderson says:

    Hands is always one of the most difficult parts of the human body to draw. I do believe that basics are always a solid base and you can never go wrong using geometrical "skeletons" for an easier beginning of sketch and forming your idea on paper. Also, practice makes expert. Great video, thank you for sharing your knowledge and tips.

  • Kakashi Hatake says:

    For the longest time my bet was her and Brajit since they are both SNIPERS but all is fair in love I guess. Go Travour show her who is boss. LOL

  • Rocklee says:

    You are wrong my friend girls always wins ha ha. I know because that is what my wife does best lol.

  • LegendarySSJBroly says:

    Analia is my girl. Do not get me wrong the Project X Ladies are beautiful but Lurasia and Briiana are just too much of a brat for it. It is just my own opinion.

  • Integra Vanhellsing says:

    I believe the champions are just on their teens to their 20's or 30's basically they are still kids. Never the less I would take that as suppose to senior citizens he he.

  • Anne Esguerra says:

    What a great tutorial! It looks really easy. I have to give it a try. Two thumbs up!

  • Takeshi Sendo says:

    I wonder how it will go now that love in the mix? Well one thing though the series Analia is better than this Analia in the sketch.

  • Ippo Makunochi says:

    A new sound system? It is about time since a lot of viewers are complaining about it. Thanks for listening.

  • Ryo Mashiba says:

    Drawing could be more polished but I will take it. Either way nice tutorial.

  • Kumi Mashiba says:

    Stumbling into this made me realize what art is. I am not saying I can do it but rather I found a new appreciation for it.

  • Brian Hawk says:

    First Travour now Analia is in the limelight. Looks like SE is giving each character time to shine. I love that.

  • David Eagle says:

    An e book can serve as a kickstarter for that PUSH direction. It will take time but it can be worth it.

  • Eiji Date says:

    A hand can sound so simple but its not . In particular in drawing frames. Every action no matter how little it is you have to draw entirely.

  • Ichiro Miyata says:

    Analia has the spotlight on her right now which she truly deserves. I wish another female would follow suit Lurasia maybe.

  • Vorg Zangief says:

    Threw in some hands ha ha pun intended. Anyway what is so cool about this is how orb shapes are use to make fingers. Thumbs up.

  • Ricardo Martinez says:

    Saw what you did there Vorg ha ha. That aside though a hand is just a minor thing in an overall figure but it sure takes an amount of effort is it not? At least to us viewers.

  • Mamoru Takamura says:

    It is so damn hot to see a woman holding a sniper. As a cop I know because guns adds up to their beauty.

  • Sena Kobayakawa says:

    She is badass yet can be intimidating. How can you approach a girl like this? It takes a special man no doubt.

  • Sachi Takami says:

    Another woman getting the spotlight yay!!! Anyway I can use a trick or two for my coloring skills.

  • Dan Kagami says:

    I just pass through this channel and I am seeing quality stuff. I am going to like it here.

  • Jackson Storm says:

    So we have to ditch the love story angle for a while to focus on the mission? Where is the next chapter though?

  • Cruz Ramirez says:

    The next chapter is about professor X though. That is my gripe with this why do we have to jump around every time? It is becoming a pain to read.

  • Lightning McQueen says:

    I agree but you have to give credit to SE. This is not perfect but at least they are giving us content. However, I wish it is more organized.

  • Doc Hudson says:

    I almost miss the coloring bonus ha ha. I wish the others have it too but it is okay I guess.

  • Soichiro Yagami says:

    Hand basics and yet we end up drawing her full on. It was nice. In particular the bonus in the end.

  • Frankie Beybie says:

    I love that the audio improved on this video! I super love it. Now its clearer and understable! thank you for hearing us! Now on to the video! I think the hand and gestures are the most difficult part when drawing. Thanks for the tip

  • AnythingApplePro Pinoy says:

    I think the details of the hands and legs and also gestures are on point. Nice tutorial. Will practice later and will definitely consider the tips!

  • Mia Sutton says:

    I did not think of it but yeah the gesture techniques can be applied here. Good point raised there and the coloring bonus is cool.

  • Charlene Gumabay says:

    Thanks to the shade tutorial, I've never knew how to properly apply shadowing and highlighting to a drawing. I will definitely apply what I've learned from this.

  • Macb0y Tan says:

    I feel that Analia and Travour seem to have a something going on. I am just wondering if she can take him on though.

  • Mharkie Kent says:

    Analia? To be honest, I already forgot her because it has been a long time. The story has been going back and fort against the two camps that we hardly had time to know the characters.

  • Kumon Kaito says:

    To SE not to be rude but can we stop jumping from point A to B every time? I guess what I am trying to say is why not take it one character at a time?

  • Kouta Kazuraba says:

    If I May add to the jumping comment. I wish they focus all efforts on the project but its getting sidetracked by other things.

  • Kurenai Wataru says:

    I understand your frustration Kouta. However I will put my faith that SE knows what they are doing.

  • Hikari Yagami says:

    For a basic tutorial this is above and beyond. However who is this girl? Like her name by the way.

  • Taichi Yagami says:

    She is one of the champions I think. Anyway that coloring at the end was a good incentive. More power guys.

  • Haruka Mizusawa says:

    hand basics ending up to a full drawing ha ha. You got carried away there sir. I do not mind though because these tutorials are wow.

  • Pallad says:

    What happened to the love story between her and Travour? I was not expecting that twist to be honest.

  • Andrea C. says:

    Your drawing tutorials are really effective because they are very easy to follow . I think I'm getting better everyday just by watching this channel. Thanks!

  • Jin Takayama says:

    I never remember seeing her with a gun before story wise. Perhaps this can be a cannon or just for arts sake? None the less it is cool.

  • Asuna Karino says:

    Pictures are good but I want to see her kick some ass. Women belong in action stories too not just an eye candy.

  • Yuzu Hiragi says:

    The bonus in the end was a good touch. I do not remember Analia looking like this though, I mean Jonni has been with a woman before. Is that her.

  • Marlyn Culunge says:

    I love drawing. I'll gonna try this with given the time.

  • Crow Hogan says:

    I need to revisit my art days and this was a good refresher. Love the bonus at the end. I hope I see more of these.

  • Momoshiki says:

    I am a bit intrigued by the love side story between her and Travour. Nice change of pacing I would say.

  • Edo Pheonix says:

    Analia is definitely an interesting character. Not sure if I read her story but she looks cool. A girl who can kick ass are always welcome in my book.

  • Alexa Tenjoin says:

    I like women like this in media. Women deserves a place in here too not just in the kitchen. Girl power.

  • Bobby Drake says:

    Upon repeated viewings I realized that this edition is already a combo of techniques. Shading and line compressing for example.

  • John Allerdyce says:

    The quality is definitely an upgrade. Anyway, Pretty sleek there applying all techs before the tutorials he he.

  • jaau acer says:

    I'm glad that a bonus coloring footage is included in this tutorial. I hope that you will continue adding coloring footage to your future tutorials

  • Faith Nakajima says:

    This what I need, basic hand drawing technique. I'm no artists so I really need to learn the basics

  • Kyo Kusagi says:

    For a basic tutorial you went above and beyond on this one. Hell it even had a color bonus which the others don't get.

  • Kadoya Tsukasa says:

    I Hardly notice the audio problem at all. Already a fan sir and good bonus I almost missed it.

  • Miaka Yuuki says:

    Analia and Travour love ship is officially on right now!!! I do not mind romance as long as it stays on the side.

  • Matsukaze Tenma says:

    I love how you draw Analia and the coloring in the end. I pick up a few tricks there such as using shapes as the frame work.

  • tsuurugi Kyosuke says:

    I wish these verse will be given more push. IT is gradual that it is not cutting it. Hell I forget most of them.

  • Uchiha Itachi says:

    Analia has fizzled out it seems. My fear is she will turn into a love interest and nothing else. That would be a let down.

  • David Mureithi says:

    I like how you draw. Its amazing and you make it look so simple. Thanks for the upload.

  • David Kamau says:

    Amazing drawing. It seems so easy with you. I will share this to my friend who really like drawing.

  • Shiro Yoshida says:

    A lot of people says this is simple but it is not. Superficial perhaps but the subtle details of this drawing are a lot harder than expected.

  • Jubilation Lee says:

    That book idea of Sam is not that far off. However, SE is just growing now and they are not into TV series or books. At least not now anyway.

  • Pearl Jan says:

    Looks so easy yet so hard when you do this. I have tried drawing using my friend's Adobe Illustrator, and it's so damn hard. Maybe one can follow each step but it's really a bit tricky. Thumbs up to this tutorial! 🙂

  • John Proudstar says:

    This is really something here. The technique that went into this is on a new league. Hell there was one comment that says adobe illustrator but still no dice.

  • Abraham Cornelius says:

    Mike was gunning for this girl? I missed the part why? I wish that was explained better to be honest.

  • Rhona Burchill says:

    Can we get Analia V. Mike the Sadist Action? I hope the next chapter focuses on that.

  • John Wraith says:

    I love project X since a year ago!!! I cannot help but notice however that its content has not change that much. I will keep on supporting them.

  • hari jobs says:

    Awesome tutorial as always and thank you for adding the bonus video of colouring Analia.She is awesome and looks powerful with strong abs which shows how strong she is. My friend loves drawing characters like these and I will definitely share it with her. She will be very happy to see this. Thanks. Looking forward to more awesome tutorials like these in the future.

  • Susan Storm says:

    This is worth my trying my hand on. This is definitely a good exercise and test of my skills.

  • Where To, Baguio? says:

    I love your channel! It's so insightful! I loved everything about the Bonus Coloring Footage! I can't wait to be as good as you are!

  • Xiao Ran Li says:

    you have no idea how many times I have tried to draw that but failed. Thank you for uploading this, this will surely help me with my drawing

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