Art Journaling on Black Paper ft. Julie Fei-Fan Balzer

So I am starting in my art journal and I am putting some masking tape over the seam and than I am just covering it with black gesso. And I like black gesso because it has a matte finish, so the pens will really show up.
And now, I am just taking some magazine pages, and I am cutting them out, and I am going to adhere them using some matte medium which is just a kind of really thin gel medium, I cut off the excess. And when I’m clear that I like my
image and that it is all good, then I take out my Sakura Moonlight pens which
are designed to show up on a dark surface, and you can see that I just designed a series of stripes. And now I’m adding some dots, some circles that are open. The whole trick to successful doodling is
remembering that it’s simple shapes repeated you don’t have to be able to
draw. You’re just going to do very, very, simple, simple
shapes and I like to use the entire palette of these Moonlight pens. I just love the way that they show up on the dark surfaces and here it’s so simple right a
circle within a circle, lots of different colors mixing it up.
If you ever find that your pens are a little slow just use them on a piece of white, scratch paper and that should get the ink flowing. As you can see just how liquid it is as I fill in this background and it’s
easy to use and they have like a ballpoint tip, which makes it really easy again. So if you’re ever lost for a doodling design you can do what I did with that pink stripe and you can just fill it in with a color. Sometimes I use circles, sometimes I use
squares, triangles. I really don’t do anything more exotic than those three basic shapes. You’re just doing lots of colors and sizes and repeating it, and you know I kind of
believe more is more. Now for the writing part of this I’m going to switch to a Souffle pen just because there isn’t a white Moonlight pen and
this pen is going to go on sort of transparent but you’ll notice how it’s
turning that hard, opaque white so it’s going to be a white, opaque, dimensional look and it’s just so great it has that chalky
finish that really works. I hope you enjoyed this video! Thanks so much.

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