ART: Import & Export Motion Tools | 12 | Tutorial Series | Unreal Engine

ART: Import & Export Motion Tools | 12 | Tutorial Series | Unreal Engine


  • m Minde says:

    getting bug that I cannot export JointMover…. any ideas how to fix it? thx in advance

  • 3rdpoly says:

    Might be a stupid question, but when I export the animation… where is it actually stored, so I can import it into UE4?

  • Trey Lynne says:

    I setup a Character using ARTv1. I put the ARTv1 character into Unreal. I retarget animation onto that skeleton using UE4. Then export that .fbx. I attempt to import that animation onto the character via import Mocap. Doesn't work.   Does anyone suggestions on a better method to do this process? 🙂

  • Alan Morales says:

    When I export using (Export FBX) option it saves fine to the folder I set up. However, when trying to (Export Anim) is not saving to the same folder. Where is it saving, so I can import it into UE4?

  • Maciej Stepniewski says:

    Is there a face rig in this toolset already?

  • 뿌앵 says:

    My weapon doesn't show up on the list. How can I do?

  • Spooky Animator says:

    Carro p3
    för 4 minuter sedan
    Its easy to export the rig and mesh (the character) from Maya 17 student to Unreal , but what DOESENT follow are the morph targets/ blendshapes. I've edited the AnimRig mb file and it works great to import for different projects. but when exporting to FBX and into Unreal, the Blendshapes/ morph targets wont follow. with different settings sometimes even the mesh that have blendshapes wont follow. When opening the Export File for exporting, the blendshapes arn't there.

    I've searched everywhere for a solution and this is my last hope… help please?

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