ART DEMO: Pastel Painting River gums – STUDIO CHAT: My Paint Storage Unit – Ryn Shell: Vol 1, No 1

hello it is Ryn, and welcome to my new
studio. I’ve been able to bring some of the favourite pieces from my home. My
old studio in the Goulburn Valley, and this one here is the oil paint cabinet.
It has shallow drawers. Anytime you can get a hold of a unit that’s got a lot of
shallow drawers you’ll find it incredibly useful for storing tubes of
paint or papers so keep your eye out for a piece like that. Mine is a tallboy
and it’s finished off with a display cabinet like I’m draw art materials in
while they dry. So that’s that’s wonderful to bring to my new home which
is closer to the gold fields of Victoria where I set my first novel. Now getting
to the point I the 73 if anybody’s wondering and I’ve got all that
experience of art as a professional artist trained artists that I’m here to
pass on to you. So if you are wanting tips from a trained out of the
professional art gallery trained artist and you want to be able to ask questions
and have them answered from somebody with the experience in multi mediums,
then just subscribe to this channel and click that notification bell. I will
do everything I can to help you in my senior years. I do answer questions, and
sometimes I get funny ones. I was asked if I was a hundred and thirty or maybe
five hundred years old. No not quite, but I do wish I had that much experience in
art. It would be fantastic. Now in the background here I’m doing finishing
touches to a pastel of the Goulburn River in the area where my previous studio was,
that I’ve just left. You can see that I’m using my finger to very gently
rub to blend. I’m putting highlights into the trees, and bright warm lights and
cool dark tones of the shadows and finishing it off with those contrasts.
Then I’m going to get into painting the area that I have just moved to which
is a beautiful rural area. It’s about two temperature zones cooler because it’s in
the mountains. It’s very near where we had our Buninyong Gallery. It’s
like going back to our former stamping grounds we’re just going to love it here,
my husband and I. Being a little cooler in temperature than northern Victoria, we
will get glorious autumn tones to paint it through autumn and there are a lot of
the beautiful old cottages the old gold – cottages from the past they’ve been
treasured and looked after wonderful old trees. It’s just going to
be a dream. So you’re going to find a lot more landscapes coming through because
of the type of area that I mean they’ll also do the flower paintings and there will
be the dog sketches and old people. I’ve actually retired to an aged-care home.
I’m doing marvellously looked after, and it’s going to be enjoy never having to
wash another dish. I can still focus on my paintings and sharing all with you.
Yes, I’m just going to love life my husband’s here with me.
There is a longer version of this video—see comments.

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