Are Younger Guys Interested in Sewing? I Found At Least One… | SEWING REPORT

Are Younger Guys Interested in Sewing? I Found At Least One… | SEWING REPORT

so I met Daniel yesterday and he’s a
really awesome he works for Ricoma but you’re also really into dgg yes so what
is DTG um so DTG is direct-to-garment it’s basically a little bit different
than all your other ways of Garman ting whether it be embroidery or vinyl or
heat press mainly because it’s the first thing that can actually get it directly
onto natural fibers so you’re not losing the quality of your shirt like we do for
a lot of other things and you were telling me that you work for a rakamma
but you also really had an interest in the garment industry yeah company on the
side exactly so I started working for Acoma and it’s kind of funny I kind of
sold myself to Ricoma using my business and the fact that I had so much
knowledge on industry already because I just have a genuine love for clothes
I like making a lot cloth come to life and just making regular cloth pieces
that people kind of just glance over I like trying to turn that into art as
much as possible and so I think like when it comes to clothes like the limits
are endless and I definitely have a severe passion for that so my company
that I started was back in uh 20 2016 it stands for
LLXMIA I’m a that stands for long live Xavier and so it started when I lost my
best friend at the age of 20 and obviously like anybody that kind of
traumatized is one person and it really affects somebody and so it puts
something in my heart that made me want to start sharing this for lack of a
better word this testimony that I have of just when I’ve seen somebody be
robbed of their life due to them not being able to see past where they are
currently because um you are not a product of your environment
you make yourself in your own product and so um that’s just the message I want
to pass on what llx if anybody likes to check it out go ahead on our website
it’s one more time that’s llx mia dot com and yeah just go
ahead check out our message read up about us um it’s a really good cause and
all of our profits go to a nonprofit organization that is actually for kids
against drug abuse yeah okay so I have to ask you so Daniel and I we wanted to
go to each other’s classes without going but they were and they put us at the
same time that’s um so I want to ask younger guy what interested you in
particular about sewing the fact that I was tired of every time I asked about it
somebody said I don’t know man that’s for old ladies I kind of got like tired
of that stigma because I mean I have a couple people I look up to like
Alexander McQueen or for instance Virgil a blow there’s a couple different
designers that that’s speak thoroughly on how they started getting their hands
on garments and that they feel that sewing was what took them to the next
level of understanding what it is to really really create a garment because
even for me that I’m doing DTG I could print all day but there’s nothing like
when I sit there and actually cut in so exactly how to how to cut and sew
something from the beginning like from the spool I have a giant three yards
worth of thread or or material how do I turn this into a shirt I think that’s
what like really interests me and and got me to where I am now always have a
question a lot of people watch this channel or in the sewing and quilting
industry do you have anything to say to them about how they might be able to
appeal more to younger people into men in the industry itself media is a great
way to pick up on a lot of things because I’m a genuine believer and
entertainment is all tied together they’re coming with media music clothes
all of that ties in so don’t turn a blind eye and and and and and and leave
the old stereotypical judgments that we we hold on to for a long time like for
instance the tattoos things like that all those things with negative stigmas
leaving our work we’re all just regular people and you’ll meet people who
genuinely have a love for the same things you do and when you get past
those boundaries or those those gates that we kind of try to put up it’s
really a beautiful thing when you get to experience something else that’s so true
so what are you I don’t know you’ve probably seen some marketing for sewing
and quilting most definitely seem like it’s kind of geared towards females 100%
and so I would say we got it we got to change that and that starts with us you
know we can’t just spout and start saying I want to see a change I want to
see a change we have to start with us and start pushing that forward so that’s
why I like me personally I already have I mean I started soaring but I also got
my 17 year old cousin he started sewing too because when I came out and I said
hey I really like something I really like making clothes he was like so
we can do that like some guys are a little free 100% 100% people are gonna
make fun of armored guys if you like clothes it’s okay
clothes are cool clothes are nice everyone likes to look nice learn how to
do it that’s that’s the one thing I would say stop stop pounding yourself to
these what you think you’re supposed to do and if you like it go get it and
another thing too I tell people is all right if you’re a young guy and you’re
single and you go to a sewing or quilting class it’s gonna be all women
so for the most part I mean you’re a deco summit I’ve been having a great
time if you’re a guy and you’re looking to meet some ladies not saying I’m
condoning this but I’m just saying that’s how it is it’s gonna be a very
favorable male to female ratio for you so just something to think about
Thanks um and you know that the women there are into improving themselves and
learning something and let me tell you something else
um being that I’m younger it really is like a cool experience to be able to
speak to these people that are older figure like older people and that
they’re more experienced because you’re teaching me things and I’m learning
things that in the long run I’m gonna be able to avoid certain experiences or
certain losses or certain else as as young people say just so that I’m
learning from their experience they’re sharing with me things that I wouldn’t
know if I wasn’t here so um to that I say get your feet wet get out there and
start coming to these conventions and deckle some it’s a great place to start
well thank you so much no please this has been a pleasure thank you for having
me here many awesome people I’ve met this weekend and just really enjoyed
talking with you and that’s about the industry but hopefully we’ll get we’ll
get to make each other’s classes next time bye guys


  • Ramona Carpio Jimenez says:

    A big thank you!!!

  • Sewing Report says:

    Daniel's website LLXMIA

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  • David Christensen says:

    I am a 60 year retired man. Can’t use power tools anymore, I promptly went out and bought a sewing machine. I now digitize embroidery pattern and machine embroidery and I now sewing shirts and other clothing for my wife and myself. Just sewed my first shirt

  • Rhonda M says:

    Wow, so refreshing to see a younger man who shares our passion for sewing. I've been watching your channel for a while now and love your tutorials. In fact you've encouraged me into getting the Brother embroidery PE 800. It's really given me a new challenge and I'm really loving it

  • kelley ceballos says:


  • bopgirrl says:

    Wow this is very inspiring , I wonder how this could work in my gaming store.

  • Jessica Martínez says:

    Nice to watch this! I was waiting for it! I love sewing as a form of ocuppational therapy! So cool!

  • Judy Hart says:

    I went to a quilt class, there was a young man that was a shirt maker. All of us women were very intrigued.

  • Michelle R says:

    Sewing is for everyone!!! Love 💕 his message!!!

  • Embroidery Excellence says:

    LOVE DANIEL!!! That was an amazing Summit!!!

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