Alice In Wonderland – Part 4 – Mixed Media Boxed Nail Art – Creating Alice

In this video I’m going to show you how to do Alice from Alice in wonderland. So I’ve got white, pale yellow and a darker yellow and a little bit of black here, because what we’re going to do is start to do alice’s hair. I’m going to use a detail brush but it’s probably slightly bigger than what i was using before, only ever so slightly, just because i want a good coverage of colour. And I’m going to use the paler yellow, so we have a medium colour and then we can highlight with white and we can low light with the darker yellow. So we’re going to, at the minute I’m just going to leave it on the board, but i will take it off the board to do any fine detail. I’ll do a few layers of this colour, i don’t want to do it too thick. I want it to be smooth. Just going to add a little touch of white to it. Just to lighten it a little bit more. And the hair will follow on to this next nail it falls right to the shoulder and you even see it behind her shoulder here. So i did the outside first, the reason i did the outside first is cos’ I’m planning how much her hair is going out and then i can fill in the middle. Also going to come here, go as close as you can to the face. You see how I’m going around the edge again? So I’ve taken this tip off so i can get right to the edge. And I’m going to apply this second coat of colour using a wider brush because i know exactly where I’m going now Going to do the same again here. You can really neaten up the edges with a smaller brush. If you feel like your paint isn’t smooth enough if you add about 40% of water to it, it’ll go really smooth and you can do like a wash over the top if it, which will level it all out a little bit more. Just want this to dry a little bit, you can see how its a little bit transparent there because we’re putting it over such a dark colour. We always add around 10% of water to the paint. It just makes it flow a bit easier when you’re painting with it. So again make sure that’s dry before you start to add any detail to her hair, so while that completely dries I’m going to move onto her face. I’m going to mix a flesh colour again, so for that we used a bit of the orange with a little bit of the pale pink, and white, a little bit of water. I’m going to pick this nail up now, move that out of the way. Cos’ we’re just concentrating on the face, so i can, i can hold that, so because this is slightly lighter, and because it’s wet it seems slightly lighter. I can start to sketch out where the features are, and now I’m going to get some white, add about 40% water to it, so we get more of a wash. I’m going to use this to sketch out the location of the eyes. Just put a little bit of wash where the teeth are. And don’t forget to highlight the neck. Just going to use a wash that I’ve made with a little bit of black and a touch of yellow, which makes it more muddy, to come round the ear and just shape the ear nicely And it will also shadow onto the hair, and under the chin. With the same wash you can start to shadow the hair that falls right at the back, here. Just adding a little bit of shadow to the neck. And with the same wash we can start to use it to shadow on the face, first of all do the nose. Use some of the flesh colour that we made with a touch of the black which will just make it slightly more grey. It can help you to bring in some of the shadow. You don’t want it too harsh. I just made a wash with the black now. Just strengthen up some of the shaded areas. You still need to use this wash to add some detail to the eyes. There’s very very very little paint on the brush. So strengthen the nose a little bit. I’m just using that black was to add the little eyelashes. Very very little paint. With this wash you can use it to dot where the pupils are as well. Just watered down some white, not quite a wash but it’s quite watered down. So we can add some highlights on her nose. We’re just going to strengthen up this bit of highlighting here. Right on the edge of her cheeks, just using the very tip of the brush. I’m going to mix a colour for the eyes. So we want a little bit of pale blue and a little bit of the darker blue. You’ve got to get the eyes right, you don’t want to look like she’s got one eye going in one direction and the other eye in the other. They need to be both looking in the same direction. Now I’m going to use the darker blue, with some water, just to go right round the outside of the iris. Mixing a little bit of the dark blue with white, to get a real pale blue. Going to brighten up the colour on the inside of the eye. Little bit of black with a little bit of water, So I’ve got some white with a little bit of water. And you’re just doing a little tiny dot as if it’s a reflection of the light. Now we’re going to mix a colour for the lips. So we’ll use a little bit of red and a little bit of purple. Don’t need a lot of paint because it’s only such a small area. We’ll start with the bottom lip first. So I know that the mouth’s definitely in the right place. She hasn’t got enormous lips, the bottom lip is slightly bigger than the top lip. With some white, just going to make sure that the teeth are in the right place on the lips. Just mix a little bit of the white with the colour that we’ve already mixed, just to add a slight reflection, onto the lips. I’m just plumping the cheek out here a bit more. Just highlighting above the lip slightly, just adding a little bit of a shadow to the eyes, the whites of her eyes now. Now we’re going to move on to her hair. So we’re using a deeper yellow now. And get a little bit of white and highlight this, probably got about 20% water to the paint. And we’re going to shade this a little bit, do what we’ve done on this nail, do the same on this nail. So adding those tines of colour. Use your brush to create those little fine hairs. We can shade these now. We’ve got red, blue and yellow, it’s going to give you a dark brown colour. Make that into a wash. You can start to shade, that’s just enough to make it look a little bit more realistic. Shade on the face and then you want to bring out some little lines as if they’re the hair. I’m just shading slightly where the head band will be. Just going to add some strokes of yellow through here. I’m just going to add the black to the head band now. So now we’ve got her hair done and her face done, we need to do this arm here. So it’s the same shading and highlighting as the face but obviously nowhere near as detailed. So I’m going to highlight with the white wash. Arm bends here so you’re going to leave that crease there, just add a bit of colour to her fingers cos’ at the moment they look very sharp. We need to make them look like elegant fingers now. Get a bit of the dark blue and I’m just going to highlight the fingers with white. I’m just scratching some of the paint away. And we can do this because we top coated this didn’t we? So once the paint’s dry and we don’t like where it is or we don’t need it there you can literally just scrape that off That’ll do for her hand. We now need to do her dress. I’m going to fill in the white first, and let that dry. While that’s drying i can do the detail here, on her shirt. We need white for her pinafore. And get that nice even coverage. Cos’ we’re doing it so thin this dries really quickly so i can go over with a second coat. Don’t be tempted to put it on really thick, going to use a thinner brush now with white to do all the edges nice and neat. Same on this one. Make those edges nice and neat. Ok when that dries a little bit we can move onto her shirt section of the dress. You will need the dark blue and white, mix that into a light blue. We’re going to use this to create the highlight, you can see we’ve got two blues now. We’re going to use some of the dark blue to add a little bit of shading. And put these together to see where the shirt section at the collar will be. Dark blue to shade. The pale blue that we mixed earlier we’re going to make into a bit of a wash. And we’re going to shade the white pinafore now. Now as we did before with the rabbit, we shaded around to just lift it a little bit, we’re going to do the same with alice now. So we’re going to use a little bit of black, with a lot of water. And use that as a wash, to just go round the outside, to use it like a water colour. Tickle it into the place that you want it. The last bit we need to do on Alice is a hand here holding a little cup. I’ll do the cup in 3D so all i want is a bit of flesh. So we’ll make the cup out of acrylic. But we just want to paint in a hand and arm. And the cup will sit over most of this area so we basically just need a bit of flesh with a little bit of shading.

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