Hey friends! It’s Clarice. Would you believe
my channel has reached 145 subscribers and 15 uploads? That’s so amazing so I thought
we should celebrate by looking back on a compilation of 70 nail art designs I created on my nails
this summer of 2019. I do hope you enjoy watching my work in this quick 10 minute video, I certainly
did enjoy looking back. Some designs I just love how they turned out and I want to do
them on all my nails kinda thing, but others I didn’t care so much about. And that’s the
thing with being a creator, and artist, we experiment and try different things. So maybe
you’ll get some inspiration, some ideas, because that’s kinda why I’m doing this, sharing my
talent and ideas with others who would enjoy it. Alright I’ll stop talking now, enjoy the
compilation, feel free to subscribe down below if you haven’t already, it’d mean so so much to me, and enjoy!

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