5th Logroño Art Fair – International TVE channel 24 horas (La tarde en 24 horas – Dec 26, 2019)

More things. Five Riojan artists sell
their artworks in small format and at affordable prices. An initiative with
which they want to bring art to everyone. The artworks are exhibited at the Caja
Rioja Foundation of Logroño and belong to the Art Fair that will be open until
December 28. This is an artists fair, not a galleries fair.
During the exhibition, the artist himself speaks directly with the potential buyer.
The art fair tries to alternate different disciplines: painting, sculpture, photography
or illustration. Five artists in small format. Small
format means that the artworks that we will see at the show are works reduced in
size, not in quality. Normally, when you buy art in general,
you think about something more decorative. So I thought that maybe I would not have
to display only portraits, but that I also put some landscapes. The work I bring has several points in
common: small dimensions; the support, which is always paper; the genre,
which is landscape. My work is about diversity, and about beauty
in crowded cities through color. I’ll show the new technique that I am
using now, which is phosphorescence. They are small personal projects. It is
a bit varied of everything. These are topics that interest me like yoga, or literature,
or female empowerment. I have looked for a completely new support.
We are going to see artworks on aluminum. There are works that are reliefs and there are
works that have volume, they are on plinth.

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