4 Weird Ways To Get Ketchup Out Of A Bottle

4 Weird Ways To Get Ketchup Out Of A Bottle


  • Thomas annonym says:

    Fun fact: Ketchup is a Non-Newtonian fluid that doesn't follow the normal laws of viscosity, witch means that it can take both the properties of a solid and a fluid, depending on the Shear stress. This is why it is so difficult to get out of the bottle.
    That's why it helps to shake the bottle violently before opening, because that way the ketchup will flow more easily out of the bottle.
    Okay… Maybe not a fun fact, but well.. it's at least true πŸ˜€

  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine says:

    Why is link wearing underwear under underwear

  • Raymond Chow says:

    Too much time

  • TheLittleMeggy says:

    That nugget part link was 😍😍😍

  • LAIT says:

    Phil Collins < Peter Gabriel
    i don't even really like genesis, pete's just better

  • Sinamyte ! says:


  • Always Stay Geeky says:

    It’s been about a year since this video is made. I bet they still find dried up Ketchup.

  • Mujeeb DULLOO says:

    I always buy the plastic bottles. Does California not have plastic ketchup bottles?

  • Keyana Love says:

    or just get a … squeeze bottle

  • Slowly_Dying_Inside says:

    My cat is so addicted to string cheese, he heard Rhett say it and he perked up. He was trying to steal me 4:30am cereal but now he’s sitting at the fridge waiting. Thanks Rhett.

  • Des Kim says:

    A year too late but I can get all the Pringles out of the can without breaking any.
    My secret?

    ….tiny hands

  • Overfly97 says:

    9:38 Turn off your monitor and just listen.. ;D

  • Dallas Ray says:

    I did that with markers before. Just tape some markers pointing outwards to the fan and turn it on high. Everything in the room will be extra colorful after

  • LPS Maphie says:


    You read I wrong
    (It was an L)

  • Jackie Cham says:

    I just put the cap on the bottle, give it a few hard shakes to loosen up the dried top portion and it'll naturally pour out of the bottle once I'm done with it.

  • Dexter Reichel says:

    Ketchup bottle in the background.

  • LonelyBΞ±y says:

    Rhett's drumming was actually really impressive. He really knows how to play everything, doesn't he?

  • JonTheArtist says:

    I thought the bottle was going to explode glass everywhere so i was yelling at the screen for them to stay back lol!
    Remember the wierd ways to start a fire and their mistake with brake fluid and pool cleaner.

  • Storityme says:

    drums + preparing fries = DOUBLE AWESOME!

  • John Bravehawk says:

    Righty tighty is reversed when upside down unless your upside down too.

  • CraftyChica says:

    I couldn't stop laughing! This was hilarious! πŸ˜‚

  • Grant Mcneley says:

    am i the only one who noticed the picture of the ketchup on the wall behind them? lol

  • Claire Pekarek says:

    pause at 5:10

  • Riley Lyman says:

    People don't listen there ideas you will have a big mess afterward………… Trust me

  • Matthew Burridge says:

    Hit the 57.

  • KaterinaTalantliva says:

    Who's cleaning that??

  • Scout 1365 says:

    Or you could get the ketchup out normally by tapping the bottom of the bottle

  • HighGamer says:

    Yeah! Wheel of Mythicality quΓ©bΓ©cois. πŸ˜€

  • Maya Garcia-Hector says:

    We love iconic kings but tbh who buys glass ketchup bottlesΒΏ

  • Onyxiate says:

    Probably not the best video to recommend this, but like there’s Garlic Bread and Banana Bread, you should do Will It Bread?

  • Undertale fan says:

    Rhet is good at the drums

  • Kiran Edwards says:

    Not to ruin the whole point of the video, but you could just store it upside down lol

  • Rx2eses_yes says:

    The fan was a complete waste of time… you put mustard on hot dogs! Maybe both, but not just ketchup

  • Ash & Ryan The Trouble Double says:

    I would wear a spandex suit in my 8th grade so everyone can see what a weird person I am

  • Square says:

    Sans is pleased

  • Ellie Kat says:

    We all know how hard it is to get out of the bottle but boiii, the taste of tomato sauce makes up for struggle

  • KzCreationz & More says:

    6:45……… out of context XD

  • Spedicey Meme says:

    Do they not have plastic bottles? We have them in Canada but I don’t know if they do, they don’t mention it at all so idk

  • Sinister_Tricycle says:

    Umm ketchup is a condiment

  • Parker Fossler says:

    Hahahaha kick drum for the first one and good mythaical drumming Rhett!!!!!

  • Oscar Carmona says:

    I don't knowz, because I don't eat it, ketchup

  • Bella Is a cool kid says:

    4 effective ways to get ketchup out of a bottle*

  • Naila Maheswari says:

    Roger Taylor is shook

  • simplayer84 :D says:

    just buy a plastic squeeeeeezable ketshup bottle

  • Khusleen Kaur says:

    Use coconut oil

  • BananaCreamPie RWP says:


  • obmf desertfox says:

    Link got that bird chest

  • MrOnions says:

    Link dropped a nugget Rhett ate it…

  • Xbox Tempesta says:


  • Benny Brown says:

    the audio from that last one might not be appropriate for children.

  • asia black says:

    I want chicken nuggets

  • sundaicecone 2.0 says:

    Take over YouTube

  • ツSophie says:

    Can you imagine telling your kids what you do as your day job..?

    Kid: β€œhey daddy, I have a question.”
    Dad: β€œshoot.”
    Kid: β€œwhat do you do for a day job?”
    Dad:”oh um… it hard to explain”
    Kid: β€œpleeeeeeaasse”
    Dad: β€œ okay fine. Today I found out ways to get ketchup outta a bottle.”
    Kid: …

  • β€’Hack\ says:

    Ketchup is not a food its a condiment >.<

  • Jennifer Harris says:

    Make the ceiling fan one a mini game


    Rhet looks like Patrick star in that hazmat suit

  • Amaia TV says:

    Does anyone notice that for certain video that they make there is an Picture or a item that represents what they are doing🀯 see the ketchup bottle picture it represents what they are doing 🀯🀯🀯

  • Mazdamunchies says:

    Rhett ate the nugget off the floor

  • harrisnutter says:

    Use a plastic bottle?

  • IDoMusic ? says:

    Is it bad that I have an air compressor but no balloons

  • Emma Ingram says:

    All of these are just great party ideas

  • Jostein V. Jordet says:

    You were a fantastic drummer Rhett but, no one can beat Phil Collins.

  • Cody Sluder says:

    "Big Release… WOW!" -Link

  • Killsh0t1179 says:

    Glass? Have you been to the south?
    We have plastic bottles round’ here!

  • Sprite Can says:

    Easy solution-
    Get the pla-
    Wait no.. these are better-
    Get the glass

  • Lee Anderson says:

    Rhett seems so tight. So stressed. Needs someone to rub his chest.

  • Shut_up_its _ok says:


  • Renny Smith says:

    Rhett looks good with a drum

  • Ana Sadlon says:

    5:10 Someones having a bad day…

  • xydoit says:

    I hope i saw that. Link and Rhett almost killed themselves with bottle of Ketchup.

  • xydoit says:

    Good drumming Rhett. I learned some drumming also for six months.

  • xydoit says:

    I think i will use Ketchup in the regular way.

  • Naomi Blackford says:

    Mmm French fries

  • Baltimore Z-Wad says:

    2:55 "Phil Collins I'll see u on the corner!" Too funny Rhett

  • caroline rose says:

    What I learned from this episode:
    Rhett can play the drums!?

  • Monster Deals says:

    Ketchup does not belong on any kind of sausage. Period. That's just common human decency.

  • Damian Bailey says:

    one of the bottles on the cieling fan was not open

  • Dabunny Rabbit says:

    I agree with Rhett about the BBQ.
    Mix half BBQ and half sweet n' sour, ka-boom nugget nirvana!

  • The- potato-warrior says:

    Decent drummer

  • lego stop motion says:

    Links daughter: can we get a bugatti?
    Link: let's talk about that.

  • Lucas Hanson says:

    9:02 Rhett looks like a complete lunatic

  • ana says:

    oh my god the balloon one is completely chaotic

  • Trent Gemmill says:

    Or you can use a plastic container instead of a glass bottle

  • V neck vince says:

    I have a feeling they stole this idea from Joseph machines

  • Katy Magner says:

    Link is such a snack

  • Sikstene 16 says:

    Does anybody actually buy the glass bottles? Especially since there's an option to get a SQUEEZABLE plastic bottle

  • GatorGaming says:

    did anyone else see that he ate the nugget that was on the floor.

  • Lea Lauzon says:

    Actually best way to get the ketchup out of the glass bottle is hit it with the base of your palm on the Heinz logo β€œhit it on the Heinz” πŸ™‚

  • Brandon Negus says:

    this is why they got their engineering degrees

  • Hazem Zozo says:

    Man! Rhett is a beast at drums, I'm impressed!

  • t. prmnv says:


  • Joshua Messner says:

    I'm allergic to tomatoes.

  • Michael Petit-Frere says:

    Rhett plays good. I know that because I know how to do it.

  • I-smell Like-beef says:

    Why not just get the plastic bottle

  • Rachel Boisvert says:

    Hey team Quebec!

  • Liam Fleming says:

    just get it in a plastic bottle like a NORMAL HUMAN

  • Cristian Murguia says:

    What if I like mustard???………………

  • Sean A Tron 2000 says:


  • Manly Bean says:

    Lol that drumming wasn't too badπŸ˜‚

  • Lady Carizza says:

    Am I the only one who is not addressing the elephant (aka Rhett) that looks like slender man!

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