Kirsty: I’m gonna use…this is Tawny Rose. That’s gonna be used for his nose and I’m a poet and I didn’t even know it. So, we’re gonna add this to slightly colour his nose. It has a tiny split in as well. Can you see it? A tiny split. Adam: I’m zoomed right in, I can’t see. Kirsty: There. See it there, tiny split. You’ll see it more when I put paint on it. And then we have here, we’ve got a little bit of Tangerine Dream. Now, I’m gonna use that so fine. Super light because it’s really pigmented and we’ve got Belgium Fountain. Glam and Glitz that says. Rubbed off there. Must have used it a lot. A little bit of Brisbane Bronze. Gorgeous colours. So first, I’m gonna add this orange tone. This will be like an undertone. I’m washing it. Using it very wet. Just adding a little bit colour. Kind of painting with the acrylic. I’m gonna add this all over it. Just adding a little bit of warmth. This is Cosmopolitan and it’s a bronze colour. This is gonna help us add some shading to this gorgeous colour, I think. Just gonna add that around the top of his head. And thin here. Now, this is the Belgium Fountain. It’s slightly darker, so it can give me a bit more shading. Brisbane Bronze, is again a little bit darker. More of a muddy colour, so that’s gonna give you even more shading. It’s still got a little bit of sparkle in. Little bit of sparkle, so we can still have a bit of fun. Gonna feed that in here around the eyes as well, around the nose. So, you can see it was important to put that little touch of your brush to open that nostril, because we’ve just filled that in with that colour, which has created that shading. Add a tiny bit in that little tiny little slit. Gonna use a little bit of Mega White now. Because it has this white chin, you want to use it really thin. Tiniest of beads. And you sort of want to tap into it so it looks more textured. A little bit of white on the top of his ears. Gonna put a little bit here, but very thin because I don’t want it really white, I just want it paler than it is. Do you know what I haven’t done? I haven’t coloured his neck. Alright! So I need a bit of Tangerine Dream to wipe the warmth. I got carried away with his face. Kirsty: Has everyone still got the song in their head? I have. Andrea: Yeah. Adam: I didn’t till you mentioned it. [Kirsty singing] Adam: There aren’t even any leopards in the film.
Kirsty: I know, it’s just because it looks like a lion. Kirsty: Oh, I need the white there, just under his eyes. I need this a little bit paler here and here. So, I’m just gonna push that thin. A little bit of gold on his eyes because he’s got that yellow tone to his eyes. When you’re using acrylic and acrylic paints, so this has, this paper towel here has bits of acrylic liquid on it. When you go to use your acrylic paints, you need a new fresh piece because you don’t want to wipe your brush off in that residue of acrylic liquid, because it will basically mess up your paint. It’ll go a bit chewy. Not very nice. I know I’ve got a new black somewhere. Under Umber. Like umbrella. Umber Dinger. Adam: Raw Umber. Kirsty: So, I’m gonna use some of the black. Bit of black and we’re gonna go into the eye and do all the black detail. There are some details under his eye. You wanna put in as well. Feel like I’m doing his eyeliner. Adam: The contouring.
Kirsty: Yeah. Kirsty: Now, we’ve done the contouring, now we’re doing his eyeliner. Bit of eye makeup on. I think I’ve gone a little bit too close to the white, so I’m just gonna use my brush with a little bit of the acrylic liquid and just rub that away a little bit and it’ll just dissolve and take off the paint without ruining anything. Let’s do round his nose. Add a little bit more definition. Right! Little bit inside his eyes. His eyes? Not his eyes, his ears. And then, under here. I’m gonna use this brown now. I’m gonna water it down. All I’m gonna do is add a little bit of shading with it. So, I’m really gonna water it down, so it will soak and soak into the acrylic. And I’m doing tiny little lines here, just to add a bit of texture. When you’re adding in little lines like this, make sure your paint is really watery. I need to add a pupil. I’ve got Platinum White, which is a sparkly white. It’s more pearlescent. I’m gonna do a white dot here. I’m gonna take some of the gel topcoat now and put it on the eye. Pop that in. I’m gonna use a little bit of this white and add some little tiny white lines here, making it a little bit more furry. I’m using the shiny white because I don’t want it as intense. And a little bit down here and a little bit here. You do need to put little bit more of that topcoat on there. Pop that in the lamp. What I’m gonna do now is add a little bit of the topcoat to the pink part of his nose. Now, for the pièce de résistance. This is the best bit because we’re gonna add the dots. Now, it really does look like a leopard. Adam: So, how come leopard print has like…curves? Kirsty: When it comes bigger. Adam: Oh, it’s got the bits right under.
Kirsty: Yeah. Adam: …so the face is just kind of a bit spotty. Got a few blackheads. Kirsty: Got a bit of achne going on. Yes! So as you come down his neck, I’ve done the bigger print. So, what we sort of generally see as a leopard print. But they are a lot smaller on the face and just appears as little dots. Just doing some little tiny white lines on his ears. Just has little sort of hairs. The last thing I’m gonna do is finish up by filling this section with crystals because obviously, it needs a bit of crystal. So, I’m going to add the crystals using the Acrygel, It’s Clear Dear. Oh my God! There we are. Kirsty: These ones are crystal…
Adam: Pea. Kirsty: I don’t think they’re called that. Adam: We’ll find them
Kirsty: We’ll put the link below. Kirsty: You do forget, I get like, the first batch of things, so… Using Gel Residue Wipe-off Solution on my brush, I can press this. Gonna go all the way around. Then we’re gonna topcoat, just on the Acrygel. So, I’m gonna take some of that on the brush, do those tiny parts that I can’t quite get into with the brush from the bottle. Clean up anything that’s on the skin. So, I’ve got Gel Residue Wipe-off Solution on the brush to clean up. I’m gonna sprinkle those stones. Make sure they all fit inside that gap. I’m gonna press them into the Acrygel. Pop that into the lamp for me. I’m gonna finish with a little bit of Cuticle Oil. I like him because he’s a little bit sparkly as well. Andrea: Hmm! Glamorous. Kirsty: He’s going to the festival. Adam: He’s not gonna catch much stuff because they’ll see him coming because all of the sparkles, he might go hungry.
Kirsty: Yeah. Andrea: Yeah. People will give him food because he’s gorgeous. Kirsty: Wow! I’m impressed myself. Kirsty: I really like it.
Andrea: It’s amazing. Kirsty: It’s lovely, ain’t it?
Andrea: Beautiful! Kirsty: So, there you are, guys. I hope you’ve enjoyed that video of how to create a 3D and bit of hand-painted there, Leopard. A real Leopard for real. Don’t forget to check us out on Facebook and Instagram and I’ll see you in the next video. So, please keep watching. Bye-bye!

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