30 curiosidades de THE WARNING // Rogreedo

30 curiosidades de THE WARNING // Rogreedo

The Warning, the band from
Monterrey, Mexico, is a group that already has a little time in music,
with almost five years of career or a little more even with
considerably short time there are several things that could be curious,
fun and interesting so you are are some fun facts about The Warning Despite being the youngest of the 3,
Alejandra is the tallest of her sisters measuring a little over 1.60, her sisters take it as a funny situation and jokes very often with it the song “Copper Bullets” was about not
be included in the first album of the band 21st Century Blood, due to
that said topic is about history of how a very toxic couple of a
lonely woman and a dangerous man comes to a tragic end with man
killing his cuple and after seeing what He did, he just committed suicide.
This seemed very strong and crude, and more for the age of the girls in
that time, and they thought it wasn’t included in the disc, but after
think about it they decided to introduce it to way of protest against violence
domestic The second album of the band Queen of
the Murder Scene is a conceptual album that tells the story of a woman
brutally in love, coming to kill for his love obsession, developed and
released by chapters that go from how the attraction begins until the end of
the queen of the crime scene though the interpretation of the disc has varied
according to the community. The idea of ​​launching chapters on
band’s second job, it was the father of the girls, trying to
it were like a series or a book. The breakdown speech of the song
“Dust to Dust” is in Spanish and narrated by Ruddy Joffroy, band manager. That
speech was written by the mother and in A beginning was longer. The interior art of the Queen booklet
of the Murder Scene was performed by Gretel Joffroy, who is the sister of
band manager Ruddy Joffroy. The band’s first official tour
known as “power trio tour” next to the Argentine band Eruca Sativa,
unfortunately it had two events very unfortunate that led to the
Cancellation of a date. Paulina, the drummer suffered an infection
gastrointestinal giving up on the hospital, and Daniela, the guitarist and
vocalist, seconds out stage, fell brutally to the floor
causing pain on the entire right side of her body, however she decided
Keep playing with a chair. The community nickname the drummer
Paulina as “shreder” this due to the
He often breaks his drumsticks. At live video of the song “Copper Bullets”
at the Dakota studio bar, in the end it appreciate how one of her drumsticks comes out
shot towards the public. The Warning shared moments with John Moyer, disturbed’s bass player, this as part of the metal experience
in Monterrey, they even shared a small stage playing the song
Enter Sandman in the pre chorus of the song Queen of the Murder Scene the word “Korosu” is pronounced That means “kill” in Japanese. Free Falling was the first song that
the band wrote together, this as part of a homework Fade Away’s piece was composed of
Paulina and contrary to most of the songs of the band is a cut
quite cute and motivating this is what what Paulina says about it
“Since we haven’t played it for a long time, we had to learn again when the
I listened again, because it has been a long time since I did it, I started crying from the tenderness
that gave me, first to my baby voice, second, it’s the cutest song I’ve ever
written in my life, almost always ours music is a bit dark and this song is
super positive ” and if you wonder, the song
talk about the road and obstacles to try to fulfill the goals and dreams of
oneself. When the pieces of extrermenated were recorded and, especially River Soul, Daniela was terribly sick and several shots were taken so that Dany’s voice will not be heard
so bad, and went through about 15 versions to be finished the piece
River soul Speaking about River Soul, in more than one ocation Alejandra sang the main voice as
piece, being the first time on 26 May 2018, in a special concert
telling the story of the band, however it was not the only piece,
because she has been sung as the main voice the songs Hunter and Red Hands Never Fade on July 26, 2019, and despite have a very good reaction from your
public, she says she doesn’t want to do a song where she is the
lead vocal. Hopefully she changes her mind The first and only music video of
21st Century Blood, was made in Monterrey and
you can even see the hill of the chair in more than one take. This video was made in a building
half build and several shots were made in the helipad of this building and
for the filming schedules, the sun it was at its best, and by the
height plus the physical movement of the band, almost affects their health telling
that Alejandra almost fainted and what they did to avoid problems was that their
mother protected them from the sun with a umbrella between takes, although they say
it was a great experience and that It was totally worth it. We are not done with this music video yet
, because when it came out it was brutally compared to the original Netflix series Black Mirror, because the video shows a society almost
totally corrupted by technology, thing that is the central theme of the series
of netflix, that if you have not seen it is a complete quality assurance the song When I’m Alone is one of the most
dark and sad of the band, it was composed by dany as part of a
homework during her stay in berklee college of music, she tells that one day before
I had absolutely nothing composed because she didn’t feel the inspiration to create
something, this is what she tells us “This song is very special for me, I
struggle a little more to start as composer, I remember being in
Boston and we had a class of group composition where everyone
we had to wear something composed and we saw that it could be better and we have
the task of making a song and I remember that one day before class not yet
had absolutely nothing I said to myself what am I going to do? It wasn’t because of laziness or because I was
have forgotten the task, really I didn’t get the inspiration, so in the
moment of despair, I missed a lot my house and my friends because
we were a long time away, and that feeling that nobody
I understood that I didn’t work the same as the other people compossing, that is haw was born
this song When I’m Alone ” The title of the piece “Ugh” the band tells
that came because the process of composition was very tedious and their
reaction on work so much was the “Ugh” expression and stayed as the name
of the song they say the following “This song started as a thing
totally different, extremely different, it was the song with which more
struggled the most in the album, we did many versions of this song, I think
we made about 20 versions and each of them with different letter
melody and different everything, and in the studio we had several lyrics of the song,
I remember the old lyrics and GOD! we even did a parody that said
“Hearts & Baecon” we were hungry, it was a song
that went through a lot and that we can barely finish we even get sick of it and
that’s why we leave the name “ugh” we couldn’t find another name ” As there were many versions of “ugh” one
of them became “the one” and another in “the sacrifice” in the words of the band
basically those two songs saved “Ugh” Contrary to what many of us
we would think of The Warning pulls out a lot of inspiration and has influences on
K-pop, believe it or not “Do you like more k-pop groups?
yes! that is weird because we are a rock band, but we do like
k – pop, especially because musically some songs of k – pop are quite complex musically that honestly if they inspire you ” “colab with BTS? I think I die” The band is an anime lover, because the girls are
very enthusiastic japanesse cartoons and literature, many of
the songs of the band, especially the second album, is strongly
inspired by anime and literature “we read a lot, we also see a lot of anime, of everything that is around us I think there we
we inspire a little bit ” The sinister smiles song is a duo
between Dany and Pau, where pau takes the role of good side and dany the evil side of the
protagonist of the story, being the bad side trying to control the queen
and the good one trying to prevent it. Pau sings the pieces The End (Stars Always Seems to Fade) and Dust to Dust that mark the beginning and end of the album
Queen of the Murder Scene, and it’s not coincidence then at the end of the next
the phrase “dust to dust” is heard but incomplete mentioning only the “… dust …” in this piece is
where it marks the death of the queen and the the use of the incomplete phrase of “dust to dust”
it’s like inviting the audience to re listen to the album, because dust to dust is the
ghost of the queen telling her history
thanks very much to the instagram page @thewarning_fanusa (follow them!)
for these last two facts Believe it or not, the band made a
cover of the song Jingle Bell Rock at the Dakota studio bar, with his manager Ruddy. link in the description There is a video of the process of
recording of the band’s first album, which is very interesting as it shows
the band’s joint work together to producer Jake Carmona in a video of
a little more than 20 minutes showing how 21st century blood pieces were produced, survive, when I’m alone, wildfire, among others, a video that
totally worth seeing for the die hard fans.
link in the description in the intro of the song P.S.Y.C.H.O.T.I.C. a little noise is heard strange background It’s just Paulina’s laugh,
she tells that during the recording of disk she laughed very loud so
used for the song, but it’s not the only time Paulina is heard making sounds
individuals, because at the end of the bridge of the same song she makes a heartbreaking scream. The inspiration and more
Danny’s big influence on music is Lzzy Hale, vocalist and guitarist from
the Halestorm. (Although this is not a Halestorm song xd) One of the main activities for
a band are the interviews and Alejandra doesn’t like them, and she hates them, she says that for some reason her mind turns blank and can’t
Answer correctly. We reach the end of this video. I hope
that you found interesting, that you liked it, you had a very good time
and that the main objective of This video has been fulfilled, which is
improve your audience experience with the music of this band,
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thank you very much for watching and we We will see you until next time.


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    En su última presentación en el Grill Master 2019 de la nada Dany decidió subir a la tarima de la batería durante el outro de Survive, al subir golpeó ligeramente un micrófono y al ver que esta era alta ya no intento bajar por el miedo a caer y se mantuvo hasta el final concentrada para que no sucediera un accidente…poco tiempo después las tres comentaron que definitivamente no fue una buena idea.

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    En ese mismo Grill Master alguien del público lanzó una gorra hacia el escenario (quizá sin mala intención) y casi golpea la cara de Daniela, ella logra ver la gorra y la esquiva.

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    En el último vídeo fue en el búnker sala de conciertos desde San Luís Potosí, cabe mencionar que antes de finalizar la primer canción hubo falla en la energía eléctrica, pero en general, en el centro de la ciudad, solo fueron un par de minutos al regresar la energía continuaron con show, en general unos de los mejores conciertos a los que he asistido,

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    Really cool video and a really cool compilation. I have a few additions to it:

    In fact, Pau was given the nickname "Shredder" even before she started to play the drums, as she had a tendency to accidentally break things, toys, ball pens, remote controls… So her parents said, she is like a little shredder.

    After the working title "Ugh!", they planned to call the song "Broken" (it also fits with the picture in the booklet). Before they entered the studio, Pau didn't want to have the song on the album anymore, but everybody told her, that the song was great and persuaded her to keep the song. But they decided to keep the name Ugh! like "Ugh, okay, we'll keep it…"

    When they did XXICB, they did not use Kickstarter to finance it, but GoFundMe. The snippets from the studio are from there. You can find them under "News":

    In "Dust to Dust" you can find the line: In "The End" everything turns back to "Dust to Dust." indicating, it is a thematic circle and it is indeed the protagonist speaking from the grave, telling the audience not to make the same mistakes, that she did "don't trust all that you hear", referring to the voice in her head, that tricked her into actively destroying her life until she was so down, that she was too weak to fight, when the voice revealed its true evil nature and took over her body in Sinister Smiles.

    When Pau was in hospital during the Power Trio Tour, one event had to be cancelled, as one or two members of Eruca Sative were sick as well. Another one at the Multiforo 246 in Cuauhtemoc was played by Eruca Sativa alone, but Dany did a guest appearance and played "Crimson Queen" solo on ther acoustic guitar:

    During the Power Trio Tour the band members of "Eruca Sativa" and "The Warning" had a great time together and became pretty close fans. When they played at the Maybach Concert Hall in Leon, there was really bad weather outside and not a lot of people did come to the show. So when Eruca Sativa entered the stage, the Villarreal-sisters decided to stay in the audience and watch their show. Eruca Sativa always play a cover of The Beatles' Eleanor Rigby at the end, whe Lula (singer and gitarrist) jumps down from the stage and walks through the audience, while improvising a guitar solo. This time, she walked over to the completely surprised Dany, handed her the guitar and let her play a solo instead. A lot of fun to watch!

    They made friends with a lot of other musicians as well. For example Dave Ellefson, the bassist of Megadeth, who was one of their teachers in Berklee, Def Leppard (Joe Elliot even played one of their songs in his internet radio show (here's a vlog by DL's drumtech, telling about their experience with TW: https://youtu.be/C88TpL47tf8) and Troy Lucketta, the drummer of Tesla, who was so stunned by their appearrance as the opening band at the Mother of All festival, that he went to their wardrobe and asked for a band-shirt, that he could wear during Tesla's show and again after the show to ask for a second one as the first one was all sweaty now.

    The K-Pop influences in the song "The Sacrifice" were so big, that its working title was actually "Gracias, K-Pop". I'm not sure about it, but I think, they even took the title "Gracias" into consideration to become the official one before they decided for "The Sacrifice".

    There are still sooooo many cool and funny things to tell about this band. I think, you can already start to plan for part 2. 😉

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  • Dan W says:

    1:03 LMAO @Dany! Yep, Ale has grown about a foot in the last year or so and left her older sisters looking UP at her now.🤣 Thanks Rogreedo, a TON of great information here that I hadn't seen before or had forgotten over the last 5 years or so. I had wondered why they never really finished the tour with Eruca Sativa… what an unfortunate series of events.😧 The story behind Ugh, is pretty funny and the 'Hearts and Bacon' thing had me rolling on the floor laughing!😆 Interesting how it actually morphed into 2 separate songs eventually… The final song of the album (The End), just rips my heart out every time I hear it, partly because Pau is just so good and so expressive with the ballads, and also knowing the meaning behind the song where the Queen is lying on the floor dying, and this is her self-composed epitaph to the world.😢 In regards to Ale hating the interviews, I always got the feeling that she was 'just being nice' to appease the interviewers and her sisters whenever they were being put 'under the microscope'. I feel the same way, and I would MUCH rather be on stage performing, rather than trying to dance in the crowd!!😐 Thanks again Rogreedo for the great info, and especially the link to them and Rudy doing Jingle Bell Rock! Too cute!!😍😁👍 🤘😎🤘

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    THANK YOU so much for this very informative video ! Great stuff to watch for those who just discovered this phenomenal band ! I think you missed to mention a couple of things though. In October 2017 they opened twice for Def Leppard, in CDMX and Guadalajara. That same week they also opened the Mother Of All Rock Festival in their hometown Monterrey. In 2018 they opened for The Killers twice at Arena Monterrey. This is two big bands they have been opening act for so far ! Once again, GREAT job !

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