3 Easy Textured Nail Art Designs for Beginners |  ArcadiaNailArt

3 Easy Textured Nail Art Designs for Beginners | ArcadiaNailArt

Hi everyone!
I really like textured polishes so I’ve created 3 simple nail art ideas with them and you’ll
only need 1 bottle of textured polish for each look. Let’s start with a gradient. Paint a coat over your nails and then pick
out a regular polish from your collection that goes well with it.
Mix 50/50 and paint it on to a make-up sponge. Then put a stripe of the textured polish underneath.
Sponge once or twice on to your nails until you’re happy with it. Go back with the darker
shade blending at the tip to build up the intensity. Press your finger against the tip of your nail to smooth out any grainy pieces that could scratch. Clean up and you’re done. For the next 2 looks I wanted to create a contrast between the gritty texture and smooth glossy crème polishes. Pick out a textured polish and a regular crème
polish with no shimmer or glitter in it, that is the same colour but a bit darker.
Paint it on your nails, it doesn’t have to be completely opaque, just make sure it’s
not streaky. Mark out your triangle shapes — it’s easier
to do this with a nail art brush although of course you can use striping tape, and start
filling in with the textured polish. That’s it, quick and easy.
Finally I tried water marbelling. I’m using a glossy black crème, again to create a contrast between glossy and textured, and a gold textured polish. Paint one coat of the black on your nails, tape your fingers, and put room temperature
bottled water in to a shot glass or a cup. Add your polishes then draw a random design
on the surface. The textured polishes can be reluctant to
spread so test them out beforehand. I’m dunking 2 nails at a time to save wasting
the polish. Once it’s dried you can really see the difference in finishes and it feels really cool too. Of course you don’t need to topcoat any of
these designs because it will ruin the effect. Share your favourite textured polish with
everyone in the comments section, and I’ll see you next time, bye!


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