👩‍🏫Resin Pour -Tutorial on Acrylic Pour Painting

👩‍🏫Resin Pour -Tutorial on Acrylic Pour Painting


  • Rita Bunn. says:

    Love the colors

  • Courtney Hoelscher says:

    I wouldn't recommend mixing this much resin at a time unless you work VERY quickly. Higher volume results in quicker hardening, and HEAT!

  • Judy FairyArt Mother Sand says:

    I could not agree more with your reasoning for using Golden Paints. I would be horrified if my paintings discolored over time. For this reason, I’m scratching my head wondering why you’d go on the cheap with your resin. I know resin has a tendency to amber over time, but the cheaper brands will go so much faster. My preferred resin is Stone Coat Countertops’s Art Coat brand. They have added UV protection that the cheaper brands don’t. That’s why they’re cheaper. Art Resin is my second choice. Art Resin gives me about 60 minutes time to play. Stone Coat gives me 90 and I’ve pushed it to 120 under optimum environmental conditions. Stone Coat as a Quick Coat the sets up in about 20-25 minutes, which is great for just a clear coat as you did here. I rarely need to do a second clear coat and if I do, it’s usually because I didn’t protect my piece like I should. I’m not being criticle, but anyone who uses one of the best acrylics, should do the same with the resin (IMHO)
    I do enjoy your work and videos. 👍😁👏🏻💖

  • Mercedes Campain says:

    Thanks for sharing, very helpful

  • Laurence Mallick says:


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