☆ Summer Cat Nail Art + Nail Animation ☆

☆ Summer Cat Nail Art + Nail Animation ☆

Hello! It’s Minnie! In today’s video, I’ll be making this summer nail art with a cat wearing sunglasses And yes, my nails are short because I broke one of them about a week ago Anyways, I hope you enjoy! I’m going to start with a peel-off base coat Then apply two coats of white nail polish on all nails Let’s start with this simple stripe and bow design Place a drip of your favorite color polish onto a piece of cooking foil Using a nail art brush. I’m going to draw three lines starting in the middle of the nail And then draw a line on either side For the bow, I chose my favorite blue polish Draw a triangle shape on either side of the middle line Apply a drip of top coat and then place a gold stud to complete Next I’ll be making a similar design, but with some polka dots Dip a dotting tool into a drip of nail polish, then draw a few polka dots You can bounce the dotting tool gently to increase the size of the dot For the areas close to the skin, use a smaller dotting tool or a toothpick Paint the bows in the same way as the previous design Instead of using gold studs, you can use
a gold nail polish in the middle of the bows The next design is this cat wearing gold sunglasses Using black acrylic paint,
I’m going to start painting the nose and mouth And then a circle on either side Connect the circles with a small bridge, then draw the ears I’m going to apply a matte top coat to seal the design For the sunglasses, I’m going to apply a nail foil glue
around the circles and the bridge part Once the glue is dry,
I’m going to place this gold transfer foil on top To make sure the foil sticks,
rub with your finger or one of these silicon tools Remove the foil and… taddaa!! Draw a shine onto the lenses Apply a glossy top coat onto the sunglasses using a dotting tool Paint a bow to complete On my thumb, I’ve painted a relaxing cat floating in the water which turned into a nail animation If you are interested, this is how I made it Using black acrylic paint, draw the cat,
his floating tube and the water When that’s done, take a photo of the design Now I’m going to erase some parts of the design Then draw the missing parts again,
but differently from the previous design Now take a photo of this design I just repeat these steps over and over to get enough frames And put them into a slideshow, like a flipbook For the glow in the dark effect at the end I’ve mixed some glow in the dark powders
into a clear gel polish and applied on top And for the starry sky, I have scattered
some of these glow in the dark sand Well, this is how I spend my weekend,
and I hope you enjoyed it 😀 Thank you so much for watching
and I’ll see you in the next video!


  • Leiya Grenier says:

    are you going to do a funeral for nail?😂😂 and again 😍😍😍😍 the design is perfect I would do it on my nail !!!!❤

  • Frosting1000 says:

    Ahhh im gonna try this when I get back home!!!

  • haru says:

    THIS SO CUTEEE MINNIEEE!!😭❤❤ Ohh noo, I hope your nails grow super quickly. I love your short nails though, loving the shape!!💋💕💕

  • Mrs K's Korner says:

    That is so cute! I will forever be amazed at your artistry! 👍🏻💖💅🏻💕

  • **ぷう says:


  • Erza Haxhiajdini says:

    I feel so bad you broke your nails!! They were so pretty when they were longer 😞But i hope they'll grow again

  • Selena Warcop says:

    Huh where is the peel porn!

    (Yes I'm talking about ur Sendai simplynailogical tsk tsk)


  • Evil Potato says:

    im in love with it is so cute
    another great nail art 😍

  • 「meth 」 says:

    You're nail designs r so cute, just like ur voice 😍😍😍

  • nini says:

    Oh my goodness at first I thought I was seeing wrong but it's actually true, your nails are short!!💖 I feel sorry for the broken nail but also thankful since I now have seen you have both styles😄 and omg this design is so super cute and simple!!😽💗🎉 I should really finally try your designs now, I have been putting it off for too long, but I still have my gel holo nails on and they still look pretty 😳😿 And that cute animation that you did with the super amazing kitty(THAT GLOWS. IN. THE. DARK😲😲😻❤💗🌌✨) in the pool still amazes me, I myself wouldn't have the patience nor the skill to do such a thing 😄💕💋 I love you Minnie!

  • Alexxx says:

    I'm sorry to hear about ur loss :'( (i.e. ur broken nail lel) but on the plus side, these nails are adorable! xD

  • trinity. says:

    Love this design!! Super cute!

  • M Slaughter says:

    That animation must've taken sooo long! It's so cute!!

  • lochnailsmonster says:

    That animation looks timeconsuming af. 😮 But it was amazing~ I love the cat in sunglasses design <3 <3 <3 Adorable~! I would love to try it out for myself. ^_^ You are such an inspiration~ You're awesome and cute and talented as always, Minnie. :3 Sending you lots of love <3 Take care and I hope to see your next video soon~ 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Tanu's DancingStars says:

    I feel so bad for your nail . But you can fix it with the super glue or you cam even use a fake nail !!!
    BTW I loved your nail art!!! <3

  • Christina C. says:

    This is amazing, though this question popped in my head. How do you practice these designs before you make your video?

  • Glitter Lifestyle says:

    so cute and sorry for your nail loss

  • Nicole T. says:

    I love your designs and your editing are getting better and better! Amazing job! (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و

  • Edgina HS says:

    did you try to fix your nail when it breaks??

  • mcshang482 says:

    Aww, it's so cute!!😍😍😍 And I'm sorry you broke your nail, but it will be long again before you know it😊😊😊💅💅💅

  • Albru says:

    Really cute <3<3

  • Kaisa Haavik says:

    how can you do that
    I have problems with painting my nail whit one colour.
    you are soo amazing ^-^

  • Nikki Hitchcock says:

    Lovely video, as always!

  • Nandika M says:

    oh that's bad! Even though your Nails are long and the cat is so cute.❤❤❤

  • Beautiful Nails by Rose Pearl says:

    ohh my God you always come up with the most amazing ideas of nail art. love your tutorials

  • Markéta Hebrová says:

    Minnie, you are soo talented! ♥
    Cat looks soo cute. "-"

  • Sinchan Mandal says:

    I very very much love your nail art😍😍 and I am really very sorry that you have broken your nail. 😢😢

  • Ribka Susilo says:

    that nail animation is just the cutest!

  • Franciisca228 says:

    waaahh so beautiful!!! 😍 (sorry about your nail 😖 hehe)

  • Liz Vm says:

    oouuuuuu kawaiiiii 😍😍😍😍😍

  • LolaInTheDesert says:

    Aaarrrggghhh! Too cute! 😻

  • Emelia says:

    Minnie can freehand cats and faces.. I can't even freehand straight lines 😂 you're so talented

  • cleo e pasta says:

    DAMN you're good

  • Amy West says:

    Love the kitty with sunglasses. Thank you.

  • BlackEssence says:

    Oh, my sweet, sweet, Minnie! It's so good to see you again! You know, I didn't even noticed that your nails were short until you said so and I felt so bad that your nail broke! Giggles But, I must say that short nails look super cute on you! Especially, since I have short nails myself. This video was just for me! LOL! Your super cute summer kitty was adorable and I loved the animation at the end! You are just full of beautiful God-given talent! May I suggest a cute little character that might be fun to do? During the summer here in North Carolina, strawberries, black berries, watermelon, blue berries, and lemons are in hot demand. Maybe you could use one of those fruit with another kawaii animal like a lop eared bunny or duckling, perhaps? Just something that could be fun to try!

  • Kiki Jade says:

    👼We must have a funeral for yoyr nail!!! 😭😭😭😭 Rest in Peaces 😢😢😢💜💜💜♥️👼

  • TwilightLaceDream says:

    I know the pain of getting a broken nail 😦. Despite that, your nail art for this video is so adorable 💖! Can't wait for more!

  • Julia Wagner says:


  • Sa_Ay _S says:

    Oh my… This is too cute! I love cats and this is soo awesome! I will try this design for sure!
    And the litte Animation is amazing!
    And I hope your nails grow Long fast 🙂 But your short one are beautiful too 🙂

  • Amy H - S says:

    OMG Minnie your nail beds are so long 😍 and awesome design of course! 👏😊

  • a z says:

    can you do more anime inspired nail art .I loved the previous ones you did😍💗 .you were so creative and amazing in choosing sutiable patterns for the characters 💚💜💛💙.And don't worry there is no copyrights for drawing the characters, on a paper on your nails there is no copy rights for that at all .the copyright is only for uploading the anime episodes .so do more anime inspired nail are because they were fantastic as much as you😍💙💜💗💗 are and I can't wait to see more of the anime characters that I love on your nails 😍

  • ThePianoLover12 says:

    I'm sorry your nail broke, but I'm glad for a design that I can do on my nails. I have to keep my nails short, so it's good to see short nail art. 🙂

  • Harumi Koizumi says:

    This is so cool its like lemon themed

  • Valeria Velasquez Garcia says:

    Aw I will never get tired of your voice.

  • Claire Isabella says:

    your videos are always amazing. thanks for blessing my day 😭💗

  • Riomy13 says:

    Aww!! How sweet! Pretty simple design this time but cute and amazing as always ~ I like the color scheme and I actually at first thought the sunglasses had some 3d stones on them as they 'popped out' so much from the design. xDD
    Wow, this slideshow must've cost you a TON of work and time! 😮 I wouldn't have the patience for that and I'd also really struggle with making it this fluent. So props to you! <3
    I love glow in the dark designs in general. So whee ~ really greatly done!

    P.S.: Condolences for that broken nail…I know the pain. xD Mine never get really long in general before they break.

  • mchlle says:

    Moment when you can do this nail art design on one hand but not the other TT__TT

  • kawa uwu says:

    This design is soo cute! I might try one of them ;P and I hope your nail grows back soon!

  • Nereida Espiral says:

    I feel bad for your broken nail u_u but, short nails are so pretty too and this design is so so lovely and full of beauty I absolutely love it so much 💓💓💓💓💓

  • Nicole Clements says:

    Your nails still look amazing!!! This was such a cute design!

  • pawpawftwxD says:

    OMG those totoro nails at the end are mine! 😱😱 I just die, Thank you thank you thank you ❤️❤️❤️

  • Nadia SoAls says:

    OMG, perfect circle

  • BatWolfeh says:

    So cute!!!! Sorry about your nail. 🙁 I broke a nail about 2 months ago, so I feel ya. It'll grow back soon!

  • Intricate Taste says:

    Your videos are always so cute and entertaining to watch… ^_^

  • meow says:

    I had nails as long as yours, broke one, and now our nails are the same size😂 twinning???

  • WarHawk says:

    you definitely deserve more subscribers, ty for the video!

  • Anum Shahzad says:

    Awww…. your nail Broke!
    But the good thing is that you have a long nail bed. Doesn't make much of a difference!
    I loved the animation!
    Good to see you again Minnie! 😘❤

  • DippLink says:

    Wow this is one of my favorite ! :3

  • Mary Grace Fuentes says:

    soo cute 🙂

  • TheJacOfHearts says:

    Why put the top coat on only the sunglasses on the cat? Why not just put a top coat onto the whole nail? O:

    Also I can't BELIEVE how talented you are. The cat nail animation is like nothing I've ever seen before – it's so cute and well done and I can tell you put so much effort into it, and the final product is perfection <3333

  • TheJacOfHearts says:

    Why put the top coat on only the sunglasses on the cat? Why not just put a top coat onto the whole nail? O:

    Also I can't BELIEVE how talented you are. The cat nail animation is like nothing I've ever seen before – it's so cute and well done and I can tell you put so much effort into it, and the final product is perfection <3333

  • Christy yuen says:

    Awww💕Minnie I love that relaxing cat lol It's so adorable😄💖I want to enjoy summer like it 2😂😂😂yr nail design is brightly lit and clean~💕the cat with sun glasses is sooo cool😂✨I want one 2 XD

  • MoreThanNailVarnish says:

    Such adorable designs! Love them so much! 😍

  • Slime Corpse says:

    Your voice made me feel so much better after a bad start to my morning. I love the designs! They're adorable :3

  • Michelle Mota says:

    Soooo sorry about the broken nail, I also have one, but need to wait until it grows a little to repair it 'cause it went deep on to the fleshy part >.> anyways, I always enjoy sooo much your nail animations, they are so cute!, I think that's one of the things that make your videos quite unique. Thanks for putting so much work on your videos for us to enjoy! <3 <3 <3 <3

  • Vanessa Alexandra says:

    Omg this is suuuuuch a cute design. I love the simplicity of the little cat face with sunglasses!! Maybe I will actually attempt this one 😂

  • lily Barr says:

    Awesome designs.

  • To_teach_a_mockingbird says:

    I LOVE this design!!!!!

  • Asphyxiatety says:

    The design and the animation are very cute, thank you for such hard work. Its so perfect for hot sommer days 💗💞💕

  • KM Shannon says:

    Love this! And love your nails short!!!

  • hachiito komatsu says:

    I love your voice!!! 😍😍

  • Danique Van Den Berg says:

    wow super cute i like it alot!!!!!
    lots of love from Holland!

  • Lauren Sara says:

    Awww so kawaii 😍❤️
    Rip your nail 😭 I hope it grows back soon! 💅🏻

  • Wicked Nadia Nails says:

    Aww sorry about you nail. Same thing happened to me 😑 But I love this design! 😻 Definitely gonna recreate this look! 💜💗😊

  • TheNailArtZone says:

    This is amazing as always, you never disappoint me 😍💕

  • Ayra Zaini says:

    OMG!!! Nooo minnie i loved your beautiful nails……..anyways…….lovely nail art design Minnie!! 👍🏻

  • Miyabiko says:

    I love it Minnie and sorry I am a bit late. My internet was broken. <3

  • Alessandra says:

    Even when short, your nails are super pretty. 💅 Amazingly creative 🙌

  • Pinkaboo Crafts says:

    I thinks its sooo cute! ❤ Can you make a kawaii pineapple design in like a beach chair. I think that would be a cute design!

  • Chanice De Freitas says:

    Some simply pure & they'll be back! Your hands are gorgeous as are your nails (at any length)

  • king kai says:

    as soon as she said circle i knew i was dead

  • Miss A.D. says:

    So Cool!!!

  • Daniela Sarmiento says:

    I'm sorry about your nails!!!! Long or short, your nails are still goals XD
    That kitty is so cute!!!! Love it!!!!

  • PinkLion 888 says:

    Your nails are so beautiful! you should make a video about your nail care routine ✨

  • Marien Loreto says:

    This are so cute! I'm definitely going to try to do this on my nails💖 I'm sorry for your broken nail 🙁 but your nails look beautiful short anyways 💖

  • xikfox says:

    OMFG!! I didn't even know there was a new video, being WiFi-less never ends up good. You never fail to amaze me by coming back with something even cuter every time!! I'm gonna miss your long nails but your short nails are still cuter than anything I've seen.

  • BakaTsundere Msp says:

    OMG! I love your videos and your nails are cute! Aww I feel bad for your long nails cutted off and made it short 🙁 but I like your videos! 💖💖💖💖👍👍👍👍

  • CreepyMiku :3 says:

    Awww I feel so sorry for you breaking your nail (´-`).。oO!I hope they grow fast! Btw your nail art designs are sooooo kawaii! (^ω^) this is making me want to do nail art but since i am 13 i feel like i am too young to do nail art (´・_・`) I am also currently learning Japanese which is awesome!ヽ(^ω^)ノ again keep those super cute nail designs up and さよなら!

  • Katherine says:

    I can't believe how easily you drew those two circles! Witchcraft!

  • Fantage Moonlight says:

    you are a living doll 💗💘💕

  • isacoh14 says:

    These are the cutest nails I've ever seen!!! ❤️

  • Thysillia says:

    I think short nails are very cute 😀

  • 복숭아 • says:

    you have no idea what simply nailogical did when she brock her nail ….

  • Nita -V says:

    Hello Minnie I love your videos
    And I live you, thank you so much
    For not Giving up On doing nail to tutorial videos. Minnie I would like to know where did you get the sounds effects that you use in your videos?
    I been trying to get this type of Sounds Effects But it's still hard to get this kawaii Sound effects if you have to Chance please let me know. If anybody else to read this know how to get these sounds effects would you please let me know thank you. Love you Minnie!😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  • Ash1Isn’t _ Online says:

    That cat is swag

  • Mariana C says:

    How can anyone dislike this video? Nailbees, this is amazing, you’re truly a NAIL ARTIST!

  • MarenAnne66 says:

    Minnie, you're a delight

  • 朝日 says:


  • Mystery Chan says:

    At least the nail break wasn't as bad as Cristine 's nail break 😯

  • Marisha says:

    So cute! You are so creative and talented!

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